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Jack Daubitz The Xpress Bi-weekly Xavier High School 6300 42nd St. NE Cedar Rapids, IA 52411 Volume 14 Issue 10


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Xavier High School

Facebook plans to go public Social networking company, Facebook Inc. has decided to become a publicly traded company, meaning the public will be allowed to buy stock in the business. Facebook will start with over $5 billion worth of stock available for purchase. The social networking site, which was co-founded by Mark Zukerberg in 2004, now has over 800 million users. In 2011, the company made over $3.71 billion, and is estimated to be worth between $75 and $100 billion. The stock will trade under the symbol FB on either the Nasdaq stock market or the New York Stock Exchange. Facebook is not the first social networking site to go public. It follows companies such as Zynga, Inc. and Pandora. A big part of Facebook’s revenue comes from selling ad space to other companies. Facebook is so appealing to the advertisers because of its

demographic: Facebook uses the information its members put on their profiles to strategically place ads. This way, the users that see them are the most likely to be influenced by them. As Facebook goes public, there Facebook executive, Mark Zuckerberg, delivers could be a the news that Facebook plans to begin selling stock in April. AP Images push for more advertisements, and more privacy is going public,” senior Elizabeth concerns for Facebook’s users. Gust said. “If I was an investor, I’d In November of 2011, Facebook invest in Facebook for sure. I bet made an agreement with the they’ll do really well.” Facebook plans to begin Federal Trade Commission that will help to protect its users’ selling shares by April of this year. personal information. However, many people still have privacy concerns regarding Facebook. Anna Busse “I’m not worried about my News Writer privacy, even though Facebook

Nick Stoeberl, a 21-year-old from California, has applied to Guinness Book of World Records to be certified for having the longest tongue in the world, defeating the longtime British record holder, Stephen Taylor. Stoeberl’s tongue is a

3.988 inches compared to Taylor’s 3.860 inches. These measurements are taken from the tip of the tongue to the middle of the closed upper lip. Taylor’s tongue is said to be long enough to set five doughnuts on. Stoeberl’s

Weird News: Man applies for world’s longest tongue

application is pending. “That is disgusting. I can’t imagine such a long tongue. It amazes me that he can fit five doughnuts,” sophomore Morgan Noonan said. Stephanie Brady News Writer


facebook goes public, Weird News: Man applies for world’s longest tongue