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Saints earn national titles at BPA From April 29 through May 4, Xavier High School students traveled 6 hours to Indianapolis, Indiana to attend the Business Professionals of America National Leadership Conference. Thirteen students from Xavier were among the thousands of students from around the country who attended the conference led by teacher and BPA advisor Mr. Tim O’Brien. The theme and goal of the conference was to “Accelerate Your Future” and prepare high school students for their professional business careers in the future. “I joined BPA when Mr. O’Brien asked me if I wanted to join after taking a computer business class with him,” said junior Dorothy Zaugg. “I can get a lot of scholarships just for being a part of BPA, and it helps me get ready for the business world because we have to dress and act professionally.” Upon leaving Xavier at 11:45 a.m., the BPA team arrived in Indianapolis at 6:30 in time to get settled in and prepared for an eventful few days. The four days the students were there were packed full of competitions,

On April 27, the 2014 Governor’s Scholar Recognition Program was held at the Iowa Events Center in Des Moines. This program recognizes the record of consistent academic excellence during one’s high

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13 BPA participants pose with coach Tim O’Brien before competition in Indianapolis. Photo Submitted. events, speakers, and more with Administrative Support Team the first competition at 12 on 1: with Max Fuhrman, Carolyn April 30 and the final event at Morrisey, Jennifer Sigmon, and 8:30 p.m. May 3. While their Jeff Frieden and Administrative time spent in Indianapolis was Support Team 2: with Josh Ford, educational, the Xavier students Amy Olberding, and Emma managed to fit a few fun activities Hauser received national top ten in as well. Students went out to awards. Senior AnnMarie Ford eat and visited a zoo, museum, won first place in Administrative and an amusement park in Ohio. Support Concepts and junior Xavier had a very successful Carolyn Morrisey won a top 10 time in Indianapolis with award in Database Concepts. nine students earning a Amy Boe national award. After placing Assistant News Editor first and second at state, the

Two students are Governor’s Scholars

Arts and Entertainment Editor

Daniel Vega

Seniors Colette Miller and Hunter Hayes are honored at the Governor’s Recognition Program. Photo Submitted.

school career. The program is a group effort between the official Office of the Governor, the Iowa High School Athletic Association, and the title sponsor, the Iowa Farm Bureau. This year, over 450 of Iowa’s highest achieving students were recognized for their academic excellence. Among the crowd of students, two Xavier Saints were chosen to attend the conference. Colette Miller and Hunter Hayes were the two seniors selected by the administration and teachers. Their academic excellence and leadership roles made them a solid match for attending this conference. “It was a great honor to be picked to represent Xavier,” Hayes said. “There were many worthy candidates for this program, and it’s humbling to see that I was chosen.” This program consisted of all the students meeting at the Iowa Events Center at 1 p.m.

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The Xpress Bi-weekly Xavier High School 6300 42nd St. NE Cedar Rapids, IA 52411 Volume 16 Issue 14

Xavier High School

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to start the meeting. Xavier Principal Tom Keating gave the opening address. He reminded students that they “either get better or get worse. You never stay the same.” He also wanted each student to recognize the adults who have supported them throughout their school careers. At the ceremony, each student received a certificate to keep and a certificate to give to their favorite or most influential teacher. They also received a picture of themselves on a plaque and walked across the stage and shook hands with Governor Branstad and Lt. Governor Reynolds. “It was nice to be recognized because I have put so many hours into studying and making sure that I do the best I can academically,” Miller said. “In moving forward, I hope to keep up my work ethic in college and beyond.” Erin Drahozal News Writer

May 8, 2014



Self-defense class 16 students attend Model UN Conference offered for senior girls Sixteen Xavier students traveled to the University of Northern Iowa campus on April 24 and 25 for the 50th annual Iowa High School Model United Nations Spring Conference. Along with moderator Mr. Nick Satterlee and chaperon Ms. Gineal Schrunk, the team members represented one of two countries to discuss several topics ranging from economics, laws and regulations, and foreign affairs. “My favorite part of moderating the group is watching the students perform at the Iowa Model UN Conference,” Mr. Satterlee said. “It is great to see that the students understand their country’s viewpoints and can express them in discussion.”
 Before heading to Cedar Falls, the group met every other week to prepare. The students were paired into committees to address unique aspects. Each committee had to write a position paper for their assigned country. They represented South Africa and China. They then met with other representatives of the same committee at UNI.

