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my home is my universe. the place I long to be. RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s005_GB 5

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RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s072_GB 72

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of sofas and modular elements an up-to-date and international seating appearance. Every living room is cut from a different cloth, which is why we offer Rolf Benz DONO in the Classic and Lounge variants with a large number of different modular elements. Use these elements to put together the living room environment that is exactly in line with your needs.

Rolf Benz DONO Lounge is now also available in a leather special edition in 4 colours (black, dark brown, beige, grey-brown) at an attractive promotional price.* * Further information can be obtained from participating dealers and at Promotion only available for a limited period in leathers 80.700 – 80.703.

› Design // Christian Werner


RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s073_GB 73

livin g so f as

lounge comfort A MILESTONE IN COMFORT. Rolf Benz DONO lounge complements the classic appearance of Rolf Benz DONO. Its soft seating comfort satisfies the desire for pleasantly soft, casual, lounge-style seating and relaxing. The sensuous softness of the seat and back upholstery is accentuated by the way the back cushion draws in. The crowning on the seat cushions lends the range

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RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s074_GB 74

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clear line. clear style. RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s075_GB 75

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RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s076_GB 76

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livin g so f as ROLF BENZ LINEA

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s077_GB 77

› 076/077

06.08.13 15:06

COMFORT ACROSS THE LINE. Rolf Benz LINEA combines clear design with unique seating comfort. The optional lower back cushions in the super-deep version ensure maximum back comfort and can contrast in terms of material and colour. One particular design detail is the contemporary styled foot, which is available in stainless steel or black painted metal. Choose from 2 seat depths and 2 seat heights, and enjoy feeling great across the whole line.

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s078_GB 78

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livin g so f as

colour palette for the fabric group 05.350 ff

CLEAR LINE – CLEAR STYLE. As an individual sofa or as a modular group: Rolf Benz LINEA impresses with its clear, purist design that blends in beautifully with all kinds of lifestyles. It is one thing above all: a true favourite piece for individualists. Together with the comfortable armchair and matching upholstered bench element, it makes every home an oasis of clear style and exquisite taste. In the current “Colors of Rolf Benz” special edition, available at a promotional price, choose from 2 high-quality fabrics in a total of 28 modern colours.* * Further information can be obtained from participating dealers and at Promotion only available for a limited period for fabrics 05.208 – 05.219 and 05.350 – 05.365.

› Design //Cuno Frommherz


RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s079_GB 79

› 078/079

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RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s080_GB 80

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IN LOVE WITH FABRIC. A sofa first gets its ultimate character through the covering. And with the almost infinite variety of Rolf Benz materials, it can be turned into a very personal place of well-being. The appearance one wants to give it depends, above all, on personal taste and sensibilities. A fabric covering has - to put it simply – two dimensions, with which one can determine the appearance of the sofa. The first is the structure. Depending on the thread and in which way the material is woven, it can be soft and velvety, grainy and firm, two-dimensional and smooth or three-dimensional. The result is supple and very elegant sofas; some have a very strong presence in the room, while others are reserved and unobtrusively blend in with the architecture. Fabric can be simply anything. The second dimension of the fabric is certainly its colour. From single to multiple colours, through to intricate designs and patterns, there are practically no limits to beauty. So it is possible to achieve the greatest variety of colour effects. From subtle natural colours for a naturally comfortable feel, to red and green colours for a vibrant centre in the centre of the living room, through to a luxurious look in subdued greys and blacks. But not only aesthetic factors determine the right covering. The stresses which the sofa needs to withstand is also important. If a lot is required of it, synthetic fibres are more suitable, as they are very durable and easy to care for. Thanks to modern manufacturing techniques, they now feel just as comfortable as substances from natural materials. But ultimately, natural fibres, such as wood, cotton and linen cannot be surpassed in their originality and authenticity. This added comfort and naturalness is, however, associated with higher sensitivity. Thus, the variety of fibres, and thus threads and materials, is practically limitless. What all fabrics from the Rolf Benz collection have in common is their high quality. Because Rolf Benz develops them with the best weaving mills in Germany and Europe. Always with the mission of offering the best and most beautiful fabrics as the perfect attire for your Rolf Benz sofa.

› 080/081

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s081_GB 81

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RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s082_GB 82

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where I feel good. RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s083_GB 83

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RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s084_GB 84

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livin g so f as ROLF BENZ MIO

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s085_GB 85

› 084/085

06.08.13 15:07

ELEGANCE AND SENSUALITY. The luxuriously generous seating surface and soft appearance of Rolf Benz MIO offer an irresistible invitation to sit, relax and lounge. The high quality of the materials, the superb design of the seat structure and the loving,

flawless finish make sitting on Rolf Benz MIO an incomparable experience for the senses. Rolf Benz MIO offers elegance that is simply irresistible.

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s086_GB 86

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livin g so f as ROLF BENZ MIO

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s087_GB 87

› 086/087

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VARIETIES OF COMBINATIONS. The numerous individual elements permit a variety of combinations in any room. Whether it be a single sofa, a two-piece composition or a large corner sofa, Rolf Benz MIO – with its 2 seat heights, 2 seat depths and 2 side element heights – can be adapted to suit your requirements precisely and complemented perfectly with the armchair and upholstered bench element.

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s088_GB 88

06.08.13 15:08

livin g so f as

BEAUTY YOU CAN FEEL. Even in the middle of a room, Rolf Benz MIO looks fantastic thanks to its optional back shells. Designed in leather, they are a modern design element that gives the back view even more structure. Particularly suitable for Rolf Benz MIO: the new, natural leathers in the Rolf Benz leather collection. They exhibit the characteristic natural features of the hide, the sign of the very finest quality. The finish with a light wax covering produces a wonderfully pleasant touch and the modern vintage look. This modern vintage look for Rolf Benz MIO is now also available for life on the move: we’re giving away a lovingly-made bag – the Rolf Benz MIO bag – with each purchase of a Rolf Benz MIO sofa before 30.06.2014. Further information about the Rolf Benz MIO bag can also be found on page 167. * Further information can be obtained from participating dealers and at Applies exclusively to the purchase of a Rolf Benz MIO sofa in leathers 42.200 – 42.204 until 30.06.2014.

› Design // Norbert Beck


RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s089_GB 89

› 088/089

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RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s090_GB 90

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more than a sofa. RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s091_GB 91

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RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s092_GB 92

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livin g so f as ROLF BENZ PLURA

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s093_GB 93

› 092/093

06.08.13 15:09

ONE SOFA WITH MANY FACES. Rolf Benz PLURA is the new definition of freedom – it gives you all the possibilities you could wish for to live the way you want to. Whether you want to sit upright, lounge about or sleep in total comfort – very little effort is required to adjust this multi-functional sofa to your favourite position. Different elements and designs give you the freedom to adapt Rolf Benz PLURA to completely match your personal needs. With the reclining option, for example, the back can be adjusted from its upright position to a reclining position.

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s094_GB 94

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livin g so f as ROLF BENZ PLURA

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s095_GB 95

› 094/095

06.08.13 15:09

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s096_GB 96

06.08.13 15:10

livin g so f as ALWAYS DIFFERENT, ALWAYS IDEAL. The soft, radius-accentuating design of the cushions stands in charming contrast on Rolf Benz PLURA to the rectilinear metal frame that comes in silver, black painted or polished chrome to match your personal style and design preferences. Carefully-finished decorative seams highlight the sofa’s superlative quality, which comes with 3 different seating heights to reflect your ergonomic needs.


RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s097_GB 97

› 096/097

06.08.13 15:10

MORE FREEDOM – MORE FLEXIBILITY. Rolf Benz PLURA adapts to your desire for comfort whenever you want it to. The folding side element, the swivelling seat and the steplessly backwards and upwards-adjustable back are what makes this versatility possible. Whether it be sitting, lounging, relax-

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s098_GB 98

ing or sleeping – now there’s nothing stopping you doing whatever you want. Fold the back upwards, and Rolf Benz PLURA transforms into a high-backed armchair. Fold the side element down and swivel the seat, and Rolf Benz PLURA becomes a comfortable long chair.

06.08.13 15:10

livin g so f as VERSATILE COMFORT. The functional versatility of Rolf Benz PLURA is also expressed in an impressive way as a compact individual sofa with two individuallyadjustable seating and lying positions. Even more comfortable: two end armchairs with one handy storage solution in black leather. Even more compact: the PLURA long chair, optionally also available with leather storage. With Rolf Benz PLURA, the loose, low cushions for maximum lower back comfort can also be finished in a a different covering material to the cushions – creating a modern material mix of leather and fabric, for example. › Design // Norbert Beck


RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s099_GB 99

› 098/099

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RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s100_GB 100

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setting standards. RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s101_GB 101

06.08.13 15:10

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s102_GB 102

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livin g so f as ROLF BENZ SCALA

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s103_GB 103

› 102/103

06.08.13 15:11

THE NEW MEASURE OF THINGS. Rolf Benz SCALA is a statement. It stands for modern superlativity and relaxed stylistic confidence. Every detail impresses with an incredible quality finish and contemporary design. Thanks to the interaction of the generous cushions and the graceful feet (in polished cast aluminium or painted grey-brown), this sofa combines apparent contradictions: tangible strength and delicate lightness. Welcome to the new form of elegance. It’s what Rolf Benz SCALA is all about. The soft seat cushions cradle the body in luxury, encouraging you to truly let yourself go. Available in 2 seat heights and perfectly supported by the optional head rest. With its comfort and unique shape, Rolf Benz SCALA sets new standards. For people who like to live by their own standards.

