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October 31 of every year is looked upon with fun and fear. Halloween dates back to the beginning of time. This will go through the evolution of the Famed holiday and explain why These different traditions are celebrated.

Mid 1800’s

Irish immigration increased • Brought many Halloween traditions with them • Jack -o’ -lanterns started being made with pumpkins instead of squashes

Late 1800’s

• •

Catholics/Episcopalians made a push for their traditions to be accepted Made an effort for the holiday to be included on public calendars, magazines and newspapers

“My dad always dresses up as a monster and sits on the porch, absolutely still. When kids come up and ring our doorbell, he jumps out and scares them.”

-- Sophomore Camden Chicchelly

Mid 1900’s

• • •

Halloween turned into a secular holiday Parties, parades, costumes Aimed towards children


“In middle school, my sister and I always had Halloween parties for our whole grade. Stoney Point is the best place to trick or treat in Cedar Rapids.”

-- Freshman Taylor Deutmeyer

Information by: Ameena Challenger & Rachel Brady Page Design: Anna White & Rachel Brady

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Halloween traditions