“This is a one word class. That “I handled international debt crisis, international food quality word is ‘no.’ No is a complete Remember that.” standards, and genetically sentence. On April 26, 18 girls and modified organisms in food a handful of their mothers products,” senior Adam Millsap said, who represented China.
 participated in a self-defense class Each day of the visit was at Xavier. The class was taught by filled with debate between C.M. Smaby, a member of the Cedar representatives. Topics such Rapids Police Department who as the rights of refugees, the has also worked with the FBI. The class was offered to all senior girls. Syrian civil war, and global debt “When you leave for college reform were analyzed. Students and go out in the real world, I want had to reach an agreement you to feel prepared,” Smaby said. and create an amendment The class was broken down to help resolve these issues.
 into two parts. The first three Freshman Piper Kesselring hours were spent in a classroom, represented China to debate while the final three hours took extraordinary rendition and place in the Xavier wrestling room. detention without charge.
 In the classroom portion, “My favorite part is meeting Smaby began his presentation by all the new people and debating listing a few startling statistics. world issues,” Kesselring said. Every minute, 24 women are “I enjoy it because I like to assaulted. Every seven minutes, a debate. It was an exciting event.” rape occurs. Smaby stressed that it is up to each girl to not become the victim. The class focused on preventative measures and how to get yourself out of threatening situations. Participants in the class discussed measures to take if being Katherine Bauer Copy Editor attacked. The merits of different options were discussed: screaming, using force, creating boundaries, going along with the attack, and bargaining with the assailant. In the afternoon, the girls were able to put their newfound knowledge to the test and learned simple moves they could use to defend themselves. Three black belt police officers were brought in to assist Smaby in teaching and to act as assailants for the girls to practice on. Four target areas were stressed as being the ideal place to disable an attacker: eyes, nose, ears, and throat. The girls practiced moves on each other, and

Senior Britni Scholtes practices a simple knee kick move on police officer Scott Syverson. Smaby Photo. at the very end of the class, they were put to the test. The police officers dressed up in full body gear and attacked each girl, and it was her job to fight back and escape. Participants in the class felt that the knowledge and skills they gained were beyond valuable. “I feel more prepared as I go off to college next year and less fearful of being in a big city,” Grace Winker said. Kelsi Fuller agreed. “I learned that no matter how small you are, you are always capable of defending yourself. Your determination is indefinite.” For more information about taking a self-defense class, visit Maria Efting News Editor



Xavier High School

Fly solo at prom and still have fun Hello Saints, prom fairy here. Your one and only source into the promfilled lives of Xavier students. Now, we are in the midst of prom season, and I am appalled at the fact that people are feeling bad for themselves because they don’t have a date. To that I say: YOU DON’T NEED A DATE TO HAVE A FUN TIME AT PROM! Why is it assumed that everyone going to prom needs a date? This will be my last dance at Xavier, and I have attended every dance without a date and have had an incredible time. Does not being asked make me less of a person? Absolutely not! But, unfortunately, the idea that you absolutely need a date for prom has overshadowed thedance itself. An innumerable amount of people have told me to ask a boy to go to prom with me so he can be “arm-candy”. Then, if I don’t like hanging out with him, I can just ditch him at the dance. Really? I thought having a date meant that you

gotten to the point where people get a date and it’s someone they have never talked to. As a result, people are just using dates for pre-dance pictures. So, go have fun at prom. If you’re not going to prom, have fun in whatever endeavors you will be partaking in. Be responsible. You know you love me, xoxo.

Shannon shows off her Prom Fairy gear, making prom dreams come true. Meghan Gerke Photo. both mutually agree to have fun with each other the entire night. Now, I’m not going to sit here and pretend like I wasn’t upset about not being asked to any dances. I was, but it doesn’t define who I am. I’ve been in homecoming groups where it was a mix of singles and couples, and I’ve had a lot of fun. Last year, I went in an all singles group for prom and had the time of my life. Not getting asked to a dance is not an excuse for you to not go. If you want to go to a dance, but don’t have a date, GO! Just because you

didn’t get asked doesn’t mean you’re not pretty enough or good enough. It just means your prince charming hasn’t found you yet. I certainly do not want to give the impression that everyone should stop going to dances with a date. What I’m trying to get at is that you shouldn’t feel bad for yourself if you don’t have a date. That shouldn’t inhibit you from having a fun time at dances. Most importantly, if you do want a date, try to go with a person you have at least talked to once. Sadly enough, it’s

Shannon Mulcahey Sports Editor


Spend quality time with family head around that no matter what I do, my family will always be there for me. It is absurd to think you aren’t ever going to argue or have a disagreement with your family and I am the first to admit I participate in my fair share of arguments. However, it continually amazes me that no matter what day I’m having or what I have said, my parents will forgive me and love me unconditionally. Siblings are also a huge part of the family bond. Whether you are the younger, middle, or older child the role is important. I have an older brother, and his advice and guidance have been a huge influence in my life. If you are the older sibling, your actions and words can have a positive impact on any younger siblings you have. Even if you may not have the best relationship with your parents or other family members, it is never too late to start. I encourage you to try to make the effort to improve and expand upon whatever your current family situation may be. I heard a saying once that fits perfectly: you spend your time trying to get your family off your back, only to discover they are the only ones who ever really have your back.

Hannah Chute Health and Lifestyle Editor

Satanly <

ridiculous to think you can’t be social and be with your family at the same time. Spend some of your weekends watching a movie with your parents, going out to eat, or more importantly going to church together. Even if your weekends are jam packed, take advantage of the opportunities you have during the school week. Appreciate family dinners because this is one of the best chances you have to talk to your family and to listen to what’s going on with their day. However, talking and listening at the dinner table requires a vital component: put the phone down. Do not text at the dinner table; engage. You can disconnect from mindless social media for an hour a night to make better use of your time. I guarantee you will remember the laughs and the conversations at the dinner table much longer than you will remember the text you sent or the Instagram picture you looked at. Look forward to all the holiday celebrations you get to share with your family because we are truly blessed we get to do this. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and many others are whole days you can forget about the craziness of everyday life and just relax with those that care about you. Your family loves you. It is a hard concept for me to wrap my


