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SUBVERSIV*REC - discography - VINYL OFFBEATS Compilation Vol.1

Limited editon 500 on red, 300 on clear and 200 on black vinyl with well known artists from Canada, Sweden, USA, Germany. VK|OB/001/06-2002

The first step into the business …

- Anonymous Inc. disassimilation - Buck 65 man over board track - Dichotomy nothing is the matter - Kunga 219 & Dj Moves cast-type - Mnemotrauma leerstelle - Offbeat Tuntable Mechanics introducts - Scheiterhaufen stieglitzvollkontakt - Sixtoo paper people - Stacs Of Stamina lemon pepper

sold out !

OD & JOSH MARTINEZ 7” Series Vol.1 Visions Out / One More Coffee Rmx.

- Omid aka Od visions out - Josh Martinez one more coffee rmx

Lim: colored 7" (500/yellow & 300/green vinyl) Presenting OD, well known for his fabulous "beneath the surface project" VK|OB/002/12-2002

Josh Martinez one of Canada`s Top MC´s and Anticon affiliate, well known for his amazing live-appearances. sold out !

THE ESCAPE ARTISTS Plot Against Theme Lim. Edition 500 The vinyl version of the album "plot against theme" + bonus track "winter" executed by the LA -based crew. VK|OB/003/12-2002


legendary feat. 2 Mex attics impermanence the story of tomorrow one man seesaw


winter (bonus track) soul purpose feat. Awol One & Tommy V without i thought mind caesar´s ghost


acceptance, equals, death papertheatre featuring Antkjill outline of fractures dusty curtains caffeine break


can i do it again? dan and siaz have a new home candlelightbrunch feat. Escape Artists sand and dissapointment spleeventer is the guilty one killing time the outcome feat. Stacs Of Stamina

sold out !

CAVEMEN SPEAK Wooden Cast Lim. Edition 500 The vinyl version of the album "wooden cast" + bonus track "caffein breaks" from the Belgian Shadowanimals crewmembers VK|OB/004/02-2003

(Shadowanimals are Buck65, Clouddead, Kunga219, Sage Francis and others…) sold out !

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SUBVERSIV*REC - discography - VINYL AWOL ONE & DADDY KEV Number 3 On The Phone Lim. Edition 500


A selection of the cd-only album "number 3 on the phone" + bonus track from the well known LA -based Heroes. sold out !



Der Audiopath evoces a sinister atmosphere of its own kind. The 14 tracks of Der Audiopath settle somewhere in the field between the organic songs from NOBODY (Ubiquity), the mindfull allround genius of DJ SHADOW and the more or less experimental works of ANTICON. Finest instrumental music… lim. Edition 500

Elusive Concepts Of Sound This is the vinyl-selection of this outstanding album. Features members of Project Blowed, Living Legends and other great artists… VK|OB/007/05-2003

Lim.Edition 500 sold out !

ELONIS Atomic Age This is an vinyl-selection of the "atomic age" album. Features members of Living Legends, Executive Lounge and other great artists. Elonis is also well known for his DISFLEX 6 productions ( Warp/Lex Rec.) VK|OB/008/05-2003

Limited Edition 500 sold out !


decompose (vocal) still jock (vocal) idiot breath (radio) idiot breath (street) decompose (inst) still jock (inst) idiot breath (inst) wild is the wind remix (bonus)

- absolute lebensgefahr - dämonische übernahme - mentale ruinen - zivilisiert - wie musik - metamorphosen - sicherheitszone - energiekontakt - kinder der nacht - der mensch - audiofiktion - zwischenspiel - schocktherapie - an der nadel - Interlude 1.0 Elusive - Worldwide Elusive - Stand Strong Aceyalone - The Wonderful World Of... Murs - It´s Cool Huh Grouch - Classic Meditation Elusive - Eastern Philosophy Elusive - Voices Elusive - Keep It Swinging Elusive - Armed & Dangerous Mikah 9 & Joseph - It Self Jupiter - Lock And Load Peace - Real Talk Psc.Luckyiam - Tag Team Phoenix Orion - Outro Elusive

- Somewhere (intro) - Minutes Tick feat. Disflex6 & Halekost - Rock That feat. Z-man (99th Dimension) - Collecting Thoughts pt. II - Hate Maker feat. Dublin - Fever feat. Sunset Leagues - Laymen's Poem feat. PSC Luckyiam - As If - Risky - Halloween feat. Mercury - Us (Outro)

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SUBVERSIV*REC - discography - VINYL DEESKEE Blacklight Sessions An outstanding Vinyl-Compilation produced by Deeskee. Features members of Project Blowed, OMD, Hobo Junction, Shapeshifters and other great artists... VK|OB/009/05-2003

This Limited edition 500 on Vinyl contains unreleased tracks.

