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October 31, 2013 Volume 16, Issue 4

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Xavier holds second leadership day On Friday, October 18, 55 students from Xavier High School met for the second quarter session of the 2013 Xavier Student Leadership Seminar. The seminar was held at Kirkwood Linn County Regional Center where Pamela Mumm, a leadership facilitator

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Senior Nina Norohna makes a point during the leadership conference. Maria Efting Photo.

from Maximumm Effect, presented and led the students in activities and discussions. During Friday’s session entitled “We ARE Xavier,” the students discussed stereotypes at Xavier. They also brainstormed ideas to keep the school on a path to success. The participants were chosen from all grades based on recommendations from teachers and students. “I feel very honored to be chosen. It is a great opportunity to grow in my leadership abilities,” junior Noah Lauer said. The seminar’s purpose is to help students develop their leadership skills and give them an opportunity to discuss and solve problems at Xavier in order to leave the school better than when they arrived. “The faculty and administration felt that we have great leadership potential in our school and we wanted to help them develop those leadership skills,” principal Tom Keating

Speaker Pamela Mumm works through a leadership activity with students. Maria Efting Photo. said. “The ultimate goal is to have a positive effect on the climate and culture of Xavier.” The Xavier Leadership Comittee met once during the summer and will meet again each quarter of the school year. Jeff Frieden News Writer

Three students earn National Merit recognition

After scoring exceptionally well on the PSAT/NMSQT test administered to them their junior year, seniors Grace Busse and Nick Terfler have qualified as National Merit semifinalists. In addition, senior Ameena Challenger has earned recognition as a National Merit Outstanding Participant. The National Merit Scholarship Program is an academic competition that began in 1955 to recognize and award scholarships to exceptional students. In order to qualify, high school juniors can take the PSAT/NMSQT test each fall. This test measures critical reading and writing skills along with mathematic skills. The test serves as a screen for approximately 1.5 million entrants every year. Of these entrants, some 50,000 qualifying students receive recognition for their high scores. 34,000 of these students receive Letters of Commendation to recognize their academic promise. The other 16,000 students are

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The Xpress Bi-weekly Xavier High School 6300 42nd St. NE Cedar Rapids, IA 52411 Volume 16 Issue 4

Xavier High School

Back by popular demand... The Pumpkin Pie Freez

Seniors Ameena Challenger, Nick Terfler, and Grace Busse earn National Merit recognition. Meghan Gerke Photo.

designated as National Merit Semifinalists and are notified of their achievement in September during their senior year. Semifinalists are chosen on a state representational basis and are the highest scoring entrants in each state. Busse and Terfler have been provided with

scholarship application materials to be considered as National Merit Scholarship Finalists. 15,000 students are selected as finalists each year and will be informed of their accomplishment in February. Scholarships are then provided to various finalists. All scholarship winners are chosen from the finalist group based on their accomplishments, skills, and abilities. “It’s a huge honor to have been chosen as a semifinalist,” Busse said. “I think it reflects well on the Xavier community as a whole that we can be competitive in such a prestigious event on a national scale.” Challenger won recognition as an Outstanding Participant after being one of the top scoring African Americans to complete the PSAT. She receives a certificate and will be referred to colleges for her potential for academic success. Maria Efting News Editor

October 31, 2013



Saints attend HOSA Conference Five saints attended a HOSA conference in Ankeny, Iowa on October 20 and 21. HOSA stands for Health Occupations Students of America and is a new club to Xavier this year. The purpose of HOSA is to develop leadership and technical skills through motivation, awareness, and recognition in the Health

Science Educational Program. “I joined HOSA because I want to go into the health field,” junior Ashley Gase said. “I thought it would be beneficial to me to learn as much as I can while I’m in high school.” There was a total of about 40 students at the conference, five of which were from Xavier,

Xavier students and nurse Kris Naeve pose with a speaker at HOSA on October 21. Photo Submitted.

the only school from the Cedar Rapids area in attendance. “During the day, we played games to get to know people, heard a motivational speaker named Travis Lloyd, and learned about how to get more involved in HOSA,” junior Dorothy Zaugg said. As a HOSA member, students can take informational and instructional projects to state competitions in various categories. If they win, students can then go on to nationals held in Orlando, Florida. Students were encouraged to enter the competitions and were given mock examples to look at and watch in various stations during the conference. “I liked that the conference was completely student-run and that I got to see different, more fun ways to experience and learn more about the career field I want to go into,” Zaugg said. Xavier’s HOSA club meets about once a month and has had guest speakers address its 60 members. Xavier students hope

An informative display over respiratory therapy educates students at the HOSA Conference. Rachel Brady Photo.

to take what they learned at the conference and other knowledge they learn throughout the year to inform the student body of various health issues and concerns.

Amy Boe News Writer

Especially For You Race makes a difference On October 13, 2013, over 15,000 individuals came together to participate in the Especially For You Race, which has been held annually in Cedar Rapids for the last 23 years to raise money for breast cancer research. Of the 15,000 people attending the

The Esker family poses together after finishing the Especially For You Race. Photo Submitted.

race, 700 were breast cancer survivors. People of all ages were able to walk or run in the event, from the youngest racer at age four to the oldest racer at age 93. This year, the race brought in $370,000, the most money ever raised. The money was donated by individuals from over 480 cities and towns, 35 states, and four countries. All the money raised from the event goes to support local hospitals in finding a cure for breast cancer. “It’s just a blessing to know the money we raise right here is staying here to help individuals in need be able to access breast care services they might not otherwise be able to afford,” Especially for You Race director Michele Cole said. “This is phenomenal. We have such a generous community.” The Xavier community also lent a helping hand during the race. Xavier students helped set up and tear down, handed

Xavier cheerleaders show their support for breast cancer awareness at the Especially For You Race. Melissa Dostal Photo.

out water to racers, and helped distribute the runners’ numbers. The Xavier football cheerleaders cheered on the racers as they went through the course. “It is important to support this cause because people should realize how important breast cancer research is,”

junior Rachel Lampe said. “Just a simple donation or coming out to support the runners can change someone’s life.”