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s104_GB 104

06.08.13 15:11

livin g so f as ROLF BENZ SCALA

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s105_GB 105

› 104/105

06.08.13 15:11

ELEGANCE HAS MANY FORMS. Rolf Benz SCALA offers a particularly generous scope for imprinting your own design on it. That’s because it is one of Rolf Benz’s most versatile ranges of modular units. Whether it be the irresistible sofa landscape that dominates the room or a twin-seater that is less obtrusive but just as impressive. Even in terms of colour, there is almost no limit to the creative possibilities. The seat frame, the body and the back cushions can, in fact, all be covered completely individually and independently of each other in different materials and colours. All this makes sure that the sofa has just as much unique character as its owner. The Rolf Benz 971 coffee tables, which match Rolf Benz SCALA perfectly and which echo the sofa’s graceful legs, can be found on page 151. › Design// Gino Carollo

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s106_GB 106

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livin g so f as ROLF BENZ SCALA

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s107_GB 107

› 106/107

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RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s108_GB 108

06.08.13 15:12

cubism meets sensuous elegance. RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s109_GB 109

06.08.13 15:12

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s110_GB 110

06.08.13 15:12

livin g so f as

THE ART OF OPPOSITES. That is the best way to describe the interplay between the compact body and the soft, flowing lines of the classic Rolf Benz 322. The angled, striking aluminium legs blend harmoniously into the gently curving sides. The result: exciting design for unparalleled relaxation.

CLASSICALLY COMFORTABLE. The Rolf Benz 322 sofa always has a strong presence. Whether it be in spacious surroundings or in small rooms, it provides the perfect basis anywhere for stylish living and feeling great. This sofa classic is now also available in a special leather edition at a fantastic promotional price. Choose from 17 leather colours: black, ivory, dark brown, dark red, white, black blue, beige brown, grey brown, grey, light beige grey, beige grey, green, light green, orange, tomato red, blue-grey and petrol.* Rolf Benz 322 is also currently available in a special edition in trendy Nubuck leather in 4 colours (anthracite, light grey, blue and sand)**. * Promotion only available for a limited period in leathers 60.500 – 60.516. ** Promotion only available for a limited period in leathers 71.600 – 71.603. Further information can be obtained from participating dealers and at

› Design // Anita Schmidt


RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s111_GB 111

› 110/111

06.08.13 15:13


RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s112_GB 112

06.08.13 15:13

seating comfort for your pleasure. RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s113_GB 113

06.08.13 15:13

SOFT LINES. GENTLE RELAXATION. The Rolf Benz 3300 sofa range combines timeless design with a fantastic sitting experience: both the armrests and the backrest curve outwards, while the comfortable seat area offers the very highest level of Rolf Benz seating comfort. For the upholstery, you can choose between “medium” and “firm” comfort according to your personal preference.

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s114_GB 114

06.08.13 15:13

livin g so f as TIMELESS ENJOYMENT. The Rolf Benz 3300 models stand on elegant decorative metal brace legs and are available in 4 widths and with different seat heights – on request also as a high-backed sofa for maximum comfort. Rolf Benz 3300 is complemented by an armchair, a high-backed armchair, a smaller footstool and a larger upholstered bench element – for putting your feet up and enjoying total relaxation.

Rolf Benz 3300 is currently available in a special leather edition in 13 colours at a fantastically attractive price.* * Further information can be obtained from participating dealers and at Promotion only available for a limited period in leathers 70.504 and 70.900 – 70.915.

› Design //Christian Werner


RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s115_GB 115

› 114/115

06.08.13 15:13


RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s116_GB 116

06.08.13 15:13

beauty that endures. RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s117_GB 117

06.08.13 15:14

VALUES THAT LAST. Challengers come and go. Rolf Benz 6500 is here to stay. No-one can walk past it unmoved: like scarcely any other sofa range, Rolf Benz 6500 is an elegant design statement and enjoys iconic status in the world’s living rooms. Very probably because the two

height-adjustable backrests make the sofa so functional. The excellent upholstery guarantees you an extraordinary level of comfort while the lower support cushions take the strain off your back.

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s118_GB 118

06.08.13 15:14

TIMELESS ELEGANCE. You can choose from 2 different seating heights, different sofa widths and legs in matt chrome plated or polished chrome plated. The range is complemented by high-backed armchairs and footstools. You can now enjoy the benefits of this classic in the latest special editions: there are highquality edition leathers available in various colours for the entire range, all at an exceptionally attractive promotional price.* * Further information can be obtained from participating dealers and at Promotion only available for a limited period in leathers 70.504, 70.900 – 70.915, 80.900 – 80.902 and 90.300 – 90.306.

livin g so f as

› Design // Mathias Hoffmann


RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s119_GB 119

› 118/119

06.08.13 15:14

LEATHER. FROM NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL TO ROBUST AND EASY TO CARE FOR. LEATHER CAN DO (ALMOST) EVERYTHING. Leather has been with us since ancient times. It has always been there to provide people with warmth and protection. Even though, both in the past as with today, its manufacturing requires a high level of knowledge and skill. Through intelligent processing methods, the leather used by Rolf Benz fulfils the most varied demands and needs. So the spectrum ranges from untreated to durable leathers. Because the choice of the ideal leather is not only a question of one's own taste, but it also always depends on its use and stress. NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL. In addition to wood, stone and wool, leather is one of the most original materials used by man. Rolf Benz preserves this originality and naturalness with the leather quality "ComforLux élégance". For only natural leather of the highest quality raw material is processed further. Because here, no natural characteristics are sanded off or covered with paint. Everything remains as it is. These leathers retain their colour during dyeing in the barrel. A gentle, but sophisticated, technology, which limits the colour pallet to elegant natural tones. Extra long fulling times ensure that the coverings receive an especially soft touch and feel exceptionally pleasant. These very fine leathers are a type of cashmere sweater for the sofa uniquely pleasant, but naturally significantly more sensitive and more expensive to care for. One of the tanneries which meets the high demands of Rolf Benz is HELLER-LEDER. They manufacture in Germany only, with the aim of ensuring maximum sustainability across all steps of production. They can impressively demonstrate that they take their responsibility towards people and the environment seriously: as a first, they were certified with the Blue Angel certificate and internationally honoured as "Tannery of the Year 2011/2012” .

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s120_GB 120

06.08.13 15:14

› 120/121

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s121_GB 121

06.08.13 15:14

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s122_GB 122

06.08.13 15:15

HARMONIOUSLY IN BALANCE. Rolf Benz only uses leather of proven quality for its sofas. The fine art of workmanship is evident in the leathers which are classified as "ComforLux optima“, as well as others. As these offer an ideal synthesis of comfort and wear resistance. The challenge lies in applying ultra-thin layers of colour or protective coating to the leather so that the look and esteemed properties, such as softness and breathability, are not affected too much. The special quality of this Rolf Benz leather can be seen in how the characteristic natural features of the skin largely continue to remain conserved. This category is intended for upholstered furniture, which is exposed to the normal requirements. EXTREMELY WEAR-RESISTANT. The ultimate acid test for leather is the requirements from the car interior. Because this is where leather coverings are exposed to the highest stresses. Leathers from the category "ComforLux supra“ fulfil this automotive standard. They are most able to deal with the everyday challenges. The surfaces are trimmed for maximum durability and are, through a shielding paint coat, particularly smooth. Also ideal in bright sunlight.

You can find details on how to best care for your leather covering, as well as other information, starting on page 77.

› 122/123

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s123_GB 123

06.08.13 15:15

Simply lean back, close your eyes and enjoy complete calm. The functional armchairs from Rolf Benz has been conceived precisely for moments like these. Thanks to their elegant design, they blend in harmoniously and unobtrusively with the room and, with their wide range of customisation options, offer a wealth of freedom for creating your own style. The functional armchairs from Rolf Benz are particularly cleverly thought out in ergonomic terms, ensuring absolute and healthy relaxation when sitting upright, when reading or watching TV or even in a more relaxed position. You can even just put your feet up.