“You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.” Family is the most important thing, but can so easily be taken for granted. They are the ones that packed your peanut butter and jelly sandwiches before you took on the long days of elementary school, the ones that drove you around during the awkward phase of middle school, and the ones that are supporting you at all your high school activities. For seniors, they are the ones that you have to move away from in three short months. The idea that I will not be able to come home after school and talk about my day with my parents makes me incredibly sad. The realization has hit that the little things that they have always done for me are really the big things I will miss next year. So the question remains, what are we supposed to do about it? It is inevitable that at the end of the summer I will no longer be living with my parents. However, appreciation for my parents is something I can always have. Even for underclassmen who have more time at home, I can not emphasize enough to spend quality time with your family. It’s


May 8, 2014


Discover the flaws of relativism “If it feels good, do it.” “That’s your opinion and this is mine.” “I don’t want to impose my beliefs on others.” “I’m spiritual but not religious.” “What’s true for one person may not be true for another.” What is truth? Truth is the property of being in accord with fact or reality. Chris Stefanick (Catholic Youth Minister) wrote Absolute Relativism (most of this article will be quoted from this book). Relativism is the belief that there is no absolute truth, but that truth differs from person to person and culture to culture. Truth is relative to what each person or culture thinks. This is a belief that is very common and dangerous for us. The main flaw of relativism is the belief that it is absolutely true for everyone that nothing is absolutely true for everyone. Here is why it may be harmful to think this way. 1) Relativism robs us of a sense of meaning. Science can’t prove everything. Answers to life’s biggest questions (Why do I exist?) can only be answered by philosophy and theology. This leaves the meaning of life up to everyone’s personal opinion. 2) Relativism leaves us with no criterion except personal taste in moral decision – making. The moral compass of a relativist has nowhere to point but to himself. 3)

Francis of Assisi tells us we should work to build peace. But ther is no true peace without truth! There cannot be true peace is everyone is his own criterion, if everyone can always claim exclusively his own rights without at the same time caring for the good of others, of everyone, on the basis of the nature that unites every human being on this earth. -Pope Francis

Relativism undermines the right to life. “Abortion is wrong for you, but I believe it should be an individual choice for me.” Human life begins at conception. Killing innocent human beings is wrong. 4) Relativism puts the freedom of speech under attack. When someone speaks on their moral belief, they are often called a bigot. 5) Relativism destroys faith. Relativism would mean that God changes from person to person and that you could create God much like you would create your favorite drink at Starbucks. A major tenant of the relativist movement is tolerance. Tolerance is being able to dislike or disagree with someone and endure that idea. Just because you disagree with someone, doesn’t mean that you do not respect them. Now, instead of someone disagreeing on an issue, it is now labeled as intolerance. Also, saying that someone’s action is wrong is not the same thing as saying that the person is bad. Jesus accepted us all

” as people but he challenged us and loved us too much to let us stay in sin. The Apostles continued to proclaim a message that eventually led to all of their excruciatingly painful executions. Why would men proclaim this message if they had not physically seen the Risen Lord? The difference between this martyrdom and others dying for their faith is that they physically saw Jesus. They didn’t simply believe in something, but they KNEW FOR A FACT. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” He did not say, “I am, just another idea, an opinion, and a thought to consider.” If we believe that Jesus is the Son of God, then why are we accepting anything else? Why are we not accepting the truths of the Church he founded? He and the Church he founded are THE WAY, THE TRUTH, and THE LIFE. To be able to fight relativism, we have three weapons. 1) Change the way we talk to exclude relativist statements. 2) Speak the truth with

love. 3) Be joyful and holy. When people see and experience you in this way, they may wonder why you are so happy and righteous then find the truth themselves. It may seem bold that I claim to know the fullness of the truth because I know Jesus Christ and the Church he founded. But if this isn’t the truth, then what is? Yes, this takes faith in addition to the facts, logic, and reason to accept the claims of Catholicism. Considering all of the evidence present for the claims of Catholicism, it would take more faith for me to not fully accept them than to be a relativist.

We are building a dictatorship of relativism that does not recognize anything as definitive and whose ultimate goal consists solely of one’s own ego and desires.

-Pope Benedict

” ”

Ben Valentine Opinion Writer

Have faith in God’s plan for you If you know me, you know that I am a planner. In fact, once I graduate I want to study to become an event planner. I have been planning all my life, but there comes a point when you just aren’t supposed to know the next step. Mrs. Wagner often says, “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.” This is very hard for me to accept.

When something big like college decisions or friendships don’t go the way I imagined them to, I can get a little frustrated, especially towards God. This is where faith is put to the test. Once I hit that moment of defeat and chaos and think I’m broken, God puts a voice into my head telling me that everything is going to be alright. It turns out God had something better in store for me. He’s the ultimate event planner. Sometimes you get no for an answer because God has something better for you. That college you didn’t get into? There’s

a reason you’re going to the one you are. That failed relationship? There’s a reason God led you the other way. That team or show you didn’t make? You were needed somewhere else. There are so many unknown things of the future. You can’t let one thing shut you down. A lot of people go through life expecting to understand and obtain the answers for everything that is thrown at them. Unfortunately, this will never be the case. One of the hardest things for people to understand is illness to themselves or loved ones. My grandpa died

of cancer before I was born. He had a better understanding of his suffering than anyone trying to help him. He said, “God has a plan for me. He needs me more in Heaven than you all need me on earth. My time is now, but I will always be with you.” Although I did not know my grandpa Gene, that first sentence will stick with me forever. God has a plan. Listen for Him, and let Him make the moves. His plan is better than you could ever imagine.

