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May 3, 2012

Instead of sticking around Cedar Rapids and doing the same old things every day this summer, try taking a trip out of the norm and visiting some of these not so well known places Elkader around Iowa. At no more than two hours away, there’s plenty of time to explore by taking a fun Pedretti’s Bakery and easy day trip. So grab some 87.1 miles - 1 hour, 42 minutes friends, music, and snacks s including h baked good es fr y ts, il Da and hit the road! bread, donu l types of d Logan Dempsey 5

severa akes, an okies, cupc eclairs, co . much more



Amana Colonies


Bellevue Little Red Wagon Toy Store of he Field t o t t n y, “I we my famil h t i w s Dream y fun.” as reall and it w

19.1 miles - 30 minutes

Located in the h eart of Red Wag Am on Toy Store c ana, the Littl toys to e arries bring o ut ever whimsic yone’s a l inner c hild.

Bellevue Butterfly Gardens 90 miles - 1 hour, 42 minutes

Over 60 species of but terflies are attracted to this specia lly designed butterfly garden every yea r.


Dyersville Field of Dreams

Lizzy Bailey 5


64.7 miles - 1 hour, 23 minutes

Iowa City

The site of the classic 1989 movie that offers souvenirs and tours (20 or more, reservations necessary) as well as complete freedom to bring your baseball gear and play ball (no reservations necessary to play).

The Gardens at the Gazebo on the Green “I like to go on road trips because I fi nd more 30.4 interesting things there. I go to Silver Sp ider in Mt. Vernon for jewelry, and Poopsies in Ga lena is a nice place too. ”


miles - 39 minutes

h formal A 22-acre prairie wit tours for ble gardens availa by s tea h lis Eng and proper nt. eme arrang

Wilton Wilton Candy House Kitchen 28.4 miles - 35 minutes




Valle Drive-In 97.6 miles - 1 hour, 40 minutes

gister e National Re th on ed st Li Wilton Places, the of Historic oldest tchen is the Candy House Ki /Soda Cream Parlor ongoing Ice the world. Fountain in

Bonaparte Historic Riverfront District

t movies every Featuring new and curren 0 PM and the 105 miles - 2 hours week, gates open at 6:3 k. dus Al at so rts listed on the show sta National Register Hi storic Places, of the Bonaparte Historic Riverfront Dist rict contains many gift shops and antiqu e stores as well as historic restaurants and lodging.

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