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The idea with abstract (or abstract dance) is to present a form of musical expression that dispenses with all figuration and proposes a new reality different from the natural one. The artists that Abstract proposes share eclectic and versatile musical lines that set standards aside or are pigeonholed in a genre, this with the idea of ​​being inclusive and summoning a broad audience, which varies between electronic music connoisseurs and also new ravers

La idea con abstracto (o Baile abstracto) es presentar una forma de expresión musical que prescinde de toda figuración y propone una nueva realidad distinta a la natural. Los artistas que propone Abstracto comparten líneas músicales eclécticas y versátiles que dejan a un lado estándares o se encasillan en un genero, esto con la idea ser incluyentes y convocar un público amplio, que varíe entre conocedores de la música electrónica y también nuevos ravers.

Regarding the graphic and conceptual identity defined for this party proposal (Flyers, decoration of the place, etc.), we seek to use a language for visuals (if any) that relates to the use of form, color and line to create compositions that can exist independently of visual references of the real world.

En cuanto a la identidad gráfica y conceptual definida para esta propuesta de fiesta (Flyers, decoración del lugar, etc.) se busca usar un lenguaje para las visuales (si las hay) que haga relación al uso de forma, color y línea para crear composiciones que puedan existir con independencia de referencias visuales del mundo real.


BIO Against logic is a young deejay from Popayรกn Colombia. Currently based in Bogota and co-founder of Overground Collective and renowned projects such as Hide Rave and Dark Area. Playing several musical instruments since he was young has helped him to develop a fine musical taste and curation, loaded with influences of rock and classical jazz without leaving aside the progressive melodies, the different textures of techno and a marked and disturbing bass kick, his musical line characteristic has led him to share booth with great artists of the global electronic scene such as Keith Carnal, Thomas Schumacher, drumcell among others, without leaving aside his work as a promoter and entrepreneur activist of the Bogota and national scene.

DJ INFO DJ SINCE 2015 CATEGORY.: Club/Festival/Events MAIN GENRE.: MELODIC TECHNO Genres.: Progressive/Techno/DeepTech Set Duration.: 1:30 to 6:00 Hours

Against Logic presents mixtures with clear and dark environments that take the raver to an eclectic and sensory experience with sounds from industrial to ethnic styles. 1. Against Logic Pic.:



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Baum Club / Bogotá Armando Records / Bogotá Be One Week / Cartagena Vagabond Club / Bogotá LEDE Club / Bogotá Vlak Club / Bogotá Octava Club / Bogotá Klan Club / Bogotá Wabe Club / Bogotá Modular Underground Club Jaar Tunja Floyd / Bogotá Artististike Gallery Bar / Bogotá Einheit /D-Unity & Atroxx Hide Rave / Marla Singer & Raffaele Atanasio / Bogotá – Fractal Movement / BAUM – Wex 10 – Bunker / Neiva – Myclub / Cartagena – Blackx Syndicate / AfterMood 2. Against Logic at BAUM CLUB Pic.: @


BIO Colombian Dj / Producer Pedro Pablo Botero A.K.A Pepe Botero has established himself as one of the most relevant Techno artists in Colombia, has had a trajectory of 8 years in the electronic scene with a preference for Deep Techno and Techno. His musical productions have been signed by important international labels such as: Despot Records (Colombia), Patent Skillz (Bulgaria), Bedroom Muzik (Miami), Cats Love Bass (Italy), Supermarket (Miami), Solitario Records (Mexico), Deux Minds Records (Colombia), Power Beat (Chile). His performances have led him to play at the most important festivals of the country: Lit Night Fest 2014, 2015, 2016 (Cúcuta), Garden Rave 2015, 2016 (Bogotá), WeDance 2013 (Bogotá) to name a few. Also, his great performance in the booth has led him to play in the best clubs in the country throughout his career: BlueMoon Cúcuta 2010 - 2012, B3 Club Cúcuta 2012 - 2014, Vagabond Bogotá 2016 - 2017, currently a resident and member of the most important techno club in the capital WABE Bogotá. It’s one of the owners of the record label DESPOT RECORDS which is going around the world with its great musical quality and its impeccable parties and showcase’s

