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Korea Korea Scientific Scientific Instruments Instruments Industry Industry Cooperative Cooperative (KSIIC) (KSIIC)

Korea Korea trade-Investment trade-Investment promotion promotion agency agency (KOTRA) (KOTRA)



KOREA Pavilion

C on t e n t s S IT E M A P . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AHA I nfo r ma tio n & C o m m u n i c a t i o n . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . B& S M E D I A C O. , LT D . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CHUN GPA E M T C O. , LT D. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DA E SU N G G-3 C O. , LTD. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . EAR Z ON E C O. , LT D . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . EVE RT R E E C O. , LT D . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FES T E C H C O. , LT D . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . IEG CO. , LT D . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . IS C om munic a tio ns C O. , LT D. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . KORE A D I GI TA L C O. , LT D. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ROBO R OB O C O. , LT D . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . YE S 01 , Yo ung il E duc a ti o n S y s t e m Co . , L t d . . .

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KSIIC President Greeting The world of today and tomorrow has one predominant characteristic“CHANGE!”And whenever there is change, one must be able to adapt to the change. One must be able to sense and clarify problem, as well as find solutions to those problems. On this directory, I am confidence that it must help to solve those problems. It’s make with a view to gives to you and your customer more information about Korea scientific product.

WORLD DIDAC BASEL 2012 is one of the most famous Education exhibitions in the world. This participation companies who representative of Korea scientific instruments are give to you and your customer for best solution for scientific experiments. Anyway although I am not much introduced in Korea company but I hope to be your assistance and successful your business by all Korea participate companies.

Yoon Sik Hong President 4


KOTRA CEO s Greetings As a Korea government owned trade promotion agency, KOTRA have played an indispensable role in the growth of the Korean economy since its establishment in 1962.

Greetings, I am the CEO of KOTRA, Young Ho Oh. Since its establishment in 1962 as part of the Korea’s first 5-year Economic Plan, KOTRA has been dedicated to creating new export markets and increasing Korea’s trade value, which reached $1 trillion in 2011. In the late 1990s, the agency helped Korea overcome the Financial Crisis by starting its foreign direct investment promotion division. And in the last half century, KOTRA has played a significant role in supporting Korean companies expanding overseas.

Today, the world economy is more volatile than ever due to the European financial crisis, China’s hindered economic growth, upcoming elections in 15 countries and security issues in the Middle East. In preparation for a rapidly changing market environment, and using Korea’s expansive FTA network, KOTRA is focusing on the globalization of small and medium sized enterprises(SMEs), the backbone of the Korean economy, by providing them with customized support related to global business establishment and export.

To further expand Korea’s trade sector, KOTRA is increasing the exports of new growth industries such as the knowledge service industry, medical-bio industry and green industry. The culture-based Korean Wave is making economic waves as well with its high export value. By supporting these and other industries, KOTRA contributes to the economic development of Korea and developing countries through technological innovation, industrial infrastructure formation and HR development.

Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, KOTRA looks ahead to another 50 years of achievements. With its 119 Korea Business Centers in 81 countries functioning as the trade and investment infrastructure of Korea, KOTRA operates as a Global Business Platform that helps Korean companies break out into a bigger market and better future. We invite you to be a part of our journey of growth.

Young Ho Oh President of KOTRA

History KOTRA, initially the Korea Trade Promotion Corporation, were established in 1962 as a national trade promotion organization. Since then, it has successfully facilitated Korea’s rapid export-led economic development through various trade promotion activities such as overseas market surveys and business matchmaking. In August 1995, cross-border investment promotion and support for technological and industrial cooperation projects was added to KOTRA’s mandate, and it was renamed the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency(KOTRA). KOTRA currently operates Invest KOREA, the national investment promotion agency. Originally initiated as the Korea Investment Service Center(KISC) in 1998, the agency was relaunched as Invest KOREA in November 2003 to support foreign investors by offering more powerful incentives and an expanded range of services. KOTRA is now well-equipped to pursue its twin mandates of trade and investment promotion to enhance national prosperity and competitiveness, with the ultimate goal of positioning Korea as the business and economic hub of Northeast Asia. With its long-term experience and expertise, KOTRA serves and assists all interested parties worldwide to do business with Korea. In order to execute its mandates more efficiently, KOTRA has opened an extensive worldwide network of overseas Korea Business Centers(KBC). As of 2008, 93 KTCs are operating in 68 countries. And to take maximum advantage of the era of E-Commerce, KOTRA launched the interactive Internet portal sites of INVEST KOREA Online(formerly Cyber KISC) in 2003 and BuyKorea in 2004, respectively. KOTRA Academy was launched in 2003 as a professional learning center for international business. In the long run, KOTRA’s well-trained trade and investment manpower, armed with relevant theoretical and practical knowledge, will bolster the nation’s trade and investment infrastructure. As of 2012, 111 KBCs are operating in 76 countries.

