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Don’t box yourself in; try something new

Senior Cassie Busch sings at the Regis Middle School Talent Show in 8th grade. Eric Busch Photo the play? Why couldn’t I be a model? Okay, for that last one I eventually realized that I did fall a little short, in more ways than one. However, all of these crazy thoughts did open me up to new worlds that I had been too scared to venture into before. I sang “My Heart Will Go On” in the Regis talent show that year. I had been trying out for solos for years in choir, but had never gotten one. It had always been my dream to be up on that stage alone, and by some miracle I managed to push all

of my fears aside and get myself up there. I was the opening act, and somehow I got through the entire song without forgetting a word. Once in a while I pull out the copy of my performance that we bought and watch it. I realize now that there was a pretty good reason I never got any solos as a kid. However, what I think is the most important thing is that when I was up on that stage, I did feel like Celine Dion. It doesn’t matter so much that I didn’t sound like her. I didn’t let anything hold

Learn your parking lot etiquette

Cassie Busch Editor-in-Chief

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The junior/senior parking lot bustles with activity right after school. Waiting in a long line is inevitable. Chloe Streif Photo need to be somewhere immediately after school, why not wait a few minutes for the traffic to clear out? I know that many of us have after school jobs, appointments, or practices that we need to get to, and people waiting in line to go home take up a lot of space. The parking lot is usually cleared out by 3:00 anyway. If you do need to be somewhere, however, please do not try to squeeze your massive Silverado truck in the small space between my Lumina and the car in front of me. I do not think cutting people off makes anyone happy, and my car does not need any more scratches and dents than it already has. Secondly, learn to let people in the line of traffic. This goes for

both juniors and seniors alike. If you’re in no hurry to be somewhere, let some people go in front of you. They probably have an important place to go, and even if they don’t, they will appreciate your courtesy and kindness. Maybe they will even return the favor someday. So, my friends, the next time you’re getting ready to fly out of your seat after the bell rings, remember to be polite and learn to love your fellow drivers in the XPL. Once the little changes are done it will ease many minds, as well as calm the road rage in us all.

Ashley Pudil A&E Writer

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It is no secret that every Xavier student is busy with endless activities, practices, and homework every night, and I am no different. I have, as they say, places to go, people to see, things to do. How am I supposed to get to these places if the parking lot is a mess after school? Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I am on a tight time schedule to get out of the Xavier parking lot (more commonly known as the XPL) and drive to May City Bowl for bowling practices and meets by 3:10 on the dot. When I mapped this out, I spent about three minutes grabbing my coat, car keys, and eventually making my way out to my car. This put me at 2:48. I then spent anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes getting out of the parking lot and driving down 42nd Street. If you did the math correctly, the time at this point is around 2:58 or 3:03 P.M., leaving me barely 10 minutes to zoom down Edgewood Road. Are you kidding me?? The plain solution suggested by some fellow students is that underclassmen should move out of the way and let seniors out first, but this is not going to be the case. I do have some suggestions to help the traffic situation if everyone is willing to listen and silence your car horns. First and foremost, if you do not

me back that night, even myself. If you have had the misfortune of sitting next to me while we’re singing at Mass and this story doesn’t inspire you, I don’t know what will. What I’m saying is that it doesn’t matter how hard you could fall when you climb out of that little box, all that matters is that you get out in the first place. You never know what could happen if you do! It’s never too late to start believing in yourself, and picturing yourself in a new way. Sign up for track if you’re a “nerd,” audition for the spring play if you’re a “jock,” or try out for show choir if you’re “shy.” Try something that doesn’t necessarily fit who you see yourself as, but something that you’ve always wanted to do! I admit it’s a little scary at first, but I promise, it’s completely worth it.


Up until about eighth grade I always thought of myself a certain way. I was the shy, nerdy girl in glasses at the back of the room that knew all of the answers. I had accepted that this was the way I was probably always going to be. Cue the clichéd “revelation” when I hit the end of middle school. At this point I figured out that no matter how much I wanted to be, I was never going to be the smartest kid in school. But why did I have to give up on myself just because that particular dream wasn’t going to come true? Wasn’t I allowed to have some back-up plans? I realized that I had been the one holding myself back. They always tell you in school not to judge a book by its cover, or stereotype other kids. What they forget to tell us sometimes is that we can be our own worst critics. We are often the ones who put ourselves in a little box and stay crunched up in there our entire lives. At the start of eighth grade I tried to look at myself in a new light. Why couldn’t I sing at the talent show? Why couldn’t I be the star of

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