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Students attend NCYC For three days, November 2123, 134 Xavier High School students traveled with other teens from their parishes to Indianapolis, Indiana to participate in the National Catholic Youth Conference. NCYC is a biannual convention filled with prayer, community, and empowerment for Catholic teens. The Archdiocese of Dubuque sent the largest delegation of youth in the country. Various activities were offered including keynote speakers, workshops, liturgies, reconciliation, concerts, exhibits, and an interactive thematic park. The choice to go on NCYC is a popular one among the

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Xavier High School

Seniors Hannah Chute and Maddy Gerleman pose with two nuns at NCYC. Photo Submitted.

Catholic teen community, but the reasons for going are personal and unique to each individual. “I wanted to make more friends and learn deeper into my faith,” junior Grace Nesseth said. “I also heard there were workshops where you could ask deep questions, and I thought that could be really beneficial.” Each day started in the Lucas Oil Stadium with a group of more than 23,000 teens for various activities. During the day, participants were free to choose what they wanted to do. They could go to the Indianapolis Convention Center to visit the Thematic Park, perform services for various relief efforts, or attend a variety of talks. The day then ended by returning to the Lucas Oil Stadium. Going on NCYC can be an empowering experience in itself, but sophomore Ellie Detweiler decided to go a step further by cutting off 13 inches of her hair for Locks of Love. Locks of Love provides hair pieces to children who are affected by diseases that cause hair loss. “I thought donating my hair at NCYC would be a great experience to help others while I was also learning about helping others through my faith,” Detweiler said. As the week was coming to an end, a closing ceremony with Mass took place. The ceremony opened with the emcee, Jesse Manibusan,

Sophomore Ellie Detweiler donates 13 inches of hair to Locks of Love at NCYC in Indianapolis. Photo Submitted. describing the purpose of everyone gathering at NCYC and was followed by many songs. The Mass took place, with over 300 archbishops and priests in attendance. Archbishop Joseph Tobin of Indianapolis presided. “NCYC opened a lot of new doors for me and helped me to realize how many people believe in God,” Nesseth said. “I just never realized the importance of everything until going and praying the Our Father with that many people.”

Amy Boe News Assistant Editor

Saints receive TEAMS training

This fall, seven Xavier students attended TEAMS: Training in Evaluating, Analyzing, and Measuring Systems. TEAMS is run by the Iowa Quality Center and includes both training and hands-on experience. At TEAMS, students learn about different methods for analyzing and solving business problems. This includes writing and gathering unbiased surveys and using different types of charts to better represent data. The students are currently putting skills in action by helping Linn County Public Health study childhood obesity and the effects of the Healthy Kids Act on school lunch programs, specifically at Xavier and Kennedy. Once the students

Junior Emma Houser talks with seniors Nick Terfler and Ben Sagers during a TEAMS meeting. Maddy Bailey Photo. have gathered data, analyzed it, and determined a solution, they will present their ideas to Linn County Public Health. The seven students selected

for TEAMS are juniors Jennifer Sigmon, Joshua Hoffmann, and Emma Houser, along with seniors Benjamin Sagers, Nicholas Terfler, Sydney Younggreen, and Claire Wenisch. Mrs. Barb Miltner worked with Iowa Quality Control and selected the students. “We all were glad that Mrs. Miltner chose us for that opportunity to explore the business world,” Houser said. “It was a unique and interesting opportunity.” Since TEAMS is a training program and not a competition, all participants will receive certificates of completion.

Jeff Frieden News Writer

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December 5, 2013



Wertzberger hosts Gems of Hope event Junior Melanie Wertzberger has joined with local organization Gems of Hope to inspire Xavier students to become involved with volunteer work for cancer patients. Gems of Hope is a nonprofit organization that gives jewelry with inspirational cards to cancer patients. Volunteers are invited to attend workshops to create these works of art

for others. It typically takes 30 minutes or less to complete the standard five pack of cards. Wertzberger began working with Gems of Hope last year when she hosted workshops at Xavier. Since then, she has been actively involved with the organization by leading workshops and events with her friends. This school year, she hopes to host card making

Xavier students work to design and assemble cards for Gems of Hope at Kennedy High School on November 16. Maddy Bailey Photo.

workshops in the Xavier LMC one half day a month. “After you complete a pack of cards at a Gems of Hope workshop, you have the feeling inside you that you just made a difference in someone else’s life; someone who is suffering through a very difficult time,” Wertzberger said. “It is a feeling that is unbeatable and indescribable to know you brightened that person’s day.” On Saturday, November 16, Wertzberger teamed up with Kennedy junior Michele Miller to host a Gems of Hope event at Kennedy High School. There were 113 volunteers at the event, and 84 of those volunteers were Xavier students and faculty. Together, the attendees worked to create 1,099 cards and 510 bookmarks for cancer patients. Wertzberger encourages everyone at Xavier and beyond to lend a hand with Gems of Hope. “Students should get involved because this is really fun and rewarding volunteer work,” Wertzberger said, “and it only takes a little bit of time. Your cards will go to a cancer patient about to receive treatment, and

Cards like the ones above are handmade at every Gems of Hope workshop by volunteers. Photo Submitted. it will remind them that people care about them and what they are going through. It will bring them hope during their hard time.” For more information on how to get involved with Gems of Hope, visit Maria Efting News Editor

