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Site+1 in the platform Personalization of website experiences Customizing the consumer experience is simple with Site+1 in Platform+1. Through Platform+1, [x+1]‘s digital marketing platform, marketers and agencies can easily create or modify campaigns. Creating a relevant website experience for consumers is simple and effective with the intuitive Platform+1 interface. User targeting profiles can be created and managed for both Site+1 and Media+1, enabling simultaneous management of inbound and outbound communications.

Smart Tagging System Site+1 uses 'Smart Tags' to simplify and streamline the arduous and expensive process of tagging websites, making the entire internet a company’s website for reaching and converting online consumers. [x+1] deploys a universal tag across multiple pages and media, improving the performance of campaigns.

Drag and drop placements on your site through the platform interface

Drag and drop placements on your site through the platform interface

The code for the Smart Tags is automatically generated by [x+1]’s platform when a campaign is set up, allowing it to be propagated through [x+1]’s intuitive user interface. “Smart Tags are helping usher in the next generation of audience targeting, giving marketers and agencies the ability to dynamically reach likely-to-buy consumers across digital touchpoints.”

Access reporting and insights

Upload creative

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Site+1 in the platform Personalization of website experiences

Site+1 Benefits

Site+1 results Access advanced analytics and reporting

Driven by [x+1]‘s Predictive Optimization Engine (POE™), Site+1 shows each visitor the message that is statistically most likely to make a visitor take action. Site+1 is flexible and robust enough for any site personalization scenario.

Gain instant insights into your consumers’ behaviors and user data with 100% transparency to apply them toward your cross-channel marketing efforts.

Customize business rules

Relevant targeting for first time visitors

Easily set up audience segments based on attributes such as demographics, geographic location, time of day or any other data -including your own.

Site+1 optimizes the very first impression on the very first site visit. With Site+1, visitors have a relevant experience from the moment they arrive on your site until they leave.

Leverage your existing site infrastructure

Vertical-specific solutions

Site+1 works within your site design and technologies to achieve immediate conversion improvements without interfering with existing marketing partners, vendors and agencies.

Site+1 understands the unique challenges and opportunities surrounding each industry and has tailored datasets and audiences for the retail, financial services, telecommunications, automotive, CPG, online services and travel industries.

Data integration

Get support from digital marketing experts

[x+1] seamlessly incorporates the data you need to achieve the greatest targeting efficiency and performance.

[x+1] clients have experienced 20-80% lift on conversion while decreasing development costs by 3X.









[x +1 ] implementation begins


Achieve universal audience targeting

By implementing Site+1 from [x+1], Verizon dramatically improved its online conversion rate and reduced cost per acquisition. - Suresh Vittal, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research

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S e p -0 8

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M a r-0 9

[x+1]’s Client Solutions team can help you interpret valuable prospect and customer data to improve website and campaign performance.

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Site+1 on the platform  

site+1 on the platform

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