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Survey 001-1011 Results With Analyses and Recommendations

The Central Student Government- Office of Research and Constituent Insights (CSG-ORCI) with its partner council research departments is the data gathering and information provider arm of Xavier University student governments. It is responsible of providing student strategists with the needed information to make informed and relevant decisions on representation and service areas. Mission: “To provide RELEVANT INFORMATION to Xavier University student strategists on policy formulation and decision making” Vision: “An Informed Government” Why RELEVANT INFORMATION? Relevant Information is both timely and significant in strategy formulation. The significance of information is dependent on how it is able to equip the student strategists with the necessary information in making effective strategies to respond appropriately to the needs of the student constituency. It is the function of the CSG- ORCI to gather raw data on reliable sources (primary and secondary sources), to assimilate the value of raw data, and to packaged these raw data into understandable information to be used by CSG student strategists in formulating policies and in making decisions. Who are Student Strategists? Student Strategists are those who are responsible of formulating strategies to effectively represent the needs and to provide the necessary services for the student constituency. Why Informed Policies and Decisions? The CSG has limited resources. These limited resources should be allocated on areas that effectively represent the real needs of students to achieve maximum utility. To aid strategists in allocating these limited resources, CSG-ORCI will provide relevant data in order to direct student strategist in effectively allocating its limited resources.

Survey 001-1011 Primary Objectives: 1) To gather general student information that will guide strategists in policy making. Secondary Objectives: 1) To influence the behavior of students. 2) To initiate a culture of student consultation through surveys. Duration of Survey Project: March 20- May 5, 2010 Survey Clients: 1) CSG Department and Office Heads 2) Council Presidents Target Market Description: Projected Sample Size: 380 Respondents Actual Sample Size: 268 Respondents

* Most of the survey respondents studied in Xavier for an average range of 1-3 years. Thus, majority of the XU student population started studying in Xavier as college students.

* 151 of the 268 survey respondents were female while 114 were male.

*Majority of the respondents were 1st, 2nd and 3rd year XU college students.

ACADEMIC CONCERNS Do you think the academic requirements of XU are too demanding?

*Students think the academic requirements of XU are too demanding yet necessary. Do you have teachers in your classes who you think are ineffectual in his/her subject matter?

* 78% of the survey respondents say that they have teachers in their classes who they think are ineffectual in his/her subject matter. XU should be more stringent on hiring highly qualified applicants and regularly training its teachers.

As a student, is XU reliable enough in supporting your academic needs and concerns?

*74% of survey respondents think that XU is reliable in supporting their academic needs and concerns. Do you find the grading system in XU reasonable?

*XU and teachers need to strongly clarify its grading systems. Do you find the XU environment conducive for learning?

As a student, are you attaining your academic goals while studying in XU?

*Majority of survey respondents are attaining their academic goals in XU. Students Library Visits:


17% of respondents visit the XU Library All The Time, 39% visit Most of the Time, 42% Sometimes while 1% never visit.

What do you think can best help you in your academic needs?

* Most of the survey respondents think that they can be best assisted in their academic needs through 1) Student-led Tutorials, 2) Requirement Assistance and 3) Seminars and Workshops on “How To Study Effectively.� What do you think should be added/removed/ improved in your academic curriculum? Survey respondents said that the academic curriculum can be improved through the following: 1) Adding more learning experience activities outside the classroom. 2) Removing subjects not related to course. 3) Improving the teaching techniques of teachers. 4) Improving grade and consultation system 5) Allowing adding of other subjects to explore interests 6) Giving of course outlines.

STUDENTS’ RIGHTS, WELFARE AND RESPONSIBILITIES Do you know that Xavier University has a Magna Carta of Student's Rights to protect your rights as students?

* There’s a distinct possibility that student have heard of the Magna Carta of Student Rights but are not aware on how to exercise these same rights. Improved information dissemination and inquiry systems should be employed to exercise these student rights to the fullest and, in turn, addressing directly student grievances. Do you know that Php35.00 of your tuition fee is allotted for CSG’s budget?

*The CSG and other student governments should be more transparent on how these entities are allocating the financial resources of its constituents.

Are there instances where you felt your rights as a student were violated?

*Recommendations: Student constituents should be made aware on the available student grievance systems through effective information drive and marketing efforts. Do you know that you can approach your CSG to address your concerns/ violated student rights?

*Student government should employ an efficient and effective system to address student grievances. Also, student governments should improve its public relations image through marketing efforts and training its student leaders/volunteers.

Do you think vandalizing XU Campus Property is right? How can we eradicate vandalism?

According to survey respondents, incidents of vandalism can be minimized through the following: 1) Employment of Effective Incentive System 2) Strict monitoring by stakeholders Examples: Teachers, Students, Security Guards 3) Installment of Cameras 4) Information Drive a) Placing of Signages and Posters b) Seminars 5) Educating students a) In The Classrooms b) Programs and Seminars Do you read your student handbook?