KOTRA Overseas Networks 111KBCs(Korea Business Center) in 76 Countries

Booth NO.


1. AHA Information & Communication














8. IEG CO., LTD.


9. ISCommunications CO., LTD.






12. YES01, Youngil Education System Co., Ltd


DAE SUNG G-3 CO., LTD. C 51 EARZONE CO., LTD. C 50 CHUNGPA EMT CO., LTD. C 49 ROBOROBO CO., LTD. C 48 YES01 Youngil Education System Co., Ltd C 47 EVERTREE CO., LTD. C 46 ISCommunications CO., LTD. C 45 KOREA DIGITAL CO., LTD. C 44 B&S MEDIA CO., LTD. C 43 IEG CO., LTD. C 42 FESTECH CO., LTD. C 41 KSIIC / Kotra

AHA Information & Communication C O . , L T D . C 80 9

Introduction of Exhibitors & Description of Exhibits

AHA Information & Communication Company Instruction elcome to Future e-Classroom, Paperless Hospital and Paperless Bank ! Being E-Learning and U-Learning age, the booming trend is that the Interactive Whiteboard and Multimedia Digital Podium is rapidly expanding to classrooms and lecture rooms, utilizing interactive Touch/Tablet screen and LCD Monirors. Hospitals and Banks are also changing into paperless adopting touch/tablet LCD Display. Since foundation in 1999, we have been focusing on pen input device development and providing education system integration in Korean market, where the demand for advanced solution in the classroom environment is rapidly increasing. Competitive industrial environment in IT & Display field in this market helped reinforce our core competency. After successful development of LCD Tablet Monitors with electromegnatic technology,we designed a state-of-the art Multimedia Digital Podium, MAESTRO, which became the most favorate e-Learning main system in new classrooms/lecture rooms in domestic and world market. Based on our successful accomplishment, we are devoting sincere energy into the development of future product and solutions in the advanced interactive display, paperless banking/hospital solucitons and ubiquitous interactive display terminals.


Yangchon Industrial Park F2(33Block 2 Route), Hakwoon-ri, Yangchon-myon, Kimpo-si, Kyunggi-do, 415-843, Korea Phone : +82-31-997-0909 Fax : +82-31-997-0911, +82-10-3626-3596 Contact Person : Richard Park(Sales Manager) e-mail :





ith a single e-STATION system, you can transform your boring and traditional classrooms into innovative and revolutionary classrooms!

Business Services

Smart Classroom




Smart Classroom Efficient Class by CBT(computer based training) with Smart Podium/LED Interactive Display/Pen Tool e-Learning Off-line & On-line Class: Lecture in Smart Classroom → Recording Lecture → Uploading Lecture to CMS → Study on PC/Smart Phone SLTS (Smart Learning Total Solutions) e-CLASS BOOK PRS(Personal Response System) CLOUD Video Conferencing CMS(Contents Management System)

#703 JNK Digital Tower, 111, Digitalro 26gil, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea Phone : +82-2-588-3323 Fax : +82-2-588-3659 Web site : e-mail :


CEO Comment We, B&S MEDIA, are a number one manufacturer /provider of best educational equipments and solutions for Smart Learning in Korea. We have been serving the educational market and truly understand the unique requirements of the academic community. We are doing good & long term business relations with our partners in 15 countries now. We hope to serve you and make business successful together. Thank you very much.