Erin Drahozal News Writer

Michele Ann Burke Owner, Head Instructor Phone 319-393-0303 Studio Dance 3907 Center Point Rd. NE Cedar Rapids, IA 52402



Xavier High School

Cheerleaders brave the snack attack Friday nights during the fall are what every teenager looks forward to. But as cheerleaders, we have more responsibilities than trying to match the theme for the night. Every year the Xavier football team is guaranteed nine games in the regular season and, if fortunate enough, any additional games for playoffs and the state championship. For a cheerleader, these nine weeks will break the bank. Every Friday morning, you will see 14 girls running through the halls hanging posters and handing out treats. Being a part of this group of 14 girls is an honor; we love supporting our team. But sometimes we take it a little too far. We place it upon ourselves to treat our players before their big game, in the hopes it will give them an idea of how much we appreciate them

as a squad to come up with a reasonable solution to this spending problem. Starting next year, instead of buying all of our food separately, we will rotate sending girls to Sam’s Club along with a $10 contribution from each girl to buy the treats for the week in bulk. This will help us save money and time by cutting our spending in half, while still supporting our football players.

The cheerleading team poses for a photo on Senior Night. Meghan Gerke Photo. and their abilities. The hours and money spent coloring posters and baking or purchasing treats adds up fast. On average, each cheerleader spends around $20 of our own money a week; multiply this total times nine and that’s $180 per person for just the regular season. Take that total times 14 and as a

team we have spent around $2,520. ( This is an estimated number) This is all self inflicted of course, but it is important to us as a squad that we support and show enthusiasm for how much work and dedication our players put into representing our school in a positive way. We have been working together

I told them how society can not define them: their weight, their skin, their personality. They have to be their own person and have confidence in themselves before others will see them for who they really are. On the flip-side, when I am the one struggling with self confidence, maybe in being who I truly am, or my acne, I don’t tell myself anything positive, just how awful it seems right now. Another example would be if someone is in a rough spot of their life, and I tell them how important they are to so many people and how God will always guide them through what He leads them to. When I

am in a low spot, I dig myself a bigger hole by asking why things are happening to me and why no one understands. I also tell myself that I’m just not good enough. Hypocritically, I immediately forget my own helpful advice from earlier. Honestly, it needs to stop. Why am I able to give others advice when I can’t take one word from those exact situations? It’s time to believe in myself, and that goes for any others who do this to themselves. I’m challenging myself to not be a hypocrite and to take my own advice. I hope everyone reading this takes that challenge as well.

Maddy Bailey and Olivia Rochford Opinion Writer and Advertising


Wiser than you may think

Stop the grade nagging How often do people talk about their grades? Between test grades and overall grades, students talk about scores. However, where’s the line between friendly comparison and grade nagging? I think we all need to be a little more careful about what’s said about academics. To explain what I mean, let’s go through three types of Grade Nags. First, there’s the Bragger. I’m sure everyone knows someone who does very well on a test, then proceeds to tell you about it. You don’t care how they did, but you hear about it anyways. I know that I’ve been the Bragger and listener. I told my score, because I was proud of it. I didn’t stop to think about anybody who didn’t do well. I’ve also listened to the Bragger. The

last thing I wanted to hear after missing 50% on a test was how the Bragger missed two points. Next, there’s the Complainer. This is the person who complains about good grades. You have an Aand that’s bad? I was feeling proud of my B, but apparently that must be terrible. There’s a thin line between Complainers and open goal-setters. I often tell friends about my goals for classes I already have acceptable grades in. But I’m sure somebody has overheard and wondered why I wasn’t content with what I had. Lastly, there’s the Fisher. They say they’re dumb to hook someone into saying they’re smart. Then they feel good about themselves. We should think about what we’re saying. It’s understandable when you take a blow to your confidence with a rough quiz or grade-crippling test. You need to rebuild your selfassurance, and a few uplifting words from a friend can really help.

What’s the best solution for this problem? Think before you speak! Start developing a censor when grades come up. Think: what’s actually beneficial to the conversation and what’s just grade nagging? Simply don’t tell people what you got, good or bad. My friends have become familiar with me saying “It’s none of your business!” when asked about my scores. Nobody likes it when someone tears themselves down for compliments. So don’t do this with your grades for a little sympathy. Whether you’re upset about a terrible grade or really proud of a good one, talk quietly with an understanding friend. And for those who think I’m hypocritical and a Grade Nag, don’t fret. I already referred myself to Tory Brown’s article about taking my own advice.

Katherine Bauer Copy Editor

Satanly <

Tory Brown Business Manager


Have you ever felt like you have been playing psychiatrist with all of the advice you give to others? I know I have. Don’t get me wrong, I love when people ask me for help. I will do anything for those who are struggling. However, when I am struggling, why don’t I listen to the advice I have been dealing out? Here’s just a few examples from my own life. When one of my friends was struggling with their appearance,

October 31, 2013



Never too old for Halloween traditions Do you remember that sad day when someone told you that you were too old to trickor-treat? It is an unfortunate trial we must all face because it is the result of growing up. Trust me, this person was just trying to save you from that awkward moment when the adult opens the door and gives you one of those looks that says, “I know that you are too old to trick-or-treat, but I don’t want to be mean and slam the door in your face. I hope when you eat this candy you feel guilty.” So how does one freely enjoy the night of Halloween without the nasty looks, but still with the candy? The first option, of course, is to look to your younger siblings.