* Students tend to read their student handbooks thoroughly during their 1 st year in college. Specifically, they do so because it’s required (ex: FFP Classes).

Do you think XU should create a council for fraternities?

Do you know the function of the CSG?

* 60% of survey respondents claim to know the function of its student governments. While, 40% don’t know its main function.

For you, what is the main function of the CSG?

*Student governments should clarify/ communicate its main role to its constituents. Do you know that we have an Activity Hour every Wednesday, 5-6PM?

Do you have teacher/s who holds classes every Wednesday, 5-6PM?

CAMPUS SERVICES Do you know that you have a student insurance package?

* Majority of the students are not aware of the insurance package that they are paying for. There is a need for stakeholders to be more transparent on what the students are paying. Do you know how to apply for the student insurance package?

*Student constituents should be made aware on the existence and the application process of their insurance package through effective information dissemination systems.

Are you able to use your internet-usage time at the campus computer labs?

*Majority of survey respondent are not able to use their internet-usage time at the computer labs. This may be because students are busy with other priorities, are using the internet outside the school or waiting time for using the internet in the computer labs is time consuming. What items do you need to have but oftentimes forget to bring to school?

PROMOTING CAMPUS ENERGY EFFICIENCY Do you thinks it’s your responsibility to conserve energy in our campus (turn off lights when not in use, don’t waste water, electricity, etc)?

* This is an indicator that the general XU studentry has the inclination that they are partly responsible of the efficient usage of energy in campus.

What are some of the things you would like to suggest we can do in order to save energy? Students suggest the following endeavors be taken for campus energy efficiency: 1) 2) 3) 4)

Usage of renewable energy (wind, light, etc) No night classes policy Daily inspection by stakeholders Information Drive

ENVIRONMENT Would you agree that XU should ban the usage of Styrofoam?

*Majority of the survey respondents said that the usage of Styrofoam in the campus should be banned. It is interesting to note that majority of the survey respondents were not student leaders who mostly have the bias that usage of Styrofoam should not be banned because of their projects’ and programs’ requirements (Example: Decorations, event aesthetics). Would you agree that the XU Canteen should ban the use of Styrofoam plates?

*Majority of the survey respondents agree that the XU Canteen should ban the usage of Styrofoam plates. Some disagreed possibly because of the growing concern on the increase of food prices if usage of Styrofoam plates is to be banned.

Would you agree that the XU Canteen should ban the use of plastic spoons and forks?

* A lot of survey respondent don’t want the XU Canteen to ban the usage of plastic spoons and forks because the possible alternative would be metallic/ wooden spoons and forks. These respondents have concerns that these alternative utensils are susceptible to diseases and contamination. On the other hand, 57% of the respondents said the use of plastic spoons and forks should be implemented for environmental conservation purpose. Do you think XU should use renewable energy in the campus (Light, Wind, Heat etc.)?

*Majority of the survey respondents wants XU to make use of renewable energy. Also, this is an indication that the studentry are concerned with campus energy efficiency. Some disagreed because of the possible increase on fees if renewable energy technologies are to be employed.

Are you willing to bring your own food container to help regulate canteen waste?

* About 50% of the student population is willing to bring their own food container to regulate canteen waste and to save on food expenses. While 50% thinks paying for the food and its container provided by XU is more convenient.

ENGAGED CITIZENSHIP Did you know that there was a campus election?

* Majority of the student population knew that there was a campus election. Where did you learn about the campus elections?

Other students learned about the elections through: 1) Word of Mouth 2) College Organizations 3) Room to room campaign Of information medium available, Word of Mouth was the most effective in information dissemination and in inducing students to take action on the provided information.

Did you exercise your right to vote in the student elections?

*Though majority of the survey respondents knew there was a campus election, only 50% of survey respondents exercise their right to vote. Why were you not able to vote in the campus election?

*34% of survey respondent were not able to vote because they thinks it’s a Waste of Time. While, 31% simply didn’t know Where to vote. There were 88 out of 268 or 32% respondents who weren’t able to vote.

Why were you not able to vote in the campus election? Some students were not able to vote because: 1) They were busy 2) They Don’t Know Who To Vote Would you take active part on campus activities?

* Given that venues of involvement are relevant, a lot of students are willing to take active part on campus activities. Student governments/ organizations have a good foundation of creating relevant projects and programs because students are willing to involve. It is, thus, recommended by the ORCI that student governments should make use of effective information dissemination systems and marketing efforts in its projects and programs.

SPIRITUAL FORMATION Do you feel spiritually healthy?

*Majority of the survey respondents feel spiritually healthy. Though, it is important to note that 32% of the respondents don’t feel the same way. There’s a need to create projects and programs that strengthens the spiritual aspects of students. How do you rate your relationship with your God?

* 50% of the survey respondents said that their relationship with their God is strong. While 44% said that it’s Mild. Again, there’s a need to strengthen current programs responsible for spiritual formation.

In your opinion, does XU provide a curriculum that promotes spiritual growth?

