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FEATURES >> Red Warning All batches of a popular drink have been recalled due to a contamination during manufacture

Drug Trafficker/Scholar Government scholar arrested in drug raid on campus >> more on pg 4

>> more on pg 3

Special Feature: On Monday, yet another student has attempted suicide. Are youths today increasingly unable to handle failure in the face of pressure? Is our education system to blame? >> more on pg 6

Exposed: “Needy” families in charity handout scam

Living hand to mouth, or in lap of luxury?: while the family scrambles for food, thousands of dollars of audio-visual equipment were found in a ‘poor’ family’s home | photographer: Ang Fan Hao

Family found using public assistance handouts to fund appetite for luxury gadgets by huay han

| additional reporting by wfgmff news

Charity funds lessen the financial burden of the poor. However there has been an increasing number of cases of ‘poor’ families who are beefing up their income by exploiting loopholes in the eligibility criteria of charity funds. Recently a family was found to be involved in a charity scam. On the surface, the family seems to be struggling to make ends meet. Mr Tan Ah Bee, the sole breadwinner of the family, ‘only’ earns $800 a month as a toilet cleaner. The 37 year old widower lives in a government-subsidized two-room flat in Redhill with his seven children. His children, aged six to seventeen, are all currently schooling.

Since September 1990, Mr Tan has been receiving a $4000 hand-out every month from the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS). Under the Public Assistance Scheme, low income families are given handouts and subsidies to lessen their financial burden. Investigations revealed that Mr Tan has an undeclared income of up to $15,000 a month from his online sportswear business. Social workers were unpleasantly surprised to stumble upon luxury items, branded goods and high-end electronic gadgets in the house during a routine family visit and alerted the authorities. MCYS conducted investigations

“We will be re-assessing the criteria of our hand-out recepients. Heavier penalties will be dealt to those who issue false claims, as well as those who evade taxes.” Major-General (NS) David Kwok, acting Minister for the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports, Major-General (NS) immediately and exposed this shocking charity scam. These items, estimated to cost up to $180,000 in total, were all purchased using charity money. They include the latest iPhone, DSLR cameras, designer clothes and expensive jewellery. Mr Tan’s government subsidy has since been revoked and now faces charges of tax evasion. If found guilty, he will receive a hefty fine and serve a jail term. Since the news broke, great concern over the selection criteria of MCYS’s Public assistance scheme has been raised by the public. In response, acting Minister for the Ministry of Community Development, Youth

and Sports, Major-General (NS) David Kwok said that he ‘will be reviewing the current selection criteria’. More stringent measures will be implemented to ensure similar cases do not happen again. MG Kwok reassures Singaporeans that MCYS funds will be carefully distributed to help needy Singaporeans. MCYS warns that heavier penalties will be imposed upon those who are found to be taking advantage of the charity funds. Under current Singapore law, tax evasion carries a maximum jail term of ten years and a fine of up to 50 000 dollars. The latest iPhone models in a 2-room flat | photographer: Ang Fan Hao

Monster Times | 12th july 2011


Scarlet fever outbreak Singaporean woman first in Asia to die from scarlet fever in over 20 years by pen

& paper

Singaporean woman Lee Jing, 23, was admitted to National University Hospital last Sunday for scarlet fever. She died this morning after two days in intensive care. Doctors said the only symptoms she had were a sore throat and slight fever. However but her condition deteriorated quickly, causing her to fall into a coma before succumbing to the disease at 6am on Tuesday. The current scarlet fever outbreak shows no sign of slowing down as more than 30 cases are reported each week in Singapore. NUH already has 65 patients diagnosed with scarlet fever, with 10 cases in critical condition. Lee Jing’s death is the first reported fatality due to scarlet fever in Asia since 1990, when an outbreak in Thailand claimed the lives of four children. “In light of this morning’s death, we expect more people to have their blood tested just to confirm that their fever is not due to scarlet fever. It’s better to be safe than

sorry. Unlike the other types of scarlet fever, this strain is not only contagious but also very deadly.” said Dr Raymond Lim, Head of Microbiology at NUH. Dr Lim also said that the seriousness of the outbreak is mainly due to a new, drugresistant strain of Streptococcus pyogenes, the bacteria responsible for causing scarlet fever. The usual symptoms associated with the disease include sore throat, fever and rashes on the tongue. The public is advised to seek immediate medical attention should such symptoms develop. Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority (HSA) is currently working with the Hospital Authority of Hong Kong, which is also dealing with a similar scarlet fever outbreak there. The HSA expects to produce a suitable cure for scarlet fever by the end of the month.