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SESSEL_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s124_GB 124

06.08.13 15:57

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SESSEL_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s125_GB 125

06.08.13 15:57


RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SESSEL_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s126_GB 126

06.08.13 15:57

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SESSEL_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s127_GB 127

06.08.13 15:57

rolf benz ego

JUST THE WAY YOU LIKE IT. The steplessly adjustable Rolf Benz EGO functional armchair can be customised perfectly to your needs: 2 sizes and 2 upholsteries to accommodate your size and seating preferences, and different foot designs (continuous side elements or plate feet in varying designs) to fully match your living situation. It is adjusted with an electronic drive using the operating elements integrated into the armrests. All versions are also currently available in a special leather edition at an attractive promotional price.* * Further information can be obtained from participating dealers and at Promotion applies for a limited time only for leathers 60.500 – 60.516 and 80.700 – 80.703.

› Design// Edgar Reuter


%$6( 9(56,216

6($7 &20)257

$'-867 0(17









RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SESSEL_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s128_GB 128

06.08.13 15:57

livin g f uncti o nal ar m chai r s

rolf benz 577

WEIGHTLESS RELAXATION. With its new function, Rolf Benz 577 offers you both comfortable upright seating as well as ultra-enjoyable, almost weightless, relaxation. In this relaxed position, the body “falls” into its ideal ergonomic position. You can place your head in a sleeping position or keep it upright by straightening the moveable head section – and take part in what’s going on around you in total relaxation. The armchair is available in 2 sizes and can be adapted to your aesthetic and ergonomic requirements with different feet (star or plate feet in different designs) and side elements (fully upholstered, metal with optional cover or no arm piece). › Design// Schnabel, Schneider


RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SESSEL_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s129_GB 129

› 128/129

15.08.13 11:17

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SESSEL_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s130_GB 130

06.08.13 15:58



Silver plastic Matt chrom steel plate

livin g f uncti o nal ar m chai r s

› Design //Prof. Stefan Heiliger


Shiny chrome Matt chrom Stainless steel

electrical mechanical

electrical accu

rolf benz 3100



painted plastic or matt chrome plated, while the star foot comes in either polished chrome, matt chrome or stainless steel. The feeling of weightlessness and absolute delight in the reclined position comes from the “hammock effect”, in which the weight of your body is ideally distributed over the entire recliner surface, allowing the body to relax completely. Professional relaxation – in your own home.

rolf benz 590

HOW RELAXATION WORKS. One place where absolute relaxation is guaranteed is the flexible Rolf Benz 590 relaxing armchair. At the press of a button, the stylish functional armchair can be steplessly adjusted so that you can always find the seating or reclining position you find the most comfortable. It is available in 2 sizes and comes with or without a motor. The motorised design can be ordered with or without a battery. Either a plate foot or a star foot – both of which have swivel function – ensure stability. The plate foot is available either in silver-coloured

THE BEST-SELLER THAT MAKES IT EASY FOR YOU. The Rolf Benz 3100 functional armchair is not without good reason a true “best-seller”: by shifting your body weight, you can smoothly and effortlessly transform this high-backed armchair into a perfectly-shaped reclining seat. Not only that, but the high-quality aluminium leg that is so emblematic of the design is also polished by hand. Rolf Benz 3100 is currently available in a special leather edition in 30 colours at a fantastically attractive price.* * Further information can be obtained from participating dealers and at Promotion applies for a limited time only for leathers 60.500 – 60.516, 70.504 und 70.900 – 70.915.

› Design // Prof. Stefan Heiliger

ROLF BENZ 590 / 3100

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Enjoy customised design and chilled-out moments either alone or with friends, when relaxing or lounging. After all, where can you leave everyday stress behind and recharge your batteries better than in your very own personal favourite place? The armchairs from Rolf Benz are perfect for doing just that and will quickly become your personal place of relaxation – thanks to their sophisticated form and superlative comfort. You can draw an eventful day to a relaxing close right here.

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rolf benz ego

JUST THE WAY YOU LIKE IT. The armchair tailored to your size. The perfect finishing touch for your living room. The Rolf Benz EGO club chair is designed to match the two basic sofa types G and F (p. 18) with 2 seat widths, 3 seat heights and 2 degrees of seating cushion upholstery softness. Enjoy cosy, enjoyable seating any time: next to the Rolf Benz EGO sofa, at the dining table or in a small armchair corner.

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_SESSEL_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s136_GB 136

This club chair is also currently available in a special leather edition at an attractive promotional price.* * Further information can be obtained from participating dealers and at Promotion applies for a limited time only for leathers 60.500 – 60.516 and 80.700 – 80.703.

› Design // Edgar Reuter

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livin g ar m chai r s

rolf benz 345

EASY LOUNGING. The Rolf Benz 345 armchair is the perfect companion. Thanks to its integrated swivel and optional rocker function, it offers you the comfort you’re looking for after a long day. Rolf Benz 345 also cuts a particularly striking figure as a high backed armchair with 2 different back rest heights. Like the armchair, it is available both with and without armrests in chrome-plated steel (matt or polished, with covered support on request). All variants stand on a chrome-plated or silver-painted plate foot. › Design// Norbert Beck


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rolf benz 360

MEETING – WITH MY SELF. The new Rolf Benz 360 recliner creates the perfect spot for relaxation and calm – the calm to reconnect with yourself. Its innovative, membrane-clad metal frame provides a slimline silhouette but also most importantly creates an extremely relaxed, new recliner feeling – as weightless as in a comfortable hammock. The foot frame in polished chrome, matt chrome or trendy black paint looks like a gracefully woven ribbon, lending the recliner independence and dynamism. Lovingly-placed and beautifully-finished decorative seams provide additional exclusivity and elegance. › Design// Cuno Frommherz

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livin g ar m chai r s high back together form a protective shell, while the invitingly upholstered cushions are a true temptation to retreat into the shelter that this chair offers. With the matching stool, you can also very comfortably put your feet up. To relax, to read or to simply gaze out of the window.

rolf benz 366

THE OASIS OF CALM. Rolf Benz 366 is a modern interpretation of the legendary wing chair. It combines tradition, comfort and aesthetics to form a sophisticated whole – a place of sanctuary. The graceful feet give the chair a lightweight appearance and create an impression of weightlessness. Here, you have a choice between painted or polished cast feet and a design with a visible wooden frame in oak. The armrests and the

› Design //Birgit Hoffmann

ROLF BENZ 360 / 366

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rolf benz 392

ONE LIKE NO OTHER. Whether it be an attractive individual piece or in a group – Rolf Benz 392 always looks great. With its narrow side panels lending it a graceful appearance, its finely-crafted seats impress also with their sophisticated seating comfort: the slightly rocking back gently cushions all of the movements made by its owner. Completely in line with your personal tastes, Rolf Benz 392 is available in 2 foot designs: either with a foot frame in oak or with cast feet, available either polished or silver matt painted. › Design // Birgit Hoffmann

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livin g ar m chai r s

rolf benz 566

A NEW CLASS OF SEATING. The design of the Rolf Benz 566 swivelling armchair emanates lavishness and opulence, at the same time as being stylish. It’s perfect for anyone looking for a timelessly classic design as well as maximum seating comfort. The curved shell is skilfully accentuated by the intricate, hand-stitched, coloured decorative seams. The cover of the sensuously soft

upholstery contrasts with both the colour and material of the shell. Choose the foot design to meet your personal taste and decide between a plate foot (matt chromeplated) and a star foot (polished or matt chrome-plated). › Design // Cuno Frommherz

ROLF BENZ 392 / 566

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rolf benz 680

IDEAL FOR ALL POSITIONS IN LIFE. Sitting up, lying down, relaxing: with Rolf Benz 680, these ideal positions can be achieved in next to no time. The comfortable positioning of the upholstery can be adjusted in three ways – to relax, switch off, watch TV or read. The high-quality metal frame of the Rolf Benz 680 gives it a striking appearance and is available either in a matt chrome or polished chrome. › Design // Böhme/Reiter

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rolf benz 684

WONDERFULLY UNCONVENTIONAL. Rolf Benz 684 is an extremely unconventional armchair. Customised seating arrangements with a lounge character can be put together using a number of chairs. Standing on an adjustable wooden plinth, Rolf Benz 684 gives you mobility and freedom of movement when used in a large forum. Would you like a flexible footstool to put your feet on? No problem! There’s one available in the same design as Rolf Benz 684. You can also combine this with the coordinating tray to create a practical occasional table.

livin g ar m chai r s

› Design// Katja Reiter + Tamara Härty

Rolf Benz 680 and Rolf Benz 684 are currently available in the leather edition “Colors of Rolf Benz” at a promotional price. Choose from 2 high-quality materials in a total of 28 modern colours.* * Further information can be obtained from participating dealers and at Promotion applies for a limited time only for fabrics 05.208 – 05.219 and 05.350 – 05.365.

