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Xavier High School

Seniors ‘12


Finish What You Start Leaving as a Saint

Four years ago, I never could have imagined that I would be where I am now. I’m mere days away from graduating and the feeling is bittersweet. Sure, I’m just as excited to be off to college as every other senior, but I’m also going to miss the friends and memories I’ve made in these halls; that’s a good thing though. Xavier was an important part of my life in making me the person I am today, but its job is now done and it’s off to the next thing for me and my classmates. Of the things I’ve learned at Xavier, I’ll be honest, I’ll probably forget most of it. The things I will remember, however, are the things I learned outside of the classroom. Football, track, service opportunities: these are where I learned the most. When I broke my ankle in the middle of the high hurdles (sorry, Coach) most people probably would have called it quits and stopped

running, but at that moment I remembered the lesson of Coach O’Connell to “never have a problem” because “nobody cares” and because I knew he was up on the balcony watching, I finished the race. Maybe that was a bad idea and it might have caused additional damage but I’ll never know for sure. One thing I am certain of however is that I will never regret finishing the final hurdle race I will ever run. Something clicked during that race that I wish I could’ve learned sooner, something I hope others can learn. Don’t give up on anything, because perseverance will pay off in the end and hard work does not go unnoticed. If you don’t ever have a problem and don’t let anything stand in your way, you will be able to accomplish anything set before you. Fight on. Justin James Fenske Sports Editor

Farewell to Xavier Football Four years is up and it’s time to reflect. To be honest, this was the most difficult article that I have ever written. Time sure does fly by, and I will be one of the few people who will actually says that I will miss Xavier High School. I won’t miss Xavier for its “amazing” academic program, but for its athletics. I will miss football the most. I have played football every year since I was in 5th grade. That’s eight years playing football and I will miss every single moment of it. Football is a sport that can bring out the best in a person. Football requires not only physical toughness, but mental toughness to get through those brutal two-a-day practices in the 100 degree weather. Football makes an athlete tougher and it gives them the right to hit someone as hard as a person can and not get in trouble. I sure do love football. I’m going to miss a lot about football. The thing I will miss most is running onto Saints Field, on a

fall Friday night, in front of 7,000 screaming fans. I’m going to miss waking up at 4:30 in the morning to get to the weight room to work out. I’m going to miss pushing that sled around the practice field, hearing Coach O’Connell yelling in the background. I’m going to miss sitting in a secret location on a Sunday afternoon watching films and hanging out with my teammates. I’m going to miss seeing Casey O’Connell and Quinn Schulte walking on the sideline as water boys. In conclusion, thank you to all of the football coaches who have helped me achieve and learn so much over my four years at Xavier. I can fully say that I learned more while playing football than I did during class. I cannot wait to come back and see the great tradition that is Xavier football continue. Roll tide.

Ryan Patrick Milke Assistant Sports Editor

As I was reminiscing on my high school years, trying to decide what I should write, I was coming up short. I didn’t want to be a Miss Negative Nelly, or one who gives advice that no one will use, and I definitely didn’t want to be “that girl” that makes up some story of how perfect Xavier was. So, after many failed attempts, I decided to go with this. I walked in freshmen year as a quiet girl from LaSalle that hardly knew anyone. Right away, Xavier challenged me academically. It was not fun at times, but looking back now, I pushed myself more these past four years than I ever had before. I started making new friends, in my classes and on my dance team. Being an only child, my friends started to become like family to me. I spent the majority of my time with these girls. Like most families, we didn’t always get along. We had our fights and I said some things I’m not proud of, but in the end, I know that they are always there

for me. We have shared lots of memories that I hope I never forget. Once I got to Xavier I really started questioning my faith. It wasn’t until junior year when I went on Kairos that I started to find God in my life. After this retreat, I started to go to Mass and praying more often, and I joined Campus Ministry. From all of that, I have learned to put trust in God and to have the courage to stand up for my faith. After four years, I have learned this: Xavier High School has shaped me to be the person I am today. The good times have taught me how to build friendships, to live out my faith fully, and to just have fun. The bad have taught me to stick up for myself and not get lost in the crowd, to make smart decisions, and to never give up. I am no longer the quiet girl from LaSalle who made friends with all the Regis kids. I am, like every one of you seniors, leaving as a Xavier Saint. Alyssa Ann Zipperer Student Life Editor

TOP 10 GRAD PARTY FOODS 1. Pulled Pork

2. Buffalo Wild Wings 3. Desserts from Jule’s Bakery 4. Ice Cream Machine

5. Tomaso’s Pizza 6. Panchero’s and Carlos O’Kelly’s

7. Chik Fil’a 8. Brats & Burgers

9. Pasta 10. Party Potatoes


Alyssa Zipper, Justin James Fenske, Ryan Patrick Milke


Alyssa Zipper, Justin James Fenske, Ryan Patrick Milke