Battling an old enemy: In this June 22, 2011 file photo, parents meet at a school where a 5-year-old boy who died at a hospital June 21, 2011 was confirmed to have scarlet fever in Hong Kong. Ultramodern Hong Kong is tussling with a centuries-old bug long forgotten in many developed countries, an outbreak of drug-resistant scarlet fever that has killed the first children there in a decade. | photgraph by AP Photo/Apple Daily


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12th july 2011 | Monster Times


Popular drink in midst of crisis 106 people taken ill, with 5 in critical condition after consuming contaminated Zoke drinks by kate spade

Zoca Zola, commonly known as Zoke, has created an uproar in the wake of a contamination incident. It was most likely caused by a fungicide contaminant found in the drinks. AVA (Agro-food and Veterinary Association) is still investigating the actual cause. Since then, the company had recalled all batches from distribution and sales and ceased the production of the drink. 106 people are reported to have fallen ill as a result of the contamination. Out of these, 5 have been hospitalized and are in critical condition. 2 of these are students from Nanyang Technological University (NTU). They were admitted into the Nanyang General Hospital (NGH) Intensive Care Unit (ICU) after suffering from severe headaches and abdominal pains. Dr Ong, from the Ministry of Health said: “Food and environmental

samples were taken for laboratory analysis, it suggests that p-chlorom-cresol (PCMC), identified as a fungicide, as the likely cause of drink contamination and investigations are still ongoing”. “Symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, vomiting and muscular spasms and usually last four to seven days,” of the disease added Dr Ong. Following the statement published, N & F-the distributor of Zoke, issued a statement on the incident which mentioned that pest controllers might have accidentally sprayed fungicide onto the dispensing machines in the local factory, thus resulting in contamination of the dispensing nozzles and, as a result, the drinks. “We sincerely apologize to the victims and others who are badly affected,” supplemented by Mr Neo Hao Siang, the company spokesperson. Mr Neo added that he is “confident that Zoke

“We have taken… measures to ensure such incidents will not happen again.” Mr Neo Hao Siang, spokesman for Zoca Zola lovers will continue to support” N & F despite this mishap and they have “taken extreme precautionary measures to ensure such incidents will not happen again”. However, these same sentiments were not reflected among members the public. Among the victims was a successful entrepreneur Ms Ng, who was “very disappointed with N & F” and believed that this incident was “totally not acceptable”. At present, it remains to be seen how the brand’s image has been affected by the current incident and will remain so until the drinks get the green light to return to the shelves.

Red for danger: Zoca Zola has recalled all batches of their popular drink in the wake of the mass poisoning | photograph by kate spade

Unusual vehicle theft scam by annie may news group

At about 2.30pm yesterday (Monday), an NTU student tried to steal a motorbike within the university campus, but was instead being scammed by another thief. The whole incident was recorded by the university’s security cameras. The thief initially took an unattended set of motorbike keys left on a study table, then proceeded to the nearest car park next to the WKWSCI (Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information) building to steal the motorbike. He was about to mount the motorbike when another person, who appeared to be the owner, suddenly appeared and chased thief away. He then claimed “ownership” of the motorbike and rode it away himself.

Caught on camera: surveillance cameras captured the thief in action | photograph courtesy of NTU security

Moments later, the rightful owner (who chose to remain anonymous) arrived back at the crime scene and realised that

his motorbike was stolen. He then immediately lodged a police report. Reports had shown that there have been more than 20 vehicles thefts since February this year. However, the security guard on-shift told a reporter from Annie May News Tonight that he had never seen such a complicated theft scam before. Other students whom reporters have spoken to said that they have heard of similar incidents occuring on campus in recent months. Police investigations are still ongoing. University authorities urge that all students be vigilant and not leave valuables unattended.