ROLF BENZ 680 / 684

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It's quite logical actually: you can stand; you can sit; you can lie. To stand you need a firm base, to sit you need a chair and to lie you need a bed. Sitting and lying, that can't be all there is, can it? Ultimately, you also want to: unwind, dream, snooze, relax, put your feet up, stretch out comfortably, collect yourself, take ten, chill out, ponder, snuggle, take a break, mull things over, or simply lie down ... in short, you want to do more than just sit or lie there: You simply want to be at one with yourself! You don't want to be constrained by the excellent posture position of a chair and you don't want to give up the support you would have in a bed. In a manner of speaking, you want what no furniture can give you: rest & relaxation, and you don't want to give a lot of thought as to "how" and "why" you will get to this desired, comfortable state of being. You want to be at one with yourself and forget the world around you. And that is exactly what the sofa is for. A sofa (the word comes from the Arabian "Suffa" and means bench) is more than a chair, a bed or a table. These are highly rational necessities, objects obeying a human being's sense of reason, and, therefore, these furnishings have been part of our lives for thousands of years. The sofa, however, is not a rational, but rather an emotional necessity, and thus entered into the cultural history of the home quite late. It's history began when regular people first started to allow themselves luxuries and began dreaming during the light of the day; since they started to take the time to occasionally relax. Before this time, such luxuries were only the privilege of the nobility. It started with a footstool to put your feet up and then cushions were added to both the stool and the chair. However, despite all the cushioning, this was not really the ultimate in comfort. So improvised furniture combinations began to develop using an armchair and a footstool – the chaise lounge, ottoman, récamière and finally, coming at the beginning of the 19th Century, the sofa. With its backrest and armrest, it provides the body a comfortable intermediate position between sitting and lying – perfect for daydreaming, encouraging idleness and leisure. Of course, these are rather old-fashioned words, which don't seem to quite fit with the idea of modern sofa comfort. That's why a person can only really relax on a sofa, rid themselves of stress, wind down and forget about everyday life. The sofa is not – like a table or chair – a necessary piece of furniture in our homes; it is more like a distinct point in space, indeed an oasis in our lives. A sofa, as a place of contemplation, is geared towards tranquillity and selfdiscovery. Thus it is not geared towards the utilitarian thinking in our daily lives that occupies us while sitting on chairs and at tables, even following us into our beds at night. In fact: Besides the sofa, there is no other place in our lives in which we are truly at one with ourselves because we are finally able to forget all the other stuff that goes on around us. And naturally this also means that we don't want to even think about "why" this is so. Why a sofa is so comfortable, why can we relax there so completely that we forget the things around us and it seems like we exist only in solitude? For the luxury of absolute relaxation, we can let others worry about "how" we reach this state of relaxation. For example, leave it to the designers, upholsterers, engineers and furniture designers of Rolf Benz. They worry about support and positioning, about ergonomics and materials, about form and function, about the type and manner of soft or firm upholstery. That's what they do at Rolf Benz so that people can simply kick back on the sofa without a care in the world. This enables you to be totally relaxed with yourself. A chair is for thinking and a bed is for sleeping. A sofa is for dreaming. And that's why the perfect sofa means that you don't have to think about why it is the perfect sofa.

More information about upholstery can be found in our technical section on page 75.

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The perfect companion for stylish sitting and relaxing: elegant coffee and side tables with practical functionality that match the design of your Rolf Benz seating group. A coffee or occasional table is a compact piece of furniture offering space for everything that you want to have at hand during your relaxation hours. However it goes without saying that Rolf Benz coffee tables can do even more. They make an interesting statement in your living room through an interplay between different materials, colours and stylistic elements. At the same time, they offer useful functions and are therefore always an appropriate and perfectly matching accompaniment to Rolf Benz upholstered furniture.

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living: coffee tables RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s147_GB 147

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RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s148_GB 148

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RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s149_GB 149

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livin g c o ff e e ta b l e s

971 Rolf Benz 971. Height: 37 cm, 40 x 80, 80 x 120, 80 x 80 or 100 x 100 cm. Height: 26 cm, 40 x 80, 80 x 120, 80 x 80 or 100 x 100 cm. Plate: natural stone. Feet: cast aluminium, polished or painted in grey brown.



970 Rolf Benz 970. Coffee table: Height: 38 cm, 97 x 90 or 120 x 72 cm. Glass bridge: plain or smoked glass. Stone plate: natural stone. Side table: Height: 45 cm, 45 x 45 cm. Glass bridge: plain or smoked glass. Available until the end of February 2014.

new product



Rolf Benz 973. Height: 45 cm, 40 cm (round). Plate: sheet steel, powder-coated (soft-touch) in iron grey, grey brown, signal white or olive yellow. Loop: dark brown emery leather. Frame: solid American walnut or solid oak.

Rolf Benz 5021/22. Height: 41 cm, 75 x 75 (square) or 120 x 70 cm (rectangular). 90 x 75 or 120 x 90 cm (triangular). Plate: clear glass.

Feet: cast aluminium, part polished (best match for the Rolf Benz 322 sofa range).

Rolf Benz 1150. Height: 43 cm, 120 x 90 or 140 x 80 cm. Height: 42 cm, 60 x 60 or 70 x 70 cm. Plate: clear glass. Underframe: curved flat steel, nickel colour or painted pearl matt. Connecting elements: polished chrome-plated.


RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s151_GB 151

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new product Rolf Benz 8070. Height: 35 cm, 80 or 100 cm (round). Height: 45 cm, 45 cm (round). Plate: MDF with linoleum covering matching 8019 grey brown or RAL 7011 iron grey. Feet: solid American walnut in clear varnish or painted beech in RAL 8019 grey brown or RAL 7011 iron grey.


new product Rolf Benz 8020. Height: 35 cm, 70 cm (round). Height: 53 cm, 45 cm (round). Plate (removable): American walnut veneer or oak veneer. Body and frame: sheet steel painted in black grey, grey brown, stone grey or white.



Rolf Benz 8100. Height: 42 cm, 100 x 70 cm. Plate: clear glass (ESG), swivel and height adjustable. Pedestal: MDF painted matt or high-gloss. Pillar: matt or polished chrome, on castors (best match for the Rolf Benz ONDA sofa range).

new product Rolf Benz 8120. Height: 35 cm, 80 x 80 cm or 100 x 100 cm or 120 x 80 cm. Plate: solid American walnut or solid oak. Frame: powdercoated steel tube in grey brown or black grey or polished chrome steel tube (best match for the Rolf Benz BACIO sofa range).

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s152_GB 152

Rolf Benz 8130. Height: 35 cm, 90 x 90, 110 x 110 or 130 x 70 cm. Height: 45 cm, 60 x 60 cm. Plate: clear glass. Underframe: oak or walnut veneer or painted MDF or high-gloss painted MDF, on castors. Metal pedestals: high-gloss chrome-plated aluminium or matt pearl painted finish.

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livin g c o ff e e ta b l e s ROLF BENZ COFFEE TABLES

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8240 Rolf Benz 8240. Height: 44 cm, 60 x 45 cm. Plate: clear glass or Parsol glass. Underframe: height steplessly adjustable, available in painted steel white or black or in matt or polished chrome.


Rolf Benz 8230. Height: 60 cm, 50 cm (round). Plate: clear glass or painted glass. Underframe: curved tubing, nickel colour or colour painted. Available until the end of February 2014.



Rolf Benz 8200. Height: 45 cm, 58 x 42 cm. Plate: clear glass (ESG), fixed or height-adjustable. Pedestal: MDF painted matt or high-gloss. Pillar: matt or polished chrome (best match for the Rolf Benz ONDA sofa range).

Rolf Benz 8270. Height-adjustable with iSUPŽ mechanism 49 –74 cm, 75 or 90 cm (round). Plate: clear or frosted glass. Frame: matt chrome-plated steel pillar. Pedestal: throughdyed acrylic in signal white or black-grey. Base plate: powder-coated MDF, white aluminium.

Rolf Benz 8310. Height: 38.5 cm, 80 x 80 or 120 x 80 cm. Plate: clear glass. Pedestal: MDF matt or high-gloss colour painted in white, brown red, grey brown, black grey or black. Frame: stainless steel brushed or polished (best match for the Rolf Benz VIDA and Rolf Benz LINEA sofa ranges).

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s154_GB 154

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white or black. Underframe: steel painted white or black.


Rolf Benz 8350. Height: 41 – 60 cm (stepless), 60 x 45 cm. Plate: clear, frosted or Parsol glass. Underframe: polished chrome, matt pearl or black paint.

Rolf Benz 8360. Height: 50.5 cm, 59 x 33 cm. Plate: painted MDF in white, grey brown or black or American walnut or solid oak. Underframe: brushed stainless steel or white, grey-brown or black painted finish.



livin g c o ff e e ta b l e s

Rolf Benz 8330. Height: 44 cm, 42 cm (round). Height: 29 cm, 80 or 95 cm (round). Plate: Parsol glass or glass plate painted

Rolf Benz 8370. Height: 35 cm, 80 x 80 or 100 x 100 cm. Parsol, Optiwhite or clear glass.


RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s155_GB 155

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RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s156_GB 156

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8480 new product

Rolf Benz 8700. Height: 35 cm, 90 x 45 cm. Height: 41 cm, 90 x 45 cm. Height: 45 cm, 45 x 45 cm. Plate: curved Parsol or plain glass. Pedestal: wood painted in black or textured pane in silver or polished chrome (best match for the Rolf Benz PLURA sofa range).

