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AP INNOVATION AWARD AIESEC in Nanyang Technological University (NTU)


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Singapore Entrepreneurship Challenge

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Highlights of Initiatives EwA  Leadership Unleashed The Leadership Unleashed Forum serves to develop the potential of youths in NTU and students all around Singapore. The forum brought together 200 delegates through a process of selfdiscovery and left with a clear idea of how they can contribute to the success of the organisation through leadership skills. The session equipped the participants with knowledge and skills on leadership which will be applicable in their school, working and social life. Delegates were inspired by Soon Loo, Steve Ong, Clive Lim, Junie Foo and Kevin Lim from Executive Coaching Institute (ECI) and Bank of Tokyo, when they spoke to the delegates about their leadership experience in their school and working life. The event was reported by NTU newspaper in a full page.

MOS: Engaged 200 youth participants in Nanyang Technological University Engaged 5 high-profiled speakers Engaged 8 external sponsors


 Singapore Entrepreneurship Challenge The Singapore Entrepreneurship Challenge is a first-of-its-kind 2-week case challenge, held from 13th to 25th August 2012. It serves as a new platform to grow GCDP ICX in our entity and we have realized two GCDP ICX, achieving 200% Growth. Organized by AIESEC NTU with the full support of Nanyang Technopreneurship Center (or “NTC”), in conjunction with the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Week 2012, SEC has attracted and developed intensely of more than 300 youths from all over Singapore who are passionate about leading changes, via solving real-life challenges faced by local start-ups. SEC created a rigorous learning environment through a case challenge, dialogues and exchange sessions where participants had the opportunities to network with over 20 distinguished entrepreneurs, academic professors and professional consultants in their respective fields.

MOS: Engaged 300+ youth participants across Singapore Engaged 4 start-ups as case partners Engaged 80+ externals AIESEC IN NANYANG TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY SINGAPORE

ICX  Business Strategy Team Integration BST integration is a strategic move AIESEC NTU to enhance the overall customer experience and member development experience. Its focus is to integrate Business Development, PBOX and ICX as a whole to provide a seamless service to our customer. At the same time, it helps to build the talent capacity and product knowledge for members of these three department. This is done through: ● ● ●

Joint sales trainings Joint product knowledge trainings Joint events

MOS:   

Product knowledge built for BD and PBOX members. Motivation for ICX members to go for company meetings and raise partnership AIESEC has raised 9 forms, matched 4 forms and realized 4 forms.

GCDP GCDP OGX EP Engagement team negotiated for partnership with AIA Singapore giving respective discounted price for GCDP EP insurance application. The standard operating procedure was set up to ease the troubles for EPs self-sourcing insurance coverage & making insurance claims post exchange and for the EP managers to track the insurance records. Besides the benefits of reducing management time and turnover time for both EPs and EP Managers, this initiative also help the members to develop business negotiation skills that are not familiar with the AIESEC XP team. The initiative was launched during winter GCDP Exchange 2012 and it successfully engaged 80% of the total numbers of EPs going overseas. The feedback from the EPs were positive with acknowledgement of fast and convenient insurance claims settlement.


AIESEC AP Innovation Award  

AIESEC AP Innovation Award

AIESEC AP Innovation Award  

AIESEC AP Innovation Award