If you can provide any useful information regarding this incident, please call the police hotline (999) or NTU’s campus security hotline 6790 8134.

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Monster Times | 12th july 2011


Top government scholar is S’pore’s most wanted drug mule 24 year old student arrested in drug raid at NTU by happy feet news group

Singapore – A police raid in an attempt to nab a drug mule was carried this morning at the carpark of the Wee Kim Wee School of Communications in Nanyang Technological University (NTU WKWSCI). A third year Medical student in NTU was caught amidst an alleged drug dealing. Students were startled by the loud commotion taking place in the school compound.

Caught in the act: The drug deal was captured on the carpark surveillance camera | image courtesy of NTU security

Showdown: An eyewitness photograph of the arrest was posted on the social media website, STAMP | STAMP

A representative of the Central Narcotics Bureau revealed that the raid was made after months of careful planning and observation with the help of the Singapore Police Force. The suspect, Josiah Tan, has been under the radar following suspicions of him working under a foreign drug cartel based in Thailand. The raid took place amidst a transaction between Josiah and a fellow drug courier. The police seized a black Honda containing an estimated 600 grams of heroin, 40 times above the amount that warrants capital punishment

“I can’t believe that he was involved with drugs. He was always the quiet, studious type.” Josiah’s classmate Wong A., in reaction to the incident

“What is the criteria for awarding scholarships? Are they starting to give them out to drug dealers now?” Username gahmen_sux, in a comment online

“All I want to know is, what got him involved in this mess?” Josiah’s classmate Tan B., who witnessed the incident

under the Misuse of Drugs Act. It is estimated by authorities to be worth S$1m (US$800,000). Josiah Tan is currently a recipient of the prestigious Lee Kuan Yew scholarship and a member of the NTU Student Union. A promising and bright student, the attempted arrest came as a shock to his friends and families. Mr Vijay Singh, spokesperson of the Lee Kuan Yew Foundation, declined to comment on the status of Josiah’s scholarship as investigations are still ongoing. The police are following up the incident with the suspect family members. If convicted, Josiah Tan could face the mandatory death penalty. Drug trafficking in Singapore carries a mandatory death penalty. For more information about drug offences, visit the Central Narcotics Bureau website at

Singles not marrying but having kids Shock findings: 30% of couples with children are not married by happening news group

Singles start a family without certificate of marriage but with children: are they living with complete happiness? | Photographer: Bodhichita

“We don’t see a need for a marriage certificate. Without it, I’m sure we can still up bring a happy family with a strong bond,” a 30 year-old woman who has been in her first relationship for almost 5 years

We should… move on with the times and stop imposing restrictions on this group and allow them to own HDB flats. It is better to have unwed parents with children, rather than married parents without children,” Minister for National Development Mah Tow Tow on this issue

Singapore is known as a deeply conservative society. In the mind of the majority here, an ideal family is a complete family consisting of both married parents with children. However, the new generation is doing the opposite – settled down as unwed couples with children.

Concerns have also been raised by psychologist from Cambridge University Dr David Gan, that such a trend would adversely affect the well-being of the children of unwed parents. They may be subjected to criticisms and discriminations throughout their early lives.

In a recent survey conducted by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS), 78% of the Singaporeans have no ethics issue with regards to the reported findings. The primary reason cited was the impact of marriage seen as a whole. It affects solely on the marital status which is subject to changes.

“Such children tend to be labelled ‘illegitimate’, and this is unhealthy to their psychological developments. They may risk being ostracised by other children and grow up with poor social skills,” he said.

Based on the claims of the younger generation, trust, mutual respect and understanding are all that is needed between couples to sustain a lasting relationship. “We don’t see a need for a marriage certificate. Without it, I’m sure we can still up bring a happy family with a strong bond,” said a 30 year-old woman who has been in her first relationship for almost 5 years and has no intention of signing on a marriage certificate. Religious leaders have come forth to condemn such “acts of atrocity”. “It goes against the fundamental concepts of a family, and will erode the morality instilled in our youths,” said Reverend Famillie.