Rolf Benz 8710. Height: 38 cm, 80 x 80, 100 x 100 or 120 x 80 cm. Plate: plain or frosted glass. Metal frame: high-gloss chrome-plated or matt pearl painted finish.



livin g c o ff e e ta b l e s

Rolf Benz 8590. Height: 42, 45 or 48 cm, 60 x 60 cm. Plate: clear or frosted glass (ESG). Pedestal: oak or walnut veneer or painted MDF matt or high-gloss painted in brown red, black grey, grey brown, white or black. Metal pillar: aluminium colour painted, on castors.


Rolf Benz 8480. Height: 38 cm, 41 cm (round). Height: 49 cm, 41 cm (round). Plate: untreated solid oak. Feet: polished chrome-plated or painted steel in signal black.

Rolf Benz 8730. Height: 38 cm, 80 x 80, 100 x 100 or 130 x 70 cm. Plate: plain or frosted glass. Pedestal: oak, walnut or elm veneer or painted MDF in brown red, black grey, grey brown, white or black. Feet: mattbrushed stainless steel, on castors (best match for the Rolf Benz DONO sofa range).


RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s157_GB 157

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Modern furniture is always searching for suitable companions: and high-quality rugs and useful accessories from Rolf Benz are a perfect match. Our rugs of pure New Zealand wool bring a comfortable atmosphere into your living room. The handcrafted floor pictures are each unique. The dot on the i for your home is often an accessory from Rolf Benz.

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s158_GB 158

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RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s159_GB 159

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RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s160_GB 160

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RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s161_GB 161

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UNIQUELY ADAPTABLE. The latest trend in rugs is flat-weave designs. With their two different patterns, the new Rolf Benz PINO and Rolf Benz VERSO bring a modern look to any living room. Rolf Benz PINO is woven in twill weave, giving it diagonal, narrow stripes similar to denim. The herringbone pattern of Rolf Benz VERSO creates an interesting look without being obtrusive. Both rugs are available in 8 defined two-colour combinations, harmonising beautifully with the Rolf Benz colours in our fabric and leather collections. Consequently, they blend in perfectly with a wide range of living styles, lending a very special note to any home setting. Each rug is woven by hand from pure fleece wool, making it a unique piece. Rolf Benz PINO and Rolf Benz VERSO take their luxurious appearance from their high wool weight of 2.7 kg per m2.

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s162_GB 162

07.08.13 09:27

livin g a c c e sso i re s


BEAUTY RIGHT ACROSS THE LINE. Classic and yet different. Its graphic design makes Rolf Benz OTTO a modern all-rounder. Thanks to its low-lying loops, the rug has an exciting, three-dimensional structure that allows it to showcase its graphical line even in monochrome. In two colours, it creates an even more striking visual impression in the room. Rolf Benz OTTO gets its particularly luxurious finish from the high wool weight and its unique virtue of being made by hand: it is hand-tufted using pure fleece wool. The motif is perfectly coordinated with a cushion fabric from the Rolf Benz coverings collection.


RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s163_GB 163

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elementi cambio

NATURAL VARIETY. The 4 different structures of Rolf Benz CAMBIO appear like a landscape made of grain fields. Different yarns made from pure New Zealand wool have been used for this rug.

UNLIMITED DESIGN FREEDOM. Would you like greater freedom to put your ideas into practice – down to the last detail? Rolf Benz ELEMENTI gives you complete design freedom. 5 structures, 5 patterns, 11 standard sizes and even customised dimensions can be individually and uniquely combined in this carpeting concept. In terms of colour, the palette ranges from natural shades to elegant, dark hues. Overall, you can choose from more than 50 colours with Rolf Benz ELEMENTI. You’ll see for yourself: you will find the ideal carpet solution for every living room and for every furnishing style with Rolf Benz ELEMENTI. Be delighted by a truly unique rug: designed entirely in line with your personal tastes and using traditional hand-finished techniques.


› Design// Bettina Hermann

FRESH FORMS. Rolf Benz LISCA is woven in a herringbone design and produced using pure New Zealand wool. This striking rug is available in a single colour with the emphasis on the texture, or in a two-colour design. › Design // Bettina Hermann

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s164_GB 164

07.08.13 09:27


AHEAD OF ITS TIME. Rolf Benz ORLO is a true trend-setter with its rounded corners. The combination of candlewick and pure New Zealand wool pile ensures a lovely soft feeling.

TRACKING YOUR IMAGINATION. The characteristic look of the Rolf Benz PONTE rug builds a bridge in your living room. A subtle structure play develops by the exchange of pile height and colour.


livin g accesso r i es

› Design // Bettina Hermann

SETTING THE STYLE. The Rolf Benz ERBA rug stands out with its modern minimalist design and its soft, sensuous structure. With its 8, specially-developed blended colours, it allows you to set a very beautiful tone in your home.


› Design// Bettina Hermann


RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s165_GB 165

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areo bag

new product ROLF BENZ AREO FOR LIFE ON THE MOVE. With the Rolf Benz AREO Bag, you can always carry a piece of Rolf Benz with you. This stylish companion is alternatively available in high-quality Nubuck leather in grey brown or in a natural smooth leather with a vintage look in anthracite, cognac or nougat. Its clear design makes this bag your personal favourite accessory that draws countless admiring glances. › Design // Nadine Lemberg

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s166_GB 166

07.08.13 09:28

livin g accesso r i es

mio bag

ROLF BENZ MIO FOR LIFE ON THE MOVE. The Rolf Benz MIO bag is your personal Rolf Benz article for when you’re on the move. For this modern, vintage-look bag, made with true passion for all things special, we use the same exceptionally high quality Rolf Benz leather that is also found on our sofas. This natural leather, vat-dyed and hand-crafted, shows off the characteristic natural features of the hide, the sign of the very highest quality. Because only the finest cowhide from Southern Germany is suitable for processing in this way. The Rolf Benz BIO bag is available in the colours of cognac, nougat and anthracite. › Design //Nadine Lemberg


RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s167_GB 167

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seat cushions

SIMPLY FEEL GREAT. Rolf Benz floor cushions offer the best possible seating comfort thanks to their high-quality cushion structure as well as the painstaking craftsmanship used in their manufacture. They are therefore ideal additional seating, which can be moved around as necessary and can be used particularly well for the young type of living.

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s168_GB 168

07.08.13 09:28

livin g accesso r i es


COMFORTABLE STYLE HIGHLIGHTS. Rolf Benz offers a wide selection of additional upholstered cushions and motif cushions to match the sofa and coverings you’ve chosen. You’ll find an overview of all the cushions on pages 52/53 in the technical section.


RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s169_GB 169

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RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s170_GB 170

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livin g accesso r i es


STYLISH HIGHLIGHTS. Snuggling is allowed. Rolf Benz plaids give your room colour at the same time as offering you warm, snug coverage. They are available with different material combinations, patterns and colours, inviting feelings of well-being and relaxation. You can cast your eye over all the plaids in our technical section on page 51.

OUR SERVING SUGGESTION: A BEAUTIFUL TRAY. Stylish Rolf Benz trays accentuate your home with wonderful colours and materials while at the same time being completely practical. They can become a small side table in conjunction with an upholstered bench element or a seat cushion. Various designs are illustrated in the technical section (p. 53).


RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s171_GB 171

› 170/171

07.08.13 09:28

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s172_GB 172

07.08.13 09:29

I long for a space that I can design myself. RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s173_GB 173

07.08.13 09:29

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s174_GB 174

07.08.13 09:29

I am the king of my castle. RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s175_GB 175

07.08.13 09:29

Your personality – your design. Become your own designer – and allow your ideas, requirements and preferences to flow directly into the furniture around you. The Rolf Benz SINUS and Rolf Benz 620 chair concepts enable you to enjoy absolute design freedom and discover the pure joy that creating combinations can bring.

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s176_GB 176

09.08.13 13:55

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s177_GB 177

07.08.13 09:29


made for each other.

new product

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s178_GB 178

07.08.13 09:29

d in in g co ncep t chai r s new product

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s179_GB 179


› 178/179

07.08.13 09:29

ONE CHAIR – A VARIETY OF POSSIBILITIES. The Rolf Benz SINUS range of chairs is synonymous with innovation. Each chair comprises a seat shell, seat padding and various leg designs. Versions are also available with a high or low backrest. The backrest shell is available in a leather-covered version or as a visible plastic shell in black and white. With its choice of upholstery and optional armrests, the chair also satisfies your desire for comfort. The Rolf Benz SINUS range of chairs offers all of the freedom you need to turn the dining room in your home into a stylish and personalised centre point for the entire household. The perfect partner to Rolf Benz SINUS is the Rolf Benz CO-SINUS range of tables. Both ranges are perfectly coordinated with each other and form a harmonious unit. More about Rolf Benz CO-SINUS can be found starting on page 206.



