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Why teacher’s strike is giving uhuru headache

Work boycott by tutors has left president in an awkward situation with critics maximizing the opportunity for onslaught against him


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Government now closes all schools T he government has today announced the closure of all schools from Monday following the teachers strike. Both public and private schools will remain closed with only KCSE and KCPE candidates remaining to prepare for their examinations.

School term dates have now been revised according to a circular sent to education officials by ministry secretary Leah Rotich. According to the circular, Standard One to Standard Seven pupils and Form One to Form Three students would go home, as there was no learning going on since the commencement of the strike.

“The revision of the time dates for primary and secondary schools has been necessitated by the fact that very little or no learning has been going in most of these institutions in the last three weeks with the exception of the examination classes,” Ms Rotich said.

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KEEN EYES ON THE SITUATION: Education Principal Secretary Belio Kipsang speaks during the official release of KCSE and KCPE timetables early today at Mtihani House in Nairobi. The government has announced that all schools be closed from Monday for security reasons following the ongoing teacher’s strike.


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Why teachers strike is giving Uhuru headache Threats by the opposition to initiate an impeachment motion against President Uhuru Kenyatta is the latest escalation to the headache the ongoing teachers’ strike has heaped on the head of state. While MPs allied to the ruling coalition have been expectedly quite about the standoff between government and teachers, senators vocal urge for the state to soften its stance on the matter has further put Jubilee in an awkward position. President Kenyatta first commented on matter last week when he ruled out any pay rise to the teachers arguing it would create imbalances in the public service. But his critics have used the opportunity to accuse him of violating the constitution by ignoring the courts. “We have agreed to prepare an impeachment motion to remove the president for violating the constitution that he took an oath to protect. Having failed to obey the court order, he has in effect violated the constitution,” Bungoma senator Moses Wetangula told journalists yesterday. Teachers have refused to resume duty since the beginning of the third term of the school calendar three weeks ago and have vowed to stay away if the salary increment is not

implemented. Their employer, the Teachers Service Commission has insisted that it does not have the money to implement the order given by the Employment and Labour Relations court in June. About Sh17 billion would be required annually to implement the pay award. While the High Court on Tuesday ordered teachers and TSC to refrain from demonstrations and issuing threats respectively, opposition leaders yesterday announced that they will hold demonstrations in support of the striking teachers next week on Wednesday. The silence of the Jubilee allied legislators on the matter means the executive is continuously becoming alienated on the matter. Leader of Majority Aden Duale has since called on the legislature and the judiciary to accept pay cuts and help raise money to pay teachers. His call has since received the backing of senators and members of the clergy. But Duale’s remarks could be interpreted to mean a support for teachers’ payrise. While President Kenyatta has the headache of balancing his acts now, the biggest concern could be the manner in which the strike has played out to the advantage of the opposition.

THIS IS HOW WE WILL DO IT: ODM chairman John Mbadi explains a point to senators Moses Wetangula and James Orengo aftyer they addressed the press at parliament buildings yesterday. They said they will initiate an impeachment motion against President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Should the motion be filed, President Kenyatta will become only the second head of state in Kenya to have faced a motion of no confidence after Daniel Moi in 1998. But actually impeaching the president could be a tall order for the opposition with the ruling coalition currently enjoying a ‘tyranny of numbers’ in the House. “Let them exercise their right because the impeachment motion is provided for in the

Constitution. The jubilee coalition will turn the no-confidence vote into a confidence vote for President Kenyatta’s leadership,” Aden Duale said as he laughed off the attempt. But Wetangula warned against dismissing the impeachment attempt. “Do you know what is on the mind of an individual MP? We will be calling on them to rise to the occasion and uphold the constitution,” he said.

Ministry announces closure of all schools From Page 1 Teachers have been on strike for three weeks in a work boycott that has paraylsed learning across all public schools in the country. KCPE that is set to begin from October 12, 2015 and run up to December 12 while KCPE begins on October 10 and end three days later. A total of 1.4 million learners are expected to sit this year’s final examinations according to the Kenya National

Examinations Council (Knec). Education Principal Secretary Belio Kipsang’ who presided over the official release of the exam time table, just an hour before the circular to close down schools was released, said the government had closely monitored the situation across schools before making its final decision. He said that their assessment had indicated that while

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many schools remained open, students were not being taught for the last three weeks. “We are aware that students have not been taught for the last three weeks though most schools remain open,” Kipsang’ said. He however reiterated his Cabinet Secretary’s statement earlier this week that the national examinations will continue as had been planned by the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC). “I want to assure you that the government has put all necessary arrangements in place to ensure that the schedule of the national exams is not affected,” Kipsang said. He at the same time said the impending El Nino rains will not affect the exams as the government will airlift papers to the areas that will be worst affected. KNEC Chief Executive Officer  Joseph  Kivuli appealed to teachers to help in the administration of the

exams. “Let’s all do what we can to ensure success of the exams, these are our children and let’s not ruin their future at this crucial time,” he appealed.

LISTENING: Education Principal Secretary Belio Kipsang listens to Kenya National Examinations Council chief executive Joseph Kivilu during the release of this years’ KCSE and KCPE timetable at Mtihani House in Nairobi. Only candidates will remain in schools after the government announced that all public and private schools be closed from Monday following the ongoing teachers’ strike.


Mombasa port put under lockdown over vessel with ‘suspicious’ cargo Business at the Port of Kilindini, Mombasa came to a standstill last night after security officers stormed the facility in search of a vessel believed to be carrying drugs. The Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) managing director Gichiri Ndua and employees who were on duty during the incident were directed to leave as a lockdown on the facility began. The operation, which involved personnel from Kenya Defence Forces (KDF), General Service Unit, Administration Police and regular police, went on until early today. However, GSU personnel are still manning the ship until it is inspected and the nature of goods its carrying verified. Mombasa police commander Francis Wanjohi said they will subject the cargo to 100 per cent verification. “We are going to subject the ship to 100 per cent verification because we want to ascertain the contents of the cargo,” he said. It was carrying vehicles and containers which are believed to be packed with unknown drugs and firearms and ammunitions. The operation caused panic at the port as security guards were ordered to leave. But Wanjohi said they will inform the public

about their findings later. “What we undertook was a precautionary measure. We have security officials manning the area pending verification and we will inform the public the way forward after inspection,” said Wanjohi. He said the officers had acted on a tip-off that there were drugs and other dangerous ‘things’ on the ship. “We waited until it arrived then pounced. The area is calm for now, but verification will take time,” he said. The operation came barely three weeks after President Uhuru Kenyatta declared war on drugs and drug peddlers at the Coast region. “As the government and leaders, we must secure the future of our youth and the operation will start soon,” he said last month when he opened the Mombasa Agricultural Show. The President who also last year oversaw the shelling of a ship laden with heroin valued at Sh1.3 billion directed security agencies to conduct raids on suspicious premises. Meanwhile, police have launched a search for the owner of a parcel containing about 280g of heroin intercepted by revenue officials at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) yesterday. The parcel sent from DHL

SEALED OFF: Operations underway at the port of Mombasa. Police yesterday carried a sting operation at the port of Kilindini in Mombasa which saw workers being ordered to go home after a tip-off that a vessel carrying drugs was about to dock at the port.

headquarters in Nairobi labelled, Biology Encyclopaedia, contained heroin that was concealed in a voluminous book weighing three kilogrammes. The drug valued at Sh280, 000 was destined for Ontario, Canada. A state-

ment from JKIA management reads, “We can confirm that DHL staff proactively alerted law enforcement authorities about the contents of a shipment that was judged to be suspicious after a routine security inspection by DHL”.