On the other hand, psychologist Dr Andy Lee from Institute of Mental Health differs in opinion from Dr Gan. “Love given to a child is not merely measured by the marital status of the parents; rather, it is the emotional attachment and love between the parents and the child,” he said. 22 year-old Marlina and 12 year-old Jason, children brought up blissfully with unwed parents, gladly told the press that their circle of friends provide them a conducive work and play environment in which to thrive. “When their parents asked about our family background, they do look at us from a different angle like we’re somebody to be refrained from mingling with. However, our friends told us not to worry and friendship

is built not based on where we came from but because of who we are.” The minority contributing to such a trend faces difficulty in providing a shelter and reaching out for social welfare benefits when they are determined to start a ‘family’. Unwed couples believe that they can start a ‘family’ without a great disadvantage in their lifestyle as compared to formally known married couples only if public housing policies are reviewed and necessary changes are made. This has prompted the government to amend several regulations with respect to housing and childcare benefits. Unwed parents are no longer barred from applying for government subsidies in areas of public housing, child-care benefits and the Baby Bonus Scheme. Minister for National Development Mah Tow Tow has stepped forward to address this issue, and has agreed that such discrimination should be abolished. “The recent increase in the number of unmarried parents is apparent. We should therefore move on with the times and stop imposing restrictions on this group and allow them to own HDB flats. It is better to have unwed parents with children, rather than married parents without children,” he said.

12th july 2011 | Monster Times


“We believe in giving second chances to everyone, and especially to those who need it the most, the ex-convicts. That is why we jumped at the chance to join the Yellow Ribbon Project.” Mr. Monteiro Ephraim Keith, KFC CEO Channel 88 reported that KFC CEO Mr. Monteiro Ephraim Keith also took part in this event. Mr. Ephraim said: “We believe in giving second chances to everyone, and especially to those who need it the most, the ex-convicts. That is why we jumped at the chance to join the Yellow Ribbon Project.”

A sunny mood: Eager runners preparing to take off at the starting point | photograph by Angry Knights

S’poreans ready to give exconvicts a second chance An overwhelming 60,000 take part in Yellow Ribbon Prison Run, $1m dollars raised for fund by kim quynh

| additional reporting by angry knights

The third annual yellow ribbon prison run is one of the most initiative moves towards giving ex-prisoners the second chance they deserve. This unique run took place yesterday at Changi Prison gate and the new Changi Prison Complex. According to organizers, this year’s event drew 10,000 more participants compared to the previous two runs raising the total number of applicants to 60,000. The event is hosted by the community action for the Rehabilitation of Ex-Offender (CARE) Network and Kallang Fried Chicken (KFC) with the theme “beyond the run”.

The runners ran or walked 5 to 10 km in a unique course with a great variety of scenic. The route passed historical sites of Singapore including War Memorial Park, Changi Chapel Museum and Johor Battery. “Winning is not an end state. Completing the race is more important as the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run will not be successful without someone willing to change and a community willing to accept them.” said an ex-offender, Mr. Scotty Kim. Due to the overwhelming response, at least S$1 million was raised for the Yellow Ribbon Fund. The purpose of this fund is to help exconvicts get back on track, reconcile with their families and start afresh.

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Monster Times | 12th july 2011


special feature >> School Edition: Planking, cockroaches and other weird stuff on campus!

