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Jesus spoke in parables, telling stories to teach the people Kingdom of God principles. A choreographed dance can do the same, giving imagery to a message. God’s word is established in the heart of the audience through movement and visual emotion, encompassing the receiver, reaching places that words sometimes just cannot. Choreography is a large part of the dance education syllabus; developing phrases and motifs, working pathways, qualities of movement and actions of the body. I don’t think God is too concerned with dance composition (the technical term for the mechanics of choreography), but they are useful when creating and delivering a message through dance.

Lyrical Choreography A song has verses and a chorus for example. Many times dances are created to the lyrics, developing phrases of movement that are repeated like the chorus. This helps to reinforce the message delivered. Creating and developing motifs helps the recipient receive as they start to recognise the moves and understand the symbolism behind them, bringing to life the words as they are sung or spoken. God spoke to Ezekiel (Ezekiel 37) that He would breathe on the old dry bones and give them life. I believe that dance can do the same to words as God breathes (dances) through the dancer, bringing truth and meaning and power to His word.


Music without words It may be a challenge to the less experienced dancer to choreograph a dance to music without words. Leaving the piece open for diverse interpretation, like an abstract painting, the audience will draw from different aspects of the dance, allowing God to speak to the individual as He determines.

The Purpose of Prophetic Choreography The most important element of a choreographed dance is that it releases His presence, that the Anointing of the Holy Spirit is smeared upon it, breaking yokes, setting people free and imparting life! Everything of our life and ministry flows from the heart – a heart filled with God. Whenever we engage in movement for spiritual purposes, our skill and choreographed perfections must always remain servants to the anointing and leading of the Holy Spirit.———————————————————————————————————— This article has been posted from the website. Go to to enjoy more excellent Christian praise dance articles and resources. Read More Encouraging Praise Dance Articles Prophetic Choreography

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Prophetic Choreography  
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