“We have not, as at this moment been notified of any allegations of wrongdoing against DHL employees. As with all such cases, we are cooperating closely with the authorities in their investigation,” reads the statement.

Police have since interrogated two employees of an international courier company. Head of criminal investigations at the airport Joseph Ngisa said the two were questioned because they handled the parcel that had intercepted drug.

Top stories from X News global partners UK scientists seek Carly Fiorina offers Jeremy Corbyn is Apple gets key court win permission to “edit” Republicans a pathway leading Britain’s left into over Samsung: could be forced to make changes to the human embryos: to reach women during a political timewarp: Before Samsung software running on its smartphones to keep selling Scientists in Britain have applied for permission had finished belting out his first celebratory them in the US, after an appeals court granted Apple debate: With a debate performance that herendition to genetically modify human embryos as part of a of “The Red Flag”, a hymn to class struggle, an injunction following its 2012 patent victory over research project into the earliest stages of human development. The work marks a controversial first for the UK and comes only months after Chinese researchers became the only team in the world to announce they had altered the DNA of human embryos. Kathy Niakan, a stem cell scientist at the Francis Crick Institute in London, has asked the government’s fertility regulator for a licence to perform so-called genome editing on human embryos. The research could see the first genetically modified embryos in Britain created within months. Donated by couples with a surplus after IVF treatment, the embryos would be used for basic research only. They cannot legally be studied for more than two weeks or implanted into women to achieve a pregnancy. Though the modified embryos will never become children, the move will ...

was steely and at times deeply personal, Carly Fiorina  appears to have improved her standing in the race to be the Republican nominee. But even if she falls short, she took a big stride toward filling a role her party badly needs: a credible antidote to the gender gap and the Democrats’ claims of a Republican “war on women.” The question, as many Republicans see it, is whether they can seize on the opening. A series of events building on the horizon threatens to feed into efforts by the Democrats to paint the Republican Party as tone-deaf on women’s issues. Republicans in Congress are threatening a government shutdown in a dispute over funding Planned Parenthood. The government’s spending authority expires in less than two weeks, and many conservatives have threatened to vote against a new budget if it includes any money for the organisation.

some of Jeremy Corbyn’s colleagues in Labour’s shadow cabinet had already handed in their resignations. A 66-year-old socialist, Mr Corbyn has spent 32 years as one of the hardest of hard-line leftwingers in the House of Commons and a serial rebel on the Labour backbenches. On September 12th he flattened three moderate rivals to become leader of Britain’s main opposition party. Labour MPs are stunned—and perhaps none more so than Mr Corbyn himself. Two views are emerging of Labour’s new leader. The more sympathetic is that, whatever you think of his ideology, Mr Corbyn will at least enrich Britain by injecting fresh ideas into a stale debate. Voters who previously felt uninspired by the say-anything, spin-everything candidates who dominate modern politics have been energised by Mr Corbyn’s willingness to speak his ...

its arch rival. In a significant legal victory for the iPhone maker, a majority ruling by the US federal circuit court of appeals said that the “public interest strongly favours an injunction” on the use of certain phone features. “The right to exclude competitors from using one’s property rights is important,” Judge Kimberly Moore wrote in Thursday’s ruling. “And the right to maintain exclusivity — a hallmark and crucial guarantee of patent rights deriving from the Constitution itself — is likewise important.” However, one of the three judges disagreed, siding with the original judgement by District Judge Lucy Koh that Apple failed to show that Samsung’s copying of “minor features” of the iPhone, such as sliding to unlock the homescreen, caused “irreparable harm” to its sales.

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New ARV campaign targets additional 130, 000 children President Uhuru Kenyatta has launched a campaign to enroll an additional 130,000 children for Anti-Retro Viral therapy (ART) as part of his the government’s pledge to ensure all HIV positive children in the country are put under drugs. In February while launching the End Adolescent Aids campaign, President Kenyatta said it was unacceptable that more than 140,000 adolescents living with HIV were not on ARVs. Director of Medical Services Nicholas Muraguri said in the intervening period about 10,000 additional children had been put on treatment. As part of the effort, President Kenyatta asked Education and Health ministries to come up with programmes that would raise awareness of the condition in schools.

The move comes after an 11-year-old boy informed the President of the challenges he has faced as a child living with HIV. “At the launch, I was particularly touched by young Elijah, who shared his personal struggles with stigma and discrimination, adding that this was common for our young people living with HIV. The consequences of this are that young people are less likely to disclose their status, get tested, adopt preventive behaviour or access treatment. This is unacceptable because our Constitution guarantees every child the right to education, the highest attainable standard of health and protection from all forms of discrimination,” said Kenyatta on Thursday. “It is therefore my desire that every young Kenyan living with HIV does

President Uhuru Kenyatta launches the Kenya HIV Situation Room at the KICC yesterday. He unveiled a new campiagn that aims to put an additional 130, 000 kids on ARVs.

not face discrimination in our schools and communities.” He spoke at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre where he also launched an application called HIV Situation Room which is intended to help the National and county governments keep tabs on the HIV status in the country. “I am pleased that an Internet-based dashboard, the Kenya HIV situation room, has now been established at my office,” he said. Unlike adults of whom an es-

timated 80 per cent of those living with HIV are reported to be on ART, 45 per cent of children are not. “This campaign is going to see us save up to 9,000 lives,” said Muraguri. Two non-governmental organisations, however moved to court in June challenging the manner in which the National government planned to bridge that gap. The Kenya Legal and Ethical Issues Network on HIV and Aids Children of God Relief Centre protested a directive

to County Commissioners to collect information on the children’s guardians, information on expectant mothers who are HIV positive and those breastfeeding mothers who are HIV positive. The lobby groups argued that the information requested was to be gathered in a format that would interfere with the privacy of the affected individuals, violating their constitutional rights.

Malaria cases could rise: study A study conducted by scientists now indicates that malaria cases could be on the increase in the East Africa region. The study was conducted on a highly aggressive invasive weed known scientifically as Parthenium hysterophorus, and locally as famine weed. According to the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (icipe) says the weed could increase malaria incidents in East Africa since it has the ability to sustain the malaria-transmitting mosquito, Anopheles gambiae, by extending its life even in the absence of a blood meal. In their report published in the medical journal PLoS ONE, Baldwyn Torto, an icipe scientist says the weed that is a native of North and South America, Parthenium is considered one of the world’s most serious among invasive plants. Scientists have also observed that the weed grows very fast, and is able to store large amounts of seeds in the soil and is extensively spread over cultivated and pastoral lands, including malaria-endemic zones, where it has become one of the plants that Anopheles mosquitoes pre-

fer to feed on. The report suggests an urgent need for focused efforts to curb the spread of Parthenium weed, especially in malaria endemic areas. This comes even as another study showed that nearly 700 million cases of malaria have been prevented in Africa as a result of concerted efforts to tackle the disease since 2000. The report published in the journal Nature showed that overall the number of infections fell by 50 percent across the continent. Bed nets were responsible for the vast majority of the decrease. There have also been calls to maintain funding to ensure the progress is not undone. Meanwhile, another report by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the charity Unicef say malaria death rates have fallen 60 percent globally since 2000 and more than six million lives have been saved. The report said 13 countries that had malaria in 2000 reported no cases in 2014 while a further six countries had fewer than ten cases. However, Africa still accounts from 80 percent of cases and 78 percent of deaths.


