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If you are wondering what type of commercial automatic hands free water saver faucet to choose for your new construction or building remodel, the following brief analysis of three existing technologies can help you make an informed decision that will work best for your budget and your facility. The first, and simplest type, of commercial automatic hands free water saver faucet technology is air metering technology. This uses air pressure to regulate water flow, and it is activated by a light touch control button. The air metering system distributes a controlled burst of water for 10 seconds that then automatically shuts off. These systems are very cost effective to install in clean restrooms where sanitation is easy to maintain through consistent cleaning. They are also ADA compliant and ideal for budgetary build outs of accessible restrooms. Vandal resistance is also a feature that brings ROI through minimal replacement costs. The next kind of technology used to make commercial automatic hands free water saver faucets is IR sensor control. This technology uses an infrared sensor concealed behind a window that shoots out a beam of invisible light that triggers water flow when a person puts his or her hands in its path. This technology is more hygienic than light touch controls because users do not have to touch any part of the fixture. The only problem that may occur is the deliberate vandalism of the unit that can be inflicted by breaking the sensor window. In areas where buildings are highly secure, or where personnel are too moral and professional to engage in such behavior, this is not a problem. However, high traffic restrooms, or facilities in areas that may experience deliberate mischief, should invest in more vandal resistant, and even more effective, capacitance sensing technology. These commercial automatic hands free water saver faucets have sensor mechanisms built into the faucet itself so that vandals cannot get to the electrical components. Also, these faucets work ever better than IR sensor windows because they generate an omni-directional field under the faucet that immediately activates at the first hand movement. Capacitance sensing represents the latest, and most efficient generation of commercial automatic hands free water saver faucets on the market. For the initial investment, greater resource management, greater attraction factor to users, and lowered replacement costs represent a good ROI in the long run for those who choose to invest in the best now to ensure continued prosperity for their facilities in the future.

Commercial Automatic Hands Free Water Saver Faucets