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It’s no secret that Xavier students are very busy. Balancing sleep, homework, sports, jobs, and other extracurricular activities can get tricky. Finding the time to participate in and excel in these activities is a challenge for Xavier students. Here is a glimpse into the hectic schedules of two of Xavier’s busy students. enior


a m m E


d r a d Be

Wake up

“The first thing I do when I wake up is brush my teeth because I never want to forget to do that.”

e Senior Releas my Human Anato

n St Freshman ulke n

6:30 7:50

Lo unge

AP Eng lish

“Human Anatomy is my favorite class and it has always interested me. I find it very fascinating.”

“Eating as a family is important to me because with all of our busy lives, it is nice to take a break and enjoy each other’s company.”

Work at Orange Leaf

“My favorite part is getting free yogurt when I work.”

Go to bed!

Fitness/Wel lness World Civil izations Spanish I

Eng lish

is t?

Bio logy

2:45 3:00

Xhilaration show choir practice Family dinner

“My morning routine is wake up, shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, and leave for school.”

Algebra I W ho is Jesu s C hr

C horale ent AP Go vernm tho lic? W hy Am I Ca ess Fitness/Welln

Wake up

4:30 5:00 5:30

Lo unge

“World Civilizations is my favorite class because Mr. Farrell is awesome.”

“Other times during the year I play football, baseball, and run track. I like them all and don’t have a favorite!” Family dinner

“We like eating at Carlos O’Kelly’s.”

Basketball practice

“My favorite part of basketball is practice and scrimmaging because it’s fun to play with my coaches and teammates.”




Go to bed!

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Student Life  
Student Life  

A Day in the life of....