* Majority of the studentry say that XU provides a curriculum that promotes spiritual growth. Yet, there’s a need for XU to strengthen and deepen the spiritual formation of its students.

HEALTH AND FITNESS Do you think it’s your responsibility to take care of your health?

*Majority of studentry believe it’s their responsibility to take of their health. This is a good foundation for implementing programs and projects that promotes health consciousness. Do you think XU students who are wearing their uniforms should be allowed to smoke or drink outside the campus premises?

* Majority of the studentry said that wearing one’s uniform while smoking or drinking outside the campus premises should not be allowed because of public image or reputation reasons. The acts are not aligned with XU’s mission.

Do you think XU should provide a fitness program for 3rd and 4th year students?

*66% of the survey respondents think that XU should provide a fitness program for 3 rd and 4th year students who no longer have PE classes. This is an indicator that students desire a curriculum that promotes a physically healthy lifestyle all throughout their college years. Do you think the XU Physical Education Department should install a health aspect (ex: Dangers of smoking, drinking, drug abuse) aside in its fitness curriculum?

* Majority of the studentry thinks that there should be health aspects on the existing fitness program of the Physical Education curriculum.

STUDENTRY SENTIMENTS In your opinion, is CSG visible to the students?

* Majority of students thinks CSG is not visible. With this, students make the assumption that their student governments are not doing its function and, thus, deemed irrelevant. The ORCI recommends that student governments should take every opportunity to be visible to its constituents. Why do you think some XU Students do not involve in relevant concerns inside and outside the campus?

Other survey respondents say that students don’t involve because: 1) Students are not encouraged 2) Low Social Awareness 3) Students are busy

Are you in favor that Mr. Ernesto Neri is your CSG President?

Do you think Mr. Louie Jarales as your CSG Vice-President can best complement your CSG President, Mr. Ernesto Neri?

Do you trust your CSG and student council student leaders can fulfill your needs/concerns/ expectations?

* Student governments have a satisfactory foundation for implementing relevant projects and programs because majority of the studentry trust them to do so. Yet, 32% of the respondents are skeptical that student governments are not capable of fulfilling their needs/ concerns/ expectations. The ORCI believes that trust rate of the studentry will only increase if students are strongly involved or committed to their student governments. In other words, no involvement equates to no commitment and, thus, no trust.


* Majority of survey respondent are very interested with 1) Music 2) Dancing 3) Visual Arts and are least interested with 1) Math 2) Politics 3) Business. This is an indication that students are interested with right brain activities where they are given the venue to express and learn talents and skills. On the other hand, students are not that interested with left brain activities which are usually labeled as “too serious” and “boring.” The ORCI strongly encourages student leaders to create and market projects and programs that give students the opportunity to express themselves and learn self expression. Other interests include: 1) Sports 2) Leadership 3) Speaking

PRIORITIES What do you think student governments should prioritize? According to survey respondents, student governments should prioritize the following: 1) Visibility, Transparency and Accountability Student governments are expected to be visible to its constituents and transparent in its dealings. They (student governments) are made accountable if students know what their student leaders are doing with their resources. As much as possible, student governments needs to clear up controversies, have reliable information dissemination systems and should be clear on its stand on different issues. Students are induced to be more involved if they have all the information they need on what their student leaders are doing. Thus, the ORCI recommends the employment of efficient information dissemination and data gathering systems. 2) Strong Implementation of Plans The studenrty has observed that their student governments have a lot of plans. Yet, these plans are not implemented. If implemented, these projects and programs are poorly executed. The ORCI, thus, recommends that student governments need to clarify its plans and ensure that these are realistic. 3) Marketability Aside from making the studentry aware, it’s imperative that student governments employ effective marketing efforts to make induce the student constituency to participate. It is a fact that students now are more educated and are only willing to involve themselves on endeavors they perceive as 1) interesting and 2) substantive. A program or project is deemed relevant if it’s both interesting and substantive. 4) Empowerment to Constituents (Inclusivity) Without involvement, the studentry will never commit to its student government’s programs and projects. The ORCI recommends venues for consultation such as forums in order for the grass root studentry to be involved on decision making processes. The more involved the studentry are, the more committed it is to its student government. Also, student governments should be composed of student leaders who are approachable and relatable. In their offices, student leaders and volunteers need to be accommodating to typical students. An elitist perception, attitude and behavior by student leaders should be dismissed if student governments desire a more involved studentry. 5) Efficient Resources Allocation Given the limited resources (time, finances and manpower), student government need to allocate its resources efficiently. Endeavors that are to be taken should be relevant. First things first should never be at the mercy of things that matter least.

6) Relevance Student governments need to establish its relevance to students by responding to their real needs and concern. Every action of student government should be geared with principles, purpose and towards the long-run.

Office of Research and Constituent Insights  

First report on student situation in Xavier Universtiy

Office of Research and Constituent Insights  

First report on student situation in Xavier Universtiy