Xavier participates in School Cents On October 1, Lindale Mall began collecting receipts for “School Cents,” which is a fundraiser for the schools in the metro area sponsored by Lindale Mall and Kiss Country 96.5 FM. In an effort to assist schools in the community, they are offering $25,0000 in prize money to School Cents. Only 15 schools can participate, and Xavier has been participating in this event since the days of Regis High School. To participate, people take their receipts from the Lindale Mall Food Court or the other surrounding restaurants, such as Chik-fil-A or Burger King, and turn the receipts back into the Xavier main office. “School Cents is a quick and easy way to help Xavier earn money, and I can send receipts to school with my daughter,” parent Anne Marie Moran said. Ten points are rewarded for the surrounding Lindale restaurants, and 100 points are rewarded for the food court receipts. “Typically, Xavier ends up in sixth or seventh place, with a total of $750-800. This year,

The School Cents collection box sits in the Xavier main office. Quinlan Moran Photo. Xavier earned additional points by participating in the Four Oaks hat and mitten drive,” Assistant to the Principal Melissa Slinger said. Another way to participate is by bringing in first quarter report cards and turning them in to School Cents. This event ends on December 31, 2013. For more information, contact Mrs. Slinger in the main office. Erin Drahozal News Writer



Xavier High School

Don’t be a whack with technology Almost all of us have some social media account and all of us use the Internet. According to and, the average American age 18-64 who uses a social network spends about three hours a day emailing, texting, and using social media. This is too excessive. There are benefits of social media, emailing, and texting. But for goodness sake, we need to use them for a reasonable amount of time and in an appropriate manner, not like a bunch of animals. Twitter helps show the intelligence or stupidity of people. Do you think it’s smart to be someone who tweets a picture of yourself drunk or high at a party, talking smack to an opposing school after a game, talking indirectly about someone (aka sub tweeting/ kindergarten communication), insulting someone, or saying something that is simply stupid? People do this everyday and they just don’t get how it makes them look bad. I once heard someone say something very striking about social media. The person said, “Are you so vain that you think people

can’t wait to see what you have to say? No one cares what you have to say!” That person could not be more correct when it comes to people using it inappropriately. The most important thing with Twitter is to show some class. In addition to staying classy, the time factor is huge. It seems as if people spend at least 20 minutes to an hour a day looking at Twitter. I’ll admit, I’ve wasted time on Twitter before. But for what reason? I am not benefiting in any way from it and am not being productive. Students who used social networking sites while studying scored 20% lower on tests, and students who use social media had an average GPA of 3.06 versus non-users who had an average GPA of 3.82. I’m not saying all social media is bad. In fact, benefits of social media include being familiar with new and emerging technologies, keeping in touch, getting to know people better, getting a good laugh, and being entertained. I’m saying, use it wisely and limit your time. The next questionable time consumer is texting. It is something that can be very practical and yet very bad. It can be used to ask friends to hang out, tell your parents where you are, or relay other simple messages for practical use. The problems with

texting arise when people over use it and send inappropriate things to each other. If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, that does not mean you automatically have to be texting them all day, everyday. You can wait to talk to each other at school, hang out, or call them. Plus, you are in high school. If you spend more time with your significant other than your friends, get your priorities straight. Another thing that people do to abuse texting is sexting. According to, 20% of teenagers overall have sent or posted a nude or semi nude picture of themselves. If that stat is correct, it’s ridiculously high. If you think people (i.e. boyfriends/ girlfriends) might not like you enough if you don’t post or text a nude picture of yourself, dump them. If you think it’s fun or exciting, find something else that is fun or exciting. There are a lot of legal matters involved there and reputations that could be ruined. Emailing, playing games, and being on the Internet are three other huge time suckers. Emailing can be practical and useful, but don’t check it so much that it is excessive. Playing games on your phone or iPad is fun, but obviously another huge time sucker. Being on YouTube or other websites is another huge waste of time if done excessively.

The most vital thing to take out of this article on social media, texting, and the Internet is that we need to use the things we have in a positive and appropriate manner. Show some class by the way you use these things and don’t abuse them. Don’t waste time. Life is too short to be wasting it on frivolous and unimportant things.

Ben Valentine Opinion Writer


The most wonderful time

Janet Noonan shows off her holiday spirit with her dog, Rudy, in early November. Morgan Noonan Photo. will have to take a journey in order to be home for the holidays, but I know it is worth the drive. The Noonans may be early birds on the Christmas excitement, but it’s always been for a good reason. We have so many reasons to celebrate. Never forget the warm fuzzy feeling you have when you’re helping your mother put up garland on every square inch of the house, because you don’t have the opportunity to be there to do so much longer. Enjoy the time tucked in with

your family, because that is what makes Christmas and this whole time of year so great. Unplug from the world and enjoy the happiness that comes with the season. Embrace the love and coziness of watching Christmas Vacation for the 20th time, because the concept of the holiday may have changed as we grow older, but the magic never will.

