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Wednesday, March 19, 2014 WOMEN ON THE STREET

Who has been the most influential woman in your life (other than your mother)? Express photos by Willy Cook

“Maxine Uhrig. She was the kindest woman I have ever met. She loved her family and friends more than anything.” Jennifer Uhrig Sun Valley Co. director of recreation

“Kaitlyn Farrington, because she was brought up in God’s country, Bellevue, Idaho, on a working ranch. She has all the local kids fi red up knowing that they can do anything they want and the sky is the limit. She is the inspiration of any small town.”

“Hands down it would have to be my Hamilton College Virginia Wolf Seminar professor that taught me the beauty of being an independent, free-thinking woman. Nowadays, it’s Nina Jonas … for taking the Ketchum mayor job.” Keri Desler Ketchum wine representative

“Patty Kirk’s mom. She told us where babies came from in the sixth grade.” Suz Locke Bellevue mom

Cindy Theobald Lefty’s employee

“My 98-year-old grandmother, ‘Nanny.’ I asked her when she was going to give up her driver’s license and she replied, ‘It doesn’t expire ’til I’m 100.’”

“My high school English teacher, because she taught me how to think more deeply.” Tracy Lee Cell phone tower developer Board Ranch

Lola Crist Board Ranch mom

“Two come to mind. My thirdgrade teacher Marie Wick, who was at the forefront of the woman’s lib movement, who taught us to be strong and independent women. Secondly, Larsen Peterson, my son’s godmother, who convinced me to move here from Seattle.” Andi Meucci Higher Ground ski instructor

“My sisters, ’cause they are rippin’ skiers! Emilie duPont Board Ranch gal

“My advisor Kate Greenspan at Skidmore College was the fi rst person who recommended that I write fiction by candlelight. We would drink martinis, smoke, then read and write. I have written some of my best fiction by candlelight.” Kathleen Longe Ketchum writer

“Señora Verela, because I’m a Dual Immersion student and she is my Spanish teacher.” Ellis Burke Mallett Ketchum student

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Back row from left to right: Tory Canfield, Patricia Reay, Anna Yates, Danielle Eldelman, Kelly White and Emilee Rathfon. Bottom row: Rhylee (dog), Lara McLean, Melissa Mollet Bennie, Julie Youngblood, Ashley Yagla and Camille Pincock.

Idaho Mountain Express Valley Woman  

Idaho Mountain Express Valley Woman

Idaho Mountain Express Valley Woman  

Idaho Mountain Express Valley Woman