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Other products and services Of course, you want to be able to trust in the continued support of a reliable partner, after your cleanroom has been put into use. As a customer-oriented company, Brecon will be pleased to be of service to you with an extensive service and (preventive) maintenance package to keep your cleanroom operational. In the event of a malfunction, Brecon has an expert and efficient breakdown service at its disposal.

Kroonstraat 6 4879 AV Etten-Leur P.O. box 555 4870 AN Etten-Leur The Netherlands T +31 (0)76 504 70 80 F +31 (0)76 504 70 89 E member of VCCN

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If the right conditions are crucial

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Innovative turnkey cleanroom solutions Brecon in Etten-Leur specialises in designing and realising low-dust and sterile cleanroom systems. Our customers include companies in the semiconductor, food and pharmaceutical industries, but also hospitals and datacenters. Our many years’ experience and expertise guarantee innovative turnkey solutions, which meet all the requirements, standards, regulations and preconditions, down to the minutest detail. Moreover, we will gladly provide you with technological and constructional advice. You can be assured of the best possible end result.

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High-quality cleanrooms A cleanroom must meet stringent requirements In certain branches, work or experiments can be thoroughly disrupted or made impossible by dust particles, germs and micro-organisms. In such cases, a cleanroom is the solution. In a cleanroom, the concentration of particles, germs and/or organisms can be kept within specified limits. In order to achieve this, the air in this “clean room� is continuously recirculated and filtered. The limit values are defined according to various guidelines and standards. Therefore, a cleanroom must meet stringent requirements.

From design to commissioning Brecon designs and realises tailor-made cleanrooms, on the basis of a precise description of production process, guidelines and standards. Naturally, we also give due consideration to the standards and regulations applicable in the branch concerned. This way, each assignment is a separate project for us, with new conditions and different circumstances. After intensive consultations with the client and building partners, we will convert the design into a clear plan of action. Subsequently, our welltrained, experienced installers will realise your ideal cleanroom. During the whole finishing process, a clean way of working with durable materials is ensured and particular attention is paid to packaging, supply and cleaning of the materials used. The end result: a high-quality cleanroom, delivered turnkey and ready to be put into use.

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If the right conditions are crucial Some processes require clean, dust-free and/or germ-free workspaces, in which the concentration of floating particles and/or germs is kept within certain limits. In cleanrooms, the circumstances are fixed and the proper conditions can be easily controlled. Consequently, a cleanroom is eminently suitable for applications in various sectors. Applications include high-grade processes, e.g. the development of micro-electronics and semiconductors, medicine manufacturing, food production or extremely accurate laboratory measurements. Other applications are operating rooms and datacenters, which also make heavy demands on cleanliness, quality, controllability and reliability.

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Also smaller jobs In addition to turnkey assignments, Brecon also performs partial assignments, small jobs and refurbishment work. Partial assignments may consist of installing a new door, realising a new cleanroom, installing floors and frames or installing, moving and/or replacing doors and walls. We can also carry out constructional work like brickwork and structural work.

From cabinets to pass-throughs Brecon supplies a range of cleanroom components, like pass-throughs, step-over benches, glove dispensers and cabinets. The components are delivered ex factory, but we can also measure them out on site and supply them custom-made. Of course, all components are made, transported and installed according to stringent standards and regulations.

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An experienced and specialised partner In addition to designing and realising cleanrooms and their accessories, Brecon offers other services. As an experienced, specialised partner, we are also pleased to be of service to you by providing advice on technological and constructional solutions. These include, for instance, innovative air-conditioning systems, sound pressure level, soundproofing and ESD conductive flooring, as well as lighting and lighting levels, certification and validation of cleanrooms, air and dust measurements, access control or management, maintenance and cleaning of cleanrooms.

Standards and regulations Each cleanroom complies with the (inter) national standards and regulations, additional preconditions and specific requirements of the client. With Brecon, you can be assured that your process requirements will be translated into perfect, tailor-made work. The advantages of modular building In the construction of cleanrooms, Brecon uses modular walls and ceilings. Modular cleanFrom process requirements to

rooms are easy to assemble, while there is hardly

tailor-made services

any noise or dust nuisance during assembly.