Morgan Noonan Opinion Editor


Satanly <

For as long as I can remember, Halloween meant dressing up and getting candy. However, in the Noonan household, Halloween also meant something else: addressing our Christmas cards. It’s crazy, isn’t it? We’ve always given my mom a hard time about her ambitious holiday cheer, but as the years go by and my brain is able to further develop, I wouldn’t have it any other way. There are many reasons why Christmas spirit seems to deflate a bit as we grow older, and I am so sad that this is an accepted tendency. Deck the halls, kids! The holiday in itself might change a bit as we mature, but now there are different reasons to enjoy this holiday. For instance, this is one of very few times a year when my whole family can be together for longer than a day. I have older siblings who live out of town, and when Christmas brings them back, I feel like for those few days we can go back to our childish shenanigans. It’s unbelievable that next year I too

December 5, 2011



Props to Pope Francis’ humble example “Abundantly blessed... Humbly we serve”. That is our theme for this 2013-2014 school year, and I have to say the newly elected Pope Francis models this perfectly. When I first saw Jorge Mario Bergoglio step out on to that balcony the first thing I thought was, “He is such a cute guy”. Though as I learned more about what he did as Archbishop of Argentina and what he has done in his short time as pope, he is not just cute. He is AMAZING! There are many things that make Pope Francis unique. He is the first Jesuit pope as well as the first Latin American pope. He is also the first pope to choose the name Francis. But it is not those things that make him so extraordinary; it is his service to others. All of our popes have been amazing, but Pope Francis seems to have a special way of connecting with the people. This is why he has become such a role model for Catholics and why he is one of the most talked about popes. On one of his first rides in the popemobile, he got out and walked up to the people and kissed them. (You can imagine how is body guards were feeling). On Holy Thursday, he went to a jail and washed the

Above: Pope Francis waves to the crowd. AP Images. Right: Mary Esker high-fives the new pope. Meghan Gerke Photo.

feet of inmates. On Easter, he blessed a disabled man being held up in the crowd. Later, he personally called a woman who was pregnant out of wedlock and told her he would baptize her child because her parish did not want to baptize the child. This October, he let a boy with Down Syndrome ride in his popemobile. He recently kissed and prayed over a man covered with boils. Talk about being the hands and feet of Christ. And these are only the things we know of! Think of all that he did in Argentina and all that is to come! Along with our theme about service, Xavier has implemented the new service requirement. And yes, you can grumble and complain all you

want about it. But I challenge you to reflect back on this recent Community Service Day and see how amazing service can be. If you are struggling to complete those 15 hours just take a look at some of the little acts that Pope Francis has done and see how big of an impact they have made on those people and the world. If the Pope can take time out of his schedule, I am sure you can too! Service is an amazing gift we are blessed with, and the best thing to do is to give back. Service is not everyone’s favorite thing, but for me it is where I see and feel God the most. There are so many bad things happening everyday: typhoons, murders, cancer, and so much more. But it is

Brave enough to branch out In the last graduating class, 137 of 209 students attended either Iowa, Iowa State, UNI or Kirkwood. Being a junior makes many people question where they would like to spend the four years of their life after graduating from the giant, cold building that is Xavier High School. When asking classmates where they want to attend college, the answers you receive will most likely be one of the four schools listed above. Maybe it’s because their parents went there, that college has a good program for the major they want to pursue, or they want to cheer on a division I football team. But

could it secretly be because that it is where everyone else goes? With 65% of the last year’s seniors attending these four schools, it might seem like there’s some friendly persuasion involved when making your final choice. When I go on Instagram or Twitter, I can’t help but notice some of the groups of Xavier students who are still together and having fun in college. Seeing this is heart warming, because it proves that the friendships you make in high school do matter and can last a lifetime. However, my parents have always told me that college is a time to branch out and meet new friends and people. It could be hard to accomplish this with ten of your Xavier buddies living on the same floor as you! When looking for your

college destination, don’t be afraid to branch out and look somewhere different. Don’t be afraid to go out of state and be at a school with none of your Xavier friends there. Remember the old memories from back here in Iowa, but be brave enough to make new ones somewhere else.

through people like Pope Francis and the little acts of kindness he does that assures me there is a God and good will always triumph over evil. Mary Esker Backpage Assistant Editor

Hall Talk “Where’s Nic?” ’t ur n d di r yo ...” he ou he hip r t .” Y “ er ds he ck f en d f ba e o ri r e f l fe of ott “I r b te a w

“All of our fights revolve around phone chargers” “I h gon ear dia na w she’s per ear a gam to th e” e

“Can you bathe?“ Maddy Bailey Opinion Writer


Xavier High School

Student Life


Middle School Memories


“Everyday...” “We are to treat each other as we treat Jesus Christ with all of our hearts, minds and souls.”

“Where everyone is #1”

“The LaSalle Brand”

“One of my favorite memories from Regis is the Fothonator. He was the best gym teacher ever!” Britini Scholtes ‘14

“My favorite part of LaSalle was the awesome teachers and having a close relationship with all my classmates.” Hannah Helms ‘17

“As president, I enjoyed leading and representing my school. However, I couldn’t have done it without my incredible Vice President Mikayla Noonan.” Mitchell Young ‘16

“The teachers were awesome and all the retreats we went on were amazing.” Logan Clarahan‘14

Go royals!

st. Joseph


“At St. Joe’s, one night a year we would stay over night, black out all the windows and play hide and seek. It was a lot of fun.” Sean Ickes ‘14 “I liked St. Joe’s because my mom was my teacher one year.” Sydney Wright ‘15

Go Lancers! Go Chargers!


Estimated number of students who attend Xavier from feeder schools

90% 80%

“I like Xavier because I’ve always gone to Catholic Schools. I love how Xavier is small and the three schools come together like a community.” Anna Christianson 16’ Page Design, Pictures and Info: Brady Hoffman, Julie Woods and Mary Esker




60% 50% 40%


30% 20%





St. Joes

2% other


December 5, 2013



Every year Xavier students take time out of their busy schedules to serve the Cedar Rapids community. Below are some Saints performing various acts of service.

