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Uhm, you should like, talk good or something. Speaking is how people share, communicate, socialize, express, and connect. Have you ever counted how many words you speak in a day? Well, don’t try. You’ll probably get overwhelmed and stressed out. But if you’re going to speak so much to so many different people, you might as well do correct! Filler words are everywhere, and are accompanied by incorrect use of common words. It’s time to speak up about speaking right!

Common Filler Words

You know, it’s like, OK, right, well, that thingee, basically, totally, supposedly, actually

Your You’re

Possessive pronoun Contraction of ‘you are’

Accept Except

To receive Excluding or to exclude

To Too Two There Their They’re Than Then

Preposition Adverb, used when adding or including Number Location or destination Possessive pronoun Contraction of ‘they are’ Used in comparisons Adverb denoting time

Other Common Mistakes....

Supposed to: Do not leave out the d. ‘Suppose to’ is incorrect. Used to: Same applies here, do not use ‘use to’. Toward: There is no ‘s’ at the end of the word! Anyway: No ending ‘s’. ‘Anyways’ is NOT a word! Couldn’t care less: Be sure to make it negative. NOT ‘I could care less’. “I think that you use filler words a lot when you aren’t thinking about it.” -Freshman Evan Bednar

How can you fix it?

When a student was asked to give directions from their home to Xavier including popular businesses they pass.... They used filler words

FOUR times When a student was asked to describe where they want to be in 10 years from now... they used “um” and “like”

SIX times When a student was asked to tell what they look for in a good friend and significant other.... they used “like”

FIVE times “I notice when people use filler words. I think that everyone is so used to it, it’s normal.” -Sophomore Alyssa Gorkow

Organize your thoughts! Practice! Pause! Keep it short and sweet! Page Design: Nicole Draker and McKenzie Potter Information: Jana Loecher

Health and Lifestyle  

Uhm, you should like, talk good or something.

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