We have all heard the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” in reference to books as well as people. How many of us actually follow that? I know that lots of people judge others based on their appearance. Our society has become so focused on what’s on the outside, but not on the inside.

Some people don’t care what they look like, and we think of them as lazy. Others spend hours preparing themselves for the day, and we think they are trying too hard. Who cares what we think? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but our opinions shouldn’t ruin a person’s outward appearance. If someone wants a tattoo, that doesn’t make them a bad person. They are just displaying images of what they love for everyone to see.

My mother has five tattoos, two of them represent her family, and one of them is a cancer ribbon because she survived Thyroid Cancer. People wear what they want and ink what they want because they are proud to be who they are. We need to have open minds when meeting new people, especially us seniors. A lot of times, transitioning to college is a time to start fresh and wear and do what you want. It should not be our

job to put others down because their outfit doesn’t match society’s fashion criteria. Fashion and tattoos are an art, and we have to be open to letting people express themselves. Go out into the world (or into college) with an open mind, and even try something new yourself.

Tory Brown Business Manager

Remember to keep an open mind

Chloe Streif Opinion Writer

Student Life

Xavier High School



What is one thing you want to do this summer?

Arp n a l o N

r Miller o n n o C

Weeks left

4 “I want to go on a family vacation to Washington.”

“I would like to go to state for baseball.”

W y atson b Ab

School days left


19 J o n ens a h g e M

Mondays left

“I am going on a mission trip with my friends to Oklahoma City.”

All School Masses

Whit t a e C


“This summer, I want to run the Color Run.”

“I want to get in a paint or shaving cream fight.”

Last day of school is June 5! Editor: Brady Hoffman Assistant Editor: Julie Woods

May 8, 2014



Prom Through the Ages Elvis Presley - Hound Dog was a popular tune back in the 1950s. Students were introduced to the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll and enjoyed their prom swing dancing to the new beat.


The Beatles exploded the billboard charts with their hit ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand’.

50s 70s

ABBA came out with a classic song played for decades to come, ‘Dancing Queen’. On the left is a picture of Ellen Degeneres at her senior prom in 1976.

‘Jack and Dianne’ by John Mellencamp struck the 80s teens’ hearts as they danced the night away.


Spice Girls, TLC, Kriss Kross, and 2Pac all hit the dance floor for the 90s teens.



Britney Spears at her high school prom decked in red in 1998.

The 2000s were a time of all sorts of music. Eminem, Usher, and punkrock Green Day all got the party bumping for the teens of the 2000s.

Above is Lebron James and wife Savannah Brinson at their high school prom in 2002.

Design by: Molly Vipond and Rachel Brady Photos by: Google Images



8 May 8, 2014



“I want to be a whale named Bok Choy.”

Charlie Dean “A few weeks ago one of the five year olds I coach, politely asked if I was a boy or a girl.”

Anna Jacobi


“I used to hide tots in my boy cargo shorts like Napoleon Dynamite and eat them during class.”

Maddy Gerleman

“I should be a mermaid.”

Sydney Younggreen

“Do you like my braces?”

Allison Schwach

“Sometimes when I’m bored, I lay on the ground and pretend I’m a crumb.”

Kylie DeWees

Page Editor & Photos: Anna White. Assistant Editor: Colette Miller.


0 m




C O U 0R mT

Xavier High School

“I liked LOTR before it was cool @frankhill.”

“Could Sean Ickes be any cuter?”

Sean Ickes

Ryan Flaherty

Mason Montuoro

“People voted for me?”

“For the...”

“...Money Team.”

Levi Miller

Miles Sullivan

Matt Nelson


“I used to have fabulous blond highlights and I don’t play sports.”




Health & Lifestyle

Xavier High School


Double Tree Hilton 350 First Avenue NE Cedar Rapids, IA 52401

Batas 1006 3rd St. SE Cedar Rapids, IA 52401

“We are going to 350 on First Ave, the new restaurant on top of the double tree. I am most excited to take my awesome girlfriend.” -Junior Stephen Jones

“I’m looking forward to having a marvelous time at dinner and grand march.” -senior Andrew Khairaliah

Elmcrest 1 Zach Johnson Dr. NE Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

Cibos 685 Marion Blvd. Marion, IA 52302

“Elmcrest has delicious food, and I am most excited for post prom.” -Sophomore Austin Havertape

“The food is good and the people are nice. I am most excited for dancing with my date.” -Senior Olivia french

Page Design: Hannah Chute. Photos from: Erin Drahazol, Lizzy Bailey, and Quinlan Moran.

