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March 8, 2011

S T I B A H Y STUDthe good and the bad

Let’s face it: studying is not fun, but it is a necessary part of high school life. At Xavier, students use many different strategies in order to study for all of their classes. Below are some study habits to avoid, along with some simple ways to improve your study skills.

Good Habits

Hannah Rochford ‘12 “To study, I will go over my notes by either re-typing them or reading them over. In some classes I will do extra problems and check them in the back of the book.”

Logan Jensen ‘13 “When I study, I make a game out of it. I quiz myself and see how many questions I can get right.”

Bad Habits Nick Brady ‘14 “When I study, I always have to have the TV on.”

10 study habits to avoid 1. Studying while listening to

music 2. Cramming at the last minute 3. Eating while studying 4. Studying in your bed 5. Studying during a commute 6. Studying with a big group of friends 7. Watching TV while studying 8. Studying in an uncomfortable environment 9. Worrying about other stresses while trying to study 10. Trying to study and do other things at the same time

How do students prepare for tests? Don’t study at all

Quick fix: Turn the TV off! It will help you to retain the information better.

Cram in studying the day of the test

Isabel Frisch ‘15 “I always study with music on. I also sometimes study while in bed, or on the floor.”




Study the night before

Quick fix: Try turning down the volume of your music. This allows you to focus in a quieter environment while still getting your music fix. Also, studying somewhere other than your bed will help keep you from feeling tired.

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Student Life  
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Study Habits: the good and the bad