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Digital Direct Mail CONNECTING DIRECT MAIL AND DISPLAY MEDIA Target your direct mail lists in real-time With [x+1]’s highly effective and anonymous Digital Direct Mail (DDM) program, direct marketers can now target and deliver online advertising to some of the same households found in their existing customer and prospect direct mail lists. Through reaching known targets off-and online, you can: How Digital Direct Mail Works:

Increase Digital Marketing Revenue Drive transaction revenue on ecommerce sites

1. Begin with offline direct mail list (purchased or in-house)

Reduce Costs Leverage existing and proven direct mail assets to improve display media Deepen Customer Engagement Create another touchpoint to echo and reinforce relevant product messaging

2 . Lists are anonymously matched to online consumers by third party data providers, such as TARGUSinfo. These partners tell [x+1] that a consumer is on list, but not who the user is. No personally identifiable Information (PII) is used or stored by [x+1].

Better Understand Your Customers Evaluate the impact of mixed marketing

3. [x +1] serves targeted ads only to the households on the direct mail list.

Case Study: Leading Retailer Objective: Drive customers to ecommerce site and increase transactional revenue

Results Over the course of the campaign, reduced clients CPA by 90% while scaling spend over 5X. Outperformed optimized RON CPA by 37% and RON approval rate by 250%

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Digital Direct Mail OneSheet  

Digital Direct Mail OneSheet

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