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September 27, 2012


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Above: A few members of We Learned This Song Last Night pose for a picture. Below: Seniors Drew Distler and Daniel Cowden play at the Talent Show in 2012.

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Adam and Colleen Andrews Tim & Denise Bandel Doug & Janelle Banowetz Ron & Duetta Banowetz Mark & Janice Brady Tammie & Scott Brady John & Lora Breitbach Frank & Marge Breya Hannah Brown Rick & Heidi Brown Robert & Janet Brown Doug & Sheri Brunner Eric & Lisa Busch Larry & Marjory Bushaw Jeff & Michele Busse Lavern & Audrey Busse Colleen Camp Boba & Stacy Cataldo Ken & Janet Cave Austin Chute Mark & Sheryl Chute Matt & Tracie Chute Mr. & Mrs. Robert Chute Joe & Lisha Coffey Kelly Collins Patrick & Elaine Collins First Federal Credit Union Sandy Cummings Clark & Kathy Cunningham Cathy D’ Mello Jack Daubitz Luke De Ga Mike & Karen Delaney Mobile Demand David & Laura Diebold Brian & Terry Donnelly Mary Donovan Dave & Polly Draker

Xavier has many available activities, such as sports and drama, but there is also a portion of Xavier dedicated to covering different styles of music and sometimes making their own. A handful of Xavier students express themselves through their music at events such as the Talent Show and Battle of the Bands. Student bands are making reappearances this year as students join together to demonstrate their musical talents. The Marquee Trio, a band comprised of seniors Drew Distler and Daniel Cowden and junior Bryton Hayes, took part in the Talent Show, performed with The Lampshades at Mini Dance Marathon, and helped with Xhilaration combo last year. This year, the band plans on performing at the Talent Show, Battle of the Bands, Student Appreciation Day, and Mini Dance Marathon. All the members also plan to participate in Xhilaration and Xuberance’s combos. “Having a band has just been an awesome experience,” Distler said. “There’s something about the brotherhood that comes with it, being able to fool around with our own kind of music in our own kind of way with no judgment; and it’s great.” The Marquee Trio has performed

Alicia Drown Dave & Vicki Drown Rohit Dsouza Bill & Lu Efting Jim & Liz Efting Tom & Heidi Elli Geoff Elliot Kay Elliot Jackson Esker Dan & Tracy Fabiano Dawn & Neal Feltman Jack & Micki Fenske Jim & Linda Fenske MIDN 4/c Fenske Jim & Katherine Fine Noreen Fitzpatrick Kathy & Barny Foley Joan Folland Matthew Fox Julie & Joe Gerke Troy Gerleman Ed & Karen Gibbs Randy & Shawn Gibbs Ann Glavan Mike & Tracy Graeve Robert & Kelly Haag Lauren & Bob Hemmerberg Jim & Diane Hansen Tracie & Brian Hazelett Dick & Jan Hendrickson Tom & Jean Hoffman Brian & Tammy Hood Logan & Stephanie Hoxie Dick & Pam Hunt John & LuAnn Hunt Virgil & Carlyn Hunt Mitchell Huss Tim & Karen Ingwersen

only covers to date, but is currently working with writing originals. The band We Learned This Song Last Night consists of seniors Nick Hazelton and Jimmy Moore and juniors Brennan Graeve and Mason Montuoro. The band mostly does covers of their favorite music while experimenting with different styles. “The fans will definitely make the practices worth it,” Montuoro said. “It makes me feel like the band is important to a lot of people.” We Learned This Song Last Night will also compete in Battle of the Bands this year. Along with many existing Xavier bands, there are a few hopefuls scattered among the masses, such as freshman Norman Humble Mejia, who wish to be a part of this music scene. “I’m really passionate about my music,” Humble Mejia said. “As long as I’m having fun, it doesn’t matter what’s going on in my life other than the music.” To find out more about bands, speak with the mentioned band members or attend musical events such as Battle of the Bands to start getting involved in the Xavier music scene.

Sandy & Kevin Ireland Koleen & Tim Janney Bod & Barb Jones Ray & Beth Kamin Ray & Jan Kamin Jim & Julie Kapsch Katy Karas Jean Kean Philip Kean Bruce & Jackie King Jacob Kobza Courthey & Shane Koehn Darrell Krewson Sherry Krutzfield Joan & John Kupka Chuck & Bobbie Lampe Maryetta & Larry Lampe Darci Langel Colm Larkin CDT 4/c Laska Ben & Kern Leu Ron & Carolyn Lewis St. Jude Library Joe & Sharon Lutgens Dan & Donna Lynch Erin Lynch Jeanne and Gerry MacEachern Maureen MacEachern Caitlin Mahr Gerard & Janet May Richard & Pam May Bill & Mary Lou McCartan Fr. Tom McDermott Tony McDermott Jon & Kay McWhinney Mark & Sarah McWhinney Kristie & Brian Middendorf Ryan Milke

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Xavier’s Hidden Musical Talent

Junior Bryton Hayes performs at Battle of the Bands last year.

Emma Hunt photo “Our band colors sound,” senior Drew Distler said. “All we really do is get together and play.”

Liz & Jason Miller Jerry & Mary Mitchell Joe & Terrie Mlodzik Leo & Diane Monaghan Melissa Monaghan Ann Moran Regan Moran Scott Jeanine Murtha Mackenzie Noonan Mike Noonan Steve & Janet Noonan Stacey O’ Brien Nixie Oldenburg Jim & Anne Pape Yvonnie Pape James & Ruby Parris Gordon Peterson DDS Ragina & Paul Pisarik Kim & Rick Poling Mike & Molly Potter Kourtne Powell Denise & Kevin Pudil Family Joyce Reiman David Richardson Tom & Dianna Richardson Ben & Mary Rosencrants Jeff & Tanya Rosencrants Karan & Denny Ruzicka Doris Savala Joseph Schemmel Tina Schemmel Dr. Larry Schenden Lawrence & Rosemary Schenden Mary Beth Schenden Joseph & Barb Schmall Mike & Mary Pat Schulte Mr. Hunter Schulte Mark & Tracy Scieszinski


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