May 8, 2014

Comics with Keefe



Emma Keefe Comic Artist

Prom vs. AP Exams

A Guide to Being a Good Dancer at Prom: with Nic Ekland

Are you nervous for prom because of your embarrassing dance moves? Instead of looking silly, here is a guide to being the best dancer at prom. Listen to the songs placed on the sides of the page and practice the dance moves demonstrated below. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be dancing like a pro in no time. La L a La - N (ft. aughty Bo Sam Smit y h)

imeflies T y a ll The W


Mov e-L

ittle M




ams l Willi

el Phar r


The Canoe Step One: Sit down on the floor with your knees bent. Clasp your hands together on the left side of your body. Step Two: Switch your hands to the right side and use your heels to drag yourself forward. Repeat.

Neo n Dem Lights i Lo vat o

Bey n itio Part


Youn g

- Vam p Week ire end

he and t s a n i r a ond .L. - M Diam E.V.O

n roke B y nd M n Me a - Rixto t Hear

The Leg Guitar Step One: Hold your right leg in your left hand at a 90 degree angle. Place your right hand in a fist near your right hip. Step Two: Punch your right hand down to the ground like youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re strumming a guitar and hop forward. Repeat.

AL Kille ittle Part d No y body Never - Fer gie aga




clo h - Dis



t Tee

- Zed


G ady

The Chicken Step One: Stand up straight and put your hands on your hips with your elbows facing back. Step Two: Flap your elbows repeatedly and bend your legs.

Page design by Emma Hunt, dances by Nic Ekland

Trou b


ker -




A&E Xavier High School Students perform in the Galaxy talent show


Whether it is sports, acting, or singing, extracurricular activities allow Xavier students to show and better their talents. However, many have talents that are not always known to the student body. These students gathered together on May 2 to perform for an audience at Galaxy, Xavier’s annual talent show. Started five years ago by Xavier controller Shea Francis, Galaxy invites and encourages all students with a talent to showcase it for fellow students, staff, and family members. This year, 19 acts, including musical performances, dancing, acting ensembles, and bands took the stage. Senior emcees Chad Eichler, Bryton Hayes, and Nicholas Mlodzik moved the show along and entertained the audience in between performances. Each student who had interest in participating in Galaxy was asked to put together an audition to preview what they would do. From there, the acts were approved by

Top: Sophomore Heather Hurt Middle: Freshmen Connor Miller and Hannah Zwanziger Bottom: Sophomores Matthew Hovda and Lucas Parker Right: Freshmen MeLeah Grubb, Jill Gannon, Tanya Zaugg, and Casey Murray

Xavier assistant choral activities director Mrs. Jaclyn Hussey. This is the second year that Mrs. Hussey has organized the talent show. “This event is a fundraiser for the fine arts department that benefits the art, theater, choir, and band departments and any activities they do. It’s a winwin event!” Mrs. Hussey said. Galaxy was open to all students, both performers and audience members. This year, the stage was filled with new faces. One particular ensemble act included freshman Hannah Zwanziger. She, along with four other friends, performed “Demons” a capella at Galaxy. “My friend Luke Lesnik arranged the song for different parts and we got a group together,” Zwanziger said. “I was nervous at first, but also excited to show the audience what students can do outside of school.”

Ashley Pudil A&E Assistant Editor

Top: Senior Emma Hunt Middle: Sophomore Emma Delaney and senior Lauren Smith Bottom: Senior Mason Montuoro Left: Junior Michaela Brown and eighth grader Gus Brown


May 8, 2014

Choir and band finish out the year With the end of the school year quickly approaching, the band has finished their year with their annual Spring Concert that took place on Tuesday, May 6. The band will host their annual end of the year banquet that will take place on Monday, May 19 at Blessed John XXIII Parish Hall. “My favorite part of this year was seeing so many freshmen get involved,” band director Ms. Kelli Swehla said. “The leaders of the group did a great job guiding these younger people and now they are ready to provide insight as we’ll have many more new people next year!” The choir department is also wrapping up their activities for the year. Along with the band, they will perform at the State Large Group Festival on Saturday, May 10. That following Monday, the choirs will sing in their annual Spring Vocal

Music Concert. They have been preparing for both these events since the Metro Choir Festival that took place in March. They will host their banquet on Tuesday, May 13.

1. Les Miserables 2. The Sound of Music 3. Nunsense 4. The Fantastiks 5. Godspell Kermit and Florence Alveshere Alan Anton Joan and Peter Bailey Bryan Banowetz Jim and Judy Bauer Linda Bauer Kenneth and Rosemary Bauer Doug and Char Boe Sandra Boe Dorrance and Shirley Brady Mark and Janice Brady Scott and Tammie Brady Jill Breitbach Lora Breitbach Hannah Brown Lydia and Mike Brown Chris and James Bryant Cassie Busch Larry and Marjory Bushaw Anna Busse Jeff and Michele Busse Monica Busse Colleen Camp Bill Christianson Matt and Tracie Chute Mr and Mrs Robert Chute Mindy and Gary Coleman Jane and Rob Collins Morty and Mona Lisa Cooksey Clark and Kathy Cunningham Carol and Pat Deignan Mike and Karen Delaney Dave and Laura Diebold Dave and Melissa Dostal

Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend, the preppy four man indie rock band with lead singer and guitarist Ezra Koenig, is originally from New York and was formed in 2006. It is collectively and plainly stated, superb. Personally, I Xavier Chorale practices take offense if someone were their songs for the State to point at just one of their Large Group Festival under pieces of work rather than the direction of Mr. Walker. looking at their journey of Emma Hunt Photo. artistry in its entirety. Rather than looking at a piece of Kayla Thompson the pie, I’m here to discuss A&E Writer them wholly as an artist. Vampire Weekend, a band often marred because their name includes vampire, a word tainted thanks to Plays Twilight, was originally put on the map with their first album 1. Amadeus Vampire Weekend in 2008. The diversely fresh album includes gleeful songs that 2. Lost In Yonkers make you want to do a jig with a touch of a more serious and mature feel, including 3. One Flew Over the hits such as A-Punk, The Kids Cuckoo’s Nest Don’t Stand a Chance, 4. Taming of the Shrew and Oxford Comma.