The Streif family poses, ready for a night of trick-or-treating. Mrs. Streif Photo. Sacrifice a night of hanging with your friends to spend some time with the younger generation and take them out trick-or-treating. Match Scooby Doo costumes and go up to the door with them - ready with a treat bag of your own. How could the candy-giver refuse?

If you don’t have any younger siblings, you could offer to babysit the neighbor kids for a night. I’m sure they won’t miss half a bag of candy that mysteriously vanished. Another option is to stay home, maybe in a costume if you’re dedicated, and hand out candy.

If you’re the candy-giver, who says you can’t take a nibble for all your hard work? Maybe pop in a scary movie to pass the minutes in between trick-or-treaters. Then you can be the one to give that menacing glare to those teens that try to mooch candy off of you. Go to a haunted house, have a Scary Movie marathon with your friends with a potluck of sugary sweets, just buy some candy for you and Netflix. There are many ways to enjoy Halloween, so make the best, worst, creepiest, or scariest of it.

Chloe Streif Opinion Writer

True beauty is more than skin deep “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” This quote from Margret Hungerford is usually said when talking about the true beauty of a person. Although this quote is often repeated, many of us do not know the true meaning of beauty; we only know the way beauty is portrayed on TV and other media providers. From young ages we are told what is beautiful and what is not. Things such as butterflies are seen as beautiful, while moths are seen as ugly. These daily reminders allow us to form our own idea of beauty. When we hit middle school,

this idea was taken to a whole new level. Instead of the simple idea of beauty, people started to focus on their looks. Many young teens begin to point out aspects of themselves they would like to change. This sudden change of the word beauty is largely due to the media. Mass media ads distort the simple definition of beauty, which is a combination of qualities like shape, color, or form, and what pleases the alethic senses, especially sight. With a few clicks of a button, a photographer can change a model’s shape, nose, lips, and over all look. They make the model match their personal idea of beauty. This perfect beauty is not realistic. When I was a young teenager I remember wanting to be just

like the models in the magazines. I wanted be taller, skinnier, and over all prettier. This led me to feel bad about myself when I realized I couldn’t be all of these things. At times, I would even try crash diets and weird facial treatments to achieve these unreachable goals. When these things would fail, I would feel even worse about myself than I did before. During my freshmen year I started not caring what other people thought of me. This was one of the best things I have ever done. By not allowing myself to feel judged by my peers, I was able to improve my self-confidence and my over all beauty, inside and out. I learned that true beauty does not come from the amount of

High expectations may hurt From a young age, girls watch movies based on love and, in a way, are taught to believe in fairy-tales. From Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty to The Notebook and Dear John, these movies have one thing in common: romance. Whenever a romance movie is made, they are usually directed towards the female audience, because most girls are willing to pay $8 to see an amazing love story unfold. What makes these movies so appealing to women is the hope that someday their prince charming will come along and they will have a love story worth writing about.

Not only do these movies cause women to set impossibly high standards for men, but they can also leave women disappointed. Not all men are going to run off the football field in the middle of a game to kiss you in the rain or write you 365 letters and wait years to be with you. What women have to realize is that these amazingly romantic scenes are written based on fictional events; they don’t usually happen in real life. Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay for us girls to have high standards. But we also can’t expect the things that happen in the movies. We must remember and take to heart that putting pressure on relationships to be something they can’t be won’t help anything. Just because a guy might not

do something you consider to be over-the-top romantic, doesn’t mean he’s not trying. Don’t let this stop you from watching all the latest Nicholas Sparks movies. Just remember that if you keep up these high expectations, your carriage might turn into a pumpkin before you get the chance to dance with prince charming.

Amy Boe News Writer

makeup you plaster on your face, but from what you do to better yourself and the world around you. Although like many others, I still have the thoughts of not being pretty enough, I know that feeling will pass if I keep my head up. True beauty comes in many shapes and sizes, it is what you do with it that matters.

Meghan Gerke Photo Editor

Hall Talk “OMG I forgot to feed my cow!” to “A od g n go lli hard ” e sm is ind f n ma

“Can you just take my picture now?” “Do the you g why four uys I m rea know a s wif rrie ons e?“ d m y “Fat guy in a little coat!“

October 31, 2013



Saints Marching for Miles

Many of the Xavier faculty participate in both marathons and halfmarathons across the midwest. Check out some of their experiences and plans to continue their running careers.

26.2 miles

Marathon Runners

Ms. Olson

Twin Cities Marathon -Minneapolis, Minnesota

Mr. Mallie

Sunday, October 6, 2013 Motivation: “It’s hard and sometimes even painful but the feeling at the finish never gets old.” Goal: “As a St. Thomas college student, I told myself I’d come back and run the marathon someday. So far, I have run about 15 marathons (I think) including twice in Boston.”

• Chicago Marathon October 7, 2012 • Future Plans: Ironman Triathlon

Mrs. Wagner • Sunburst at Notre Dame, Indiana June, 4 2011

Chicago Marathon -Chicago, Illinois

• Future Plans: “I’ll run another one. I just haven’t picked where yet.”

Half-Marathon Runners

Mrs. Richmond “I have run the Wisconsin and the IMT Des Moines Half Marathon.” • “I am currently coaching Girls on the Run at St. Matthew’s, and you can run many races for free if you run as a SoleMate to raise money for local girl empowerment programs.” • “Running is the only time I have that is quiet so it’s a great time to pray and reflect on life without interruption.”