‘F’ for Gen Y in handling failure “The high number of suicide cases, especially among Gen Y is alarming It is a great loss to everyone.” “Everyone should be cautious in identifying at-risk individuals to provide early support and intervention.” Mr Mah Bow Tan, Former Minister for National Development and advocate of SOS

“He was always so cheerful and positive, it’s hard to think that he would do this to himself.” Classmate of the victim

“Judging by the high expectations placed on us by the education system, I’m not surprised.” Student who witnessed the suicide attempt

“73% of suicide cases involved students who were high performers in both academic and co-curricular areas, but had scored badly in their exams for one reason or another.” Ms Christine Tang, executive director of SOS The result of an ‘F’: Thankfully, the student was not injured in his suicide attempt | photograph by Emeritus

Student’s attempted suicide in raises questions about stress levels in Singapore’s education system by emeritus news group

A 23-year old male student miraculously survived a six-storey fall in Nanyang Technological University (NTU) without a scratch on Monday afternoon. The incident, which happened at the university’s School of Biological Sciences, occured 3 days after the release of the NTU examination results. Close friends of the student said that he had received an exam transcript that contained an ‘F’ grade. Police have classified the incident as attempted suicide. The news came as a shock to both family and friends, as the victim had not shown any abnormal behaviour before the incident, and is usually

a cheerful and active student. He is now placed under observation at the Singapore General Hospital. This is the seventh in a series of suicide attempts on campus this month. The recent string of suicides has led to renewed scrutiny over Singapore’s education system. In a recent press release by Samaritans of Singapore (SOS), a non-profit organization that provides 24-hour confidential emotional support to those in crisis, SOS found that there has been an increase in the number of confirmed suicides in Singapore in the past five years.

The number of male suicides are double that of female cases. Young men and youths aged 10-19 and 20-29, who are still studying, were found to be especially at risk. According to Ms Christine Tang, executive director of SOS, studies have shown that 73% of suicide cases involved students who were high-performers in both studies and co-curricular activities. Unfortunately, their first ‘F’ marked their last as well. Former Minister for National Development and advocate of

SOS, Mr Mah Bow Tan expressed his concern. He said, “The high number of suicide cases, especially among Gen Y is alarming. It is a great loss to everyone.” The Institute of Mental Health (IMH) linked the recent increase in suicide attempts to the elevation of stress levels and inability of the younger generation to cope with failure. A survey of 250 Gen Y participants from different tertiary institutions including NTU, the National University of Singapore (NUS), and Singapore Management University (SMU) indicated that failure in education and relationship matters were the leading sources of stress, and coming in close behind were fears of attaining prospective careers and meeting high expectations.

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In a partnership with IMH, the Ministry of Education has developed the ‘Mind Your Mind’ (MYM) programme to be implemented in all public schools next month. The objective of the programme is to promote mental health among citizens by helping students develop the necessary life skills. Mr Mah also emphasized that “suicide is not the way out” and that “everyone should be cautious in identifying at-risk individuals to provide early support and intervention”. Do you know or suspect anyone who might be having suicidal thoughts? Visit the Samaritans of Singapore website at www. to find out how to identify tell-tale signs and help prevent suicides.

12th july 2011 | Monster Times


Planking is new stress reliever Social media prank found to have therapeutic benefits by tuesday news group

8 out of 10 youths found planking to be effective in relieving stress, according to a survey done by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS). Another study conducted in NUS, NTU and SMU has revealed that this activity is gaining popularity with tertiary students due to the therapeutic benefits associated with planking. These include relief from stress, anxiety and fatigue. Regular planking could also enhance the quality of learning in schools. Some would have dismissed the behaviour as a silly stunt by delinquents. However, to plankers, their actions constitute a form of photographic art and most importantly, a stress-reliever. Jeremy, 21, a student from NTU who frequently planks says planking allows him to clear his mind, calm down and increase his focus level. Dean of the Wee Kim Wee School of Communications and Information (WKWSCI), Professor Zuriel Listani said: “As an academic counselor, I am concerned for the well-being of my students and from my ses-

sions with them, they revealed that planking helps them to manage their stress levels better. With their stress under control, the quality of their coursework has improved tremendously. Therefore, I am all for planking, even during my class”. Echoing the above sentiments of the planking act as a stress reliever is psychiatrist, Dr. Amos Tay from the National University Hospital. “Planking improves blood circulation. As a result, one will feel more refreshed and calm. It also increases mental alertness.” he said. With the reported benefits of planking, Student Affairs Office in respective universities are currently reviewing if the act should be allowed in the university. However, the Parents Association is against the legalization saying that it is dangerous after the death of an Australian planker last month. Nevertheless, such incidents can be avoided by taking the necessary precautions.

