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Point of Use Water Dispenser Installation and Operation Guide Introduction Congratulations on your wise choice of water cooler. Your water cooler will provide you with a continuous supply of clean water 24 hours a day. To ensure that this product will always preform as it truly should, the user should initially read this manual thoroughly and follow all instructions before operation of the unit commences.

Diagram and Parts List


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Top cover LCD display Warm water button Cold water button Warm water outlet Cold water outlet



7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

Water tray On/off switch Drainage valve Power cord Condensor Water inlet

Operation Process

Point of Use Water Dispenser Installation and Operation Guide

Product Specification Rated Voltage Rated Frequency Refrigerating Power Cold Water Capacity Ambient Temperature Ambient Humidity

220V 50Hz 100W 2L/h ≤ 10˚C 10 - 38˚C ≤ 90%

Installation The water connection to the water cooler is via a ¼” supply. The connection can be made utilising the bulk head connector found at the rear of the machine. It is advisable that an in-line rail kit ( water block, pressure reducing valve and isolation valve) should be installed on the supply just behind the machine in case of emergency. It is important that the dispenser is connected to an RCD supply ensuring the voltage supply is compatible with the dispenser.

Operation Method Having connected the water supply to the rear of the machine the water and mains power supply should be turned on. You will hear the header tank start to fill. It is recommended the first tank of water is drained to ensure the system is flushed prior to normal use. NB If your water cooler has a hot water facility please allow 30 minutes for the hot tank to fill up before turning on. This applies for the first use and after sanitisation is carried out.

Inlet Pressure Inlet Temperature Tank Capacity Refriferant Refrigerant Filling Electric Shock Protection Class

1.0 - 3.5 KG/CM2 (BAR) 5 - 45˚C 3.7 L R134a 30g Class 1

Machine Positioning 1. It is important that at least 20mm is left between the back of the machine and the surface against which it is placed. This is to ensure the machine does not overheat. 2. The machine must be kept away from any direct sunlight. 3. Wall fix brackets can be used for high volume footfall areas.

Sanitisation & Cleaning 1. To commence sanitisation, simply isolate the water supply and remove the filter cartridge (if applicable) 2. Having removed the filter cartridge you can now connect the dosing cartridge supplied by your dealer with 125ml of sanitisation fluid inside. 3. Simply hold the cold button down until the sanitisation fluid has been thoroughly flushed through the system. 4. The last stage is to fully clean the external casing with sanitisation wipes. If you have any questions in relation to sanitisation please do not hesitate to ring our technical department on 0800 328 5708.

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