MODEL: e-STATION S Features All in one cabinet style Ergonomic and futuristic design Adjustable monitor International standard 19 rack for device storage One-touch and central device control (7 Control Touch Panel) LCD Tablet monitor Writing and recording software (e-STATION PRO) Support RMS (Optional) Fan, Additional I/O port, wheels, keyboard

LED Interactive Display

MODEL: e-VISION 7000/8000 LED Features Optical Camera Sensor (Multi Touch) Light Weight: 80kg/ 90kg Low Power Consumption: 230W Low Standby Power: Under 0.5W Low Heat: No Need of Cooling Fan Tempered Glass (Non-reflecting or Clear) Option: Pen Tray, Adjustable & Mobile Stand

Auto Tracking Camera System

MODEL: e-MOTION Features Motion detection camera Automatically returns to the original position if motion is not detected after a period of time Various modes support by presets Automatic zoom for multiple presenters Communicate via RS-232 and RS-485


CEO Jin Sun Kim

CEO Comment



CEO Choi Jae Kwan

Professional in educational system for automotive

DAE SUNG G-3 CO.,LTD 559 Hansari, Hayang-Eup, Gyeongsansi Gyeongbuk, 712-901, KOREA Phone : +(82)-(53)-854-2400, 2700 Fax : +(82)-(53)-854-2406, 2407 Web site :, E-mail :



ARZONE CO., LTD is a professional wireless product manufacturer developing and producing Wireless Communication Devices, Wireless Educational Equipments, Image Recognizing Digital Visualizer, Electronic Teaching Desk, Interactive Whiteboard, Electronic LCD Blackboard and other related products of U-Learning System. EARZONE has developed many ultramodern educational equipments based on its excellent technology and long accumulated Know-How, and has taken charge of the many diversifications for the educational environments. EARZONE endeavors to become the best by upholding competitiveness in quality, service, and price in the midst of the ever changing digital era of the 21st century. EARZONE aims to build a worldwide famous brand and invests all efforts in contributing to the industry and society by becoming the business partner. We sincerely thank all our customers and we hope for your further supports and best relationships.

“The Best Prize” was awarded to EzCam by the Minister of Education, Science and technology in the E-Learning Expo Korea 2008, “The Best Prize” was awarded to EARZONE for EzCam / EZ-300.

EARZONE BUSINESS LINES Digital Visualizer EZ-CAM EZ-200 EZ-300 EZ-500

W ireless System

U - Learning

Remo s 500 Remo s 550 Remo s 700 Remo s 900 BRIX-CA C10 Blue MIC C60 Blue MIC DM

Smart RFID System White Board Interactive LCD LED Blackboard Electronic Podium E-Learning S/W

#706 STX-V Tower , 371-37 Gasan-Dong Geumcheon-Gu, Seoul, Korea (ZIP CODE: 153-023) Phone : +82-2-811-3500 Fax : +82-2-811-3533 Web site : ( e-mail :,,


World Didac Basel, Oct. 2010 World Didac Bangkok, Oct. 2011 World Didac Astana, MAY. 2012

- Gulf Educational Supplies & Solutions , Dubai UAE, Feb. 2010 - Gitex Technology, Oct. 2009

EZ-CAM ( EZ-300 / EZ-200 )

Remo’s 550

Image Recognizing Digital Visualizer

Wireless Guide, Communication System

First in the world Image Recognition System Versatile and powerful function Portability and storability by compact design

Wireless Guide System for Plant and Factory Tour Guide and Simultaneous Interpretation

• Media Center + Digital Visualizer • Providing best learning solution connected with computer • Providing various contents through recognizing image • Various and Powerful function.

