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YAYOI is a Super Hot Japanese Beauty Who Writes & Models. When She’s Not Working On Assignment in New York or Japan She Likes To Practice Photography and Read. “I Read At Least 10 Books a Month. I Look Around and There Are Books Everywhere.”

YAYOI Likes Intellectual Men Who are Well Read and Can Talk About Lots of Different Topics. “You Have To Stimulate My Mind To Really Turn Me On”

XOTICA MAGAZINE Sat Down With YAYOI To Find Out What She Looks For In Guys and What Really Turns Her On. Whether it’s the Back Seat of a Car or Blind Folded YAYOI is a Pleaser. She’s a Loving and Emotional Woman Who Doesn’t Mind Being Submissive To Her Man. “I Like Masculine Men Who Know What They Want Out of Life”…“and I Don’t Like Messy Men” She Laughed. “Messy Home, Messy Mind, Messy Life.” YAYOI is a Star On The Rise and You Should Remember that you Saw Her Here First in XOTICA MAGAZINE.