Mrs. Goertz

Mr. King • St. Louis Marathon April 7, 2013 • Future Plans: St. Louis Marathon April 6, 2014

Ms. Hoffman

Sunday, October 13, 2013 Training: “Since I lived in Phoenix this summer, the first part of my training proved quite difficult because I was running 10+ miles in 115 degree heat. To survive this, I ended up running at 4:30/5:00 in the morning before it reached 100 degrees.” Overall Experience: “I ran this marathon with my husband, Seth. The best sign I saw while running: ‘You run better than the government!’”

• On the Road for Education in Mason City, Iowa November 4, 2001

13.1 miles Mrs. Kearns “My first and only half marathon was the 2012 NewBo Half Marathon that is ran right here in Cedar Rapids.” • “9th out of 44 in my division (Females 20 -29).” • “I find running a way to relieve stress and just get away from everything.”

Design by: Molly Vipond and Rachel Brady Images by: Goertz image, Olson image, AP images, and Molly Vipond.

Xavier High School

Student Life


Furry Friends Meet the Xpress staff’s best furry friends

Mary Esker Gabi, 4

Nickname: Gabi num nums Type: Black Lab Story: She is scared of cats, she eats socks, and she lets us dress her up. Also she is over weight so we put her on Weight Watchers dog food.

Kayla Thompson Mixie, 7

Type: Beagle/Lab Story: The day we got her, we discovered she has terrible motion sickness. We were happily discussing names when she threw up in our car. It was not a pleasant ride home.

Meghan Gerke Badger, 7

Story: Every Christmas we get her a stuffed animal squirrel that we name Hammy. Her and Hammy have loads of fun, but sadly their time together is short because she can’t help but bite off his head or legs.

Molly Vipond Prince, 10 weeks old when he died

Story: I named him after the artist Prince because “Purple Rain” is my favorite song. I would also sing to him the song “Love Somebody” by Maroon 5, but I would change the lyrics to “I really want to love someBUNNY.”

Tory Brown Joey Bing Brown, 7

Type: Shih Poo Story: He is super crazy and always wanting to play with the cats, but the cats never want to play with him.

Quinlan Moran Brutus, 6 and Dewey, 3

Story: My dogs always ride in the back of our pick up truck. It was a warm night in the spring at the Regis Band Concert so the doors were open. My dad looked over and saw that Dewey jumped out of the truck and was walking around the audience of the concert.

Page Design and Information Collected by Brady Hoffman, Information Collected by Julie Woods

Amy Boe Zoey, 5

Nickname: Chicken McNugget, Tricks: Expert hunter and fetcher Type: Lab Story: Whenever she greets someone at the door she has to have something in her mouth.

Julie Woods Independence, 8

Nickname: Indi Trick: She can sleep in weird places like cabinets. Story: She walked up to our house on the Fourth of July and that is how her name originated.

Morgan Noonan Rudy, 6 months

Nickname: Wuudy or Rude Boy Breed: Yorkipoo Hobby: He enjoys eating underwear and shoes.


8 October 31, 2013

Haunted Iowa Attraction Oakland Cemetery Oakland Avenue Iowa City, IA A 13 foot â&#x20AC;&#x153;Black Angelâ&#x20AC;? statue in Oakland Cemetery supposedly becomes darker with every passing Halloween. The legend holds that if a couple kisses in front of the statue, they will die in seven years. According to the legend, anyone who touches the statue is brought misfortune and sickness.

Matsell Bridge

3716 Matsell Park road Central City, IA

Legend around town says that if one drives onto the bridge and puts their car in neutral, an unseen force will push the car across. Strange sounds have been heard outside and around cars, and handprints have also been seen on windows. (Try sprinkling baby powder for more prominent handprints.) The legend also warns that if the spirits recognize people attempting the trick too many times, they may push them off the bridge or break their windows.

Villisca Axe Murder House 508 E. 2nd Street Villisca, ia In 1912, a couple and their six children were murdered here by an axe, and it is said that the house is still haunted by their spirits. The murderer(s) still remains unnamed. The house has since been investigated and featured on the TV show Ghost Adventures. It costs $10 per person for a daylight tour and $428 for an overnight stay of 1-6 people at the Villisca House.


Xavier High School

ns 13 Steps

13 Palo Rd. Center Point, IA Palo is home to the Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, which is not only reportedly haunted by a phantom dog, but also has a step that only appears at night. The set of stairs leading up to the cemetery gate contains 12 steps during the day and 13 at night.

Brucemore Library 2160 Linden Dr. SE Cedar Rapids, IA A groaning presence can be heard and felt in the library of Brucemore. Various objects have been moved around without the help of the living. People have reported hearing disembodied laughing and seeing a glowing apparition in this location. The library is allegedly haunted by a poltergeist-type entity.

Circle of Ash 412 7th Avenue SE Cedar Rapids, IA Circle of Ash Haunted House and Attraction is the only year-round haunted attraction in the area. It was started in 2010 by Frightmare Forest Productions. “The Haunted” is their regular haunted maze attraction provided on October 31st for $11. The“Lockdown,” featuring people being handcuffed and led through the house, will be held November 1st at 8 p.m. It focuses on topics and experiences that are not for children, so one must be at least 18 years old to purchase a ticket which costs $40.

Runner: Lizzy Bailey. Writer: Colette Miller. Editor: Anna White. Photos: Google Images


Health & Lifestyle


Xavier High School

Fall Workouts

Having trouble staying in shape during the fall? Here are plans to help beat the cold weather blues.



