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In this booklet you can find out:

With this booklet, we, OC (organizing committee), hope to: • provide you all needed information about Global Passport • make your internship preparation easier.

AIESEC in Vietnam - AIESEC Ho Chi Minh City

What is Global Passport?

Why Global Passport?

What will you do in Global Passport?

What are our requirements?

Whom to contact?

AIESEC in Vietnam was established in 2006. For the past 7 years we have been facilitating youth leadership activities as well as international internships & volunteer experiences across Vietnam. AIESEC in Vietnam have more than 450 active members present in 20 top universities of Vietnam and over 2100 alumni working in leading local and multinational companies. We are supported by partners who want to support the development of youth and to access top talent through our global internship programs such as Unilever, Suntory Pepsico.

AIESEC In Vietnam

AIESEC Ho Chi Minh City (AIESEC HCMC) is the first local chapter (LC) of AIESEC in VIETNAM in 2006. AIESEC HCMC is determined “to provide young people with opportunities to nurture their dream and ambition, personal and professional development. These responsible young leaders from Vietnam and all over the world will contribute for social and economic development in Vietnam�.


AIESEC HCMC is famous for enjoying participation and living diversity. We have a dynamic environment created by active and enthusiastic involvement of individuals. We enjoy being involved in AIESEC. Furthermore, we seek to learn from the different ways of personalities, opinions and working styles represented in our environment. We respect and actively encourage the contribution of every individual

Global Passport

AIESEC Ho Chi Minh City

Global Passport is a national project run by AIESEC Vietnam with the aim to enhance English communication skills, cultural understanding and self-confidence for students and recent graduates.

The Vietnamese government have identified English speaking as the key to the country’s future growth ambitions because of the strong influence of globalization on its economics, especially employment.

Why Global Passport

Challenges for Vietnamese students to learn English: • Effective methods of teaching English are not always available in public education. A major part of young Vietnamese cannot communicate well even they receive English education since secondary school. They also don't have enough confidence to talk with foreigners and for them, English is a subject that very difficult to learn. • The costs of learning English in language centers with better methods are not always affordable.

Create visible impact on society and share our vision. Develop and improve your public speaking skills.

Your Opportunity to

Challenge yourself by: • Creating an interactive environment for students • Helping student to improve their English level and measure his/her progress. • Creating meaningful and interesting content and creative delivery. Learn how to live in totally different society, develop your adaptability and fall in love with Vietnamese culture.

Become more solution-oriented & proactive . Experience: • Multinational working environment • Project management • Development of leadership skill

Applying for this TN - you will participate in Global Passport project with AIESEC Ho Chi Minh City.

Job Description

Design and develop content for (Language name) classes and project`s events together with your colleges: interns from other countries (EPs) and project management team (OC). Deliver interactive classes to your students based on communication skills, cultural understanding, self confidence topics together with other interns (if your EP teach together) Ensure development of your students language skills by tests, classes activities, constant communication.

Participate in LC activities: orientation day (obligatory to visit), local committee meetings, team meeting, promotion activities, reception activities. You are recommended to visit on-line presentation about Vietnam 2 weeks before project`s starting.

Job Description

Represent your culture to Vietnamese youth: project participants, AIESEC members, participants of other AIESEC activities. And actively communicate with interns from other GP projects to share experience and learn from them. Prepare report and submit in the end of project, in order to ensure that your experience will contribute to next GP. Fill in AIESEC Global Community Development Program Feedback Survey after matched status, coming to Vietnam and back to home country. Provide feedback on different stages of a project in order to increase quality of experience for attendee and interns.

Excellence in English Good cultural understanding

Presentation skill Teamwork skill Internet user Microsoft Office user

Friendly Sociable Energetic


Project timeline: Intern must arrive 2 weeks before the course starts Course 1: 15th Dec 2013 - 14th Jan 2014 Course 2: 17th Feb 2014 – 31st Mar 2014 Course 3: 12th May 2014 – 8th Jun 2014 Course 4: 16th Jun 2014 – 13th Jul 2014 Course 5: 21st Jul 2014 – 17th Aug 2014 Course 6: 1st Sep 2014 – 28th Sep 2014 Course 7: 13th Oct 2014 – 9th Nov 2014

- Timeline is subject to change. - Contact Organizing committee to get a confirmation.




Arrive in Vietnam



Deliver the course

Finish content W3, W4 Draft content W5, W6

Revise lesson W3, W4

Revise lesson W5, W6

Orientation day

Finish content W5, W6

Reflect on Lesson W3, W4

Transition from last course



Reflect on lesson W5

Reflect on lesson W6

Promotion for next course

Number of student in 1 class: <= 10 students. Number of intern/students: 1 intern/4-5 students. Duration for one class: 90 minutes Number of the class in 1 course: 12 - 15 classes.

Classroom Conditions Student Profile: •  University/ college students and recent graduates. •  Have basic or average English proficiency level •  Not strong speaking skill •  Lack of confidence to communicate with foreigners or speak in front of large audience (public speaking/ presentation) •  Understand the importance of English and seek for opportunities to develop

Challenging environment.

Involvements with LC, possible CEED opportunity. Trainings: orientation day, on-line trainings before internship.

We promise to provide you

Welcome and Farewell parties.

Trips and service activities. Airport pick up. Your personal development plan. Reflection and evaluation (feedback) space. Supportive EP buddy. Clarity in working process: clear role, schedule, performance tracking. Logistical support: Home-stay/ hostel finding support bus ticket, printed map, sim-card. Reward and recognition system. Booklet & guideline with needed information

Ho Chi Minh City Introduction

Ho Chi Minh City commonly known as Saigon or by the abbreviations HCMC or HCM, is the largest city in Vietnam and the former capital of the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam).

Ho Chi Minh City Introduction Cu Chi tunnel

Ho Chi Minh city museum Ben Thanh Market

Reunification Palace

Sleepless night on the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Street of Foreignersâ&#x20AC;?

Notre Dame Cathedral

Truong Dao Vice President of Project Management Email: Skype: truongiu

Ha Vu Project Leader


Email: Skype: Amanda Tran OC Exchange Email: Skype: Amanda Tran

Aiesec hcmc gp ep booklet  
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