)(*2 /,0./;:

 )(*2 :/,33:


(94 :,*;065






 <7/63:;,9@ *64-69;

 3,. =(90(5;:

)(9 :;663






RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s180_GB 180


>VVK !^HSU\[  / !VHR  /// 

07.08.13 09:29

d in in g co ncep t chai r s ELEGANCE INSPIRED BY DIVERSITY. The Rolf Benz SINUS range of chairs gets its character from the choice of foot design. You can opt for a four-foot version in wood (walnut or H65, H70, H98 oak), a swing frame, a metal four-foot version, skids – all in polished chrome or matt chrome – or even a star foot with castor legs.

new product

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s181_GB 181


› 180/181

07.08.13 09:30

AWARD-WINNING PERFECTION. The perfect shape remains the perfect shape – no matter what size it is. Rolf Benz SINUS, the chair with the characteristic seat shell, has just been given the interior innovation award. It is now also available in “small”, with a spacesaving overall width of 44 cm upwards and weighing in at a light 9 kg. Rolf Benz SINUS is also currently available in a special leather edition at an attractive promotional price. Choose from 17 leather colours: black, ivory, dark brown, dark red, white, black blue, beige brown, grey brown, grey, light beige grey, green, light green, orange, tomato red, blue grey and petrol.* * Further information can be obtained from participating dealers and at Promotion applies for a limited time only for leathers 60.500 – 60.516.


RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s182_GB 182


07.08.13 09:30

d in in g co ncep t chai r s VARIABLE ELEGANCE. Rolf Benz SINUS also offers you 2 bar stools to choose from, either with skids in polished chrome or with a plate foot in polished chrome or matt chrome. At the bar especially, flexible seating is important. The Rolf Benz SINUS bar stool adapts perfectly and also swivels and its height steplessly adjusted (from 61 to 87 cm) in the designs with the plate foot in polished chrome.

87 cm 61 cm

â&#x20AC;ş Design// Kai Stania

new product

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s183_GB 183


â&#x20AC;ş 182/183

07.08.13 09:30

individuality needs its place.


RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s184_GB 184

07.08.13 09:30

d in in g co ncep t chai r s ROLF BENZ 620

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s185_GB 185

â&#x20AC;ş 184/185

07.08.13 09:30

JUST THE WAY YOU LIKE IT. With Rolf Benz 620, we offer you individual solutions for seating furniture at the dining table and counter, ranging from chairs to a modern (corner) bench and bar stools. You can assemble the chair entirely according to your taste, your ergonomic preferences and the size of your rooms. It is available in 2 backrest heights, as a swing frame with round or square tubing or with a modern, swivelling plate foot to match your furnishings in matt or polished chrome.

Rolf Benz 620 is also currently available in a special leather edition at an attractive promotional price. Choose from 17 leather colours: black, ivory, dark brown, dark red, white, black blue, beige brown, grey brown, grey, light beige grey, green, light green, orange, tomato red, blue grey and petrol.* * Further information can be obtained from participating dealers and at Promotion applies for a limited time only for leathers 60.500 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 60.516.

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s186_GB 186

07.08.13 09:30

d in in g co ncep t chai r s ROLF BENZ 620

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s187_GB 187

â&#x20AC;ş 186/187

07.08.13 09:30

INDIVIDUALISM NEEDS ITS SPACE. Optimum seating comfort is provided on the Rolf Benz 620 by a comfortably padded seat backrest shell that rocks pleasantly. The three-dimensional curved armrests provide even more comfort and are available covered in leather, walnut veneer or oak veneer. Stained according to the Rolf Benz colour chart, they will superbly match the materials of your dining table.

RELAXATION IN AN ELEVATED POSITION. Integrate Rolf Benz 620 as an interface between the kitchen and the dining room. As a revolving bar stool at the kitchen counter with a seating height of 72 or 82 cm, it creates the perfect link between the two areas. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s perfect for a quick breakfast in the morning, a quick snack or as a meeting point for family and friends. The low backrest and footrest allow comfortable, relaxed seating even in an elevated position. The Rolf Benz 620 bar stool is available in versions with glossy and matt chrome plating.

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s188_GB 188

07.08.13 09:30

› Design // Norbert Beck


RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s189_GB 189

d in in g co ncep t chai r s

TRADITION WITH A MODERN TWIST. Long since frowned upon as too traditional, Rolf Benz 620 heralds a whole new interpretation of the seating bench in modern dining rooms. It combines perfectly with the Rolf Benz 620 range of chairs, and its highly practical and clear shape means that it blends beautifully with many other chairs and tables too. The solid side panels of the Rolf Benz 620 bench are attached to the seating surface without projecting and are covered in the material of the seat and the seat backrest. Matt or polished chrome-plated skids are available as an alternative foot design. The dining bench is available in the basic version as well as with a backrest or as a corner bench in a variety of different sizes and configurations – making it the ideal solution for virtually any floor plan.

› 188/189

07.08.13 09:31

Strangers in the night exchanging glances … Often times you encounter love without ever knowing it. Usually because you aren’t even looking for it at that particular moment. It was then just a brief touch, perhaps only a cursory glance and yet there was a deeper understanding. Yes, it was surely love – but unfortunately it never went beyond a flirt. You finally recognised each other, got on well, were comfortable with each other, and what’s more: you felt at home in a strange place. Somewhere far away it was love at first sight, but there was no second glance. Oh bother! You had to keep going. Schedules, deadlines, obligations, commitments ... and yet perhaps you feel a bit of joy to have encountered love at all. With a vengeance! With rigour – and later on you would not even be able to say exactly what this short moment of bliss was all about. It was probably just a self-evident feeling of security. You can let yourself fall so easily. Into bliss, into an armchair, onto a sofa just like falling for a person. The fact that this only lasts a moment is too bad for both you and for happiness itself. Happiness wants to ultimately win out in the end. Just so we understand ourselves here: when we talk about a spontaneous, unexpected and fleeting encounter of a major love, we are not talking about a holiday pickup, nor this sneaking around in order to exchange telephone numbers on the day of departure.

On the contrary, we mean that short glance that everyone knows. A commonplace example would be riding an escalator. You go up and she comes down on the other side. You glance at each other, come closer, there is a spark of recognition and then gone! A flirt that only lasted seconds. What a shame, right? We have probably also met in the same way, somewhere in this wide world. We, in other words: you and your ideal mate. You and your sofa, your armchair. Somewhere we have probably already had our encounter. In Copenhagen or Shanghai, in Baden Baden or Munich, in Amsterdam or Abu Dhabi. Was it in an airport or a hotel? In an embassy or an exclusive shop? It doesn’t matter. You wanted to sit – and we were there. Worldwide!

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s190_GB 190

You should always expect the unexpected. Also remember that we always encounter happiness and love when we are not even looking for it. Somewhere out of the blue it is suddenly there. Seen by all, noticed by no one; not even by you yourself. It is very possible that you experienced your first and, no doubt, comfortable encounter with Rolf Benz in public because you thought a sofa in Singapore was extremely elegant and practical, or because you fell in love with a couch or armchair that you found so comfortable and pleasant in Johannesburg. You were flirting with Rolf Benz. Don’t you think it’s time to stop flirting in public and bring the love home? And naturally not just for a brief moment, but forever.

07.08.13 14:36

› 190/191

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s191_GB 191

07.08.13 14:36

Whether eating, lounging or working – Rolf Benz maintains a tried-and-tested formula in the DINING collection as well: outstanding seating comfort and classical design. Thanks to our technically sophisticated and highly comfortable upholstered chairs, you will be happy to remain seated for a long period. Let the hidden functions and a unique seating comfort surprise you – but don’t be surprised if time passes very quickly on our chairs.

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s192_GB 192

07.08.13 09:31

dining: chairs RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s193_GB 193

07.08.13 09:31


RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s194_GB 194

07.08.13 09:31

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s195_GB 195

07.08.13 09:31

rolf benz 652

new product SIMPLY PERFECT. Filigree legs and inviting soft upholstery are both hallmarks of the Rolf Benz 652 chair. Above all, the ultra-comfortable upholstery shapes the character of the chair series, which was ideally dimensioned with regards to seat depth, seat height and backrest height, and thus adapts organically to the proportions of the body.

PERFECTION IS VARIABLE. Rolf Benz 652 comes with an optional armrest. In both versions, the chair impresses with its sleekness and rectilinear form. Stylish decorative seams accentuate its sculpturelike design and the perfect craftsman finish. The delicate, filigree legs can be selected in polished chrome, painted in umber grey or in silver textured paint. All designs are also available with castors for even more flexibility at the table. Rolf Benz 652 is also currently available in a special leather edition at an attractive promotional price. Choose from 17 leather colours: black, ivory, dark brown, dark red, white, black blue, beige brown, grey brown, grey, light beige grey, green, light green, orange, tomato red, blue grey and petrol.* * Further information can be obtained from participating dealers and at Promotion applies for a limited time only for leathers 60.500 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 60.516.