Performance art, social media prank, or stress relief?: An example of some stunning results of this internet phenomenon | photograph by lihualicious

Planking, a relatively recent fad from Australia, has been proven to be the new stress reliever. The lying down game is the current social media craze which is a combination of performance arts and prank. The planker has to lie face down in an unusual location with arms by the side. Having the photograph of the participant engage in the act taken and posted on Facebook is an integral part of the game. The stranger the location, the better. | photograph by rainfishy

Spike in same-sex sexual harassment cases Male students molested in STU library in midst of exam period, high stress levels cited as factors by unnamed news group

Police have arrested a third year undergraduate, Aloysius Goh on charges of molest. The Mechanical Engineering student of Singapore Technological University (STU) was arrested in his on campus hostel in at 7pm last night. Police were tipped off after a video showing a male victim being groped by Aloysius Goh on the buttocks was posted on the popular citizen journalism website, STAMP. The incident is alleged to have taken place in Lee Library of STU. Most of the other students The Monster Times spoke to have claimed to be either victims of same gender sexual harassment or have friends who were victims. The most common location for such groping incidents was the Lee Library. Third year Civil Engineering student, Darren Sim said “The molesting incidents in the library became more frequent during the examination period when many of my friends are no longer studying in the library.” Previously, some of the students interviewed had tried to take action to curb the sexual harassment but with limited success. “I tried to organise a self help group

“… most victims felt embarrassed to be known as victims especially as most of them are males,” Second year Aerospace Engineering student Steven Gee, who organised a self-help group for victims for victims to come together so we can come up with better precautionary measures to protect ourselves. The response was very poor as most victims felt embarrassed to be known as victims especially as most of them are males,” said second year Aerospace Engineering student Steven Gee. Other students approached the school administration to feedback about the problems. Fourth year Sociology student, Alice Sun, wrote directly to the relevant school authorities but received less than satisfying replies. “I wrote to the campus security division and also the Associate Provost for student life. But all I

received was a generic reply from the campus security division saying they will look into the problem and will do their best to tighten security on the campus,” she said. Several parents interviewed expressed deep concern about the incident. “I think it is very worrying that such things are happening in tertiary institutions. If it is not resolved, I am going to pull my children out of the school,” said Mrs Phua. Psychologists from National Umbridge Singapore (NUS) have commented that a spike in sexual harassment cases could be a consequence of high stress levels in schools and a poor work-life balance.

Hunting ground for molesters: This ordinary library is the scene where the groping incident occured | photograph by Unnamed

• 30% of tertiary students, both male and female, reported being sexually harrassed in school

Established research agencies and reputable Psychology academic journals have also agreed with the perspectives of their fellow psychologists. They have found evidence establishing a direct relationship between high stress levels and abnormal sexual behaviours.

• 20% of victims reported health problems such as lack of sleep and poor appetites from stress as a result of harassment

When contacted, a STU spokesperson said he was unable to comment on the incident yet. STU issued a

• Many cases of harassment often go unreported

• The remaining 10% experienced severe psychological trauma, such as suicidal thoughts

statement to all students, parents and staff to assure them that the school is taking all the necessary measures in light of such incidents. According to a previously released press statement from STU’s provost, Prof Curtis Jackson: “STU takes these sexual harassment cases very seriously. Security patrols have been stepped up all around the school until the late hours. Culprits caught will be dealt with severely. The school will also look into reviewing its curriculum structure and will be suspending exams in the upcoming semester.”