Mr. C’s Top Five’s Musicals

Nic’s Picks

The album Contra by Vampire Weekend touched the world in 2010, and I consider it to be one of the smoothest, most chill worthy albums with ear tingling guitar rifts to date. Although this album isn’t recent, I still encourage you to look it up on iTunes. For a mere $10.00 you will receive hours full of shuffled delight. Vampire Weekend is currently signed with XL Recordings and released the album Modern Vampires of the City in 2013, which received much fan recognition, including winning a Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album. Modern Vampires includes the mega hit Diane Young and the gradually building, life reflecting Hannah Hunt. Vampire Weekend will forever be a favorite of mine, and I will continue to defend their name and encourage everyone to give them a listen.

5. Noises Off! Jan and Mike Drahozal Joe and Kelly Drahozal Dave and Polly Draker Nicole Draker Bill and Lu Efting Jim and Liz Efting Ryan Ekland Tom and Terry Ekland Steve and Kay Elliott Carl and Carol Esker Mike and Jody Esker Tracie Fabiano Jake and Theresa Fanhle Doug Feltes Jack and Micki Fenske Jim and Linda Fenske Jenny and Jeff Frieden Mike Frieden Dick Galligan Gene and Betty Gerke Julie and Joe Gerke Michael Graeve Tracy Graeve Mike and Kathy Gravel Diane Hansen Paul and Bryn Hayes Tracie and Brian Hazelett Dutch and Ock Herrig Laura M Herrig Mike and Wendy Herrig John and Sasha Hoffman Marvin and Linda Hoffman Mike and Courtney Hoffman Allyson Hovda

Dick and Pam Hunt Virgil and Carlyn Hunt The Janney Family Cindy Jensen Jeanne Joens John and Con Inc. Ray and Beth Kamin Ray and Jan Kamin Katy Karas Kelli Kerton Gene and Sally Kopecky Ann and Tim Kortemeyer Mary Levett Paula and Jim Levett Dave and Sharon Loecher Doris Logel Dan and Donna Lynch Megan Lynch Jeanne and Gerry MacEachern Brennan McAllister Bill and Mary Lou McCartan Kerry McCartan Will McCartan Father Tom McDermott Tom and Mary McGivern Maureen and Jason McHugh Liz Miller Mr and Mrs Duane Miller MobileDemand Leo and Diane Monaghan Ann Moran Julie Moran Regan Moran John and Ruth Neuzil


Nic Ekland Opinion Assistant Editor Bob and Mary Tarbox Nicholson Makenzie Noonan Mike Noonan Steve and Janet Noonan Nixie Olderburg Daniel Pape Chris and Roberta Peters Powell Chiropractic Kevin and Denise Pudil Rosie Pudil Ann and Dave Richardson John Richardson Tom and Dianna Richardson Peyton Rosencrants Denny and Karan Ruzicka Mr and Mrs Richard Saunders Joe and Barb Schmall Mr and Mrs Jason Schmidt Colleen and Randy Scholer Mike and Mary Pat Schulte Don and Patricia Sima Maddie Smith Hailey Sojka Mairlynn Sonderman Becky and Brad Stovie Marisa and Richard Sullivan Dave and Karen Thinnes Matthew Thommanna Wilma Thompson Scott Thompson Family Fred and Bev Timko Tom Troester Bev Valant Douger and Amers Valentine


Mary Lou Valentine Abbe Vega Carlos and Amy Vega Domingo and Katie Vega Michael and Shelley Waldron Mike and Sue Waldron Jerry and Betty Weiland Jeff and Cheryl Westlund Anne White Terry and Janet Whitney Lynn and Lynn Woellert Corbin Woods Elizabeth Woods Gerald M. Woods Greg and Nancy Wymore James and Elizabeth Zook

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Xavier High School

Hadzic living the American Dream

It all started in 1992 in the city of Sarajevo. The city, now a part of Bosnia, was under siege for about three years. Amir Hadzic, the Xavier boys’ soccer head coach, grew up in Sarajevo until he had to flee the country to America. Those who inhabited Sarajevo during the war, approximately 300,000, were living in fear. According to Hadzic, of the 300,000 in Sarajevo, about 10,000 people died and 40,000 were wounded. Hadzic decided the best thing for him to do was to start a new life away from war. This decision was a difficult one, as he had to leave his parents and older brother behind. The journey to escape the brutality began with the decision to leave. What ensued was an incredible flight. “The only way out was through a tunnel that people built underneath the airport which was occupied by the United Nations forces,” Hadzic said. “This tunnel was a half mile long, very low and narrow, and there was mud up to my ankles the entire way. We walked in complete darkness, and then we had guides who took us to the top of the nearby mountain where buses waited for us to take us to safety.” Hadzic stayed in a refugee camp