• Instant monitoring of operating menu

( Zoom in/out , Image rotation, Image capture, Make video) • Providing functions as digital Visualizer with high resolution ( EZ-300 : 3.2 Mega Pixel UXGA 2048 x 1536)

• Clear audio quality between 100m

and state by LCD Display

• Selectable 40 channels, convenient channel switching distance

• Short charge (3~4 hrs) & longer use (20hrs) , High capacity lithium battery

EZB-LCD70WT/ LCD82WT Electronic LCD Blackboard Provide intuitive and effective lecturing system Integrated control and writing function • Full HD LCD 70 / 82 inch electronic blackboard • Central role of audio-visual education by applying various outside-input • Product of eco-environmental and saving energy (stand by power 0.4W) • Applying various multimedia to system by providing multi-touch • Effect of gesture with combined with IR sensor °© writing program • Hidden tool-bar menu for students to concentrate in the lecture - writing programs not only all kind of advanced and upgraded but also enhanced user’s convenience • Reducing the break and light reflected by applying anti-reflection and tempered-glass

EZD-19TCA(D) Electronic Teaching Desk Lecturing system combined with practical design and integrated control • Practical and ergonomic design • The plan and design considered the safety of appearance • Controlling various monitor°Øs angle • Wide and clear tablet monitor leading electric magnetic induction • The free-battery pen recognizing a writing pressure • Providing various input-terminal from outside • Providing Software which is controlled in teaching class ( EZ-BOARD / EZ-DOC )

• A integrated controller • Digital amplifier which has high output power ( 2.4 Ghz wireless microphone of integrated shape )


EVERTREE CO., LTD. CEO : Jaekyung Lee Overseas Sales Manager : Young Hong

[Company Introduction]


EVERTREE Co., Ltd is build by the Small and Medium Business Administration’s support and it will honestly fulfill the national project that order to the national development. By the Small and Medium Administration’s support, we develop the Book Sterilizer and the multipurpose electric sterilizer that combine the digital signage the first time in the world at 2011, and to get the Domestic Patent in that time. We’ll provide the sterilizer to the university, primary school, middle school, high school and the General Digital Information Library during the second half of the year. Furthermore, it’ll be set in the place that has a large floating population that can be used by a lot of people. EVERTREE Co., Ltd is a development and production company that includes all process from design to Production. We will do our best to build the digital advanced society.

• IOS 9001 certification • The Test Report from KTR(99.9%) • The Book Sterilizer Patent • Venture Business Certification • OEM supply agreement with 3M Korea • Silver Prize awarded by the Korea Invention Promotion Association in Seoul • Shanghai Oriental Pearl Gold Prize by Shanghai Association of Inventions


[Product Information] Second half of the year on 2011, DS101 digital signage multipurpose book sterilizer was born. It has LCD that can acquire information for the books or others in one minute. In addition, DS101 can also sterilize accessories and personal belongings, it’s a new concept multipurpose book sterilizer that maximize the convenience for users. Book Sterilizer LIVA has many types. BS401 is for 4 users sterilized their own books together, and BS601 is for 3 users. These kinds of sterilizers are usercentric class model that several users use it together and don’t need to wait, and also produce the 1 book sterilizer-BS101, 2 books sterilizer- BS201. They are all our company productions.

620-ho Omokcheollo 132-33, Gwonseon-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do Republic of Korea TEL : +82 70 7699-0756 I FAX : +82 31 629-5529


Special Prize

Silver Prize







620-ho Omokcheollo 132-33, Gwonseon-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do Republic of Korea TEL : +82 70 7699-0756 I FAX : +82 31 629-5529

[Display Product Introduction DS 101] The books in the public library, do you think they are safe enough? Saliva Dust


LIVA Booksterilizer is... Use UV lamp to kill all kinds of bacteria 1 minute disinfection 99.9% excellent disinfection The world first advertising multipurpose book sterilizer Provide various information or broadcast advertisement Use Green Environment aluminum material

INTRODUCTION Name Brand Name Feature Certification Display For consumer For advertiser

Digital Signage & Multi Purpose Electric Sterilizer LIVA (Library Value) Combine Sterilizer & Digital Signage Commodity Patent No. 10-1070401 17 inch LCD (1280 x 1024) Disinfect personal articles free Maximize the effectiveness of advertising

SPECIFICATION Size Weight Power Consumption power Material Sterilize method Disinfection item UV Lamp

485(W) X 460(L) X 1600(H) 98 kg Insert 85V ~ 264V, 50/ 60Hz 260Watt Aluminum & Safety tempered glass UV-C Lamp Book, Cell phone and other hand-carry articles UV-C 15W * 2EA / 10W * 2EA

[Other Products Image]

DS 101

6 Books Type

4 Books Type



FESTECH CO., LTD. Total solution provider for Factory Automation Training systems Attend Exhibitions

Asia World Didac in 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011 Gulf Educational Supplies & Solutions in 2009, 2011, 2012 World Didac Basel in 2010 World Didac India in 2011 Production


CEO Comment

Try to make the best quality and quantity. Certificates: KS Q ISO 9001:2009, ISO 2009:2008, INNOBIZ, Promising Export Firm Training

Various courses and curriculums, Practical vocational knowledge & experience. We visit and train Vocational institutes, technical schools, colleges.