Service at Xavier

“Doing service at Xavier such as picking up trash around the school brought me closer to the Xavier community and my classmates.” Sam Martin ‘17

Raking Leaves

“To me, Community Service Day is using the talents that God gave me to help others. For the past four years, I have learned the power of a smile and each year continued to try to do better than the last.” Colin O’Connell ‘14

Freshmen Nicole Meskimen and Sam Rohret help clean up Xavier’s campus on Community Service Day. Amanda Wymore photo.

Habitat for Humanity

Seniors Robert Petit and Adam Millsap work with freshman Corey Vester to serve the community. Meghan Gerke photo.

Juniors had the opportunity to help out with Habitat for Humanity either at the Restore building, by helping to organize supplies, or on site of one of the houses.

Xavier Tweets

Alyssa Gorkow

The reason I love Community Service day is seeing the cutest man alive tear up while I lead prayer for his friend in chemo :’) #saintstrong

Tom Keating

Thanks to over 700 Saints who will brave the cold to give back to our community today!!! #saintstrong #itaintaboutus

Catie Locher

I know the work isn’t fun but community service day is great b/c we all makes someone’s day by just caring about them. #saintstrong

Payton Janney

Reading all the tweets about community service day melts my heart! This is what makes Xavier special! #saintstrong

Peter Clark

I had a really great time today with @b_valentine36, I like how everyone worked hard and became one with the community.












Design By: Molly Vipond and Rachel Brady. Photos by: Meghan Gerke and Amanda Wymore.


8 December 5, 2013

Snow Day Dil

Unsure of how to spend a snow day? Below are the best on and some ways to make the most of the winter wonder

“I sleep in and watch movies while sipping a nice warm glass of hot chocolate filled to the brim with marshmallows.” -Jessica Driscoll ‘16

Go to Bruegger’s Bagels

Put up Christmas decorations

Pay for someone’s drink at Starbucks

Shop online

Work ahead on homework

Jones Park

Build a fort

2901 Fruitland Boulevard SW, Cedar Rapids, IA.

Bake cookies

Make someone’s day

Plan a vacation

Stay in your PJ’s all Watch the day 25 Days of Christmas

Have a movie marathon


4500 N Ten Marion

Bowman Woods Elementary School 151 Boyson Road NE, Cedar Rapids, IA.


Xavier High School

lemma Buster

hills to sled rland! “On snow days, I spend the entire day being lazy and if there’s homework to do, I do that.” -Zach Barish ‘17

Have breakfast in bed Sleep in Pin your heart out on Pinterest

Have a spa day Build an igloo

Go to the new library downtown

s Park


Go to Goodwill

Try a new recipe Watch a whole season on Make a Netflix pizza from scratch

Go sledding (see best hills below)

nth Street, n, IA.

Regis Middle School 735 Prairie Drive NE, Cedar Rapids, IA.

Roosevelt Middle School 300 13th Street NW, Cedar Rapids, IA.

Page Design: Anna White. Information and Pictures: Lizzy Bailey & Colette Miller.


Health & Lifestyle


Xavier High School

LESS STRESS Stressed about finals, upcoming competitions, or college preparation? Here are simple tips anyone can do to relieve stress and feel better about the task at hand! TEN FOODS TO REDUCE STRESS

Asparagus Beef Oatmeal Cottage Cheese Almonds Blueberries Tuna Rice Cereal Fruit Chocolate These foods are rich in stress fighting vitamins and antioxidants, which help with relaxation. Eating foods that crunch help relieve aggression and make anyone feel better!


Music connects the mind and body. It acts as a distraction from whatever is stressing someone and allows them to feel good emotions. This enables us to be more productive. “I like listening to Miley Cyrus to feel better or when I’m taking a break from homework.” -Senior Maddie Bertsch


Exercise relieves the “butterflies” or nerves, which is known as somatic anxiety. Exercise burns norepinephrines that cause stress. “I have cheerleading practice once a week. It helps me to have fun and forget about all my stress.” -Junior Alea Challenger


Sleeping more than one needs to or staying in bed too long will make for less restful sleep. It is easiest to sleep when core temperature is low and a hot shower 2-4 hours before bed is best. “I love sleeping. The more sleep I get the better I feel for the entire day.” -Senior Brandon Didio


Meditating helps people worry less. It helps relieve cognitive anxiety. Prayer is a good way to remember that we are too blessed to be stressed! According to

“Praying everyday at school is a good time to relax and enjoy the silence.” -Sophomore Brody Robinson

Page Design: Hannah Chute. Information from G E Schwartz and RJ Davidson. Information gathered by Jeff Frieden, Hannah Chute, and Erin Drahozal.

