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EXPERTS “You’ll never walk alone. We know how you think” More than 20 nationalities work in Xtraice to adapt your project to your culture.

MANUFACTURERS “Xtraice does not sell under other brand names� Xtraice is the exclusive developer and manufacturer of the unique Xtraice synthetic ice.

GLOBAL SERVICE “Your Xtraice project, from a dream to a reality” We’ll be with you from the 3D design of your rink to providing you an App to manage your business.

UNIQUE LEADERS “Around 1,000 references in more than 70 countries�. Join to the Xtraice Club! The worldwide leaders with references everywhere!

Xtraice ice rinks

Xtraice headquarters

RECOGNIZED “International prestigious brands have trusted in Xtraice�. The most renowned brands have chosen Xtraice to work with.

ECOLOGICAL “We are committed to you and to the environment� Our ecofriendly product has low energetic costs. We stamp one serial number on each panel certifying its origin and quality.

NOVEL “Xtraice rinks as an appealing attraction� Our rinks will get involved and attract people with an amazing engagement.

VERSATILITY “We are only limited by your imagination” Xtraice can offer you any wide range of shapes, sizes and colors that are sure to be the perfect fit for your project.

PROFITABILITY “Our specialized staff will help you to increase your revenue” We will advise you finding the best options to get as much benefits as you can.

DIFFERENT “Now, you can surprise your clients by being different” We don’t provide you a regular ice rink; now, you will be able to offer a different and personalized attraction.

www . xtraice . com N. America: +1 646 397 1995 Europe: +34 955 110 357 Asia: +852 8173 6151

S. America: +562 2570 9495

info@xtraice .com

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