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8 April 25, 2013 PAGE DESIGN BY: Megan Lynch INFORMATION GATHERED BY: Mary Esker, Megan Lynch, & Robert Thinnes PHOTOS BY: Samantha Shepard & submitted

Nate Lux





4 Feb

Looks like a full week w/no snow in forecast, Saints. What will you do to make the most of it? #betterorworse #uptoyou #leanintoit

@phillyboy14 happy birthday to the greatest principle of Xavier #YOURyear #ourstoo #leanintoit #saintsamongus #swag #yolo

Saints Among Us

Tom Keating

20 Feb

Alyssa Gorkow is a great friend and always puts other first and on top of that never fails to brighten my day. #saintsamongus

Xavier High School


16 Nov

XHS has won the 2012 MVC Valley Divisional Fall Sportsmanship Award for outstanding sportsmanship by our coaches, players, and fans!

On August 15th, 2012, students spilled into the gym to start the Xavier’s 15th year of existence with Mass. Mr. Keating called students and staff to live with the mindset “Like Mary, we say ‘yes’ to the impossible”, and encouraged all to strive to excel and document their progress by hashtagging “#ouryear”. As the Saints attended their first football game, giggled through The Odd Couple, threw themselves into tough classes, and crowned seniors Bryan Banowetz and Shelby Christensen Homecoming King and Queen, #ouryear began to take shape. Numerous teams were sent to State, countless members of the community were served, and singing Saints overtook stages left and right. The student section filled with fans cheering for #xaviernation as they threw up baby powder, balloons, a eights months later, #xaviernation has the chance to look back at #ouryear - a year full of #s year overflowing with #thingsduaneschultetaughtme, whether those things were instilled in choice to listen to Mr. Keating’s weekly reminder to #leanintoit or complain about #catholics Division 1 ratings, and A+ grades. The 2012-2013 school year will be remembered through th of prom, graduation, and finals kicks in, #xaviernation is invited to kick ba

nicksteingreaber emmabarta




39 likes emmabarta #tbt halle trying to dance while playing volleyball(; @halleheying

73 likes nicksteingreaber #tbt ill never forget those Friday night memories with my teammates and moments like this with the loud and proud #xaviernation @condescendingconnor


37 likes typicalpaco Me and my best friend 14 years ago @courtneyhimmels #tbt


Xavier High School XHSPepClub


2 Mar


20 Jan

Mass at the Cathedral of St. Matthew’s. Seniors Connor C and Braxton H carried the gifts! #saintsinaug



Mrs. Schutt


8 Mar

Another Xavier Athlete of the Week! #ouryear Congratulations, Kayla!

Xavier Key Club


11 Mar

You know what week it is. It’s Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast Week, and your life may never be the same...


and confetti. And that was just the beginning. Now, as the school year begins to wrap up saintsamongus and students road tripping as #saintsinaug and #saintsinlando. It has been a class, on the field, or at the welcome home after the State football game. Students had the schoolprobs, and those who chose to #leanintoit were rewarded with State championships, he photos, the memories, the records, and, of course, the hashtags. Before the crazy season ack and reminisce through #ouryear, and remember that it’s not yet over.


11 likes hollyhazelton #throwbackday



52 likes chad_eicher24 #tbt One of the greatest nights ever.



27 likes allisonhennings #tbt best friends since babies @morgan_brown22




#ouryear and all of the tweets sent out by students and teachers.


#ouryear and all of the tweets sent out by students and teachers.