in Pula, Croatia for eight months. He later applied to a U.S. sponsored program for Bosnian refugees. As a result, he went through several interviews that were held in the U.S. Embassy in Croatia. Once the interviews were over, he was able to obtain the necessary paperwork to come to the U.S. Something beautiful came out of Hadzic’s situation. He met his future wife, Amy Weismann, in the Croatian refugee camp. They got married in 2001 and have a fouryear-old daughter named Hanna. “She (Hanna) is the most wonderful little person who brightens our lives every day,” Hadzic said. Hadzic has played soccer most of his life, and it became an escape from the hardships his city was going through. “I could play all the time and never get tired of it,” Hadzic said. “We even played during the war and risked our lives in the process. I guess we truly played for the love of the game.” When asked who his role model is, he answered it is his father. “I learned many things from him, including how to treat all people with respect, kindness, and compassion. How to do things with integrity, and how to deal with good and bad

things that life throws at you.” Besides being the boys’ head coach, Hadzic is also Mount Mercy University’s boys’ soccer coach as well. He manages to coach both teams and work a full-time job at Mount Mercy University as the Assistant Director of International Programs and Student Services. The first day Amir stayed in Iowa with his wife’s family, he received The Cedar Rapids Gazette. He saw that Mount Mercy was advertising a soccer coach position. “I didn’t have a resume or cover letter ready at that time, but I had my scrapbook with all the hand notes, pictures, and newspaper articles from my playing career,” Hadzic said. After his interview with the director, he was offered the position as the coach. He later applied to be Xavier’s head coach. Hadzic has led Xavier to three state championships. Sophomore varsity player Jacob Lacy has known Hadzic all his life. His older brother Aaron Lacy (’10) also played for Hadzic while he was at Xavier and was recruited by Hadzic to play soccer for Mount Mercy University. “He teaches us to do the right thing and to try and be a better player and person,” Lacy said.

Amir Hadzic smiles during a home game after Xavier scored a penalty shot. Meghan Gerke Photo. “He is kind, respectable, and a person someone could look up to.” Hadzic reached a milestone in his coaching career with Xavier. He picked up his 100th win on April 26 when Xavier won the Iowa City Regina Tournament. Xavier beat Dyersville Beckman and Davenport Assumption 3-0 in both games. Hadzic’s life story of coming to America to live the “American Dream” is one that is inspirational to all the players he has coached over the years. Hadzic has aided Xavier in continuing the soccer program’s “tradition of excellence.”

Shannon Mulcahey Sports Editor

Kadlec continues reign Drake Relays full of memories Xavier High School has been in existence for nearly 16 years. The school has had just one girl’s golf coach, Mrs. Julie Kadlec. Coach Kadlec’s tenure dates back to the grand opening of Xavier High School and beyond. She was also the varsity girls’ golf coach for Regis High School before Regis and LaSalle merged. “I continue to hear back from past golfers who have fond memories of playing golf for either Regis or Xavier, regardless of what level they competed at,” said Coach Kadlec. “The reason I have enjoyed coaching girls’ golf for so long is that I love watching the players develop from somewhat quiet and reserved underclassmen to confident and assertive leaders of the golf program.” Year after year, she comes back to coach young adults and student athletes at Xavier. Coach Kadlec continues to work with young student athletes at Xavier because she believes it is such a rewarding profession to create a warm and caring environment for students outside the classroom (or gym) walls. The senior leadership has been a common factor for the team as seniors Maddie

Senior Grace Winker finishes her swing at a Xavier golf meet. Abby Watson Photo. Bertsch, Grace Winker, and Kara Zwanzinger are swinging away and sinking big putts to continue to be ranked atop the 4A poll. According to the head coach, the senior leadership she has on this squad is the backbone of the whole team experience. According to Coach Kadlec, the team is doing well but needs to continue to make puts and play their game to continue their success throughout the year. The team is 27-3 five meets into the season. They have losses to Iowa City West & Dubuque Senior in a quad and a triangular meet. The team tied with Pleasant Valley April 29 at Hunters Ridge Golf Course with a 348. The girls played against at Hunters Ridge on May 5. Daniel Vega Sports Writer

The Drake Relays are one of the top track and field events in the country where current Olympians, college athletes, and high schoolers compete. This meet is held in Des Moines at Drake University’s track, called the Blue Oval. This year the event was held from April 24 to April 26, with high school teams from all around the state competing in all of the different events. Xavier sent the 4x100 girls’ team consisting of sophomore Sydney Oakley, senior Allison Schwach, junior Taylor Skala, and senior Molly Breitbach. The Saints did not place in a race that had top tier teams from around the state but they did run a personal record. “The most memorable thing about Drake was being able to get a personal record in our 4x100 relay,” said Schwach. “Being able to watch some Olympians run was pretty cool too.” The girls’ team has been consistently improving their times each meet in preparation for the State meet which starts May 22. “We are trying to get a lot of people in different events so that the most people have