Man faints in court after life sentence is upheld A man who was sentenced to life imprisonment for defiling his eightyear-old niece fainted in court yesterday after losing an appeal. Wilson Macharia’s appeal was thrown out by High Court judge Ngenye Macharia who said she was convinced beyond reasonable doubt that the accused had repeatedly abused the child based on the evidence given by witnesses during his prosecution. Justice Macharia said the prosecution evidence was sufficient to “prove the guilt of the appellant.” “It was not necessary to call other witnesses to further prove the guilt of the appellant, the appellant’s defence did not weaken the prosecution’s strong case. I therefore find myself reluctant to interfere with the decision of the lower court,” the judge said. Macharia had been charged that on diverse dates between 2011 and March 30 2012 at Ndenderu in Kiambu county, he defiled the eight-year old girl and convicted and sentenced to serve life imprisonment. Being dissatisfied with the conviction

and sentence, he lodged an appeal accusing the trial magistrate of disregarding his line of defence, and that the medical evidence adduced was unsatisfactory and that the charges were a frame-up. The complaint, a key witness in the case, had given an account of her sexual ordeal with her uncle. A clinical officer, who conducted examination on the minor confirmed that her private parts have been bruised. The offence was committed over a period of time, the court heard. “The child was consistent in what the accused had done to her, describing in detail the appellant’s action during the ordeal, which occurred on several occasions. She cited one such fateful day when the complainant had gone to the appellant’s house with her friends after they stepped out; again when the complainant was coming from a shop in a house under construction and again when the appellant was burning some rubbish outside his house,” the judge said.


Wilson Macharia is led to the Nairobi’s Milimani Law Court holding cells after Justice Grace Macharia upheld his life sentence conviction for defiling an eight-year-old child in Ndenderu, Kiambu county on various dates between 2011 and 2012. Macharia had appealed against the verdict by a magistrate’s court in September 2013.

Crisis mediation in Burkina Faso coup

Two West African presidents - Senegal’s Macky Sall and Thomas Boni Yayi of Benin - are going to Burkina Faso to mediate with the leaders of a coup. The putsch was announced after the presidential guard stormed a cabinet meeting detaining the interim president and prime minister. A close ally of exPresident Blaise Compaore has been named the new leader. The US, France and the African Union (AU) have condemned the takeover in the former French colony. At least three people have been killed by the presidential guard (RSP) amid protests in the capital, Ouagadougou. The influential Balai Citoyen civil society group has put the number of dead at 10. An unknown number of protesters have also been detained. The coup leaders imposed a night-time curfew across the West African state, and have ordered the closure of land and air borders. Elections were due to be held on 11 October nearly a year after a popular uprising forced Mr Compaore, the longtime ruler of the West African country, from power.




MEAN 105.6784 163.8186 119.3806 7.9547 34.5861 20.6571

BUY SELL 105.5833 105.7735 163.6611 163.9761 119.2617 119.4994 7.9457 7.9636 34.5077 34.6646 20.5912 20.7512

IMF: high interest rates good but likely to trickle down to consumers The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has commended Kenya’s central bank for tightening interest rates, a move that bodes well for the economy but is likely to hurt consumers financially. The IMF said that the move to keep interest rates high will cushion the country against external economic shocks and uncertainty in the global market. Low interest rates encourage the uptake of loans, especially at a time when the country’s middle class is on the rise. High interest rates however, discourage consumers from taking on debt from local lenders. Policymakers have raised the rate by a total of 300 basis points since June after the shilling weakened sharply against the

dollar, Reuters reports. “Real GDP growth has been robust, and, notwithstanding the recent shilling depreciation, inflation has remained within the authorities’ target range,” IMF Deputy MD Min Zhu said in a statement received on Thursday. According to the Central Bank, low and stable inflation enables consumers and producers to make plans because they know that their money is keeping its purchasing power over time. “Individuals with fixed income are more affected as their income does not increase with the increase in prices. Businesses do not venture into long term productive investments as they are not sure whether the prices will continue rising or will drop

at a future date,” says a statement from the Bank. “Recent decisive steps by the central bank to tighten monetary policy are appropriate,” IMF Deputy Managing Director Min Zhu said in a recent address. He was speaking just after IMF completed its first review of Kenya’s $688 million dollar (Sh72.4 billion) precautionary credit arrangement. “These steps will help contain the impact of the recent shilling depreciation on domestic prices and anchor inflationary expectations. The central bank remains committed to refraining from intervening in the foreign exchange market except for smoothing excessive exchange rate volatility,” he added.

BY THIS MUCH: According to IMF Deputy MD, Min Zhu (pictured) Kenya’s Central Bank move to tighten interest rates is a good sure move but there are fears it will hurt consumers heavily.

Domestic yields force Kenya to look beyond bond market With domestic borrowing costs near three-year highs and the shilling’s slump making foreign debt

risky, Kenya may be forced to look beyond the bond market to plug a budget gap that’s widening as inclement

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weather curbs flower exports, the Bloomberg reports. Kenya will consider syndicated loans or bilateral funding in foreign currencies as it may not be able to raise the required amount in the domestic market, Treasury CS Henry Rotich said this week. It may also draw on $611 million of standby credit from the International Monetary Fund as slowing revenue from agricultural exports and

tourism weigh on government finances. Yields on Kenya’s 11 billion shilling ($105 million) of bonds due August 2025 have climbed 145 basis points this year to 14 percent. The nation’s local-currency debt has lost 13 per cent in the period, compared with the average 2.9 per cent loss for 31 developing nations, tracked by Bloomberg  indexes. “Government is way behind the curve on domestic

borrowing, and they need the money to fund the budget,” Faith Atiti, a research analyst at CBA Capital Ltd. in Nairobi, said by phone. Higher borrowing costs “will build up fiscal pressure,” she said. The  shilling has fallen 14 percent this year against the dollar, reaching a four-year low on Sept. 8, as investors moved money to safer assets in anticipation of higher U.S. interest rates.

Wet weather caused by the El Nino phenomenon may curb production of flowers, the nation’s biggest export after tea, an industry group said. The central bank has sold dollars intermittently to smooth volatility in Kenya’s foreign exchange market, while raising its key rate by a total of 3 percentage points in June and July to 11.5 percent as the shilling plummeted.

GM agrees $900m settlement for faulty ignition switches General Motors (GM) has agreed to pay $900m (Sh95 billion) to end a criminal inquiry into its failure to recall vehicles with faulty ignitions. The car maker has been investigated for not confirming millions of cars despite the staff knowing about the defect for over a decade. Among the defects were shutting down engines, disabling powerassisted steering and brakes as well as preventing air bags working conditions, a fault that has been linked to more than 100 confirmed deaths. However GM admitted that it did not alert regulators and public, failing to issue a timely recall of vehicles.

