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TeacherPlus Portal

Getting to the Portals Follow your school’s link, it will look something like this:

TeacherPlus Portal Main Page         

View your Classes View School Announcements View School Notifications/Alerts View School Resources (Links/Files) View School Calendar and Events Access your Gradebook Access Course Requests (Coming Soon) Send E-mail and Messages Access Student’s Submitted Homework  View School Directory

To Start, Select a Class by clicking it, you will then be taken to the Class Page

You will have a menu to navigate through different options such as a Class Overview, Progress, Students, Attendance, Scores, Announcements, E-mail and Messaging.

Easily jump to another class as well, by selecting another course 

Let’s take a closer look at these different parts…

Class Overview

 Class Summary - This is where you can edit your Class Summary, simply click Edit

 Class Announcements – Make a specific announcements to the parents and/or students of your classes, choose Announcements and Click ‘New Announcement’

 Class Homework – This is where you can post homework with attachments for students or parents to retrieve or view  Class Resources (Files/Links) – Post any class related files you want to share or links that you want students or parents to view

 Class Activity – Automatically lists the newest activities (columns) in your gradebook that are made public

Class Progress – Coming Soon, see graphs, charts and analysis of students in your classroom Class Students – Select a student to view Information on any of your students, demographics, recent grades in other classes, progress, attendance, and discipline.

Class Attendance Absence and Tardy totals for your class. View Attendance trends by date and month as well.

Class Scores View students’ scores from your gradebook by selecting it and viewing scores and missing work.

Calendar Click New Event to add an Event, select date, time and even sections for the event to display to.

Manage your existing events by clicking ‘Manage Events’

Or double click on the Calendar to see more details on an event

Email and Messaging Email – Coming soon, send emails to parents, students and staff

Messaging – Click New Message to message parents/ students of your classes

Select whether you want to send the message to students and/or parents. Also select by section or individual student.

E-Locker E-portfolio – View or upload items into your staff portfolio

Homework Hand-in – View/ download submitted homework assignments from students

Directory - View a Staff and Parent Directory if enabled by your school.

TeacherPlus Portal Overview  
TeacherPlus Portal Overview