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November 15, 2012

There is no doubt that this generation focuses quite a bit on technology. See exactly how much of an impact these social networks have on Xavier students’ lives!


Students Ranked:

Average min./day: Girls: 24 “I like Twitter because it is an easy way to see what people are Guys: 6



Students Ranked:


Students Ranked:


doing.”- Whitney Jasper ‘16


“ I really like Instagram because pictures are the easiest and most fun to look at.” -Carrie Darden ‘13


Average min./day: Girls: 24 Guys: 6

Average min./day: Girls: 15 “I got Facebook in middle school Guys: 27 when everyone else did and I’ve

kept using it since.” -Jeff Vipond ‘16

Average min./day Girls: 16 “I don’t use Pinterest a lot, but when I do, it’s for things like Guys: 3

Students Ranked:


gift ideas.” -Kory Donithan ‘13

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Time Online  
Time Online  

Students describe time they spend on social networks.