Despite the defect, the US government has agreed not to seek a conviction in exchange for the settlement and appointment of an independent monitor at the company. “GM admits that it failed to disclose a safety defect to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and misled US consumers about that same defect,” the US Attorney’s Office said. So far the leading carmaker in the US had not begun recalling some 2.6 million cars worldwide until February 2014 after years of avoiding any acknowledgement of the problem. This ballooned to nearly 30 million

cars at the end of 2014 as the company began actively recalling any cars that could possibly have defect. GM has also set up claims fund to compensate victims who could prove they suffered harm as a result of the defect. GM’s boss Mary Barra took over in January 2014 and is keen to show that she has changed the culture within the firm which filed for bankruptcy in 2009 during the heights of the financial crisis. “GM engineers, managers and works know they must come forward once a problem has been identified or they will be held responsible,” she ascertained.

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hy did you choose to collaborate with an East African artiste? I know everyone begins by collaborating with artistes from Nigeria and the wider West Africa but I chose Vanessa Mdee from Tanzania as a way of exploring the wider African continent. I follow a lot of African artistes from all over the continent. As an artiste at times it’s great to be bold and break boundaries. Are you eyeing a collaboration with a Kenyan artiste? Of course, I want to get in studio with King Kaka and other rap artistes. Linking with artistes from these sides will get my name popping on this side and vice versa. To me, collaborations are a unifying factor. Your video caracara is the first South African music video to surpass two million views on YouTube, what is the secret behind this success? When I created the song, my main aim was to break away from what I was doing when I was part of Teargas, I wanted to sound distinct and try something new. It was a


revolutionary track that is meant to make us proud of who we are, a cultural game changer and a new sound for hip hop. I believe its uniqueness is basically the reason for its massive success. Tell us about Cash time life? I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur apart from being an entertainer, that’s how Cashtime life was formed. It’s a music and entertainment company run by my friend and manager as the CEO. We are breaking boundaries in Africa and beyond making an impact as one of the biggest hip hop labels in Africa. Why was Teargas dissolved and will you be reuniting any time soon? Beginning as a group back then worked for us as we were not yet established artistes, and had to put resources together to make it in the music industry, we however agreed to try out the whole solo act and make the teargas movement exciting. Our decision to go solo was borrowed from Mafikizolo who started as a group, went solo and got back as a group and came back with a bang. Definitely we will

Ntokozo Mdluli, popularly known by his stage name, k.o, is a South African rapper who rose to the limelight with the group teargas with their debut album K’shubile K’bovu in 2006. in the quest for a solo career, the trio of k.o, Ntukza and Ma-E split paving way for K.O’s solo debut album dubbed Skhanda republic and even though his music is widely in his native tongue, he has a way with his audience. He spoke to X-Access about caracara.

be putting something together as a group in the near future. What makes your music stand out? When we started out as a hip hop group, we were doing a style that could be done by any hip hop artiste in the world, by creating an indigenous sound that is not ‘kwaito’ but culturally moulded, I decided to be all South African about it. It’s all fun and even if you don’t understand a word in it, you still enjoy it. Many artistes are getting into acting are you going to take that path too? I am not really an actor so let’s just forget about that happening. Of course I have been approached before for acting but I have always turned down the offers.

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the adorable heart shaped faces should pick trapezoidal glasses that are wide at the top and become narrower at the bottom so as to balance their face’s varying widths. For the rectangular faced, your best bet is glasses with smoothened or rounded frame edges to neutralize the angularity of your face. Lens material Before you visit an eyeglasses store, you need to get a lens prescription from an optician because after all, sight comes before beauty. Generally, there are three types of lenses: plastic lenses for people with light prescription(those who do not have serious eye problems), polycarbonate lenses which come in highly resistant variants for people with highly active lifestyles such as children and athletes, and high index lenses for those with heavy prescriptions yet are seeking comfort and fashion status.

Lens coating The purpose of prescription glasses is to protect wearers from further visual damage. In addition to lens material, lenses also come with light coating in the form of either UV coating or AR coating. Lenses with UV coating protect the eyes from the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun while AR coating protects the eyes from too much light, making this type of lenses the best option for those who spend long hours glaring at computer screens. Sunglasses The coating on lenses may get damaged quickly in excessively sunny conditions which makes getting a pair of prescription sunglasses a very wise move. Prescription sunglasses come in handy during that long vacation on the beach where all you want is the comfort that your eyes are adequately protected.



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Most supermarkets stock cosmetics at a designated aisle while others have brand representatives at their stands where they help you pick out a product that goes well with your skin. In the spirit of being healthy in and out, Healthy U offers alternatives for the products which have chemicals that

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InSpIRe Kids

WHERE: All Africa Conference of Churches Centre EnTRy: Sh 200 TIME: 10 AM.

GRAnD WeDDInG expo




WHERE: Nairobi Arboretum WHO:Oguchukwu Promise TIME:9AM EnTRy:Sh 1000.


octopizzo conquers industry night

A massive party was held last night with a headturning list of performers and unprecedented level of energy to mark the wrap on this seasons ‘in the jam’ Industry nite series. 254’s hip- hop sensation Octopizzo rocked revelers with his countless jams and massive collaborations with A- list stars like Sage, M.I August Alsina off his LDPC album. Other acts at the party included Lox De Chiz, Rappy Snappy, Barak Jacuzzi, Alvina, Cara and Homeboyz DJ Bash.It is safe to say that number 8’s finest brought his ‘A’ game.

Sauti Sol drops Isabella video SAuTI SOLO With just about twelve hours after the release of the much awaited Isabella music video, Sauti Sol’s ratings are getting higher with viewers of the video giving it a thumbs up. The video gives a story of a couple; young, high and in love courting in the traditional take you to a dance on a night out, walking the streets hand in hand, sharing a meal, travelling together and eventually sitting together watching the horizon. The video is definitely a hit and has already gotten over 15,000 views. Meanwhile, it is already rumored that Sauti Sol may just incorporate John Legend in the Isabella remix, at least if their social media postings are anything to go by.

Zari shares breastfeeding photo Zari Hassan has now responded with a photo of her breastfeeding her new born baby Tiffah after rumours that she had not been breastfeeding the new born. Over the past one month, her critics have hit her claiming that she was taking too much time in the gym to get rid of the ‘baby fat’ and ignoring her motherly duties. Well, it’s now official, baby Tiffah is well taken care of and is eating from the source!










looking back @ best dressed leading lady emmy awards red carpet choices


emmy’s CloseT Raid - sofia VeRgaRa HoT HoT HoT!


ofia Vergara never disappoints when it comes to showing up at the red carpet. The actress is known for her Emmy-nominated role as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett on the comedy “Modern Family”. Sofia was born in Colombia where she worked as a model before relocating to the US where she became a highly regarded television host. It was after this that she started her acting career where she quickly became famous in the industry. This actress is known for wearing beautiful pieces from different designers with her preference clearly being dresses that show off her figure. With the Emmy s slated for Sunday, and another nomination, we can not wait to see which designer she is going to wear to this year’s awards.

At the 2011 emmy AwArds She wore Vera Wang’s coral one-shouldered crepe gown with chiffon draping and tumbled tulle.

In 2012 She wore a signature mermaid silhouette by Zuhair Murad.