30 bicep curls 25 waves (move both arms from one side to the other, over head) 30 tricep curls 20 push ups

30 second leg raise 30 second flutter kicks 30 second scissor kicks laying down 30 second mountain climbers 30 second V crunches 30 second alternating toe touches 30 second Russian Twists 30 second plank 30 second side planks each side REPEAT ONE MORE TIME

*Use a comfortable weight and increase as time goes on*

LEG WORKOUT 1 set= 45 second In&Out 20 second rest 45 second lunges 20 second rest 60 second held air squat


*2 minute rest between sets; 3 sets*

*Dressing in layers will keep the body the warmest while running in the cold. It is easy to remove a layer while running if body heat increases.

ver o l l g Pu arget n i n Run .99 at T $24

*Do not dress in bulky clothes, they are not as moisture resistant. *80 percent of the bodyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s heat is lost through the head, so wearing a hat is beneficial.

Running T $27.99 a ights t Target Senior Maddy Gerleman dresses in fall running attire.


Page Design by Hannah Chute and Jeff Frieden. Information from Hannah Chute, Jeff Frieden,,, and

October 31, 2013



Choirs sing at the Fall Vocal Music Preview 150 Xavier students involved in the Xavier choir program warmed up their vocal chords and showcased their voices at the Fall Vocal Music Preview in the Regis-LaSalle Theater on October 21. This was the choirs’ first concert of the year. Mr. Matt Walker and Mrs. Jaclyn Hussey are the Xavier choir directors. They had help to prepare for the concert from student teacher Ms. Kelsi Holmes, who Xavier Chorale sings their final song, “With a Lily in will graduate from Luther College. Your Hand” under the direction of Mr. Matt Walker. There are five choirs this year. Bel Canto and Singing Saints songs at the concert in a variety which is different from the rest both consist of freshmen girls of languages. All of the choirs of the Xavier choirs. It is the only and boys, respectively. The other performed at least one song extra-curricular choir that Xavier three choirs, Xavier Chorale, in English and one in Latin. provides. Voce meets once a week Women’s Chorale, and Voce, Women’s Chorale took on a on Thursdays at 6 p.m. This gives are mainly for upperclassmen. third song in Japanese called them the opportunity to go more in“There is a new dynamic with the “Horatu Koi (Ho, Firefly).” depth with what they are learning. groups; a different variety,” Hussey “It was a difficult song to Voce is scheduled to make many said. “There is an opportunity learn,” sophomore Amy Olberding more appearances throughout for specific genders to have a said, “but after we practiced a few the school year with their Voce different direction of learning.” times, it started coming together.” Tour to Chicago in the spring. Each choir performed three The concert began with Voce, Voce performed three songs: Congratulations to those who made All-State Honor Choir! Auditions were held on Saturday, October 26 at West Delaware High School in Manchester. The All-State Music Festival will be held

on November 23 at 7:30 p.m. in the Hilton Coliseum at Iowa State University in Ames. The concert will be taped and then televised by Iowa Public Television.

Seniors: Harry Daubitz Emma Deignan Meredith Diebold Angelica Elkema Mason Montuoro

“Christ the Appletree,” “David’s Lamentation,” and “Elijah Rock.” Next was Bel Canto, who performed “A New Day,” “Domine Fili Unigenite,” and “When I Think of You.” Singing Saints was after, singing “Deo Dicamus Gratias,” “Bar’bry Allen,” and “A Trilogy of Knighthood.” Women’s Chorale then sang “All Ye Who Music Love,” “Hotaru Koi,” and “Agnus Dei.” Bel Canto, Singing Saints, and Women’s Chorale were all accompanied by pianist, Mrs. Sue May. Lastly was Xavier Chorale, who performed “Vere Languores,” “The Lord is the Everlasting God,” and “With a Lily in Your Hand.” The next choir concert is Christmas with Xavier, which will be held on December 15 in the Ron Thillen Gymnasium.

Freshman: Emily Lauer

Kayla Thompson A&E Writer Juniors: Michaela Brown Emma Keefe Noah Lauer Sam Moore Noah Manternach



Xavier High School

the xpress’ Scare-o-meter


Carrie, Rated R

Halloween Movies

3 out of 5

1. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown 2. Hocus Pocus

This movie is scary on a psychological level, and is less gory than most murder movies. See this movie if you are a fan of the original Carrie, The Shining, or 1408.

3. Halloweentown

The Conjuring, Rated R 4 out of 5

4. The Haunted Mansion

This movie features an incredibly creepy, yet realistic, haunted house. See this movie if you are a fan of Drag Me to Hell, The Haunting, or Insidious.

5. Tower of Terror 6. Twitches

Insidious Chapter 2, Rated PG-13

7. Ghostbusters

5 out of 5

8. Casper 9. The Nightmare Before Christmas 10. The Addams Family

This movie tops the unexpected moments leap out of your chair movie if you are a Paranormal Activity,

Scare-O-Meter. The will make you in terror. See this fan of Insidious, or Poltergeist.

Quiz: How well do you know scary movies?