â&#x20AC;ş Design // Norbert Beck

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s196_GB 196

07.08.13 09:31

d in in g chai r s new product

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s197_GB 197


› 196/197

07.08.13 09:31

MUTED SENSUALITY. The Rolf Benz 628 chair is available in 2 versions: with a comfortable, upholstered back panel or with backrest running round the sides that comfortably cradles the shape of the body. 3 different underframes (skid, four-foot or swing frame) with 2 surface finishes (matt chrome or polished chrome) give you the freedom to put together your very own dining situation. Rolf Benz 628 is transformed into the perfect DINING set with the Rolf Benz 8800 table (p. 211).

rolf benz 628

MEETING POINTS FOR CONNOISSEURS. For the most precious times of the day. The Rolf Benz 628 chair and the bench of the same name are the perfect items of furniture for connoisseurs who love to celebrate taste and the modern lifestyle and who know that the best moments in life are spent in good company. They radiate muted sensuality and can be configured perfectly in harmony with your needs. On the bench, the insert can be either generously upholstered or maintained as a stylish wooden insert in oak, walnut or elm. The length of the bench can be adapted in 10-cm increments to the shape of the room.

â&#x20AC;ş Design // Norbert Beck

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s198_GB 198

07.08.13 09:32

d in in g chai r s

rolf benz 7100

SIT LIKE THE STARS. One seating solution that is as beautiful as it is practical is the Rolf Benz 7100 dining armchair. It looks simply stunning either as a comfortable chair at the table or as a classic small armchair. You can make it even more mobile by ordering practical castors for it in place of the aluminium feet. Incidentally, numerous celebrities have experienced its comfort during talk shows broadcast on various channels.

rolf benz 7300

› Design// Anita Schmidt

COMPACT ELEGANCE. The Rolf Benz 7300 dining armchair skilfully combines the finest qualities of a chair with all the advantages of an armchair. This elegant piece of furniture is made with highquality craftsmanship and is a true virtuoso: it can be used as an ideal chair at the dining table, a comfortable armchair, an impressive lounge chair or an elegant desk chair. It is available with aluminium feet or castors. › Design //Burkhard Vogtherr

Rolf Benz 628, Rolf Benz 7100 and Rolf Benz 7300 are also currently available in a special leather edition at an attractive promotional price. Choose from 17 leather colours: black, ivory, dark brown, dark red, white, black blue, beige brown, grey brown, grey, light beige grey, beige grey, green, light green, orange, tomato red, blue grey and petrol.* * Further information can be obtained from participating dealers and at Promotion applies for a limited time only for leathers 60.500 – 60.516.

ROLF BENZ 628 / 7100 / 7300

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s199_GB 199

› 198/199

07.08.13 09:32

rolf benz 7800

CONCENTRATION ON THE ESSENTIALS. The Rolf Benz 7800 chair: outstanding seating comfort and a striking design that makes the compact chair look like a sculpture. Thanks to its refined design, this exceptionally beautifully shaped chair can rock freely, thereby supporting both ergonomically correct, upright sitting as well as leaning back and relaxing. The seat and backrest of the chair are comfortably upholstered. The foot is available as either matt or polished chrome-plated.

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s200_GB 200

07.08.13 09:32

EXCLUSIVE COMFORT. Rolf Benz 7800: the perfect combination of design and seating comfort is now available in a special leather edition at an attractive promotional price. Choose from 17 leather colours: black, ivory, dark brown, dark red, white, black blue, beige brown, grey brown,

grey, light beige grey, beige grey, green, light green, orange, tomato red, blue grey and petrol.* * Further information can be obtained from participating dealers and at Promotion applies for a limited time only for leathers 60.500 – 60.516.

d in in g chai r s

› Design //Joachim Nees


RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s201_GB 201

› 200/201

07.08.13 09:32

Sociability is becoming more and more popular. People like cooking, and are doing more of it and relaxing at the dining table. Of course, this increases the demand for comfort and design. For many families, the dining table in particular serves as the focus of family and social living, since the whole family gathers around it at least once a day. Often, the circle is extended with good friends and acquaintances. Dining tables by Rolf Benz meet the highest demands and have automatically become an important ingredient for dining culture and table delights. They also offer a generous work area.

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s202_GB 202

07.08.13 09:32

dining: dining tables RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s203_GB 203

07.08.13 09:32


RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s204_GB 204

07.08.13 09:32

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s205_GB 205

07.08.13 09:32

THE PERFECT SYMBIOSIS. Rolf Benz CO-SINUS is a range of tables that harmonises perfectly with the Rolf Benz SINUS range of chairs. It comprises the Rolf Benz CO-SINUS 1, Rolf Benz CO-SINUS 2, Rolf Benz CO-SINUS 3 and Rolf Benz CO-SINUS 4 tables.

The various designs of table and chair legs are coordinated with each other. They therefore form a single unit that lends your dining room a harmonious ambience. More about Rolf Benz SINUS can be found starting on page 178.

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s206_GB 206

07.08.13 09:32

d in in g d i ni ng tab l es

rolf benz co-sinus 1

new product CLEAR LANGUAGE OF FORM – THE FOCUS OF COMMUNICATION. Clear lines and a modern language of form are what epitomise Rolf Benz CO-SINUS 1. A table at which life is played out in all its facets. The table made from completely solid wood has perfect all-rounder qualities which, as the communicative centre of the living room, it also needs. And to create even more space to live in, the table legs and the tabletop can be extended.

new product THE LIGHTNESS OF LINEARITY. A dining table that draws its character from the combination of cast iron feet and a completely solid wooden tabletop. The tabletop is cut laterally, giving it a floating appearance. Other features of this table include its lines and radii, the deliberate use of the shadow gap and the gentle butting of the legs. These latter can also be extended along with the tabletop, creating even more space and even more opportunity to spend time together.

rolf benz co-sinus 2

› Design // This Weber

› Design// Werner Baumhakl

new product

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s207_GB 207


› 206/207

07.08.13 09:33

rolf benz co-sinus 3

new product MINIMALISM FOR EVERY LIFESTYLE. The unique, minimalist design of Rolf Benz CO-SINUS 3 captures the essence of the times perfectly. The contrast between the delicate design of the underframe and the expansive tabletop is highlighted further through the choice of materials. The result is an architecturally resonant expression. Harmonious proportions, a clear apportionment of tasks and a clever construction are its hallmarks. The effect in the room can vary dramatically, enabling the table to integrate beautifully into existing living situations and combine with other pieces of furniture.

new product PERFECTION BY CHOICE. The Rolf Benz CO-SINUS 4 table has a straight-lined and modern appearance with a dynamic all of its own, contributed to by the trimmed tabletop and the exposed legs. It represents a clearly structured design with style and elegance, the sensuous use of materials and harmonious proportions. The colour and material of the tabletop surface can be customised to suit personal tastes. The legs are available with either a high-gloss or more subtle matt chrome-plated surface.

rolf benz co-sinus 4

â&#x20AC;ş Design // Werner Baumhakl

â&#x20AC;ş Design// Werner Baumhakl

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s208_GB 208

07.08.13 09:33

d in in g d i ni ng tab l es new product

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s209_GB 209


› 208/209

07.08.13 09:33

rolf benz 976

new product ELEMENTARY ELEGANCE. Inspired by the beauty and antique form of old farmhouse tables, the Rolf Benz 976 table becomes a popular gathering place for family and friends. The solid wood table top is available in walnut or oak in 5 different lengths. A solid wood edging borders the table ends to both front ends and enhances the workmanship. Even the angled, striking legs – also made from solid wood – continue the rustic theme and convey the table’s excellent stability. › Design// Norbert Beck

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s210_GB 210

07.08.13 09:33

d in in g d i ni ng tab l es

rolf benz 8800

FOR THE MOST PRECIOUS TIMES OF THE DAY. Rolf Benz 8800 is a dining table with charisma that defines the centre of the room. The completely solid table top in walnut, oak or elm, is a truly natural experience. The pedestal, with its intricate decorative milling, brings the superlative technical precision and painstaking craftsmanship to the fore. Rolf Benz 8800 stands squarely on a steel plate coated with matt paint. â&#x20AC;ş Design //Norbert Beck

ROLF BENZ 976 / 8800

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s211_GB 211

â&#x20AC;ş 210/211

07.08.13 09:33

rolf benz 8830/31

A SOLID BASE. The Rolf Benz 8830/31 dining tables are impressive even at first glance thanks to the exciting contrast between their solid table tops and modern pedestals (in anodised or lacquered silver-coloured aluminium). The tables have no legs at the corner to get in the way, providing you with generous leg room and making them the perfect match for the Rolf Benz 620 benches and corner benches (p. 184). Rolf Benz 8831 features a patented pull-out function, which allows you to extend the table by simply moving one pedestal and

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s212_GB 212

folding out the additional table top. The oiled table tops of both tables are available in various sizes in oak, walnut or elm. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be captivated by their silky smooth surfaces which enhance the feel of the table. The dynamic interplay of light and dark surfaces and larger, smoothed knots and imperfections give the table a very original, archaic character. These tables are also alternatively available with a table top in stained oak. â&#x20AC;ş Design // Norbert Beck