December 5, 2013

Vocal Xpression

After a vocal preview, singing performances in The Sound of Music, and an upcoming Christmas concert, Xavier’s vocal music department is looking forward to the rest of the year. While most choirs have been working since the beginning of the year, one new list has been posted with 17 names. These members will practice, prepare, and perform like any other choir would, except they will specialize in a different category: jazz. Under the direction of Mr. Matt Walker, Vocal Xpression is Xavier’s auditioned, extracurricular jazz choir that combines both classic jazz tunes with contemporary pop music. “It’s fun to be able to do a different style of music, and it gives the students the opportunity to try an ensemble where they, many times, are singing many different parts all at once,” Walker said. Last year, the jazz choir competed in the Vocal Jazz Clinic at Waukee’s Star Struck Invitational along with both Xavier show choirs. They also received a Mousecar (Mouse Oscar) during the department’s trip to Disney World in Orlando. “The group should be great to work with. There’s lots of enthusiasm and an overall good work ethic, so it should be a good year!” Walker added. Besides singing in the community during December, Vocal Xpression is scheduled to return and perform at Waukee for the second year in a row this January. They also have plans to perform at Xtravaganza on Saturday, March 8. Ashley Pudil A&E Assistant Editor



Honor Choirs

Jazz Band

In the world of vocal music, there are many prestigious programs that take place all over America. Xavier students had the opportunity to audition for All-State, Opus, and the Iowa State University Honor Choirs. Out of the many that auditioned, ten were accepted into All-State with one alternate, seven were accepted into Opus, and seven were accepted into the ISU Choir. The All-State students include seniors Meredith Diebold, Angelica Elkema, Harrison Daubitz, Mason Montuoro, and Emma Deignan, juniors Emma Keefe, Michaela Brown, Noah Lauer, and Sam Moore, with Noah Manternach as the alternate, and freshman Emily Lauer. The choir performed at the All-State Music Festival on November 23 at Iowa State University. This performance was also televised by Iowa Public Television on Thanksgiving. The freshmen in Opus include Jenna Ampulski, Gwen Cataldo, Emily Lauer, Luke Lesnik, Erin Pitz, Melody Snow, and Hanna Zwanziger. The group also performed at Iowa State on November 21. “It was a really good experience, and I got to sing a lot,” Pitz said. The Iowa State Honor Choir held auditions at Xavier, which were available to all choir students. The students who were accepted include seniors Harrison Daubitz, Emma Deignan, Meredith Diebold, Angelica Elkema, and Matt Junge, and juniors Emma Keefe and Noah Lauer. The group will be at Iowa State and perform on February 10.

Early in the morning, Xavier students are transported to the south with the sound of jazz music coming from the band room. The 22 jazz band members meet three days a week at 7 a.m. to practice for their season. “This year’s jazz band will be the best yet,” band director Ms. Kelli Swehla said. “Our music is exciting and the students are very adept at performing.” They are working on a variety of songs from gospel to Latin salsa. This year’s songs include: “I Can’t Stop Loving You,” “Prayer Meetin’,” “El Burrito Picante” and “The Chamber of Doom.” For the Corridor Jazz Project that will take place in March, they will perform “Sweet Magnolias.” In order to be able to compete, the jazz band must meet three criteria: one of their songs must be swing, they must have at least three songs, and their performance time must be at least 20 minutes. Unlike marching band or concert band, jazz band is not part of band class. The members of the band had to audition in the fall and were chosen based on their skill level. One of the returning members of the band is junior drummer Blake Welter, who has been a part of the band since his freshman year. “I want to do well at the competitions and have fun,” Welter said. “I’m also excited to get to know the other jazz band members.” The band will perform starting on January 27 at the State Jazz Band Festival.

Emma Hunt A&E Editor

Kayla Thompson A&E Writer



Xavier High School

Everyone loves to spend time with family over the holidays, whether it’s watching a movie together or just listening to music while making Christmas dinner. Here are some suggestions from Xavier students’ favorite Christmas movies and songs. White Christmas * It’s a Wonderful Life * I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus * A Charlie Brown Christmas * Jingle Bell Rock * A Christmas Carol * The All I Want for Christmas Song * Home Alone * Snoopy’s Christmas * Miracle on 34th Street * Christmas is Here Comes Santa Claus * A Christmas Story * Little Drummer Boy * Holiday You Inn * Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree * Christmas Vacation * You’re All I Want for Christmas * Christmas in Connecticut * Santa Claus is Coming to Town * Home Alone 2 * Home for the Holidays * Scrooged * Do They Know It’s Christmas * The Muppet Christmas Carol * Happy Christmas * Bad Santa * May You Always * Christmas with the Kranks * Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer * Elf * Merry Christmas Darling * Deck the Halls * It’s Beginning to Where Before Christmas * Santa Baby * The Look a Lot Like Christmas * The Nightmare Are You, Nutcracker * Do You Hear What I Hear * The Santa Clause * Blue Christmas Christmas? * Jack Frost * White Christmas * It’s a Wonderful Life * I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus * A Charlie Brown Christmas * Jingle Bell Rock * A Christmas Carol * The Christmas Song * Home Alone * Snoopy’s Christmas * Miracle on 34th Street * Here Comes Santa Claus * A Christmas Story * Little Drummer Boy * Holiday Inn * Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree * Christmas Vacation * You’re How the All I Want for Christmas *Grinch Christmas in Connecticut * Santa Claus is Coming Stole to Town * Home Alone 2 * Home for the Holidays * Scrooged * Do They Know Christmas It’s Christmas * The Muppet Christmas Carol * Happy Christmas * Bad Santa * May You Always * Christmas with the Kranks * Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer * Elf * Merry Christmas Darling * Deck the Halls * It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas * The Nightmare Before Christmas * Santa Baby * The Nutcracker * Do You Hear What I Hear Love * The Santa Clause * Blue Christmas Actually * Jack Frost * White Christmas * It’s a Wonderful Life * I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus * A Charlie Brown Christmas * Jingle Bell Rock * A Christmas Carol * The Christmas Song * Home Alone * Snoopy’s Christmas * Miracle on 34th Street * Here Comes Santa Claus * A Christmas Story * Little Drummer Boy * Holiday Inn * Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree * Christmas Vacation * You’re All I Want for Christmas * Christmas in Connecticut * Santa Claus is Coming Hot to Town * Home Alone 2 *Chocolate Home for the Holidays * Scrooged * Do They Know It’s Christmas * The Muppet Christmas Carol * Happy Christmas * Bad Santa * May You Always * Christmas with the Kranks * Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer * Elf * Merry Christmas Darling * Deck the Halls * It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas * The Nightmare Before Christmas * Santa Baby * The White Nutcracker * Do You Hear What I Hear * The Santa Clause * Blue Christmas Christmas * Jack Frost * White Christmas * It’s a Wonderful Life * I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus * A Charlie Brown Christmas * Jingle Bell Rock * A Christmas Carol The Polar * The Christmas Song * Home Alone * Snoopy’s Christmas * Miracle on 34th Express Street * Here Comes Santa Claus * A Christmas Story * Little Drummer Boy * Holiday Inn * Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree * Christmas Vacation * You’re All I Want for Christmas * Christmas in Connecticut * Santa Claus is Coming to Town * Home Alone 2 * Home for the Holidays * Scrooged * Do They Know It’s Christmas * The Muppet Christmas Carol * Happy Christmas * Bad Santa * May You Always * Christmas with the Kranks * Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer * Elf * Merry Christmas Darling * Deck the Halls * It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas * The Nightmare Before Christmas * Santa Baby * The Nutcracker * Do You Hear What I Hear * The Santa Clause * Blue Christmas * Jack Frost * White Christmas * It’s a Wonderful Life * Scrooged * Jack Frost *