RM#706, Daeryung Technotown 5, 493 Gasan-dong, Geumcheon-gu, 153-774, Seoul, Korea Phone : +82-2-2107-7800 Fax : +82-2-2107-7801 Contact : Kristal Pyeon ( Web site : E-mail :


We are specialized in manufacturing factory automation systems and related to didactic equipments. Especially, Pneumatics, Hydraulics and Mechatronics Learning systems are our main field of business. Also, we have a lot of experiences and engineers who have skills and know-how. More than ten years, we have provided our equipments to technical schools, colleges and vocational institutes around the world. We always try to make various solutions so that we can meet all of our customers needs. From arranging concepts, drawing designs and making products to instructing and transferring the techniques, we use effective and powerful IT tools. We will dedicate our vision to the best leading company in the world.

Product Line up





Field Bus

Hydr. Transparent

Visual Instrument System


Simulation software

PLC Trainer

Process Control

Motor training kit

Flexible Manuf. Systems

Manufacturing Automation

Modular Product System


Pneumatics / Hydraulics Training Set Training contents: - Basic Pneumatic/ Hydraulic control - Vacuum system - Control circuit for stepper module - Safety of Pneumatic/ Hydraulic system Pneumatics Training Set Hydraulics Training Set

Mechatronics Training purpose: - Various PLC exercise - Programming - Control and Operation - Maintenance - Troubleshooting MAS trainer (Standard type) BAS [Building Automation System]


CEO : Kim Chang Il

1107/8 Tech-Center, SK(n)Technopark, 190-1 Sangdaewon-dong Jungwon-gu, Sungnam-City, Gyeonggi-do, KOREA Phone : +82-31-698-2200 Fax : +82-31-776-4448 Web site : e-mail :


ISCommunications CO., LTD.


e, ISCommunications, are a leading manufacturer of visual presentation and communication tools such as Interactive whiteboard solution(U-Pointer), projector with built-in white board(U-Vision) and wireless presenter(UC-5770W) in Korea. We were established in 1996 and since then, we have strived to improve Education solution, Business Solution and Government solution as well as satisfaction.

Business Area 1. Education Solution : Our products help teachers bring more collaboration and interactivity into the classroom. Because our products are so easy to use, teachers can quickly incorporate them into their teaching to transform student learning and increase engagement. 2. Business Solution : Our products make collaboration a visual, interactive experience with easy access to your files, intuitive user interfaces and effortless record-keeping capabilities. They can produce valuable results, helping you achieve more in less time and for less money. Using our products, your teams can work toward a common goal in person or across distances. 3. Government Solution : Our products offer a combination of interactive whiteboards and projectors that enhance your operations by improving the efficiency of working sessions and the effectiveness of training.

Product Line Up U-Pointer is the Interactive Whiteboard which adopts the Image Processing Technology. It provides interactivity between PC and Display so you can use any display as the interactive whiteboard. With U-Pointer, any kinds of displays, such as Projector, PDP, LCD, Rear projection display, and etc., become the interactive whiteboard with high quality and easiness. BO : B-1409 Woolim Lion’s Valley, 371-28 Gasan-dong, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, KOREA 153-786 Phone : +82-70-7169-0819 Fax : +82-2-2611-6604 HQ : Sinmoragongdan 201,75-8,Mora3-dong,Sasanggu,Busan,KOREA 617-817 Phone : +82-51-731-6601 Fax : +82-51-731-6604 Web site : Facebook : YouTube : e-mail :


U-Vision is a projector with built-in white board where it is capable of turning virtually any whiteboard or smooth wall into an interactive learning area. Equipped with infrared pen to help you “draw” and “write” on the projected surface, educators will be better able to engage students in a more interactive manner.