- aka Live in Moss Beach 2Mex, Liferexall, Doc Lewd, Matre, >> Maleko,Subtitle, Joe Dub - Suicide Bombers Zez One,Eyecue,Rashinel,Dave Dub - Run in to the Sun Die - Eyeball Kid Exist w/ Background vocals by Gel One - Paper, Mic and Ink Nonaim & Tommy V - Horror Movie Raj & Spaceranger - The Dream Neila - Electric City Longevity (Darkleaf) - Borrowed Material Xololanxinxo & Busdriver - Deanna Awol One w/ background vocals by Aceyalone

sold out !

PLAGUE LANGUAGE Farewell Archetypes This album features the Plague Language members like Noah23, Troubadour and affiliated Mc´s like Icon The Mic King, Staplemouth and other great artists... most of the producing is done by Orphan.


This Limited edition 500 on Vinyl contains exclusive tracks. sold out !

DADDY KEV & GROUCH feat. D-STYLES Sound Advice This album produced by Daddy Kev features the Grouch (Living Legends) and D-Styles (ex- Invisible Skratch Piklz / Beat Junkies) on the turntables. This Limited edition 1000 on 2x12“ is the exclusive Vinyl-version of this album. VK|OB/011/09-2003

06.iCON the Mic King & David Ramos - "Feel" 07.Shoshin - "Blue At Night" prod. by Shoshin 08.Noah23,StapleMouth,Helix,Whimbly Smallfry,John Tsunam - Tokyo Strings" 09.Unauthordox - "Skin Deeper" 10.StapleMouth - "Angel Bye Aging" 11.Aloeight - "Desolate"

01. Square One 02. Opening Spit 03. Usually 04. Nowadays 05. Different Everybodys 06. All Gotta Live 07. Dollars For Not 08. Visibly Vocal 09. I Got Class 10. Climax Cleverly 11. Exit

sold out !

THE CHICHARONES # boss hogs EP ( Josh Martinez & Sleep) this debut EP from superduo Josh Martinez and Sleep (oldominion) is like ice cream on a hot summer day. Its Johnny Cash meets Fred Astaire meets early Boys II Men. Its undeniably a work of Satan himself, if only for all the fire and the heat. VK|OB/012/01-2004

01.Lumin & Noah23 - "Soylent Brown" prod. KaeoFLUX 02.KaeoFLUX & K-the-I??? - "Cessation Of Samsara" 03.Distant Relatives - "Chimera" prod. Troubadour 04.Intercomm - "The Aerial Viewpoint" 05.Orphan - "Leave"

A Vinylkingz / Camobear production in cooperation with subversiv*rec. Limited Edition 500 sold out !


A1: bring out the clowns A2: take em down A3: alone A4: opposite of fair B1: bring out the clown instr. B2: take em down instr. B3: alone instr. B4: opposite of fear instr. B5: oregano prod. by SMOKE

SUBVERSIV*REC - discography - VINYL BLEUBIRD sloppy doctor 2LP

A1: welcome to my fuck A2: cry baby crunk A3: living through others A4: cartoon love bubbles A5: when happening B1: another super mario cart... feat. SOLE B2: two beats + a bikini B3: abrasive love B4: i wish i was bob dylan C1: trooth redeux feat SIGN ONE C2: bobmalisdada prod. by ALIAS

The vinyl-version of his amazing "sloppy doctor" album feat. Sole & Alias (Anticon).Rough electronically-influenced sounds... Includes a VINYL-BONUS-SONG VK|OB/013/01-2004

A Vinylkingz / Endemic production in cooperation with subversiv*rec.

C3: pre-fab housing C4: the boogieman screams like a girl D1: emp pervert D2: dark dirty places D3: we the bomb

Limited Edition 500 sold out !

