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Unusual Custom Commercial Vessel Lavatory and Sink Decks Discoun

By definition, the unusual challenges our fixed ideas and causes us to perceive things outside of the realm of the familiar and comfortable. This is the essence of contemporary design which consistently reaches beyond the boundaries of fixed ideas, established forms, and assumed notions of aesthetics. As contemporary design becomes increasingly popular in commercial environments, unusual custom commercial vessel lavatories and sink decks are finding their way more and more into commercial restroom design. On an aesthetic level, unusual custom commercial vessel lavatories and sink decks present a form that is highly decorative and challenging at the same time. The larger systems are noticeably visible, with decks and bowls characterized by either contoured geometry or extreme symmetry. Colors can range from very eclectic patterns to those that resemble completely natural stone. This allows them to be used in restroom designs that feature not only contemporary styles, but also more formal styles and traditional styles with a minimalist emphasis. These new hand washing systems are engineered to service anywhere from one to four users at a time. They are built to be resistant to chemical stains and water absorption. Vandal resistance is also another important characteristic of contemporary commercial washroom fixtures. This is not only to protect them from acts of deliberate vandalism, but also to protect them against accidental impacts that previously caused breakage and chipping in porcelain fixtures and decorative stone fixtures. One of the most important things about our entire line of unusual custom commercial vessel lavatory and sink decks is the contoured style of design that characterizes their construction. To the greatest extent possible, edges are rounded off to eliminate sharp angles that would create crevices where mildew, mold, and bacteria can build up. Cleaning crews can wipe down the entire surface without missing spots that could later become problem areas. Many of these benefits result from the materials that are used to build these systems in the first place. As previously noted, moisture resistance is a key element in the new solid surface materials used in the construction of unusual custom commercial vessel lavatory and sink decks. These materials are composed of high grade synthetic materials or a blend of natural stone mixed with exotic industrial agents. They resist breakage and cracking, and any minor chipping that occurs can be cost effectively repaired with simple repair kits that can be ordered from the supplier of the fixture. Many of these materials are also GREENGUARD certified and are therefore highly recommended for school restrooms as well as building designs where environmental awareness is high. Many fixtures are designed to prevent water spillage. Bowls are engineered to prevent water overflow when the sink is being cleaned. Many others feature air metering valve control to prevent water waste. Many of our unusual custom commercial vessel lavatory and sink decks also feature advanced touch free infrared activation for superior hygiene. This has made them very popular in restaurant, hotel, and sports facilities restrooms where a noticeably clean restroom is essential to generating repeat clientele.

Unusual Custom Commercial Vessel Lavatory and Sink Decks