UC-5770W(Wireless Presenter) is The Most Innovative and Efficient Wireless Tool to Transmit the Laptop /Desktop- Screen to Big Screen TV, Projector or Interactive Whiteboard through “Ultra Wide Band(7.1GHz~8.9GHz)” Technology. It enables “Wireless -Based Interactive Whiteboard” by Supporting Wireless-USB as well.

KOREA DIGITAL CO., LTD. We do our best to improve scientific education &provide innovative solutions for teachers. Have Fun While Exploring Science ! Easy science experiments using smart and handy sensors with everyday materials Easy-to-UseScience Activities and Student’s Report Generation Students easily collect data. generate report file and connect Data Logger to computer for peer instrucation or evaluation Science Experiments and Activities for K5/K6 and AP courses by POE Sciencecube by PEOjust helps teachers to engage student and make students archive higher standards in the field of Science

#804, Ace-twin tower 2, 213-30, Guro3-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul, South Korea Phone : +82-2-2109-8877 Fax : +82-2-2109-8878 Web site : Headquarter Office : CONTROLLER : MBL : SENSOR : E-mail :


Data Logger Device

Max Advance PC & Interface combination Internet Access Split Screen (3 part - table, graph, gauge)

Mentor Remote/Portable Data-logger for Science Education 32 Virtual input channels using VI modules

Data — Logging Program

MAX - V Laptop computer & Interface combination Window 7 Installed Data storage (120GB -Hard) Wire/Wireless LAN & Bluetooth & USB

SCS — 500 Multi-functional Dynamic System Low Friction, Diverse accessories, Various application

Designed for use in Physics & Physical Scientific Experiments.

ScienceCube - StudioII 1. Powerful ability to describe data 2. Multi-functional analysis tool 3. It’ll automatically recognize sensors and do experiments without any additional steps needed. 4. Variety of Functions to adjust diagrams and collect data. 5. Compatible with other software programs

Consist of two 1.2 track, two carts, and related accessories. ■ Newton’s law ■ Conservation of Energy ■ Uniform Motion ■ Spring Constant ■ Motion under constant acceleration ■ Inelastic collisions & elastic collisions.

Motion Sensor, Force Sensor, Acceleration sensor

Excel Based Program 1. Simple operation Beginners can learn how to operate the software with ease 2. Powerful processing function It can record and analyze datain real-time 3. Software’s popularity It can use the software as long as MS office is installed 4. Software’s utility To attract student’s attention, user could use vivid color in one’s table and it would help to improve student’s interest

ROBOROBO CO., LTD. [Company Instruction]


e mainly develop educational robots and provide them to schools as teaching materials and have been

proud of good reputation from our customers due to the high quality and reliable quality control. Because our main target customers are the educational institute, we have well organized workbook, manual and teacher’s guide and promote the motive and interest in scientific education field. We also cultivate creativity based on 10 year experience in establishing creative educational course.

5F Roborobo Bldg., 197-16, Mia-dong Gangbuk-gu, Seoul, Korea 142-100 Phone : 82-2-909-5050 Fax : 82-2-917-3511 Web site : e-mail :


CEO Comment We have believed that a national competitive-power depends on the development of the industry of scientific knowledge since 2000. Robot industry has been becoming a dynamic force for new growth and it is a worldwide new trend that governments are rushing to support robotic field. Therefore, we chose robot education business because, like most industrial tasks, education and training are basic but the most important thing to complete industrial project. As a result of the choice, we succeeded. Out company, ROBOROBO, takes about 60% of the market share and offers our products to more than 1500 schools (from elementary schools to universities). Based on our success in Korea, we now intend to do every endeavor to cultivate children and youths with our robotic kit and 10 years know-how in the world.