+ the vinyl BONUS song from SWASH BUCKLING NAPOLEONS ( BLEUBIRD and THESIS) "fresh tigers" A1: principles of easy listening pt.a A2: principles of easy listening pt.b A3: still suit pt.a A4: still suit pt.b A5: still suit pt.c A6: weather balloon A7: wants for: B1: installation II: B2: a) birds B3: b) funny squirty B4: c) prettiest lights B5: keep looking, it´s worth it B6: busy boner B7: 3rd reel judy garland C1: happy C2: gate C3: nobody´s perfect C4: summer C5: juicy C6: wet seat D1: city pt.1 D2: city pt.2 D3: scooter D4: rakes * exclusive song D5: the upper happy valley maelstrom * D6: bye bye

RESTIFORM BODIES newbliette 2LP Including previously unreleased vinyl-only bonus tracks of these ANTICON members RE$TIFORM BODIE$ = Passage, Telephone Jim Jesus & The Bomarr Monk Limited vinyl -edition 500 VK|OB/014/03-2004

sold out !

A1: the thickest fog A2: inner fury A3: my own plan it

SPEX & KEGS the thickest fog 10" Spex gets together with that slump-beatmaker Kegs for one raw and dirty album as The Farthest Artists! Beats that knock, raps that bombard!


B1: the thickest fog instr. B2: inner fury instr. B3 my own plan it instr

A SUBLEVEL EPIDEMIC production released and manufactured by VINYLKINGZ in cooperation with SUBVERSIV*REC. VK|OB/015/03-2004

Limited vinyl -edition 500 worldwide.

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SUBVERSIV*REC - discography - VINYL BEYOND SPACE Compilation Vol.1


Beyond Space delivers nothing but new, exclusive songs from Sole, Alias (Deep Puddle Dynamics, Anticon), Odd Nosdam (Clouddead, Reaching Quiet), Passage, The Bommar Monk, Telephone Jim Jesus (Restiform Bodies), Circus and The Shapeshifters, and up-and-coming artists JD Walker, Emynd and Ognihs.

A1-"Introdiction" - Emynd A2-"Pick the Poison" - Alias A3-"Good Loser" - Sole A4-"Lucky Saddle" - Telephone Jim Jesus A5-"This Perfect Day" - Passage A6-"The Return of the Mental Illness" - The Bomarr Monk B1-"Nails Over Munjoy" - JD Walker B2-"Untitled #51071" - Odd Nosdam B3-"A Lil Bitch from da Kuntree" - The Shape Shifters B4-"Reject" - Ognihs

Artwork by Joe Rath, additional artwork and final mastering by Xndl. Limited edition 500. sold out !

>> Neila and Omid A1 "Operating Instructions" A2. "instrumental"

BUSDRIVER & NEILA OMID (OD) operating instructions & smart buyer 10” Neila born somewhere in the Nebula after 1995 in a duel between nothing in this book is true...and Poe's Tales of Darkness. Today is a scriptureout of Lady Sings the Blues and BigBrother Magazine. Hawaii, Arizona, and California...


>> Bus Driver and Omid B1 "Smart Buyer" B2 "Instrumental"

Out of the legendary Project Blowed crew, Busdriver has carved a niche in underground hiphop with unique performance and freestyle skills that combine elements of vocal jazz, theatrics, spoken word, and machine precision with witty and incisive free association lyrics. A frequent collaborator with many of Los Angeles' hiphop elite, Busdriver has worked with Aceyalone, Abstract Rude, Mikah-9, 2Mex, Xololanxinxo,Fat Jack, Daddy Kev, Paris Zax, and Omid. His releases for Celestial, Massmen, and Afterlife... Omid's music is best described as diverse and unpredictable, influenced by any and everything he hears and wishes to share with the listener. sold out !

PLAGUE LANGUAGE farewell archetypes vol.2 LP Intelligent/abstract HipHop without genre limitationsand various influences from mexican folk-music to D&B..Fast,melodical and amazing rhymes brought by the Plague Language Camp plus lots of affiliated artists...


Most of the production is done by Orphan who was also responsible for the production of Vol.1 and for numerous other projects for artists like Noah23, Orko The Sycotic Alien a.o.

1.Ceschi, Penny, & Whimbly Smallfry -"Dreams" Produced by Aloeight 2.Troubadour -"Neanderthal" Produced by Troubadour 3.Helix "I Am" -Produced by Aloeight 4.of Proliteariots - "Decisions" Produced by Wilocke 5.Ceschi & Helix - "Running" Produced by Aloeight 6.John Tsunam - "Bad Both Ways" Produced by Orphan 7.Demune - "Find Yourself" Produced by Orphan 8.Helix "Story" Produced by Aloeight 9.Aloeight & Desolate -"Formaldahyde" 10.Whimbly Smallfry - "House" Produced by Paul Fava 11.Orphan - "Again" * Bonus Track : Athena “I Alone” Rmx prod. by Orphan

Additional artwork and mastering by Xndl (Offbeat*Net/ Subversiv*Rec). imited vinyl-edition. 500 worldwide. sold out !

