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Acer AS5250-0468 15.6-inch Laptop Review

ACER-AS5250-0468-NOTEBOOK-SPECS.JPG There is a dearth in the market for good, handy and practically efficient laptops as the market is left with overpriced and exaggerated products that never really reach the potential that they are advertised to be. But Acer has come up with a nice bundle of joy that may just give you exactly what you will need and that too at a nice basic price tag which won’t really affect you that much. This model is the Acer AS5250-0468 15.6-inch Laptop and it has all the features you might want in your laptop but at an eye opening price of about $320.

Front view of ACER-AS5250-0468-NOTEBOOK The Product Specifications The exact product specifications are as follows: Display The display on this little monster is a thing to behold as the total 15.6’ TFT-LCD monitor has a maximum resolution of 1366x768 pixels and full color display that supports the Acer CineCrystal Technology that is highly acclaimed as one of the best out there. The widescreen view is also a notable addition as it makes movie watching on this laptop a real class experience.

Side view of ACER-AS5250-0468-NOTEBOOK. View of USB Port and Optical drive DVD Super Multi

Processor The processor is an AMD Dual Core Processor E-300 with a 1.3 GHz speed capability. This is efficient because the rest of the laptop configuration works according to this speed and they all come together nicely. System Bus & Cache Memory The crucial points which are notable are the system bus and the cache memory. This piece gives ample supply of both with 1.3 gigs of system bus speed and a cache memory capacity of 1MB L2 cache. This works great with the processor speed and gives seamless output. HDD Specs The hard disk given is a 250GB one which might cause uproar abut it has a 5400 rpm speed which is standard. RAM Specs A 2048 MB or 2GB RAM is preinstalled and as it has only one ram slot it cannot really be extended by adding and there is no extendibility as well. The Disc drive is a Blu-Ray enabled disc drive that has 8x DVD drive write capability and 24x CD write capability.Other than Wi-Fi connectivity there is Ethernet connectivity by LAN and also standard IEEE 0.02 connectivity as well.There is a built in 2-in-1 card reader in this laptop that can come in very handy at times of need.

Acer AS5250-0468 notebook has dimensions of 16.75 x 12.25 x 3.5 inches only

The plastic chassis coupled with the Acer logo, multi gesture touch pad, Battery The battery pack is standard but the power consumption allows only about 4.5 hours of backup which is by no means bad, but could have been better.Almost all methods of input have been included such as RJ-45, 3.5 mm jack and the USB ports. There is 0.3 Megapixel webcam inbuilt in the system which may cause uproar because others are offering more. Shipping & Other Details Shipping is available all over the world and the will depend on the dimensions of the packing which are roughly 16.6 inches x 12.1 inches x 2.8 inches and has a weight if around 7.1 pounds. Thus local suppliers will tell you how much it will cost you.

Verdict There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that this little monster is a powerhouse but not without snags on the edges such as the low HD space and battery backup. But when looking at the bigger picture we have to say that it’s a positive from our side because this is an all-in-one gadget at a very low price.

ACER 5250-0468  

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