Robo Kit Series [No 1 ~ No 5]

Feature Product: Robokit for each level(no.1~5). Workbook, Rogic program. Build 48 robots using five Robokit series with software Rogic. Process : Design Build up the robot Programming Download Run

Workbook Step-by-step curricula : English Workbook 1 ~ 5 (For each level) Various illustrations and character for fun and efficient learning. Various examples for Self-learning Teacher's guide(Pdf) / Workbook 4,5(Pdf)

Rogic Program Graphic User Interface : Icon-based programming. Flowchart concept : Children can make a program just by drag-and-drop and they can easily understand complex algorithm. Various function icon : Icons can be used as functions, variables and control statements such as WHILE, IF, BREAK, LOOP and so on.

Robo Kit Series [No 1 ~ No 2]

Robo Kids No 1

Robo Kids No 2

It is important to form a good learning attitude from early childhood because children soak up the knowledge like sponges in this period. ROBOROBO designs the Robotic kit called ROBOKIDS, intended for the children of four to seven years who are too little to use ‘Robokit’, our another series. While working out a way to assemble robots, children can activate their brain and develop the creativity.

Assembling ▶ Workbook ▶ Age : 4~7 years

Programming Operating ▶ Up to 16 robot can be built.(No.1: 16, No.2: 16) ▶ Learning Period : 32 weeks Curriculum

YES01, Youngil Education System Co., Ltd Company Introduction


Youngil Education System will be much larger and expand its business as a 21st Century global prime enterprise based on superior experimental equipments, system and customer satisfaction service leading the industry. Established on February 1997, Youngil Education System is a company which established an engineering research center, possesses Venture Business Certificate, is nominated as an INNO-BIZ(Grade A), and has many patent rights. Youngil Education System contributes to the development of educational environment. At present, we are concentrating its efforts on the production of practical engineering machines and materials such as automobile educational equipments, telecommunication & control educational equipments and refrigeration & air conditioning educational equipments. Moreover, we helps instructors at the education site with practical machines and materials for engineering fields such as new recycling/substitute energy, electricity/electronics, structural mechanics, fluid and thermodynamics, solid dynamics, factory automation, etc. to enhance the quality of education. In addition, keeping in step with the increase of requirements for personnel education through e-learning, we are developing and supplying e-learning Contents for engineers which can be used in LMS environment. Youngil Education System enhances national dignity of Korea and renders great services to the promotion of friendly relationship with many underdeveloped countries through business cooperation with KOICA and EDCF.

YES01, Youngil Education System #604, 6th Fl., Samhwan Digital VentureTower, 280-13, Seongsu-dong 2 ga, Seongdong-gu, Seoul 133-832, Korea Phone : + 82-2-2024-0077 Fax : + 82-2- 2024-0070 Web site : http:// e-mail :


CEO : Park Young Jong Youngil Education System is an INNO-BIZ enterprise and a venture business, manufacturing automobile educational equipments. The business of educational equipments requires a sense of mission to incorporate cutting edge multimedia and multidimensional education environment by developing newest automobile educational equipments coping with this IT era. We are developing educational equipments based on educational units that are broadly used in Hyundai Motors, Kia Motors, Toyota, FIAT, etc. will try our utmost to be helpful to the development of the society and school, and provide with curriculum suitable to the ubiquitous world. We, directors and employees of Yes01, will repay customersยกfl love with gratitude, and try to make a happy workplace growing together with school. We hope you will kindly look after us. Thank you. The Representative of YES01 Park Young Jong


Diesel Engine simulator

Refrigeration and Air-Conditioner

Hybrid LPI Engine Diagnostic

Refrigerator Trainer Equipment

Constant Temperature and Humidification, Airconditioner experiment device

Basic Refrigeration & Freezing Trainer

Automotive ETACS system

Training Equipment

Advanced Fiber Optic

Telecommunication Simulation Software

PLC Experiment Apparatus

Sequence Experiment Apparatus



AVR Mobile Robot

Control Engineering


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KOREA Pavilion

Korea Scientific Instuments Industry Cooperative #131 Changsungdong, Jongnogu, Seoul 110-034, Korea Phone : +82-2-725-4492 Fax : +82-2-725-6111 Web site : e-mail :

Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency KOTRA 13 Heolleungno, Seocho-gu, Seoul, 137-749, Republic of Korea (Former Adress : 300-9, Yomgok-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul. 137-749, Republic of Korea) Web site :


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