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SUBVERSIV*REC - discography - VINYL THE WORLD AFTER 4/02 vikings & waffles LP who are they? The incredible Marcus from Stacs of Stamina (SWE) and the unobtainable Tom from Cavemen Speak... (BEL)


The World after 4/02 was formed in december of 2002, rightbefore American attacks in Iraq, right before Sarsvirus striked old folks and way before Johnny Cash died. It all started right there with those few dope live shows from stacs and cavemen during these cold winter days and developed from doing one song on cavemen speaks' shadowanimals-solos release to a serious fullgrown way of handling things.

01 Scratching butterflywings 02 Metropolite 03 Vkings & waffles 04 Did Your Mom Wash My Clothes ? 05 4star Treehouse Marcus & Tom For City Hall ! marcus & tom for cityhall 06 Strangelove 07 Take the bullettrain or die trying 08 Naturesong 09 Tumbleweed 10 A remix of that first song we did

Strictly limited vinyl-edition. 500 worldwide.

MNEMOTRAUMA vs. SHAPESHIFTERS language differences/ homesick 7" Strictly limited colored 7" featuring Circus, Awol One & Liferexall from the Shapeshifters. Produced by the Offbeaters-member Mnemotrauma. Recorded on their last European-tour 2004.

01 Language Differences feat. Circus, Awol One & Dj Psycho 02 Homesickfeat. Circus, Liferexall, Awol One

Strictly limited vinyl-edition. 500 worldwide. VK|OB/020/09-2004

KEGS & NGAFISH 7�-series Vol.2 Strictly limited colored 7". 5oo worldwide. Known for his numerous projects on Sublevel Epidemic (Sofarwest) Kegs features the Aftlerlife MC NgaFish on this 7".

01 Kegs & Ngafish | well, well, well + instr.version 02 Kegs & Ngafish | where the real heads at? 03 bonus beat


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SUBVERSIV*REC - discography - VINYL GUNPORN pretty, pretty, please LP Founded Summer 2004 as an international project for experimenting with different kind of sounds in combination with raps..


Members: Bleubird (Endemik music, known for his numerous appearances with artists like Sole/Anticon) , Siaz & Nomad (Shadowanimals), Marcus (Sideshow Recordings and member of Stacs of Stamina) on the mics + Xndl (Subversiv*Rec/Offbeaters) as producer. Gunporn represents strictly electronical and rough sounds with various influences from EBM/Industrial or even D&B/Downbeat.The whole spectrum of Elektronika. Their first album "pretty, pretty, please" was recorded in a few days, in 3 countries and without ever beeing in one room together...

1.Sun up, gun down 2.Rappity Rap Rap 3.Pretty, Pretty, Please 4.Deaf people dance 5.Sandcastle carnage 6.Dawgville 7.My cunt tree tis of thee 8.What happened to your neck? * 9.It´s funny cus it´s true 10.Safe and away 11.U get on my tits * Bonus Track, CD only

The album is available on CD (Shadowarchives) and Vinyl (Subversiv*rec).Another co-operation of two independent labels. Strictly limited vinyl-edition. 500 worldwide. sold out !

THESIS SAHIB wartime theme songs…LP


This Canadian MC (that means rapper, Grandpa) is out of this world. With a unique, melodic style of delivery that is probably best described as indescribable, Thesis, along with a bunch of Thesis Sahib grafitti photo.other extremely gifted MC's, gives us over 40min of humorous, serious, literal, metaphoric, abstract, and poetic lyrics, laid over music produced by a slew of different artists like Alias (Anticon), The Mole (Motion Recordings). Besides being a great rapper, Thesis is also a much-celebrated graffiti artist and found object painter, his works depicting abstract creatures that look closer to Picasso than to traditional grafitti art.He also perfoms with Selfhelp as “Bending Mouth” and with Bleubird (Endemik/Gunporn) as the “Swashbucklin´Napoleons”.

1.Wartime theme songs [ Kilgour] 2.Man [ Alias] 3.Theo Sasquatch [ Kilgour] 4.Fuel the fear [ Alias] 5. Summer of SARZ [ Timbuktu] 6.It´s our nature [ Alias] 7. Lady Bird [ Kilgour] 8.Diet for a new America [ Dexterdoolittle & Fester] 9.Ace hard [ Dexterdoolittle] 10.Tin man´s shoes [ Joe Beats] 11.King Friday [ The Mole] 12. Teen Idols [ Kilgour] 13.While were here/ home ( Timbuktu)

Artwork by Thesis Sahib & additional Artwork / final audio-mastering by Xndl (Offbeaters /Subversiv*Rec) Strictly limited vinyl-edition. 500 worldwide.