December 5, 2013


Comics with Keefe

Ponder This... With Ben and Dano What is your favorite thing about the winter season? There are definitely pros and cons to the winter season, but we chose to look at the bright side. We wanted to know Xavier students’ favorite things about the winter. We surveyed Xavier students and received 291 responses. Here are the results: Sledding Snowball fights Baking cookies Fireplace fires Basketball season Ice Fishing Sipping on hot cocoa Building snowmen 100 “I like to play basketball because it’s my favorite sport and it’s fun to be with my teammates.” Senior Andrew Bisenius

80 60 40 20 Emma Keefe Comic Artist Kermit and Florence Alveshere Alan Anton Joan and Peter Bailey Bryan Banowetz Jim and Judy Bauer Linda Bauer Kenneth and Rosemary Bauer Doug and Char Boe Sandra Boe Dorrance and Shirley Brady Mark and Janice Brady Scott and Tammie Brady Jill Breitbach Lora Breitbach Hannah Brown Lydia and Mike Brown Chris and James Bryant Cassie Busch Larry and Marjory Bushaw Anna Busse Jeff and Michele Busse Monica Busse Colleen Camp Bill Christianson Matt and Tracie Chute Mr and Mrs Robert Chute Mindy and Gary Coleman Jane and Rob Collins Morty and Mona Lisa Cooksey Clark and Kathy Cunningham Carol and Pat Deignan Mike and Karen Delaney Dave and Laura Diebold Dave and Melissa Dostal

Jan and Mike Drahozal Joe and Kelly Drahozal Dave and Polly Draker Nicole Draker Bill and Lu Efting Jim and Liz Efting Ryan Ekland Tom and Terry Ekland Steve and Kay Elliott Carl and Carol Esker Mike and Jody Esker Tracie Fabiano Doug Feltes Jack and Micki Fenske Jim and Linda Fenske Jenny and Jeff Frieden Mike Frieden Dick Galligan Gene and Betty Gerke Julie and Joe Gerke Michael Graeve Tracy Graeve Mike and Kathy Gravel Diane Hansen Paul and Bryn Hayes Tracie and Brian Hazelett Dutch and Ock Herrig Laura M Herrig Mike and Wendy Herrig John and Sasha Hoffman Marvin and Linda Hoffman Mike and Courtney Hoffman Allyson Hovda Dick and Pam Hunt

Virgil and Carlyn Hunt The Janney Family Cindy Jensen Jeanne Joens John and Con Inc. Ray and Beth Kamin Ray and Jan Kamin Katy Karas Kelli Kerton Gene and Sally Kopecky Ann and Tim Kortemeyer Mary Levett Paula and Jim Levett Dave and Sharon Loecher Doris Logel Dan and Donna Lynch Megan Lynch Jeanne and Gerry MacEachern Brennan McAllister Bill and Mary Lou McCartan Kerry McCartan Will McCartan Father Tom McDermott Tom and Mary McGivern Maureen and Jason McHugh Liz Miller Mr and Mrs Duane Miller MobileDemand Leo and Diane Monaghan Ann Moran Julie Moran Regan Moran John and Ruth Neuzil Bob and Mary Tarbox Nicholson

