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Verge® Bradley Lavatory Single Hand Washing Station

The Verge® Bradley lavatory single user hand washing station is a GREENGUARD certified single user hand washing system optimized for high-end, modern and eclectic, contemporary restroom design. Its compact, efficient design contributes makes a powerful aesthetic statement while simultaneously conserving wall space. Its Evero™ Natural Quartz Material composition gives it a quality of form previously unheard of in high end fixture engineering. More than anything else, it is this unique material composition that makes this particular hand washing system stand from other types of commercial restroom fixtures. In addition to its attraction factor, there are practical underpinnings to its design. The invention of Evero™ was not undertaken on a whim, nor was it motivated exclusively by marketing directives. Instead, it was developed to overcome certain design limitations that have always plagued those that work with finely finished stone products. While stone is considered the most enduring and beautiful of substances, it is very difficult to mold. You have to chisel stone, and then polish it. This makes it difficult to create many of the unique angles and contoured surfaces that characterize newer, more contemporary fixtures such as the Verge® Bradley lavatory single user hand washing station. Stone is also less vandal resistant than many would suppose. While it is admittedly hard enough to last for thousands of years, it can also be broken, or even shattered, if enough force is applied to it. Certain forms of stone will also lose their finish, or even the patterns of metamorphic coloration, if it is exposed to certain chemicals. This makes even the most durable stone fixtures difficult to clean with certain industrial cleaning materials. Stone also has tiny fissures in its surface, and composite stone forms that are bonded together still have tiny crevices at the points of attachments that can harbor bacteria and collect dirt and grime. Cleaning these crevices quickly and cost effectively is no easy task. However, the Evero™ Natural Quartz Material used to build the Verge® Bradley lavatory single user hand washing station overcomes these limitations. It is not a stone substitute, but rather an industrially modified form of actual natural quartz. It is the first natural stone ever than can be molded and shaped into any form desired. Of course, there are a number of exotic and manmade materials mixed in with the quartz that lend it these attributes. However, that does not change the fact that it remains an essentially natural substance that can be molded in ways previously impossible to those working with stone. The smooth, contiguous design of the Verge® Bradley Lavatory Single Hand Washing Station eliminates the sharp right angles that create the notoriously dirty crevices that plague fixtures made from more rigid materials that have to be glued or bolted together. Surface areas are innately moisture and therefore bacteria resistant, and with no place to hide, bacteria and mildew have little, if any, room to grow. This allows engineers to create a contemporary hand washing fixture whose unique contour compliments the most eclectic of restroom interior designs. The color choices available make the appearance of the Verge® Bradley lavatory single user hand washing stations equally impressive. Even in the presence of multiple industrial and exotic ingredients, the dazzling, multidimensional color patterns of its primarily quartz composition shine through with a dazzling aesthetic equal to that of the purely natural world.

The Evero™ Handwashing system made by Bradley Corporation will make a superb aesthetic contribution to any hotel, museum, university, or public building washroom designed along the lines of modern, minimalist, or innovative contemporary styles.

The Verge Single Lavatory Hand Washing Station  

The Verge® Bradley lavatory single user hand washing station is a GREENGUARD certified single user hand washing system optimized for high-en...

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