DJ INFO DJ SINCE 2011 CATEGORY.: Club/Festival/Events MAIN GENRE.: TECHNO Genres.: Acid Techno / Deep Tech Set Duration.: 1:00 to 6:00 Hours 1. Pepe Botero Pic.:

VENUES He has positioned himself as one of the best national talents, taking him to share cockpit with: Marco Carola, Crazy Dice, Stephan Bodzin, Carl Craig, Oscar Mulero, Marco Bailey, Sasha, Hobo, Kaiser Disco, Sebastien Leger, Jay Lumen, Oliver Giacomotto, Stefano Noferini, Carlo Lio, Hollem and many more


– Wabe Club / Bogotá – Octava Club / Bogotá – Piso 30 / Bogotá – Billares Londres / Bogotá – Cinema Club / Bogotá – Mansion / Medellín – Baren / Medellin – Calle 9+1 / Medellín – Masha Club / Yopal – BlueMoon / Cúcuta – B3 / Cúcuta – Blackx Syndicate / AfterMood

SOCIAL MEDIA 2. Pepe Botero at BAUM CLUB Pic.: @



Mario Benavides a.k.a X-Raum, a German word that means “Space” is a DJ and producer from Bogotá – Colombia who attending as a Raver, during his stay of several years on a study mission in Austria, does know the scene of electronic music in Vienna, Berlin, Stockholm and other European cities. Thus, influenced by the sounds and masters of the German school of Techno and Electro, such as Anthony Rother, Ascii Disko, Dj Hell, Sven Väth, Fidelity Kastrow and Jonty Skrufff, he decides that TECHNO would be something important besides his career as an Architect. X-Raum has been venturing since 2005 into the world of DJing as a passionate music selector to perform live and to record session mixes for Radio Shows. His performance characterized by hypnotic sounds, strong Kicks and a hard bass creates an indescribable sound trip

DJ INFO DJ SINCE 2005 CATEGORY.: Club/Festival/Events MAIN GENRE.: TECHNO Genres.: Acid Techno/ MelodicTechno Progressive/DeepTech Set Duration.: 1:30 to 8:00 Hours 1. X- Raum at Highline Manhattan Pic.: Camila Miranda


VENUES At the present time X-Raum has a very dynamic activity as a guest Dj in – Fluc Dance Elektronisches Musik different specialized Techno events and some clubs in Bogotá. As well Club – Vienna / Austria as many appearances in Radio shows and some Global Podcasts. – Monkey Beats Sessions Open Air Party - Stockholm / Sweden RADIO SHOWS & PODCAST – Shikaneder Club / Berlin / Germany – Rest Bar Three Lounge – Bogotá – Beats Live Sessions / Dj Beats – Bogotá – On The Decks / Dj Academy –Bogotá – Eclipse Club – Chía – Franja Electronica Radionica Fm – Bogotá – Lede Club – Bogotá – WJZD Radio / Saturday Night Mix Show – Detroit Usa – District Music LAB – Bogotá – TLS Podcast – Bogotá – The Green Coyote – Chía – Blitz Techno Podcast – Moscow Russia – Miranda Club – Bogotá – Keepers Of The Labyrinth – Impulse Radio Fm – France – The Hot Cue Radio Show / Fnoob Radio – London Uk – Octava Club – Bogotá – Underground Frequency Radio Fm – France – Klan Club – Bogotá – Episode #099 Minimalton Underground Techno – Modular Underground Club – Bogotá Radioshow Seance Radio [Uk] – London Uk - Berlín Germany – EuroTechno Club – Villavicencio – Quest London Radio – Sub Techno Club – Bogotá – Techno Connection UK Underground FM – Black Series – Techno Militia Brotherhood -Spain – Blackx Syndicate / AfterMood – Vagabond Club – Bogotá DJ RESIDENCES & RADIO FAMILIES – Plot Club – Bogotá – Bad Neighbors – Bogotá – WJZD Radio – Detroit Usa – Resident Dj – Zielo Club – Bogotá – Blitz Fm / Blitz Techno Podcast – Moscow Russia – Resident Dj – Tropical Cocktails – Medellín – Keepers Of The Labyrinth / Impulse Radio Fm – France – Resident Dj – Doxis Club – Medellín 2. X - Raum at OCTAVA CLUB Pic.: @abdelmajid1817/ – Underground Frequency Radio Fm – France – Resident Dj


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