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De portal van de ACM (Association of Computing Machinery) biedt toegang tot de ACM Digital Library.

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In de ACM Digital Library vindt u de onlineversie van de 40 ACM-tijdschriften en alle proceedings, transactions en andere ACMpublicaties vanaf begin tot heden.

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The Digital Library : Contents of the Digital Library The ACM Digital Library contains every article and publication published by ACM from 1954 to present. The following is a complete list of all ACM publications currently available in the ACM Digital Library:

The Digital Library : Via Publisher The ACM Guide to Computing Literature The ACM Guide to Computing Literature is the most comprehensive bibliographic database in existence today focused exclusively on the field of computing, making this A&I service—which seamlessly integrates with ACM’s full-text articles—a true starting point for anyone looking to search and access computing’s rapidly growing archive. 1,200,000 Citations 3,000+ Publishers' Content Indexed 480,000 Journal Articles 10,000 Proceedings Volumes 520,000 Proceedings Articles 1,000 Periodicals 140,000 Books 60,000 Dissertations/Theses 25,000 Technical Reports 975,000 References added in 2008 4,000 Requests for Comments 2,000 Ebooks

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