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ROSES - VARIETIES Ambience Akito Aalsmeer Gold Amelia Amsterdam Anna Anastasia Antique Brass Avalanche

Bi-color Intense Yellow with Red Borders Gardenia White Golden Yellow White Coral/Salmon/Pink Pastel Pink/White White Creamy Pink Pure White

Black Baccara Black Magic Blizzard Blue Bird Blue Curiosa Blush Carousel Charlotte Charming Unique Cherry Brandy Cherry Love Circus Classy Clear Ocean Conga Cool Water Cream de la Cream Deja Vu Dekora Dolche Vita Domenica Dreamer Duett Engagement Esperance Eskimo Exotica Fancy Amazone Forever Young Freedom Free Style Friendship Gelato

Dark Red Dark Red White Light Lavender Soft Violet/Lavender Bi-color Cream with Orange Edges Bi-color Cream with Fuchsia Edges Bright Velvet Red Mauve Pink Apricot/Orange with Outer Pink Petals Red Bi-color Intense Yellow/Glowing Red Red Cream Bright Dark Yellow Lavender Cream Bright Yellow Medium Pink Bi-color Ivory White Salmon Orange Bi-color Coral/Pink Peachy Pink Bi-color Cream with Pink Edges Cream/White Orange Tri-color Red/Yellow/Orange Red Pure Red Red Bi-color Yellow (outside) and Red (inside) Bi-color Soft Orange with Cream Stripes

Gold Strike Grand Prix Green Tea Gypsy Leonidas High Magic Iguana Impulse Jade Kerio

Bright Yellow Red Cool Green Bi-color Light Terracotta with Cream Bi-color Bi-color Light Terracotta/Coral Salmon/Orange Creamy Green Mustard Yellow

Konfetti Latin Beauty Latin Lady Latin Breeze Legend Leonidas Limbo Lipstick Malibu Malu Manitou Milva Mohanna Mount Everest Movie Star Obesession Orange Unique Pavarotti Peckoubo Polar Star Polo Preference Priceless Primavera Purple Cezanne Queen Amazone Queensday Raphaela Ravel Red France Red Magic Red Princess Red Unique Rockefeller Romeo Rossini Rouge Bassier Royal Circus Sahara Sexy Red Shocking Versilia Skyline

Bi-color Yellow with Red Borders Bi-color Yellow with Orange Borders Bi-color White (outside) and Red (inside) Bi-color Intense Pink and White Burgundy Rust with Lighter Back Petals Bi-color Rusty Brown with Cream Center Lemon Green Bi-color Yellow with Red Edges Bi-color Cream with Pink Bi-color Pale Cream with a Pink Edge Burned Orange Antique Orange True Yellow White Intense Salmon Red Intense Salmon Orange Hot Pink Light Salmon Pink Pure White White Red Novelty Pink Yellow Purple Hot Pink Bi-color Pink with Cream Orange/Light Melon Bi-color Reddish Pink Hot Pink Red Red Red Red Red Velvety Red Bi-color White/Pink Red Bi-color Dark Yellow/Dark Orangy Red Cream Dark Red Hot Pink Mustard Yellow

Sophie Star 2000 Sushi Sweet Green Sweet Unique Sweetness Taboo Tango Titanic

Soft Pink Intense Orange Pale Yellow with Orange Green Medium Pink Bi-color White with Red Edges Mauvy Pink Bi-color Red with Cream Pale Pink

Topaz Tresor 2000 Vendela Verdi Versilia Virginia Voodoo Wow Xantia

Hot Pink Bi-color Yellow with Red Solid Ivory/Champagne Color Cream with Pink Edges Peach White/Cream with Yellowish Center Orange Orange Red

If you don't see the variety you desired, please call or email us, we work with many farms and can find you the variety you are needing.

Roses Varieties  

varieties of roses

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