Ben Valentine & Daniel Vega Opinion Writer & Sports Writer Makenzie Noonan Mike Noonan Steve and Janet Noonan Nixie Olderburg Daniel Pape Chris and Roberta Peters Powell Chiropractic Kevin and Denise Pudil Rosie Pudil Ann and Dave Richardson John Richardson Tom and Dianna Richardson Peyton Rosencrants Denny and Karan Ruzicka Mr and Mrs Richard Saunders Joe and Barb Schmall Mr and Mrs Jason Schmidt Colleen and Randy Scholer Mike and Mary Pat Schulte Don and Patricia Sima Maddie Smith Hailey Sojka Mairlynn Sonderman Becky and Brad Stovie Marisa and Richard Sullivan Dave and Karen Thinnes Matthew Thommanna Wilma Thompson Scott Thompson Family Fred and Bev Timko Tom Troester Bev Valant Douger and Amers Valentine Mary Lou Valentine


Abbe Vega Carlos and Amy Vega Domingo and Katie Vega Michael and Shelley Waldron Mike and Sue Waldron Jerry and Betty Weiland Jeff and Cheryl Westlund Anne White Terry and Janet Whitney Lynn and Lynn Woellert Corbin Woods Elizabeth Woods Gerald M. Woods Greg and Nancy Wymore James and Elizabeth Zook

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Xavier High School

Saints wrap up memorable season

The Xavier football team has ended an incredible run this season with a record of 12-2. The team has made two consecutive trips to the 4A state championship game and has lost only three games in the past two years. Hard work, dedication and faith have all been attributed to the Saints’ success. “One word to describe this season would be amazing,” head football coach Duane

The football team huddles between plays at the semifinal game against Bettendorf. The team went on to win 317. Amanda Wymore Photo.

Schulte said. “That’s because we are a 3A school, and we played in back to back 4A championship games. That’s a credit to some pretty tough kids.” In their semi-final game, the Saints beat tenth ranked Bettendorf 31-7. By halftime, the Saints were only winning 14-7, but added two touchdowns and a field goal kick in the second half. “We have been working harder each day to get better in order to reach this point,” senior Brendan Miller said. “We have to embrace every moment of this journey because it goes by quickly.” This win meant the Saints would face number one ranked Des Moines Dowling in the 4A championship title game. “I just want to say a big thank you to the coaches,” senior Logan Clarahan said. The Dowling Maroons ended up defeating the Saints 44-13. “Playing another Catholic school in the finals was awesome other than the outcome. Goes to show we both do things right,” coach Schulte said. By the end of the first half, the Saints were behind 27-10. Dowling came up with two touchdowns and a field goal during the second half to guarantee them the title. “Every coach wishes they could

Girls try to continue last season’s 4A win After working hard during the off season, the defending 4A girls’ basketball champions got off to a winning start. Xavier won their first two games against Decorah and narrowly beat Johnston. “We worked hard all off season,” senior Hayley Deutmeyer said. “We had open gyms in the morning and conditioning after school. We all worked really hard because we want this season to end like last season.” The third ranked girls opened up play against Decorah on November 26. The team won the game with a final score of 55-39. They were lead by Deutmeyer and junior Lizzy Bailey. They both had 11 points. Eight of the 15 girls scored for the team. “This win showed us how referees were going to call the games this year due to the new fouling system,” Deutmeyer said. “It showed us what we need to work on. It always is a great feeling to start the season off with a win. It sets up the rest of the season and we know we can only get better.”

On November 30, the team traveled to Johnston to take on the Dragons. The Saints nipped the dragons with a close 48-44 win in overtime. The team was led by the big three: Deutmeyer, senior Maddie Bertsch, and junior Morgan Breitbach. Breitbach had 16 points, Deutmeyer had 15 and Bertsch added 10 of her own. “It’s a new team and there’s new chemistry,” senior Abby Watson said. “We’re trying to figure out what works best for our team.” The team took the floor again on Tuesday, December 3 against the Waterloo East Trojans. That game was held at Waterloo East’s home court.

Daniel Vega Sports Writer

The seniors in the student section cheer after a Xavier touchdown in the 4A state championship game. Meghan Gerke Photo. have certain plays as ‘do-overs’, game, in addition to the Rosary but that’s impossible,” coach in chapel before every game.” Schulte said. “As Bill Parcells The 4A first team allused to say, ‘you are who you are.’” state gained four senior After the clock ran out in Xavier players. They include the fourth quarter, the 10,000 future Iowa Hawkeye Matt people in the stadium quieted Nelson, kicker Ryan Persick, down. The Saints and Maroons Daniel Vega and Sean Ickes. then joined together in the middle of the field to pray. “The atmosphere in prayer with Dowling was humbling,” coach Schulte said. “It was a neat way to finish the season. All glory should be to God in the end and that’s how it was. Actually, we said the Hail Mary together and that was proper, Shannon Mulcahey too, considering we always say a Sports Editor Hail Mary before and after every

Boys shoot for success this season The Xavier boys basketball team has high hopes after last year’s 11-12 season. The returning players are looking to fill some roles left behind by the graduated seniors and are working hard to do so. “The first week of practice went a lot better than I expected,” said junior Calvin Winker. “A lot of us were out of shape. But otherwise we worked really hard and the leaders stepped up.” A few players were out for the first week of practice because the football team advanced to the championship game. Yet the Saints worked with it. They showed their potential when they took down Vinton-Shellsburg. The final score was 37-18 in half a game at the Jefferson Jamboree on November 26. Junior Adam McDermott led Xavier with 10 points, Winker had eight, and junior Connor Ramlo added six. McDermott started last season and averaged 8.5 points a game. The Saints also return senior Matt Nelson, a center who averaged