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SUBVERSIV*REC - discography - VINYL OFFBEATS 2.1 compilation LP & Digipack

Two years after the oustanding first Offbeats Compilation featuring artists like Buck65, Sixtoo and others the long-awaited part 2.1 is landed.


This sequel also presents intelligent and experimentalsounds with various influences and without any genre-limitations or neglecting the HipHop-roots... This compilation presents the whole range of abstract HipHop from organic to electronical/rough sounds. This compilation was compiled and mastered by Xndl (Subversiv*Rec) and the artwork was done by Chosin [Dosenorganismus/Moonstruck). limited edition on vinyl. 500 world-wide. A limited CD-selection is available too.

01.John Tsunam - dead pilot 02.The Escape Artists - tasteless tongues 03.Myn Dwun - money is obsolete 04.Josh Martinez - bless 05.Cavemen Speak - brothers in life 06.Dday_One feat. Awol One, Subtitle, Existereo, Metfly - unstable material 07.Id Obelus - m.c. trustworthy 08.Nomar Slevik + K-The-??? & Jd Walker society 09.RushYA [ANCIENT MITH & XNDL] - 1980 10.Brzowski - settling for less 11.Rajibot - cardon sanitiare 12. IamI - shiz maze 13. Second Front - so go home * 14. Mnemotrauma - leerstelle* 15. Dj Scientist - raincoatman* 16. Xndl - payne* 17. Dani Göldin & Bit Tuner - song for Josh* 18. Soda (Scheiterhaufen) - elektrometronom* * CD-version only

EPIC local only LP

Two years in the making, Local Only represents the most comprehensive Epic release to date. Over a fine collection of beats, Epic drops verses about aging rappers, creditors and everyday injustice with his trademark wit and unorthodox flow.


Epic enlisted the talents of some of Canada's finest including mic rippers, Pip Skid, Micill Write, and Conspiracy, turntablist, Kutdown and beatmakers Soso, Maki and Muneshine (Lightheaded). This album presents wonderful music and a laidback feeling and is the perfect soundtrack for a picnic in the the forest... but be aware of the witches...

01.running away from saskatoon 02.old guys are ready to tock feat. Micill Write 03.midnight ,ovea feat. Pip Skid 04.bring the heat briefcase is a weapon 06.towtruck 07.blood moneay feat. Soso 08.middle aged white guy 09.where´s the cypher 10.untitled ain´t easy 12. masses feat. Conspiracy 13. ame 109

Limited edition on vinyl. 500 world-wide The cd-version with more songs is available from Clotheshorse Records , available @ Vinylkingz

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SUBVERSIV*REC - discography - VINYL SCOTT DA ROS they made me do it - 7”


Scott is the owner of the label Endemik music settled in Halifax/Canada. He´s also a producer and he´s the manager of one of Canadas most successfull musicians, Sixtoo.This is his second 7” released in collaboration with the German independent Label Subversiv*Rec that also released the Bleubird “sloppy dr.” album on vinyl and about 30 other abstract hiphop records.

01.”they made me do it” Feat. Noah 23, Bleubird, Astronautalis 02 “ocean splits in half” Feat. K-the-???, Apt, Dj Immortal

The release presents alternative and electronical/rough hiphop at it´s best and also features some of the best MCs of this genre at the moment.Friends of alternative HipHop and music from Labels like Anticon (Scotts 1st 7” features Sole from Anticon) won´t be disappointed. limited edition on vinyl. 500

DISFLEX 6 robot dreams LP


In 1996 two MC's, Jason the Argonaut and Lazerus Jackson , burst onto the “do it yourself” Bay Area hip hop scene and quickly created their own sound. That sound became DISFLEX6 (disflex-six). They released two albums, “ 1984” and “ Roadside Attractions, ” which brought the duo increased exposure and added them to the ranks of other Bay Area indie artists such as: the Living Legends, Souls of Mischief and Blackalicious…The next cream of the crop.