Monster Times | 12th july 2011


Occocus, Singapore’s next health scare Infections traced to mutated cockroach toxin by leftover news group

The 57th person has died in Singapore due to Ococcus since the start of the outbreak in May 2011. The disease has spread rapidly as it is highly contagious, with individuals being infected by physical contact with affected parties. According to health officials, there are currently about 100 patients with severe cases of Ococcus. They have suffered amputation of the infected limbs to halt toxin-induced necrosis (pre-mature death of cells and living tissues) from being life threatening. At least 3,255 people are facing prolonged high fever and mild to moderate necrosis. The early symptoms include mildly itchy skin and mild fever. Which, without immediate treatment, will eventually develop into necrosis and a high fever within hours. The source of infection has been identified as Deinococcus-Thermusfrom, a toxin excreted by cockroaches. Experts say com-

mon household cockroaches have undergone mutation due to exposure to a defective batch of the ‘Zappit’ pesticide. It is believed that this batch was contaminated with Transflurin, the ingredient responsible for the rapid mutation of these cockroaches. All Zappit has since been withdrawn from the store shelves nationwide. The Ministry of Health (MOH) has introduced a vaccine using the toxin, which helps build up the immune system against DeinococcusThermusfrom. However, it will take at least five months to produce the amount of vaccine required by all Singaporeans. Till then, the Ministry of Health urges all locals and businesses to keep hygiene levels high to keep the spread under control.   Pest control measures are also being put in place; pest control experts with poison baits, boric acid and traps instead of chemical agents as they are the most effective against these mutated pests.

MOH health advisory: All are advised to avoid crowded places and maintain personal hygene. Those who feel unwell, experience symptoms such as mild fever and itchiness are urged to consult a doctor at once, as Ococcus is highly dangerous without immediate medical attention.

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Small but deadly: A mutated cockroach affected by the Transflurin chemical. These cockroaches are almost impossible to distinguish from a normal cockroach, as shown below | photographs by Sab

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12th july 2011 | Monster Times

Monster Times | 12th july 2011


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12th july 2011 | Monster Times


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34 / 23 45 / Movie Title 2/ 10 25/ 11 23 / 12 34 / 23 45 / Location 1 Movie Title 1/ 10 25/ 11 23 / 12 34 / 23 45 / Movie Title 1/ 10 25/ 11 23

CINEMA HOUSE Location 1 Movie Title 1/ 10 25/ 11 23 / 12 34 / 23 45 / Movie Title 2/ 10 25/ 11 23 / 12 34 / 23 45 / Location 2 Movie Title 1/ 10 25/ 11 23 / 12

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Location 2 Movie Title 1/ 10 25/ 11 23 / 12 34 / 23 45 / Movie Title 2/ 10 25/ 11 23 / 12 34 / 23 45 / Location 1 Movie Title 1/ 10 25/ 11 23 / 12 34 / 23 45 /

Monster Times | 12th july 2011


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obnoxious teen on the train to that one stand-offish colleague. Your great social energy eases all transactions and interactions. Pisces | February 19 - March 20 Your mate, best friend or business partner suddenly gets snarly — and you have to deal with it right away! It can be a pretty simple fix, but it is sure to involve some direct conflict first.

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Aries | March 21 - April 19 Starting on a new project — maybe one that requires a lawyer or notary — is a great idea today. Your energy is just right for getting folks to see that your ideas are the ones that need to be made real. Taurus | April 20 - May 20 You need to indulge yourself, though it might come across as greed if you play it wrong. Just try to take care of yourself — and if others get something good too, so much the better! Gemini | May 21 - June 20 You need to get moving today — things are really crazy, but you can turn it into the good kind of crazy as long as you are willing to act decisively. Your good energy is just right for taking charge.

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Across 8. paranormal phenomenon 9. derived from the Latin word “Monstrum” 10. animated corpse brought back to life 11. a lycanthrope 14. center of the nervous system 15. member of a primordial race of giants, with a single eye on the forehead

Down 1. End of the world 2. many-headed water serpent 3. ape-like cryptid 4. tool to tear up your flesh with 5. favourite food of a certain monster from Sesame Street 6. aquatic creature with a human head 7. iron-containing oxygen transport in red-blood cells 12. part human, part horse 13. beings who subsist by feeding on the life essence of living creatures

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Answers Across: 8.poltergeist / / 10.zombie / 11.werewolf / 14.brain / 15.cyclops Down: 1. apocalypse / 2.hydra / 3.yeti / 4.fang / 5.cookie / 6.mermaid / 7.blood / 12.centaur / 13.vampire


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