Brecon is responsible for the design of the

In addition, the materials that are used require

cleanroom. We can work from our own offices,

little maintenance and can be reused if a different

but if required we can also carry out projects as

layout is required. Modular cleanrooms can also

part of a construction team. During the design

be extended, partitioned or modified in no time,

phase we decide, in close consultation with the

according to requirements.

client and any other building partners, which type of wall, ceiling and floor we will apply and which air-conditioning system we will choose. The recovery capacity of the cleanroom, as well as the reduction of vibrations, caused by the structure, production equipment and environment are also discussed in depth during this phase.

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Quick, careful and reliable Building a cleanroom is precision work, because the room must meet stringent conditions, particularly with regard to temperature, humidity and limit values of dust particles and/ or micro-organisms. Brecon has the expertise and know-how to carry out every project quickly, carefully and reliably.

Guidelines and regulations The conditioning of a cleanroom is realised by a continuous and controlled supply of clean, conditioned air and extraction of “polluted” air. The “air class” is also important: the number of dust particles of a certain size within a specific volume. This may be related to various standards, such as the Federal Standard 209D, ISO 14644, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines and regulations of the VCCN (Netherlands Association of Contamination Control).

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For the construction of the cleanroom, we only use materials that do not generate dust and can be cleaned easily. If any limits have been specified with regard to the permissible number of microorganisms, e.g. in the pharmaceutical and food industries, additional requirements apply to the realisation of the cleanroom. In such cases, particular attention must be paid to, for instance, panel, glass, floor and ceiling connections. These must be recessed as little as possible and properly sealed.

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Continuous development Technological developments follow in quick succession. Because of this, the Research & Development (R&D) Department of Brecon is continuously developing and further developing applied materials, components and systems. An example of this is the certification by TNO of our walk-on cleanroom ceiling.

The right constructional choice The realisation of a cleanroom requires a seamless coordination of requirements, wishes and possibilities by the client, Brecon and any building partners. Brecon will be pleased to advise on structures and the most appropriate choice of walls, doors, floors and ceilings in such cases.

Cleanroom walls Cleanroom walls are available in various systems, with different materials and levels of finishing. A cleanroom wall is composed of modules. Closed wall modules, glass modules and access modules are interchangeable. A cleanroom wall is assembled relatively quickly. After the appropriate measures (such as placing dust partitions) have been taken, modules in existing cleanrooms can also be exchanged quickly. Cleanroom walls are easily kept clean. Naturally, we will be pleased to provide you with custom-made advice.

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Cleanroom ceilings Cleanroom ceilings can be divided into walk-on and non-walk-on systems. Like with the wall systems, finish, durability and airtightness are important properties. The advantage of a walk-on ceiling is that the maintenance of filters, lighting and other installations is made much easier. In addition, work in the cleanroom need not be interrupted during maintenance. A cleanroom ceiling is easily assembled, and can be disassembled and reused in a different location if necessary. Cleanroom floors Brecon cooperates closely with permanent suppliers, such as PBS in Oss, for the supply Cleanroom doors

and installation of modular cleanroom flooring.

Cleanroom doors meet the requirements for

Modular cleanroom flooring may be composed of

classified spaces in every respect. They close

synthetic or aluminium floor tiles, depending on the

perfectly, have a smooth surface and are easily

load and your requirements. There is a choice of

cleaned. In addition to supplying and fitting

various types of finishing, e.g. Colorex. Other types

cleanroom doors, Brecon will be glad to advise

of cleanroom floors are the self-levelling screed

you on types, dimensions and materials.

and the concrete floor, with a special coating that is suitable for cleanrooms. All floors are produced,

Furthermore, there are countless possibilities with

transported and installed under conditioned

regard to hinges and locks, opening settings, laser

circumstances. We will gladly advise you on

detectors and the use of batch readers.

the system that suits you best.

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Kroonstraat 6 4879 AV Etten-Leur P.O. box 555 4870 AN Etten-Leur The Netherlands T +31 (0)76 504 70 80 F +31 (0)76 504 70 89 E brecon@brecon...

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