Junior Kayla Torson runs during an away track meet. Megan Lynch Photo. the opportunity to make it to the state meet,” said Schwach. The boys’ team also sent a 4x100 team made up of senior Chris Ball, sophomore Sean Murphy, senior Levi Miller (who subbed for sophomore Nick Stark), and senior Miles Sullivan. Stark also competed in the long jump and placed eighth. The girls competed Tuesday, May 6 at the Prairie Relays. Both the boys’ team and the girls’ team competed in the MVC Divisionals at Cedar Rapids Prairie Thursday, May 8. Morgan Breitbach Sports Assistant Editor

Sports 15 Juniors taking varsity lead Q & A with Michael Mims May 8, 2014

In most sports, players have to wait until their junior year to be on varsity. Only exceptional athletes make it onto varsity their freshman year. However, this is not an uncommon thing for the Xavier girls’ tennis team. Juniors Claire Bouchard, Allison Jasper, and Jeanne Bouchard have been on varsity since their freshman year. “I feel very fortunate to have been on varsity since freshman year,” Jasper said. “I have gained experience, and that has allowed me to continue to become a better player!” These girls are appreciative of the opportunity their coaches have given them. They understand that not many people experience what they will: four years of varsity. “I feel honored to be on varsity all of my high school career,” Jeanne said. The Bouchard girls also have the unique experience of playing doubles tennis together. They took up the sport when they were ten and were playing in tournaments by age twelve. They split up their freshman year to play doubles with new partners, but reunited last year to make it to state. They finished ninth after losing in the first round and winning one of two consolation matches. Their state appearance has driven them throughout this season.




2 GG State BB Away SB Home 8 GS 9



Q: Why did you decide to transfer from Prairie to Xavier?

Michael Mims, junior

Juniors Claire Bouchard, Allison Jasper, and Jeanne Bouchard pose together after a tennis meet. Bouchard Photo. “My personal goal is to go to state in doubles with Jeanne,” Claire said. “We want to get to the top at state, preferably win!” Jasper began tennis in first grade, but really became competitive in middle school. She did not start doubles until she attended Xavier. This year, she plays with senior Kylie DeWees. Jasper also played at state last year and made it to the quarter final round. “This year, I have been working on my serve and placement over power,” Jasper said. “My personal goal is to qualify for individual state again and make it past the quarter finals this year.”

Q: What was the reasoning Q: How did your parents behind coming to Xavier at help you in the transfer the end of the school year? process?

A: In order to be eligible to A: They supported me play in the next basketball the whole way. They said season (winter 2014), I have whatever I wanted to do was to be in school for 90 days. fine with them. Q: Were there any Q: Are there any colleges stereotypes that were that are already trying to broken once you came here? recruit you for basketball? A: I really came with an open mind to Xavier. I’ve heard great things about this school so I wasn’t judgmental.

Katherine Bauer Copy Editor

June 2014 Xavier Sporting Events T W Th

4 BT State 3 GG State SB Away BB Home GS Regional 10 11 Regional BB Home BB Home SB Home


5 6 BS State BS State GT State SB Away GT State BB Away BB Away 12 13 GS state BB Home SB Away SB Away


7 BS State GT State

A: I have talked to recruiters from Truman State University (Missouri) and also from Wayne State University (Nebraska).

Information and Photo by Shannon Mulcahey



14 GS state SB Away




16 17 18 19 20 BB Away BB Home SB Home BB Away BB Home SB Home SB Home

A: I came here because I wanted a personal change. Everyone I knew said they liked Xavier, and I wanted to be involved in a good basketball program.


7 BB Away SB Home 14

July 2014 Xavier Sporting Events T W Th 8



9 12 10 11 SB SB BB Away Regional BB Home Regional 16

15 SB Regional

17 BB 18 BB 19 Districts Districts

BB Home 21 22 23 24 25 State SB State SB State SB State SB State SB


BB Districts

23 24 25 26 27 28 BB Away SB Away BB Home SB Home BB Away SB Away


28 State BB

29 State BB

30 State BB

31 August 1 State BB State BB


SB Away 29

30 July 1 BB Home SB Away





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Michele Ann Burke Owner, Head Instructor Phone 319-393-0303 Studio Dance 3907 Center Point Rd. NE Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

BS= Boys soccer BB= Baseball GS= Girls soccer SB= Softball

BT= Boys tennis GG= Girls golf GT= Girls tennis

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fifth annual

May 8, 2014

Grandparents’ Mass On Wednesday, April 30, 2014 the Xavier students and faculty welcomed over 350 grandparents for the fifth annual Grandparents’ Mass. They were invited to breakfast preceeding the Mass and were welcomed by Mr. Keating before joining their grandchildren for Mass.

Faith Bohrer‘15

Katy Ropp ‘16

Nick Stark‘16

Charlie ‘14 & Jared ‘17 Dean

Daniel Richardson ‘16

Kelsy Lempka ‘17

Framk ‘14 and Jane ‘17 Hill

Freshman Katie Tallett and her grandmother

Sophomore Kyle Skomal and his grandparents

Junior Nic Ekland and his grandmother

Hunter (‘14) and Brie (‘17) Baldus and cousin Madison Kadlec (‘16) with their grandfather

Senior Maddy Gerleman and her grandparents

Mason Hoxie ‘16

Mr. Schulte & Bryce Schulte ‘17

Maddie Andrews ‘17

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May 8th