In 2014 At the AwArds In 2013 At the AwArds

She showed off her curves in an all white floor length Roberto Cavalli gown.

She wore a Vera Wang creation that was made of lace, featured a v-neck gown and a trumpet skirt.

ToP 10


HiP HoP TRaCks




1 2

679 Can’t Feel My Face

3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Watch Me

Fetty Wap The Weeknd Silento

Hotline Bling Hit the Quans All eyes on You Planes This Could Be Us Antidote See You Again

Drake iheart Memphis Meek Mill Jeremih Rae Sremmurd Travis Scott Wiz Khalifa Ft Charlie Puth


Disruptive mobile banking shows potential as customers embrace new trend Equity bank has displayed a sharp shift in its product offerings services. Given the advent of mobile banking solutions such as M-Pesa, lenders have been keen to cash in on the growing sector. Equity has proven to be one of the most disruptive lenders following the launch of its Equitel product, a mobile payment and banking platform for its customers that combines both mobile and banking services. In a span of

one year after the launch, Equitel has seen the number of its mobile banking transaction jump from 4 to 19 subscribers per month in August 2015. This is according to a report released during the bank’s investor briefing event in Nairobi yesterday. The bank has hailed Equitel as the answer to promoting greater access to banking services, coming at a time when almost half of the adult population have access to

banking services. Equity Group chief executive Dr James Mwangi, in a report after the briefing said more than 1.2 million Kenyans have already purchased the Equitel SIM card, which allows users to access the platforms services resulting to a 93 per cent rise since 2014 when the service had less than 600,000 subscribers. The success of the service has been partially pegged on the fact that sending money

to other Equitel members is free as well as the way the platform allows users to send money to other mobile money networks, including M-Pesa, Airtel Money, and Orange Money. The Equitel platform, which also allows users to deposit cash into their bank accounts and pay utility bills, was feted during the briefing for allowing customers to access loans and buy airtime across all mobile service platforms.

Digital media improving entertainement industry Kenya’s total entertainment and media industry is expected to surpass the Sh300 billion mark in 2019 due to the first growing digital media. According to a report by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) covering entertainment and media sector in South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria the internet will continue to feed consumers appetite for entertainment and media in the next four years. Vicky Myburgh entertainment and media leader for PwC Southern Africa said that traditional and new media is approaching convergence where consumers are increasingly seeing no significant divide between the new and the old media. “This year’s outlook shows consumer demand for entertainment and media experiences will continue to grow  while migrating towards video and mobile,” says Myburgh. Kenya’s total entertainment and media industry was valued at Sh 190 billion in 2014 up 13.3 per cent from Sh 169 billion in 2013.

TRALALA: Performing Boy Band group, H_art the Band delivers a rendition at a past gala in Nairobi. Digital media is said to have a direct positive impact in the industry.

The internet is expected to be the largest driver of growth, followed by television and radio though TV advertising will overtake radio in 2016 as the internet adverts will see the fastest growth rate at a CAGR of 16.8 per cent. According to the Entertainment

media outlook 2015-2019 report, traditional mediums such as TV, radio and newspapers will continue to be the first choice for most Kenyans advertisers in the foreseeable future. “Affordable Internet access will continue to digitally disrupt the

market in novel and innovative ways. The ongoing spread of services to mobile networks, novel devices and emerging markets will change how media and entertainment are served, consumed and monetised in multiple ways,” said Myburgh.

Agricultural centre focuses on free trainings to boost farmers’ skillsets ew agricultural extension officers in Kenya has led to agricultural centres offer free training on agriculture extension services. Statistics revealed that there are 5000 agriculture extension officers across the country translating to a single agriculture officer serving 1200 farmers. Waruhiu Agricultural Training Centre is engaging to provide solutions to this matter as the centre is after bridging the acute gap occasioned by reduced number of government extension officers who are traditionally the carriers of information on matters concerning agriculture. Based in Kiambu County, the centre has majored in offering practical knowledge for farmers since a majority of learners are mature people who not only lack time to read notes but also understand

best through practical. According to its principal head Joseph Mureithi, most of the farmers are predominantly from the County though the centre is still open for farmers from across the countr“We are glad we have received majority of them from all corners of the country either here to learn more or make inquiries about farm management practices,” he said. To acquire more knowledge on the latest agriculture developments to share with farmers, the centre has partnered with research institutions, universities and nonprofit organizations. The centre carries 30 field training sessions annually ranging from selection of good livestock breeds, value addition of various agriculture products, greenhouse management and tending to sensitive crops.

Currently the centre trains 600 farmers but its aiming to reach 1000 farmers through spreading word about the centre that commits Sh 8 million each year in training as Sh 4 million goes to farming that takes place there. “The centre is not only after training but also provide answers to questions asked by farmers. We also run a mobile tutoring programme where farmers can contact us through their phones and get response on the spot,” Mureithi said. These centres have been hailed by research bodies like Food and Agricultural Organizations as potent in information dissemination among smallholder farmers due to the peer sharing that has been proven as key communication channel especially in Agriculture.

BIZ BRIEFS Kenya to destroy ivory stockpile Following a government sanctioned crackdown on poaching in the region, it has emerged that Kenya has nearly 140 tonnes of stockpiled elephant ivory and rhino horns due to be destroyed by the end of 2015. A recent audit report has revealed that the country, which is home to the world’s last northern male white rhino, has a buildup of 25,052 pieces of ivory and 1,248 pieces of rhino horns. The stockpile is worth an estimated Sh28 billion in China, according to a 2014 report that places the value of a kilogram of ivory at roughly Sh185, 000. Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Natural Resources, Judy Wakhungu said this week that the National Elephant and Rhino Stockpiles Inventory teams had counted the stockpile in what animal rights activists are calling a gruesome tally.

Court issues injunction in favour of FEP Holdings A Nairobi court has restrained a section of shareholders in a micro-finance company from publishing statements in the media alluding to misappropriation of funds invested in the Sh5 billion worth firm. Justice Rosyln Aburuli yesterday gagged Mr George Njue, Mr Charles Kabaiku, Mr James Octavia Sloan and Mr Geoffrey Soyiantet who are named as defendants in the civil suit pending before the court against multifaceted investment company, FEP Holdings limited which also has an interest in media management. The judge said that pending the hearing and determination of the case lodged against the defendants over alleged defamation, she was issuing an interim injunction restraining them from publishing, posting and “the repeated publication of any innuendos, allegations or statements, that FEP Holdings has plundered or otherwise mismanaged” funds invested with it.

American Airlines finally resolves technical hitch

A technology problem that was grounding flights from Miami, Dallas and Chicago on Thursday has been resolved, US-based carrier, American Airlines has said. The airline said in a series of statements posted on social media site, Twitter that its connectivity issues were resolved and that passengers would be able to resume their travels soon. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the national aviation authority of the United States, said the airline had requested to hold departures at the Miami, Dallas Fort-Worth and Chicago O’Hare airports. The hold began about 12:00 noon local time in Miami. In response to customers’ complaints on Twitter, the airline said it was having technical issues, the BBC reports. Passengers hoping to get to their destinations on time did not hesitating to tell the airline they were unhappy, expressing their concerns via social media.