1. Which movie was originally named The Babysitter 5. In Scream, Billy Loomis tells Sidney Prescott Murders? that he thought of her while watching what movie? a) Scream b) Halloween c) Poltergeist

a) The Ring b) Halloween c) The Exorcist

2. In which movie do children sing, “Three, four, better lock your door! Five, six, grab your crucifix!”

6. What is the name of the frightening, chainsawwielding villain from Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

a) Nightmare on Elm Street b) It c) Psycho

a) Leather Face b) Cut Throat c) Saws

3. What is the name of the clown in Stephen King’s It?

7. Which of these movies features a young Kevin Bacon?

4. In Psycho, what is Norman Bates’ disturbing hobby?

8. In which state does The Blair Witch Project take place?

a) Chuckles b) Giggles c) Pennywise

a) Taxidermy b) Doll collecting c) Singing

a) Friday the 13 b) The Shining c) Sinister

a) Kansas b) Maryland c) Iowa

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Answers: 1: b, 2: a, 3: c, 4: a, 5: c, 6: a, 7: a, 8: b

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October 31, 2013

Comics with Keefe


13 Ponder This... With Ben and Dano Who is your favorite comedian?

Everyone likes to laugh. There are certain comedians who can make us laugh more than the rest. We surveyed Xavier students and received 308 responses. Here are the results: Will Ferrell Steve Carell Adam Sandler Zach Galifianakis Jonah Hill Chris Farley Mike Meyers Ben Stiller John C. Reilly 100 80 60 40

“I like Will Ferrell because he is a child with a fro in a large man’s body. He also has a beautiful voice: a mix between Fergie and Jesus.” -Junior Matt Downey

20 Emma Keefe Comic Artist Kermit and Florence Alveshere Alan Anton Joan and Peter Bailey Bryan Banowetz Jim and Judy Bauer Linda Bauer Kenneth and Rosemary Bauer Doug and Char Boe Sandra Boe Dorrance and Shirley Brady Mark and Janice Brady Scott and Tammie Brady Jill Breitbach Lora Breitbach Hannah Brown Lydia and Mike Brown Chris and James Bryant Cassie Busch Larry and Marjory Bushaw Anna Busse Jeff and Michele Busse Monica Busse Colleen Camp Bill Christianson Matt and Tracie Chute Mr and Mrs Robert Chute Mindy and Gary Coleman Jane and Rob Collins Morty and Mona Lisa Cooksey Clark and Kathy Cunningham Carol and Pat Deignan Mike and Karen Delaney Dave and Laura Diebold Dave and Melissa Dostal

Jan and Mike Drahozal Joe and Kelly Drahozal Dave and Polly Draker Nicole Draker Bill and Lu Efting Jim and Liz Efting Ryan Ekland Tom and Terry Ekland Steve and Kay Elliott Carl and Carol Esker Mike and Jody Esker Tracie Fabiano Doug Feltes Jack and Micki Fenske Jim and Linda Fenske Jenny and Jeff Frieden Mike Frieden Dick Galligan Gene and Betty Gerke Julie and Joe Gerke Michael Graeve Tracy Graeve Mike and Kathy Gravel Diane Hansen Paul and Bryn Hayes Tracie and Brian Hazelett Dutch and Ock Herrig Laura M Herrig Mike and Wendy Herrig John and Sasha Hoffman Marvin and Linda Hoffman Mike and Courtney Hoffman Allyson Hovda Dick and Pam Hunt

Virgil and Carlyn Hunt The Janney Family Cindy Jensen Jeanne Joens John and Con Inc. Ray and Beth Kamin Ray and Jan Kamin Katy Karas Kelli Kerton Gene and Sally Kopecky Ann and Tim Kortemeyer Mary Levett Paula and Jim Levett Dave and Sharon Loecher Doris Logel Dan and Donna Lynch Megan Lynch Jeanne and Gerry MacEachern Brennan McAllister Bill and Mary Lou McCartan Kerry McCartan Will McCartan Father Tom McDermott Tom and Mary McGivern Maureen and Jason McHugh Liz Miller Mr and Mrs Duane Miller MobileDemand Leo and Diane Monaghan Ann Moran Julie Moran Regan Moran John and Ruth Neuzil Bob and Mary Tarbox Nicholson

Ben Valentine & Daniel Vega Opinion Writer & Sports Writer Makenzie Noonan Mike Noonan Steve and Janet Noonan Nixie Olderburg Daniel Pape Chris and Roberta Peters Powell Chiropractic Kevin and Denise Pudil Rosie Pudil Ann and Dave Richardson John Richardson Tom and Dianna Richardson Peyton Rosencrants Denny and Karan Ruzicka Mr and Mrs Richard Saunders Joe and Barb Schmall Mr and Mrs Jason Schmidt Colleen and Randy Scholer Mike and Mary Pat Schulte Jim and Carolyn Sigmon Don and Patricia Sima Maddie Smith Hailey Sojka Mairlynn Sonderman Becky and Brad Stovie Marisa and Richard Sullivan Dave and Karen Thinnes Matthew Thommanna Wilma Thompson Scott Thompson Family Fred and Bev Timko Tom Troester Bev Valant Douger and Amers Valentine


Mary Lou Valentine Abbe Vega Carlos and Amy Vega Domingo and Katie Vega Michael and Shelley Waldron Mike and Sue Waldron Jerry and Betty Weiland Jeff and Cheryl Westlund Anne White Terry and Janet Whitney Lynn and Lynn Woellert Corbin Woods Elizabeth Woods Gerald M. Woods Greg and Nancy Wymore James and Elizabeth Zook

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Xavier High School

Seniors ready for playoffs Looking forward to state There are 11 members on the Xavier volleyball team, with eight of the them being seniors. With October 15 being the last regular season home game for the Saints, the seniors proved they wanted to leave Ron Thillen Gymnasium on a high note. “It’s really exciting to be a senior,” Halle Heying said. “We try to make the most out of every game, practice, and tournament so we can get better everyday.” They made the most of their senior night, beating Prairie 3-0 in a conference matchup. The Saints won the first set by the narrow margin of 25-23, capped by a kill from senior Kasey Vanden Bosch. The next two sets were won by the comfortable margins of 25-15, 25-19. Junior Kayla Torson ended with 14 kills, Junior Madsy Richards added 12, Vanden Bosch had eight kills and senior Kara Zwanziger had seven. “Our goal is play to the best of our abilities each time we step onto the court,” Zwanziger said. The seniors led the team to a strong showing in the Mississippi Valley Tournament and toughed it out in a pool play, beating Dubuque Senior in two sets, 21-9,21-7. Xavier faced a minor setback when losing to Linn-Mar in three sets, 21-14, 21-17, 15-12. The Saints won the second set. They came back strong in their last pool game of the day beating Cedar Rapids Kennedy and taking the last two sets, 21-7, 21-13, 15-12. Their win allowed them a trip to the championship bracket. They faced a tough Cedar Falls team they had beaten earlier in the regular season. The Saints lost 25-10, 25-21, 15-13, to the Tigers who went on to win the tournament. The Saints managed

