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Kung Fu In China

A world of adrenaline travel.

Don´t under estimate the training required!

How much more inspired can you get? The school is in an area with many Buddhist and Daoist temples including a 1500 year old Temple. These temples are significant places for Buddhism activities in China making them amazing places to visit and spend time at to take in the ancient natural beauty. The school is located in an unbeatable location to learn and practice martial arts. Just 15 minutes from a city and between 2 ancient monasteries (apr. 2 km). The friendly Daoist monks add to the tranquility and are always keen to make friends with students and exchange cultural knowledge. As well as ancient history there are also modern amenities in the City with a wide variety of restaurants from Italian, Thai, German, and Mexican to name a few.

The Training At the academy you can specify which form of Kung Fu styles you would like to learn or improve. The amount you learn will be dependd upon your current level of skills and how long you wish to attend the academy for. Please note: Being able to specify a particular form will depend on numbers of other participants wanting to learn the same form and so cannot be guaranteed. Many students who have been studying for 8 weeks have been able to cut a brick in two using their bare hands by the end of their stay!

Each Master will have a maximum of 10 students in their group. This allows there to be a higher level of personal instruction offered than in other martial arts courses. Kung Fu requires a student to understand all of its elements, including the historical, physical and mental aspects, which are all taught on this personal level. The masters conduct all lessons in Mandarin. However, there will be translators present to ensure you fully understand the movements and forms you are learning.

Itinerary We train roughly 5 hours per day with rest/free time during weekends. The training starts every morning at 5:30am so most students will awake at 5am to prepare for morning exercise. Regardless of which style you are practicing the 5:30am circuit training is compulsory unless you are 40 years or older then it is optional. The circuit training is different every morning but consists of some of the following exercises; Jogging, Sprinting, Bear Crawls, Push-ups, Sit-ups, Chin-ups, Squats, Hand-stands, Bur-pees, Planks, Jumping, Gymnastic Rings etc. After circuit training you will go to your chosen style/group and train from 6am to 7:20am.

Please note you are there to train no one will get you out of bed or force you to train however. The more you put into it the more you will get out but please note there are no refunds if you decide this is not for you and choose to leave early.


Itinerary Breakfast is at 7:30am. 9am is the second morning session, before this lesson starts all students will go for a run from 1km up 20km depending on which group you are in and depending on your teachers plan for the days training. This lesson has a 20 minute break included and finishes at 11:30am. Lunch is at 12pm. Afternoon training starts at 2:30pm and finishes at 5pm. The afternoon training also requires students to go for a run and also has a 20 minute break inside. Our evening meal is served at 6pm. Of an evening at 7pm we offer the following optional classes free of charge (subject to availability): Mandarin, Calligraphy, Daoism, and Traditional Chinese instruments. The schedule times may vary depending on season and individual schedule of student.

Accommodation Standard Option (not pictured) The standard option is fairly basic, with communal showers shared toilets and dorm style accommodation from 2 to 4 students. If available during our quiet periods students will get their own room at no extra cost but this is really dependent on numbers. The Luxury Option (Pictured) The luxury accommodation option is significantly more expensive but you do get an ensuite bathroom, air conditioning, TV and extra furniture. The luxury option is still shared but you share with one other person. If you’d like your own room, you need to select the luxury option and pay a single person supplement of £300 per month Meals. All meals are taken at the academy and are prepared by the academy cooks. Meals are made in local styles and with local produce; however, some Western dishes are served occasionally.


When to go The programme runs all year. The Area where the school is in has a subtropical monsoon climate with the 4 seasons being very distinct. The average temperature in the summer reaches around 35째C but as been known to reach 40째C during July and August, the lowest temperature in the winter on average is around -5째C. (RDS has various heating options during the winter months)


Included:    

Training from trained masters five days a week Accommodation As per selection Three meals a day Pick up from the train station

Excluded:  International flights / travel to China  Travel and health insurance that should cover you for martial arts training  Training clothes  Visa  Any travel beyond that mentioned in the itinerary  Airport pick up  Return transfer to the airport (paid locally) How to join: On the programme page you will find a book Now button. We check availability and get back to you asap! Email us for all your questions, We will get straight back to you! Connect with us on facebook and be the first to know about new trips and great Travel deals.

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Train Kung Fu in China

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