Technical insTiTuTe

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DAILYHOROSCOPES CAPRICORN Dec 22 - Jan19 Today you might spend a lot of time looking for a lost object, Capricorn. This item may only have sentimental value. Still, it’s important to you that you find it. This isn’t a good day to search. You’re in a rather frenzied state and could look right at it without seeing it. Wait until tomorrow to look. AQUARIUS Jan 20 - Feb 18 A minor quarrel or separation could take place with a love partner, Aquarius, probably over something that seems trivial. It’s likely to get your dander up to the point where you may never want to see this person again. Then phone your friend and work it out.

FRIday 18/09/2015



26ºC 40%

SATURday 19/09/2015

More sun than clouds

27 6:24 am 6:30pm

26ºC 37%

6:24am 6:30pm



Fill in the blanks with the numbers 1-9. every row, column and 3x3 box must contain all nine digits with no repeated number. Yesterday’s Solution

PISCES Feb 19 - Mar 20 Too much stress from overwork could have your nerves on edge today, Pisces. When someone makes an offhand remark, you might see insult where none is intended. Don’t get so jumpy that you imagine traitors behind every door. Work alone if you can, and take a walk to clear your head. ARIES Mar 21 - Apr 19 You might wonder what the big deal is since what they’re arguing over seems rather silly. Apparently it’s important to them! If you feel up to it, get your friends out of their emotional chaos and view the subject more objectively. It might not calm them down, but at least you’ll have done something!



TAURUS Apr 20 - May 20 This might stir up some anger and resentment and it’s definitely going to cause more stress. Delegate tasks if you can. Put yours in order of urgency and then take them one at a time slowly and carefully. If the less important ones have to wait until tomorrow, so be it! GEMINI May 21 - Jun 21 If you’ve been planning to set off on a trip soon, Gemini, make a list of what you need to do beforehand and check off each task as you complete it. Otherwise you might panic at the last minute because you’ve forgotten something important. Stay calm even if it seems impossible. CANCER Jun 22 - Jul 21 You may have been worried about money lately, Cancer. Before you become angry know that all may not be as it seems! If you look at the situation objectively, you may see that you aren’t in dire financial straits and the expenditure didn’t take that much out of the family coffers. LEO Jul 23- Aug 22 Today you might find it necessary to turn down an invitation to a social event, Leo, and the host might for some reason seem offended. Your friend is probably overworked and stressed and apt to overreact to just about any situation. That’s all you can do now. VIRGO Aug 23-Sep 21 Have you been doing a lot of walking lately? If so, Virgo, your feet may be sore. This could affect your energy level considerably, not to mention your ability to get any work done. Concentrate on routine tasks that require little thought and can be done sitting down. LIBRA Sep 23 - Oct 22 An event could find a current or potential love partner paying a lot of attention to others, Libra. You might feel neglected and unloved, as though your friend is doing this to hurt you. This probably isn’t the case. Your partner is just trying to be sociable and doesn’t realize that it upsets you. SCORPIO Oct 23 - Nov 21 Are you caught up in the rat race of trying to have more money and security with the idea that eventually you’ll earn the freedom to do what makes you happy? You must first be who you are and then take the necessary actions in order to have what you really want. SAGITTARIUS Nov 23 - Dec 21 In your mind, the person has no reason to be angry and is blowing things out of proportion. They probably won’t listen to reason. Say as calmly as you can that you’ll get in touch tomorrow and then hang up. Give this person time to calm down before even trying to straighten things out.

MUSTREAD Efuru — by Flora Nwapa

In the West African Igbo village lives a strong and attractive lady named Efuru. In addition to her beauty, she is the daughter of a renowned hero and leader of the Igbo tribe. Love is blind, and Efuru falls in love with a peasant farmer and she even elopes with him. This upsets her people because the custom of wine carrying and payment of bride price was not followed. Efuru supports her husband financially and remains a loyal wife, which places her as a favorite to her mother-in-law and aunt by marriage. Her husband however starts cheating on her and finally their marriage breaks. Efuru is lucky to be accepted back by her parents and she later remarries, only for her second marriage to fail. Eventually, she decides to give up on love.



CROSSWORD Across 1. Vail needs 5. Scarlett’s film, for short 9. Beat ___ to your door 14. “Mary ____ little lamb” 15. Onetime late-night host Jack 16. Kind of pillow 17. Oscar role for Ingrid Bergman 19. Place for childhood aches 20. Wishy-___ 21. “___ Less Ordinary” (1997 film) 23. Computer program, briefly 25. Sony rival 30. 1982 Survivor hit 33. Adj. modifer 35. Tie 36. ___ double 37. Plane part, for short 39. Rugged rocks 42. Brief times, briefly 43. Ventilated, in a way 45. Pinot ____ 47. Diffident 48. Detectives 52. Was boiling mad 53. Actress Caldwell 54. Stomach contents 57. Machete stroke 61. Angry and impatient 65. Hit song of 1973 67. Blow ___ (get angry)

68. Orman of finance 69. Rub roughly 70. “I bid you ___ farewell” 71. Comply 72. Bert portrayer Dick Van ____ Down 1. Playwright George Bernard ___ 2. Japanese writing systems 3. McKinley and Lupino 4. Swagger 5. School fig. 6. “It ____ dark and stormy night ...” 7. Comet feature 8. Eerie apparition 9. Swears 10. Vietnam’s Dien Bien ___ 11. Equip 12. Rocker Petty 13. Numbered rte. 18. Entered data, perhaps 22. Nemesis 24. “The other white meat,” to Michel 26. Million-selling songs 27. “Uh... maybe...” 28. Remove from the line-up 29. With cultural pretensions 30. Unfold 31. Not near 32. Sound from a banjo 33. Fruit pest genus 34. Male honeybee

38. Amanda of movies 40. ___ long way 41. Therapeutic kind of bath 44. Like a dowsing stick 46. Hen’s place 49. Private eye, briefly 50. Emphatic confirmation of action 51. Offer on a “Wanted” poster 55. Defeat decisively 56. Magnitude 58. Gone 59. Duty 60. Buildup 61. Air-safety grp. 62. Fiji’s capital? 63. Two-piece 64. Sailor’s org. 66. Otherworldly

Yesterday’s answers

YOURSAY Threat to impeach Uhuru laughable Threats by the Opposition to table an impeachment motion against President Uhuru Kenyatta for failing to honour a court order that awarded the striking teachers a pay increase of between 50-60 per cent is laughable, bearing in mind the tyranny of numbers Jubilee holds in parliament. Cord might be right in legal terms because

President Uhuru has acted in manner showing disrespect to the same law he swore to defend and protect. However, their move will never materialize. Cord legislators have in the past accused their Jubilee counterparts of misusing their numbers in the National Assembly to pass “retrogressive” laws, therefore one wonders what

has changed that makes the Opposition believe they can unseat the President. Whether they will make good their threats and push for Kenyatta’s throat is a matter Kenyans will wait to see in the fullness of time. For now, we can only adopt a wait-and- see approach. — Wuod Amary, Nairobi

Pay teachers and end this bad game In the wake of the persisting teachers’ strike, the Kenya National Examination Council (Knec) now says that 1.4 million students will be sitting for their national exams despite teachers being on strike. KCSE is set to kick off on October 12 with KCPE beginning exactly a month later. Knec has disclosed that it will contract professionals to conduct examinations and that training of those to oversee the examinations

will start on 6th October. Isn’t this a waste of time and resources? The same resources Knec wants to use to pay ‘others’ to oversee the national examinations should be channeled into paying teachers to ensure they are back in school before the exams begin. We need to focus on the bigger picture as a country, after the exams, who will teach our children? — Suffocate Mkenya, Nairobi