The volleyball team prays together before the start of the Senior Night game. Meghan Gerke Photo. to

win the second game. “We are trying to take games one at a time,” senior Britni Scholtes said. “We know they won’t just be handed to us. We have to keep working on the small things every practice.” The Saints finished their regular season off on a high note, taking down Dubuque Wahlert in Dubuque Tuesday, October 22 in a conference match. The Saints were forced to work hard, but they came away with the victory in four sets, winning the first, third, and fourth 25-23, 25-11, 29-27, 2521. They came home champions of the Valley Division of the Mississippi Valley Conference. Torson ended up with 23 kills and Richards ended with 17. Scholtes collected 56 assists. Vanden Bosch had three blocks. “We’re really coming together as a team. We want to make it to state, so we are really working hard in practices,” Vanden Bosch said. The fourth ranked Saints raised their record to 27-10 and earned a bye in the first round of regionals. They will begin tournament play Thursday, October 31 at home taking on the winner of the Central Dewitt and Maquoketa Tournament. Game time is at 7 p.m.

The Xavier cross country teams started the year with high hopes and expectations. As the season draws to a close, there is one last meet: the state championship. “Both coach Jones and I are first year coaches,” Xavier assistant cross country coach Kyle Mallie said, “so we didn’t know a whole lot of what to expect.” After finishing third in the 3A regional meet at Solon last Thursday, freshman Emiko Coffey, sophomores Sydney Oakley, Hannah Chicchelly, and Jenny Dickes, juniors Brady Hoffman and Madeline Bailey, and senior Marinna Schroud qualified for state as a team. Dickes and Coffey also qualified individually, placing fourth in 15:40 and sixth in 15:41 respectively. “We want to get to our goal,” Coffey said, “and we want to beat our personal records. We look at ranks and think, ‘I’m gonna beat this girl’.” Tapering and pack running have become important tools to the Saints in preparation for state “Tapering is reducing the intensity of the workouts,” coach Mallie said. “At the beginning of the year you start off with very hard workouts to get in shape, and you taper to

get their legs rested and strong to run the important meets.” While the boys’ team placed fifth and did not make it to state, Xavier’s standout runner Jacob Schmitt placed tenth individually and qualified for state in a time of 17:05. “I’m really proud of the season,” Schmitt said. “I wish the boys had qualified. But I hope the girls do well, too.” Mental and emotional preparations are key parts of preparing for any race. State can cause extra nerves and pressure. “Right before, we say it’s just another race,” Coffey said. “It’ll only take 16 minutes. It’s a mental sport, so I’m working on my mentality.” The Saints run Saturday at Lakeside Golf Course in Fort Dodge. Jenny Dickes was named first team MVC All Conference team, and Emiko Coffey was named to the second team. Freshman Addy Hoffman and sophomore Steven Culpepper were honorable mentions. Seniors Marinna Schroud, Lauren Smith, Jacob Schmitt, and Bryce Volk made the All Academic team. Katherine Bauer Copy Editor

Golf season comes to a close

As the season comes to a close and the state tournament wraps up, the Xavier Saints golf team ends a memorable run.
 “I was able to tell Matt, Ben, John, and Jordan prior to them teeing
off at this year’s state tournament that I was a little bit jealous,” Coach Tim O’Brien said. “The reason being is that they were going to get to do something I
never accomplished as a player and that was the opportunity to play in
two Iowa High School Boys Golf State Tournaments.That was a very memorable moment for me.”
 O’Brien had two goals for the team. He wanted them to win their 3rd consecutive MVC Valley Divisional Title and qualify for Morgan Breitbach and compete in back-to-back Sports Assistant Editor state tournaments as a team.
 “By accomplishing both of those goals, these young men continue to blaze new trails for the Xavier boys golf program,” O’Brien said.
 The Saints finished their season off at the state tournament at Hunters Ridge Golf Course in shot a team score 3905 Center Point Rd NE Marion.They of 663 and finished 10th out of 12 Cedar Rapids teams.The team battled for the (319) 393-3736 championship along side fellow

Mississippi Valley Conference foes Cedar Rapids Kennedy and Cedar Rapids Washington.
 With this season in the books, O’Brien has his eyes set on next year with some new goals. He will also have some new players he will need help from.
 “We have a number of players currently in
the program or possibly that will just be getting started at Xavier that will have the opportunity to fill the vacancies left inour line-up by thegraduating senior class,” O’Brien said. Coach O’Brien is looking forward to continuing the success next season. Daniel Vega Sports Writer

The boys’ golf team holds up the Golf State Qualifier banner after an all school state send-off. Meghan Gerke Photo.


