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PROM? Jimmy Moore & Blair Maloney ‘13

Maloney Photo

“When I came to work, I opened the supply closet and saw someone in there with the lights off. I freaked but then realized it was Jimmy in a Scooby Doo costume with cookies that spelled ‘Prom’." -Blair Maloney

Matt Thorsteinson & Alexa Jones ‘13 “When she came out from school, there was a bucket with corn in the back of my truck that said ‘I know this is corny, but will you go to prom with me?’ I’m just a corny guy!” -Matt Thorsteinson Jones Photo

Levi Miller & Grace Winker ‘14 “Levi and I both work at the Johnson Avenue Hy-Vee. I was a checker that day and Levi came through my line to buy Chinese food. He wrote ‘Prom?’ on the bag.” -Grace Winker Winker Photo

Jacob Schmitt & Grace Busse ‘14 “Since Grace and I are both are in Math Club, I used a series of equations to ask her to prom.” -Jacob Schmitt

Busse Photo

Hunter Wille & Emma Bedard ‘13 “In Chorale, Hunter showed me Rubix Cubes with patterns on them. I had no clue how to solve a Rubix Cube so he offered to help. As Bedard Photo we solved them, I could start making out something on the cubes. When we finished, it spelled ‘Prom’.” -Emma Bedard

Schroud Photo

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April 25, 2013 When it comes to asking someone to prom, these Xavier students know how to be creative and surprise their dates! Check out these fun ways that different people got asked!

Alex Cunningham ‘13 & Marinna Schroud ‘14 “We were at her uncle’s farm and while she left to take her family into town, her uncle and I painted ‘Prom?’ on a cow. She saw it when I asked her to show me around.” -Alex Cunningham

Braxton Hall ‘13 & Charlie Dean ‘14 “I went to Build-ABear and dressed up a bear in a tux. I put a recording of my voice in it asking her to prom and one of her teammates put it in her bag at a dance competition.” Dean Photo -Braxton Hall Shane Herder & Caitlin Schneider ‘13 “It was the night before I left on spring break and we were hanging out. He left and then called me ten minutes later telling me to come outside. He was standing by the lit up paper bags!” -Caitlin Schneider Schneider Photo Kelsi Fuller & Matt Junge ‘14 “Matt came to my house and had my dad wake me up. I came out and found a doll of my favorite princess, Belle, holding a sign saying ‘Prom?’. Then Matt came out, and we ate pancakes!” -Kelsi Fuller Fuller Photo Colin Schmidt ‘14 & Aurora Mitchell ‘15 “After Iowa Elite Cheer practice, I came out and saw ‘Prom?’ written on my car with sticky notes. Colin was waiting for me there with flowers.” -Aurora Mitchell Mitchell Photo


Creative ways that students asked each other to prom.