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March 8, 2012

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SPOT How to Plan the Perfect Scavenger Hunt

THINGS TO SCAVENGE: ITEMS TO COLLECT: -a receipt for 30 cents worth of gas -a bar of hotel soap -a bowl full of bobas (juice balls) from Orange Leaf -a tooth -another person GET PICTURES OF/WITH: -group member folding clothes at a laundromat -team members acting as mannequins -a guy team member trying on a dress -someone on a roof -all members of the team in a children’s ride -a boy buying tampons (with a receipt) -a license plate from Ontario, Canada -a picture in a fountain -the entire team in a tree -group members with a person eating alone at Pancheros -group members with a family of more than six people eating at a restaurant -team in a public school parking lot with someone from that school -team members planking in the middle of Pancheros -a guy team member getting a professional makeover VIDEO OF: -getting a stranger to let a team member taste their food -a team member in a crump battle with a stranger -a couple telling the story of how they met -a team member proposing to a random stranger -a larping battle in a parking lot

The Midwest may seem boring and empty of fun things to do on the weekend, but sometimes just a little creativity can bring a whole lot of fun. Have your own scavenger hunt! Grab a large group of friends, make a list of items to search for, and start hunting far and wide. Happy scavenging!

tips & tricks: WARNING! If you are • a boy, you will most likely be subject to extreme humiliation. It’s much easier to • find embarrassing things for boys to do than girls. BE SAFE!

Have a clear set of rules for people to follow and a distinct meeting point and time. Be willing to take one for the team. The hunt is superior to most other things.

How to Form the Perfect Teams: 1. Do not allow members to choose their own teams. Put them strategically together so that all the teams are similar in skill. 2. Avoid putting couples together if you’re feeling competitive. They may be too selfconscious to fully participate in the hunt. 3. Place people together that know each other well, but are not best friends. Think of everyone’s temperament and make sure there will be no fights. 4. Make the teams no larger than five people. You want everyone to be able to fit in a car.

the newspaper staff models a scavenger hunt Jack Collins: Mini Feature Runner

Jana Loecher: Health & Lifestyle Runner

Megan Lynch: Backpage Editor

all members of the team in a children’s ride team members acting as mannequins

whole team with students from another school in their parking lot

team member with a person eating alone at pancheros

guy team member getting a professional makeover

guy member of team in a dress

Design By: Megan Lynch & Shelby Christensen Information By: Shelby Christensen, Megan Lynch, & Lizzy McWhinney Pictures By: Megan Lynch, Jana Loecher, & Jack Collins Photos Edited By: Signey Martin

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How to plan the perfect Scavenger Hunt