10.6 points a game. The Jamboree was a good start for the basketball team, who has high expectations for the season. They are excited for the season to be in full swing. “We want to make it to state and have a winning record,” Winker said. “We can’t wait to play at home in front of a big crowd and if we make it to state, to play at the Wells Fargo Arena.” The next stop for the team was the Metro Sports Report Pride Challenge on November 30. The Saints faced Cedar Rapids Kennedy. Xavier won 5447 with a huge fourth quarter comeback. Nine of the 14 baskets scored by Xavier in the fourth quarter were three-pointers. Winker and McDermott led the Saints by scoring 15 and 21 points, respectively. The Saints began their regular season on Tuesday, December 3 where they faced Mount Pleasant. Morgan Breitbach Sports Assistant Editor

December 5, 2013


Mystery Athlete Q&A What sports do Swimming, Cross Country, you play? and Track What school do you swim for?


Who is your role model?

Bill Nye

What is your life motto?

“Swimming is life.”


Xavier boys swimmers Washington swimmers:

•Nick Durin ‘14 • Mitch Anderson ‘16 •Mitchell Dake ‘17

Kennedy swimmers:

•Jacob Nachman ‘15 •Evan Bednar ‘15 •Jonah Scallon ‘16 •Nick Lyon ‘16 •Jack Frieden ‘17

Answer: Evan Bednar Design & Information by Shannon Mulcahey and Morgan Breitbach. Maddy Bailey Photo.

ClipArt image.

Girls and Boys bowling season starts Caleb Miller: junior, leader of the Saints, and state bowler champion. Miller and the Saints are locked and loaded for the 2013-2014 season. The boys began their season November 26 with a decisive win over Waterloo East, 2,985 to 2,759 pins. “We did really well for it being our first meet,” Miller said. “It got me really excited and made me realize this could be a really good season. If we keep practicing and working hard, we have a good chance to make it to state again this year.” Miller has been on Xavier’s varsity bowling team since his freshman year and highlighted his sophomore season with a state championship win in class 1A. “Being on the team for three years has given me a lot of experience to become a leader and being able to handle the pressure,” Miller said. Miller bowled a 190 and

175 for a series of 365. Senior Zach Klimesh had the high series for the Saints with a 408. The girls’ team also went against Waterloo East. The girls lost 2609-1882. The team was led by freshman Tanya Zaugg who rolled 393 for the day and had the highest series in the meet. Junior Kayla Thompson followed Zaugg’s performance by having a series of 257. Both teams look to continue their success at May City Bowl in Senior Ashley Pudil (left) and junior Caleb Miller (right) show Cedar Rapids against Iowa City off their bowling technique at one of their practices. West on Friday, December 6. Shannon Mulcahey Photos.

Nic Ekland Sports Writer

5th Annual Battle of 42nd St. Blood Drive

The Xavier HOSA & Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center is sponsoring the 5th Annual Battle of 42nd Street Schools Blood Drive on:

Monday Dec. 9 and 16

1:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. Oakland Church of the Nazarene Gym 3000 42nd Street NE. Those interested in donating can contact Kris Naeve, 294-6635 or All presenting donors will get an "I Bleed Blue and Silver" t-shirt.



December 5, 2013

25 D ays of Christmas Check out all the fun Christmas related activities happening in the month of December, including a preview of ABC’s 25 Days of Christmas.



6:00pm How the Grinch Stole Christmas



7:00pm The Santa Clause

7:00pm Holidaze


7:00pm How the Grinch Stole Christmas

7:00pm National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation 5:00pm


6:00pm The Santa Clause

Christmas with Xavier


Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas


6:00pm The Year Without a Santa Claus

29 Go out to eat with family


30 Make a snowman



Make paper snowflakes

9:00pm Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town


5:00pm Holiday in Handcuffs



6:30pm Mickey’s Christmas Carol

8:00pm The Polar Express

Make a snowflake craft


4:00pm The Santa Clause Movie Marathon

Christmas Eve E





31 Go sledding

New Year’s Eve


8:00pm National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation



6:00pm The Santa Clause

Go to the Fire Decorate a Bake Christmas and Ice Festival gingerbread house cookies @ Green Square Park



8:00pm Scrooged

3:30pm Toy Story Marathon


7:00pm The Little Mermaid

Miracle on 34th Go ice skating Street 7:30pm @ TCR

Make hot chocolate


6:00pm Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the Island of Misfit Toys

Sing a Christmas carol




5:00pm Frosty’s Winter Wonderland

6:00pm The Polar Express

Make a Christmas ornament

Put up Christmas lights

Shop for Christmas gifts X

9:00pm Deck the Halls


Make a Christmas treat


7:00pm Scrooged

Movie: Elf 6:30pm @ TCR

Listen to Christmas music




Go Christmas caroling



Put up the Christmas tree



8:00pm National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

All day Holiday Classics Marathon

8:00pm Decorate a gingerbread man Christmas Dance $5 per person



Watch a Christmas lights display

Have a snowball fight


Host a Christmas movie night

Go to Mass

Christmas Day













For more of ABC’s 25 Days of Christmas, visit

“I love watching 25 Days of Christmas in December! My favorite movie to watch is ‘Deck the Halls’.” -Hayley Deutmeyer ‘14

X A V I E R * C H R I S T M A S * B R E A K


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