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My Mamiya & Me: Feast Your Eyes Gallery, Fremantle Photographer Katherine Perry, along with her Mamiya, explored the country capturing slight glimpses of life that seem to go unnoticed by the human eye. The Mamiya takes medium format photographs, which when exposed show the natural and raw image in its true form. Perry’s keen eye and creative expression is explored throughout the exhibition, which will take you on a colourful sweet journey. Runs Feb 17-Mar 1.

Mini Art Mart: Ruck Rover General Store, Mt Lawley Frankenstein’s ultimate pop group, Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong and skull-loving tattooed vixens are sharing wall space this month at Ruck Rover’s Beaufort Street store in Mt Lawley. The store, which is hosting Mini Art Mart exhibitions featuring different local artists each month, is presenting the bold and colourful work of Perth artist Anne Cobai in February. Anne’s unique style, which draws upon a vast array of influences, including contemporary music, tattoo culture, vintage pin-ups, iconography and Renaissance art, will be on display until the end of this month. Runs ’til Feb 29.

My Mamiya & Me by Katherine Perry

Spaced: Art Out Of Place: Fremantle Arts We Must Cultivate Our Garden: Perth Cultural Centre, Fremantle Centre, Northbridge Spaced: Art Out Of Place explores the relationship Scottish artist Nathan Coley is bringing his between globalisation and local identity with sculpture We Must Cultivate Our Garden to Perth, the imaginative and stimulating works in sculpture, Australian debut of this internationally acclaimed photography, painting, installation and artwork. Nathan Coley is an eminent Scottish artist multimedia. The culmination of a two year cycle and Turner Prize nominee, whose practice is based of residencies, this ground breaking project on the exploration of public space and the social involved 21 Australian and international artists aspects of our built environment. The ten metre and collectives spending time in 16 regional long sculpture is made from fairground lights, Western Australian communities to consider suspended on a temporary scaffolding structure; their social and physical environments. The creating an intriguing juxtaposition between the Constructing Nature: Gallery East, North results are surprising and provocative. Runs ’til profound text and dingy travelling fairground Mar 11. aesthetic. On display from Feb 24-Mar 26. Fremantle The depth and intimacy of the work of Western Australian artist Christine Atkins has been greatly The Unknown By The More Unknown: OK Gallery, Northbridge influenced by her experiences as an art therapist, In his first solo exhibition, The Unknown By The More Unknown, David Egan presents a charismatic along with childhood camping trips, which started constellation of paintings and objects examining pop culture mysteries and vernacular theories her love of the environment. With an eye for intricate - in which established methods of knowing are hijacked and subverted by the incurably curious detail, Christine focuses on the environmental, investigating the infinite potential of interpretation and understanding in cultural communication. human experiences and the interplay between the Runs from Feb 15-Mar 18. two. Runs ’til Mar 4.

Raoul: Regal Theatre, Subiaco James Thiérrée sweeps you into a fantasy world of shape-shifting illusion, slapstick humour, startling beauty and melancholic whimsy that leaves you asking, ‘how did he do that?’. Raoul returns to a home upended, and quite possibly possessed. To keep domestic life from unravelling completely, he goes toe-to-toe with a surreal collection of dversaries - everything from hostile appliances to giant jellyfish to a face in the mirror with plans of its own. Are these manifestations of an untethered mind or something more sinister? Season runs Feb 18-26. Bookings via Driving Into Walls: Studio Underground, Northbridge Pashing, fighting, laughing, dancing and confessing... drawn from over 500 starkly honest and highly confidential interviews with Western Australian teens, this intimate and confronting play draws back the curtain on what it means to be young in our modern, media-driven society. Five teenagers walk an emotional tightrope of online and offline relationships, colliding with one another and driving into the walls built around them. This daring, immersive production gives you a raw and voyeuristic view of their deepest secrets, rages, anxieties and hopes. Season runs Feb 25-29. Bookings via

New York Stories: An Empire State Of Mind: Spectrum Project Space, Mt Lawley New York is imagined as a city of energy, a city of dreams, a city of hope. Photographer Panizza Allmark works with the classic technique of street photography to explore these ideas and engage with this vibrant city. Her powerful images convey the liberation and optimism in the year of Obama’s inauguration, as well as the despair of the global financial crisis and the aftermath of 9/11. Runs Feb 15-Mar 2. Lluis Fuzzhound: Hole In The Wall Gallery, Fremantle Born in Spain in 1977, Fuzzhound moved to Melbourne with his family when he was one year old, and has since spent his life traveling back and forth between the two. Growing up in Melbourne, he developed a love of art at a young age, being particularly drawn to cartoons, which he watched whilst eating Coco Pops in front of the TV after school everyday. In his upcoming solo show at Hole In The Wall, Fuzzhound will showcase all new, one off pieces, with a limited edition Hole In The Wall T-shirt designed by Fuzzhound available from the gallery while stocks last. Runs ’til Mar 3.


Onqotô & Parabelo: His Majesty’s Theatre, Perth Drawing on urban and rural folk styles, this distinctly Brazilian contemporary dance company combines the grace and technique of ballet with the raw vitality of swaying limbs, sexy swagger and pulsating rhythms. For the 2012 Festival they present two strikingly visual and spirited performances – Onqotô and Parabelo. Season runs Mar 1-3. Bookings via Blackbird: Studio Underground, Northbridge Perth Theatre Company will produce Blackbird by Scottish playwright, David Harrower as the Company’s first production in 2012. Inspired by a true story, Blackbird is a riveting play that raises challenging questions about society, morality and how the past irrevocably effects the present. Blackbird exposes the story of two people who shared a forbidden relationship fifteen years earlier, when she was 12 and he was 40. Una confronts Ray at his workplace, and the unflinching study of their affair that follows reveals the brutal truth of unconventional love with shattering consequences. Season runs Mar 10-31. Bookings via BOCS.


X-Press Magazine #1306  
X-Press Magazine #1306  

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