October 31, 2013


One game at a time A swimming community The Xavier Saints football seniors recognize their high school football games are numbered and, like the whole team, are trying to play the best they can in the playoffs. “In the back of our minds we realize any game could be our last,” senior quarterback Quinton Scholer said. “We are playing hard, but so are the juniors.” The football team played against Cedar Falls on Friday, October 18 at Saints Field. Xavier won 14-0. After three scoreless quarters, Xavier was able to score two touchdowns in a span of 64 seconds with eight minutes remaining in the fourth quarter. Senior quarterback Quinton Scholer played an impressive game after suffering an ankle injury at the Waterloo West game. “My ankle is feeling great now,” Scholer said. The first touchdown pass from Scholer went to senior tight end Matt Nelson. Senior Wes Gardner had a 62-yard punt return to make the game 13-0 two minutes after the first touchdown of the night. The Saints went on to play the Linn-Mar Lions on Friday,

October 25 at Linn-Mar. Xavier won 44-14 after senior Brendan Miller broke a school record by running 275 yards. Miller also scored four touchdowns for the Saints tying a school record. Previous record-holder was Will Martin who graduated in 2007. “It’s an honor to have tied and broke records set by Will Martin,” Miller said. Seniors Chris Ball and Wes Gardner also scored touchdowns to aid in the Saints’ victory against Linn-Mar. “We are looking at every game individually,” Miller said. “We are playing the games as best as we can. I want to tell the juniors that the season goes by fast and to take everything they can in.” Xavier ended their regular season with a record of 8-1. The Saints host the first playoff game against number 14 Clinton on Wednesday, October 30.

Shannon Mulcahey Sports Editor

Xavier girls swimming: a group of girls comprised of different schools. All representing Xavier. Even though these girls do not wear any blue and silver they are all a part of Xavier swimming. Sophomore Sam Valenta is the only girl from Xavier swimming for Cedar Rapids Washington. “It’s kind of weird not swimming or being on a team with the people you go to school with,” Valenta said. “It’s fun getting to know new kids and bonding with the team.” Xavier has three girls who are swimming for Cedar Rapids Kennedy including senior captain Carly Kenney, senior Claire Wenisch ,and freshman Alicia Miltner. “I have really enjoyed being a

captain. As a team, we are looking to do well at state and get a winner in every event,” Kenney said. The amount of trips back and forth from Xavier to Washington or Kennedy shows how dedicated the girls are. “I figured out that during swim season, I spent more time at Kennedy than I did at Xavier,” Wenisch said. “We have grueling morning and afternoon practices every day.” The Kennedy girls finished their regular season Tuesday, October 15 and the Washington regular season ended Saturday, October 26.

Nic Ekland Sports Writer

The Kennedy swim team poses for a picture before a meet. Haylee Burns Photo.

The Basics of Basketball Wait, what just happened? How does that work? Who is that? These are all common questions asked by people who are not proficient in a particular sport. It is very easy to become irritated with those people who constantly ask questions during a game. To help, the Xpress Sports team came up with a diagram of the Xavier basketball court with labels showing the positions of a team who is playing offense.

Three pointer: A shot worth three points beyond the three point arc.


Jump shot: A shot within the three point arc but farther than a layup worth two points.

Pass: Throwing the ball from one player to the next Free Throw: Shooting a free shot from the free throw line because of getting fouled on the way up for a shot

Travel: Running with the ball while not dribbling. Double dribble: Dribbling the ball, picking it up, and dribbling it again. Foul: Committing enough contact with the ball handler to knock them off their course.

Dribble: Using a hand to keep the ball going from the ground up to the hand consecutively.

Half Court Line: The start of the game starts with a tip-off where the referee throws the ball up between two designated opposing players. Sideline: Line on each side of the court that designated out of bounds zones. Throw-ins occur on any place along the endline. Design & Information by Shannon Mulcahey and Morgan Breitbach

Lay up: Shooting the ball in close range of the basket while at full speed, usually of the backboard, worth two points Pick: Using your body to block a defensive player from their man.



October 31, 2013

Halloween Costumes Check out these easy and fun Halloween costumes that you can make on a budget.

Duck Dynasty What you will need:

-Jeans -Beard/Hair/Bandana Set (Walmart) -Camo vest (Walmart) -Green/brown t-shirt (Walmart)

Put all the pieces together and wear the bandana around your head. Your costume is ready for a redneck night.

Pretty Little LiArs

What you will need: -Black dresses -Red duct tape -Curling Iron

Designate five girls to be one of the characters and place a red duct tape “A” on one of the dresses. Curl those locks and your costume is ready for an “A”wesome night.

Toy Story What you will need: What you need: Woody: Buzz Lightyear: -White tights (Target) -Tall black socks/boots -Purple shorts -White T-shirt (Walmart) -Masking tape -Wings (ToysRUs)

-Cowboy boots (Walmart) -Jean shorts -Yellow long sleeve shirt (Target) -Red handkerchief (Walmart) -Cowboy hat (Walmart) -Vest (cut up T-shirt)

Put the whole outfit together and add some creative designs to the T-shirts. Place a piece of masking tape on the bottom of one of the shoes with the name “Andy” written on them to officially become one of Andy’s toys.

Breaking Bad: Walter White What you will need:

-Bald cap (Target) -Goatee (Amazon) -Glasses -Safety goggles (Walmart) -Yellow chemical suit (Amazon) Put on the bald cap, glasses, and goatee. Then put on the chemical suit and wear the safety goggles around your neck.

Group Costume: Despicable Me Minions What you will need:

-Yellow sweatshirt -Blue jean overalls (Walmart) -Goggles -Optional: black gloves, boots, yellow leggings In order to make the goggles for the costume, place two stapled, tin foil circles onto an elastic headband and secure them in place. Wear them on top of the morphsuit and the costume is complete. Page design: Jenna Fenske Information: Mary Esker Photos: Pinterest, Google images

October 31st Issue  
October 31st Issue