New HIV statistics should worry us all he figures released by the National Aids Control Council (NACC) on people living with HIV are disturbing and the government should put measures to curb the spread of the disease. More worrying is that it’s adolescents that are worst affected. From the statistics released, Nairobi county leads at 435,224. The conclusion that one draws from such findings is that people have discardrd morals leading to the rising rate of infection. Those who stay in the Capital city are much aware that Fridays have been turned into a day where people relive all the stress they have had the

whole week, could this be the time most people are affected? Most Nairobi parents are also to blame as they have failed to guide children in in a manner that could see them shun risky behaviors leading to infection. Nairobi parents rarely spend time with their children as they claim to be busy either looking for money or have enrolled in evening classes which eat most of their time. On weekends such parents are busy with their chama meetings. It is my hope that we won’t be talking about the same statistics again next year. — Sammy Junior, Nairobi

Why misuse of social media is dangerous

Traditionally, young ladies were made the queens and ordinary men crowned kings. Most of the digital generations has lost propriety of deeds and morals through the use of the social networks such as WhatsApp, twitter, Instagram, Facebook among others. I wonder where the generation

is headed to, calling ourselves intellects, yet our social media is awash with all manner of off the mark posts and photos. Any time one logs into Facebook, stories asking people to hit ‘like’ and type ‘Amen’ with offside content are all over. This has seen immorality and promiscuity

among the youth surge at an alarming rate, leading to transmission of STIs. Digitalization has also led to not only unwanted but also unplanned marriages churning out children who lack parental love with negative impact on their future lives. — Enock ndayala

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Gor in next title hunt as they face Ushuru in Gotv


SPORTS BRIEFS We’ll use Safari 7s to prepare players for Olympics, says new coach Ayimba

Newly-appointed Kenya Sevens rugby coach Benjamin Ayimba will use the Safari sevens to expose players for Olympics. “It does not matter how many series you have won, the first person to win the Olympics will have the bragging rights forever, therefore, we better work hard to and push our way back to top 10 (in the world) series and go at the Olympics,” said Ayimba who was appointed the new sevens coach taking over from Paul Treu who quit mid last season.“What is the point of winning the safari sevens and fail qualify to the Olympics. We would like to take that opportunity to expose the players, see how well they can gel because we want to go back to the top and bragging right is what we are chasing at the Olympics,” added the man who will be charged with returning Kenya rugby back to the top where it used to be before internal wrangles chased away two good coaches, Michal Friday and Treu. Ayimba at the same time has tipped Australia to dislodge New Zealand from the top of the world when 2015 Cup 2015 go underway in England tonight. New Zealand will open their campaign against African representative, Namibia on September 24 while South Africa, another African representative, welcomes Asian side, Japan on September 19.

After winning their 15th Sportpesa Kenyan Premier league last Wednesday, Gor Mahia now turn attention to Gotv Shield tournament when they host Ushuru FC on Sunday at the Nyayo national Stadium. Gotv defending champions Sofapaka will have a repeat of las year’s quarter final against Administration Police in another match Sunday at Ruaraka Grounds. Batoto Ba Mungo beat the officers 3-1 to sail to the semis. AFC leopards, 2013 champions who lost 2-0 to Sofapaka at the semi, last year will have a date with University of Nairobi side, Wazito at Nyayo national stadium. Coach Zdraskov Logarusic will need to be reminded of the team that beat Ingwe 2-1 in a pre-season friendly early this year. Sofapaka who are third in the KPL standing beat Posta Ranger 2-1 in the final to win the last trophy last year. K’Ogalo sealed their 3rd consecutive League title last Wednesday following a solitary goal against Sony Sugar FC at Nyayo stadium had a poor show last season in this competition which saw them bow out in the second round when they suffered a shock 2-0 loss to Bandari. The Mombasa-based side has a date with Bondo United in Kisumu which will also host a match between Sony Sugar and Thika United. Frank Nuttal side has had a good run of

form this year which saw them wrap up the Sportpesa title with four matches to go, but they will have to be weary of Ushuru side who registered a 1-0 win over Chemelil Sugar last weekend.

Fixtures: Saturday 19th: Bondo United vs Bandari, Sony Sugar vs Thika United, Modern Coast vs West Sugar, Talanta vs Palos, Rangers vs Nzoia United, AFC Leopards vs Wazito Sunday 20th: Sofapaka vs Administration Police, City Stars vs Nakumatt, Muhoroni Youth vs KCB, Tusker vs GFE 15, Gor Mahia vs Ushuru

MAN TO MAN: Gor Mahia striker George Odhiambo shields the balls from Amos Asembeka of Sony Sugar during their Kenya Premier League match at Nyayo Stadium on Wednesday. K’ogallo is now eying the GoTV shield cup after wraping the Premier League title. Photo/Piccentre




Son hit brace at White Hart Lane debut as Bordeaux hold Liverpool in Europa matches PREMIER LEAGUE

Tottenham began their Europa League campaign with 3-1 victory over Azerbaijani side Qarabag as Liverpool played to a 1-1 draw with Bordeaux last night. It was a day for the debutants albeit for different reasons with former Bayer Leverkusen player Son Heung-min shining on his first home match but fellow debutant Kieran Trippier found himself on the wrong side of the books at White Hart lane when he conceded an early penalty which was converted by Richard Almeida to give the visitor the lead. The South Korean who joined Spur on Sh220 million fee in August, however came to the rescue of his fellow debutant when he scored two goals in two minutes, sweeping home a second from lovely footwork delivered by the impressive Dele Alli. Erik Lamela, unlucky to strike the post after an Alli through ball, added a third with a chipped finish Tottenham have scored only four goals in their first five matches of the Premier League season and Harry Kane, who is yet to find the net at club level this season, was on the bench. Son started up front as the lone striker and any doubts over whether he could

JUBILANT: Liverpool striker Adan Lallana (centre) celebrates with teammates after scoring against Bordeaux during Europa league match played last night. The two teams drew 1-1.

handle the role were addressed with gusto in the space of two first-half minutes. Liverpool were denied their first win in four games after substitute Jussie scored in the last 10 minutes to earn Bordeaux a point in their opening Group B match. Adam Lallana opened the scoring with a delightful 65th-minute strike after he had nutmegged defender Pablo but with nine minutes remaining Frerreira Jussie fired high into the net after the Reds failed to clear their area. Liverpool also went close through

Philippe Coutinho and Danny Ings. Brazilian Coutinho, who was one of the few experienced players in the starting XI, rattled the post with a fierce 20-yard drive, while Ings forced a good low save from goalkeeper Cedric Carrasso. The Frenchman also produced a good stop to deny Lallana prior to the goal. FC Sion, third in the Swiss league, lead Group B after recording a 2-1 victory over Rubin Kazan. Senegal forward Moussa Konate scored twice.

