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Of r Cedar t T a l s r i Na u e Rapids When nice spring weather comes around, everyone should go out and enjoy it as much as they can! The city of Cedar Rapids has many nature trails available, and there is a lot about them that goes unnoticed. Take advantage of what the city has to offer!

Cedar Valley



2.4 miles Boyson, Donnelly, Thomas, Veterans, and Hannah Parks Along Indian Creek



51 miles Dairy Queen and Hiawatha Library located along this trail Connects Cedar Rapids Metro area to Waterloo

Paved trail around Prairie Park Fishery

Sac a

nd Fo

k r a P e i Prair 2 miles


7.1 miles Wooded, prairie trail Goes along the Cedar River

Cedar Rapids


x o F d n a ac Bertram




2.7 miles Connects south end of Cedar River Trail to Wright Brothers Blvd. and to Ely

“I like to use the nature “Going on a nature trails to run! Once I walk is always a thought someone was really great way to following me... so bring relax.” someone with you to - Junior Thomas be safe.” Steinburg - Senior Damion Schulze

Walk your dog! Jog! Roller blade! Scooter! Bike! Skateboard! “Nature trails are “The nature trails nice because are fun because there are so many some of them go different things you through some really can do.” pretty areas.” - Sophomore - Freshman Katie Jeremy Jacoby Riley Page Design by: Nicole Draker and McKenzie Potter Photos and information by: Jana Loecher


Trails of Cedar Rapids