07.08.13 09:33

d in in g d i ni ng tab l es

rolf benz 8950

TRUE DINING PLEASURE. With Rolf Benz 8950, culinary enjoyment can be combined with unadulterated pleasure for the eye. Its soft, organic shapes allow the original function of the table to blend into the background, giving it a truly sculptural character. Rolf Benz 8950 is incredibly inviting and offers plenty of leg room with its unusual central foot. It is available in a round or long shape, and in various sizes. The table top is designed either as a solid piece (oiled, stained or painted oak, oiled walnut or oiled elm) or in painted MDF. The pedestal comes in black or white.

new product SUPERLATIVE STYLE. The Rolf Benz 975 bar table can be adapted perfectly to any situation, making it the perfect complement to the Rolf Benz SINUS bar stool (p. 183). The tabletop is available in walnut or solid oak, or alternatively in pure white or olive yellow MDF paint. The foot and pillar are available painted in black grey or pure white. Choose from combinations of a black grey painted foot with olive yellow pillar or stone grey foot with pure white painted pillar.

rolf benz 975

› Design // Michael Schneider

› Design//Sebastian Labs

ROLF BENZ 8830 – 8950 / 975

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s213_GB 213

› 212/213

07.08.13 09:33

EXPERIENCE ROLF BENZ. IN NAGOLD AND ON THE INTERNET. Experience Rolf Benz in a state of total relaxation and tranquillity. Either during a visit to our new expanded Rolf Benz showroom in Nagold. Or by visiting our constantly updated and award-winning website.

ROLF BENZ WELT NAGOLD The new Rolf Benz Welt in Nagold. You can experience our upholstered furniture first-hand at the largest Rolf Benz showroom in the world. With us in Nagold, you can extensively try out our chairs, explore functions and experience passion for furniture first-hand. Our Rolf Benz consultants are always very happy to take the time to show you everything in as much detail as you wish. Highly competent, personal and with no time pressure. Our team can also support you with valuable tips and new design ideas. Be inspired.

You are welcome to schedule an appointment with us. We are open Tuesday through Friday from 09.00 to 17.00 and Saturday from 10.00 to 16.00 (closed Mondays). To ensure that we will indeed be there for you, just give us a call at +49 (0) 74 52 / 601-101 or check out our website You can find directions in the imprint at the end of the catalogue and on our website.

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s214_GB 214

07.08.13 09:33

WWW. W ROLF-BENZ N .COM The world of Rolf Benz on the Internet. On our multiple award-winning website, you can go on a virtual journey through the world of Rolf Benz. Be inspired. From spacious atmospheric photo shoots, taken in extraordinary locations, in the most beautiful homes in the world. In addition, you will also see everything you want to know in detail about your favourite furniture from Rolf Benz. What models are there and in what sizes? What colours? What functions? You will also find here information on current promotions, a 2D planner, with which you can completely configure the Rolf Benz EGO and VIDA sofas as

you like, and a search function that shows you which Rolf Benz dealers are in your area. is always there even while on the go. Because the website is also optimised for tablet PCs and smartphones. So you can access detailed and up-to-date information on all Rolf Benz products â&#x20AC;&#x201C; any time, any place. Come and try it.

â&#x20AC;ş 214/215

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s215_GB 215

07.08.13 09:33

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s216_GB 216

07.08.13 09:34

longing is s part of my inner being. RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s217_GB 217

07.08.13 09:34

RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s218_GB 218

07.08.13 09:34

longing is outside of space and time. RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s219_GB 219

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RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s220_GB 220

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my home is the focal point of my longings. RZ_Katalog_2014_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_GB_FR_NL_opt_s221_GB 221

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Wolf-Dieter Böttcher, Munich (D) Sigurd Grünberger, Copenhagen (DK) Karl Huber, Nagold (D) Bernd Opitz, Hamburg (D) Mark Seelen, Hamburg (D)

Schnabel, Schneider, Backnang (D): Rolf Benz 577 Kai Stania, Vienna (A): Rolf Benz SINUS Stephan Veit, Stuttgart (D): Rolf Benz 625 Burkhard Vogtherr, Mühlhausen (F): Rolf Benz 7300 Christian Werner, Hollenstedt (D): Rolf Benz DONO, GRATA, ONDA, 3300 Zeichen und Wunder, Munich (D): Rolf Benz 675


table design

Rolf Benz AG & Co. KG project management Jens Kittel photography

Werner Baumhakl, Riehen (CH): Rolf Benz CO-SINUS 2, 3, 4 Norbert Beck, Markdorf (D): location consulting and organisation Rolf Benz 940, 976, 8330, 8800, 8830, 8831 Add Pictures Produktionsservice Pascal Bosetti, Tübingen (D): GmbH, Munich (D) Rolf Benz 973 Agentur Neubauer, Munich (D) Gino Carollo, Thiene (I): Caroline Klein – freelance producer, Rolf Benz 971 Milan (I) Cuno Frommherz, Burgdorf (CH): Casting & Location Ursula Alter, Rolf Benz 970, 8120, 8130, 8360, Massa (I) 8370, 8480 JPPS (JacquelinePuschProf. Stefan Heiliger, Frankfurt (D): ProductionServices), Paris (F) Rolf Benz 8230 Loc8, Brussels (B) Kressel & Schelle, Hamburg (D): Luminosa Productions, Geneva (CH) Rolf Benz 8350 Midi: 10 productions, Paris (F) Gunther Kleinert, Hamburg (D): NEVEREST, Munich (D) North South Productions, Cape Town (SA) Rolf Benz 8070, 8240, 8700 Sebastian Labs, Hamburg (D): Scout for location, Hamburg (D) Rolf Benz 975, 8020, 8100, 8200, 8310 Setup Productions S.L., Barcelona (E) Joachim Nees, Schöllkrippen (D): SONDA Production S.L., Barcelona (E) Rolf Benz 8590 furniture design Edgar Reuter, Donzdorf (D): Böhme, Stuttgart/Reiter, Nuremburg (D): Rolf Benz 8710 Rolf Benz own design: Rolf Benz 680 Rolf Benz 8810 Norbert Beck, Markdorf (D): Michael Schneider, Berlin (D): Rolf Benz AREO, MIO, PLURA, 345, Rolf Benz 8950 620, 628, 652 Anita Schmidt, Bretten (D): Gino Carollo, Thiene (I): Rolf Benz 5021, 5022 Rolf Benz SCALA Wolfgang Setz, Coburg (D): Cuno Frommherz, Burgdorf (CH): Rolf Benz BACIO, LINEA, NEO, PRONTO, Rolf Benz 1150 Christian Werner, Hollenstedt (D): 360, 566, 568 Rolf Benz 8730 Prof. Stefan Heiliger, Frankfurt (D): Stephan Veit, Stuttgart (D): Rolf Benz 590, 3100 Rolf Benz 8270 Mathias Hoffmann, Tübingen (D): This Weber, Zurich (CH): Rolf Benz 6500, 7500 Rolf Benz CO-SINUS 1 Birgit Hoffmann, Hamburg (D): Rolf Benz 366, 392 design accessories Joachim Nees, Schöllkrippen (D): ALEXX and ANTON, Berlin (D) Gabriella Opitz, Hamburg (D)

layout and typesetting



Bechtle Druck&Service, Esslingen (D)

editorial texts


Pascal Morché, Munich (D)

Rolf Benz AG & Co. KG Haiterbacher Str. 104 D-72202 Nagold Tel. +49 (0) 74 52 / 601 - 0 Fax +49 (0) 74 52 / 601 - 282

translations 2W Technische Informations GmbH & Co. KG, Munich (D) production Stefan Batt technical section Systemedia, Pforzheim (D) lithography Meyle + Müller, Pforzheim (D) paper Catalogue cover: LuxoCard 2 Catalogue contents: MultiArt Matt Technical section cover: MultiArt Silk Technical section contents: LuxoArt Samt

Available from Papyrus Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG

HOW TO FIND ROLF BENZ (administration offices Rolf Benz World)

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Rolf Benz 690, 7800 Katja Reiter + Tamara Härty, Nuremburg (D): Rolf Benz 684 Edgar Reuter, Donzdorf (D): Rolf Benz EGO Rolf Benz own design: Rolf Benz VIDA Anita Schmidt, Bretten (D):

Rugs: Bettina Hermann, Stuttgart (D): Rolf Benz 7060 PONTE, 7240 CAMBIO, 7250 LISCA, 7260 ORLO Rolf Benz own design: Rolf Benz 7170 ERBA, 7230 ELEMENTI, 7270 VERSO, 7280 PINO, 7290 OTTO

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All technical specifications in this catalogue are based on the period

Rolf Benz 322, 7100

Nadine Lemberg, Nagold (D): Rolf Benz 911 MIO Bag, 928 AREO Bag

before printing. Subsequent modifications are possible. All dimensions are approximate.

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