Fifa secretary general suspended in World Cup ticket graft claims

Fifa secretary general Jerome Valcke to “restore to integrity and reputation” has been suspended by the organisation as the allegations rage. pending an investigation into allegations Valcke has also faced scrutiny in he was implicated in a World Cup tickets recent months over his role in scheme. an alleged Sh1 billion bribe - an Valcke, a close ally of Fifa president allegation he also denied. Sepp Blatter and who has held his role at US prosecutors say the money was Fifa since 2007, immediately denied the paid by South Africa to former “fabricated, outrageous” allegations. Fifa vice-president Jack Warner Football’s world governing body Fifa has in return for his vote and backing been engulfed by claims of widespread during their successful bid to host corruption since May, when Swiss police the 2010 World Cup. raided a hotel in Zurich and arrested The money is said to have been seven of its top executives. transferred to Warner from a Fifa bank US officials have since indicted thE seven account after being re-appropriated and two other Fifa officials on bribery from South Africa’s World and racketeering charges. Cup local organising Blatter announced that he would stand committee budget. down just days after winning re-election in June. Valcke, Blatter’s number two at the Zurich office was considering standing to be the new president, but now faces a formal investigation by the Fifa ethics committee. Earlier on Thursday Eugenio Figueredo, one of the seven officials arrested in May, had his extradition to the IUS approved. As well as the US inquiry, a Swiss investigation is looking into the bidding process for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups. UNDER INVESTIGATION: Fifa secretary general Jerome Valcke faces probe over a ticket scandal at the Fifa headquarters in Switzerland, Zurich. He is the lated official to be named in graft claims after Fifa has recently set up a others were earlier sacked. taskforce to tackle corruption




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FIXTURES Game Id A154 W738 T797 A467 A696 T844 T893 A162 P648 T812 T683 W860 T368 W729

Time 14:45 16:30 16:30 17:00 17:00 17:00 17:00 17:00 18:30 19:15 19:30 21:30 21:45 23:00

Saturday 19 September

Fixture Chelsea v Arsenal Darmstadt v Bayern Münich Wolfsburg v Hertha BSC Aston Villa v West Brom Newcastle v Watford Stoke v Leicester City Swansea v Everton Real Madrid v Granada Stade Reims v PSG Valencia v Real Betis Man City v West Ham Eibar v Atlético Madrid AC Milan v Palermo Real Sociedad v Espanyol

1 X 2 2.30 3.40 2.88 19.00 6.50 1.17 1.44 4.33 6.50 2.25 3.20 3.25 2.40 3.20 2.88 2.38 3.25 2.88 2.25 3.25 3.20 1.05 13.00 26.00 8.00 4.50 1.40 1.50 4.00 6.50 1.22 6.00 11.00 6.50 3.60 1.57 1.67 3.60 5.00 1.91 3.25 4.00

FIXTURES Game Id T611 A110 G115 G717 M475 P416 G360 A852 W222 M674 W333 T172 P647 T356

Time 13:00 13:30 15:30 16:00 16:00 16:30 18:00 18:00 18:00 18:30 19:15 21:30 21:45 22:00

Sunday 20 September

Fixture Sevilla v Celta Vigo Chievo v Inter Milan Tottenham v Crystal Palace Roma v Sassuolo Genoa v Juventus VfB Stuttgart v Schalke Liverpool v Norwich City Southampton v Man Utd Monaco v Lorient Dortmund v Leverkusen Villarreal v Athletic Bilbao Barcelona v Levante Napoli v Lazio Marseille v Lyon

1 1.83 3.50 1.91 1.40 4.50 2.60 1.60 3.00 1.62 1.67 1.91 1.05 1.91 2.10

X 2 3.60 4.00 3.20 2.10 3.40 4.00 4.50 8.00 3.40 1.80 3.40 2.60 3.80 5.50 3.20 2.38 3.60 5.50 3.80 5.00 3.25 4.00 12.00 26.00 3.50 4.00 3.25 3.40

KSH7,000,000 JACKPOT CLOSES 19 SEP 16H55 SMS J588#your selections in order below eg. J588#1x21x21x21x2 All entries are Ksh50 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Kilmarnock v St Johnstone Milton Keynes Dons v Leeds United Newcastle United v Watford Stoke City v Leicester City Cambuur Leeuwarden v FC Twente SV Scholz Grödig v SV Mattersburg Westerlo v Sint-Truidense VV Bradford City v Sheffield United Assyriska FF v Syrianska FC Åtvidabergs FF v Kalmar FF VfB Stuttgart v FC Schalke 04 Aalborg BK v Brøndby IF



19/09/2015 19/09/2015 19/09/2015 19/09/2015 19/09/2015 19/09/2015 19/09/2015 20/09/2015 20/09/2015 20/09/2015 20/09/2015 20/09/2015

17:00 17:00 17:00 17:00 19:30 19:30 21:00 14:00 15:00 16:00 16:30 19:00

BCLB 026026


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ON WAR PATH: Arsenal Coach and his Chelsea Jose Mourinho go at each other at a past match. The two will renew their rivalry on Saturday during an EPL match.

MOU, Wenger cross swords at the Bridge Petr Cech will make a return to Stamford Bridge when Chelsea host Arsenal in EPL league on Saturday. Cech forced a move away to Chelsea’s London rivals and his return will take to the wire the strained relation between the Arsen Wenger and Jose Mourinho with the latter having lost to the former in a competitive match in FA Community Shield on August 2 after five years. Chelsea will be without duo Willian and Pedro who picked injuries in their 4-0 Champions League win over Maccabi Tel Aviv last Wednesday while Oscar may not be risked after making his comeback from a knee problem in midweek. Radamel Falcao is expected to return after missing midweek Champions league. Cech is expected to come into the Arsenal side on his return to Stamford Bridge, having been rested for Wednesday’s defeat in Zagreb. Per Mertesacker hopes to feature after a four-match absence due to a virus. Despite his poor start to the season which leaves his side rooted fifth bot-

tom, Mourinho has insisted that he cannot afford to lose to Wenger for the second time this year. After successive defeats to Crystal Palace and Everton either side of the international break, leaving Chelsea with four points from their opening five games, Mourinho is not contemplating another loss for the Premier League champions. ‘We had too many bad results. We could not have this one on top of it,’ he added. Never before has Chelsea come into a meeting with Arsenal in such a vulnerable state even though the Gunners are yet to taste victory over the Blues in 10 Premier League attempts in such a vulnerable position. If Arsene Wenger can break his duck against his great rival at Stamford Bridge on Saturday it is likely to be particularly sweet. Wenger earned his first win over Mourinho at the 14th attempt when Arsenal beat Chelsea 1-0 in last month’s Community Shield where Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s winning goal in that match was Arsenal’s first

against Chelsea in eight hours and 26 minutes. Chelsea are unbeaten in seven premier league meetings since losing 5-3 at home in October 2011, when Robin van Persie scored a hattrick for the Gunners and it is also worth noting that Arsenal has never gone eight top-flight games without a win against Chelsea. On the other, Mourinho has lost back-to-back premier league games for the first time since May 2006 but he has never lost three in a row or suffered successive league home defeats. Chelsea equalled their tally of three league defeats for the whole of last season, their worst start to a top-flight season since 1986, when they had three points after five games. The Blues have lost four of their last seven Premier League games - they had only lost four of their previous 44 league games. Chelsea has conceded at least two goals in all five league matches this season and eight league games without a clean sheet.

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