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The person who is always there for you and has your back during tough times. The one who knows how weird you are and loves you anyway. Yes, your best friend. Below are a couple of Xavier’s resident besties.

Daniel Vega Anna Matt Downey & C hr is ti an son Andrew Bisenius & & John Hovda McKenna Andersen

What would you do without each other? “I would lie in bed crying and singing ‘Guy Love’ from Scrubs Musical.” -Matt

What do you like to do together? “We like to eat chicken bites, drink strawberry milk, and sing songs.” -Matt

How close are you guys? “We’re so close we can read each other’s minds.” -John


How long have you been friends?

What do you like about the other person? “She is funny!” - Anna “She’s crazy.” -McKenna

What do you like to do together? “We like to go shopping, hang out, and watch movies.” - McKenna

Where and when did you two meet? “We met through mutual friends at school in seventh grade.” -McKenna

“We’ve been friends since we were in 6th grade.” -Andrew

Liz Tursi


Michaela Powell

Where and when did you meet? “We were both on a G.L.E.E. committee to build a rocket ship to Mars. It was a success and I keep it in my basement.” -Michaela

What is your favorite thing to do? “The double hand wave. Two is better than one!” -Andrew “Yeeeaahhhh!” -Daniel

How often do you guys hang out? “Every second of every minute of every day.” -Liz Do you have an inside joke? “Our favorite word to say to each other is Royster. Andrew ran a play in NCAA 2012, scored a touchdown and randomly screamed ROYSTER! (a former running back) -Daniel


Something that she does that drives you crazy? “I can’t wear pink pants because she told me that was her thing.” -Liz

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Student Life  
Student Life  

Best Friends at Xavier