01.DISFLEX 6- bomb the factory 02.DISFLEX 6 - program 03.DISFLEX 6 - dream sequence 04.DISFLEX 6 - the circus 05.DISFLEX 6 - star log feat. MERCURY 06.DISFLEX 6 - curtain call

Soon after, in 1999 DISFLEX6 added two new members,, to help Jason on the beats and to refine the sound, and longtime friend DJ Capsize to round out the group. Collectively they released “ Where the Sidewalk Ends ” (2000), a refreshing change in the otherwise oversaturated underground market. While continuously recording new music and promoting themselves, with a do or die ethic, they also launched their website (of course), and took their place as a contender in the bay area independent hip hop scene. “ Where the Sidewalk Ends ” received positive reviews in national music magazines and caught the attention of LEX RECORDS, a subsidiary of legendary WARP RECORDS in London . A three EP deal was quickly in the works, and in 2001 DISFLEX6 's “ Hot Season EP ” was the first release by LEX. Shortly there after the D6 contributed a song to the “ Lexoleum ” compilation, also a LEX release, which featured, Boom Bip, J-Zone, and Non Prophets, amongst others.

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SUBVERSIV*REC - discography - VINYL RUSH YA / MATTR split - LP RushYa are Ancient Mith [vocals] & Xndl (production) and well known for their electronical and EBM influenced quite dark abstract hiphop. The RushYa side features 2 vocal tracks including a feature of the Gunporn buddy Bleubird + 2 (different) instrumental compositions. ZH|SV/030/09-2005

Mattr is a Swiss-based producer with also quite abstract and electronical sounds. He features the Motion Recordings heroes Demune, Extra Kool, Ancient Mith and Dj Questionmark. This side also contains 2 vocal tracks and 2 instrumental compositions

RushYa 01 we all are going to... 02 gypsy feat. Bleubird 03 resident evil instr. 04 spheres instr. Mattr 01 melancholia instr. 02 plastic feat. Ancient Mith & Extra Kool 03 playground instr. 04 fertile/infertile environments feat. Demune and Dj Questionmark on the cuts

This split lp is the first official collaboration with the ZHARK sub-label Ramadan Recordings.. More collaboration will follow in the future... The artwork is well done by Gordon [Moonstruck Jedis] again ...

SOSO tenth street and clarence - LP Soso presents his third self-produced release, tenth street and Clarence. Soso locates his work in a cold and desolate place – the middle of nowhere. An artist,writer and beatsmith from Saskatchewan, Canada, his songs are unapologetic and decidedly home-made. SV|OB/028/01-2006

Cutting his production teeth on a vintage Akai S900 sampler, Soso has been knockingout distinctive beats with that low end thump since the mid 90’s. Lifting old drums and melodic bits from his expansive (and expanding) vinyl collection, Soso has been chopping and assembling beats, developing his unique sound and earning the respectof the independent hip hop community.

A1 Finding Out About a Big Pile of Stones A2 Returning to an Empty House A3 Your skin brown from the sun A4 Waiting under a wax paper sky A5 Washes the ground B1 Things that make what a man is B2 Confronting your mom with a pipe up ... B3 With morning, relief B4 Sweet euphemisms B5 Hungover for three days straight

In 1999, soso established Clothes Horse Records as a vehicle to develop and disseminate his unique musical vision. A number of successful releases followed and in2002, soso dropped birthday songs -Birthday songs asserted itself as one the finest productions of the year, capturing a nomination for Outstanding Rap/Hip Hop Recording at the 2003 Western Canadian Music Awards. Lim.Edition (500) vinyl-selection...

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SUBVERSIV*REC - discography - VINYL SHADOWANIMALS winter collection - LP The Shadowanimals are a international collective of independent artists consisting of groups like Cavemen Speak ,World After 4/02 , Stacs Of Stamina,Gunporn (Bleubird, Nomad & Siaz, Marcus Graap & Xndl),K-The-???, Epic and Ansatz der Maschine.

A1 The Homesick Nomad - army of lovers A2 Zucchini Drive (Siaz & Marcus ) - good music & indian food A3 Nuccini (Bleubird & Siaz prod. by Corrado Nuccini) - vocal booth pt.1 A4 Epic & Nomad - i want peace A5 K-The-??? & Shortrock - applesoup


The typical Shadowanimals sound does not exist, every group or combination of artists presents another style, vibe and attitude. The only constant is freshness, innovation and the guarantee for experimental and new sounds.For people who like to speak in genres and comparisons to other artists you could mention collectives like Anticon or labels like Mush or Lex.

B1 Dan & The Idiot - hates me, hates me not B2 Cavemen Speak - top of the world B3 Gunporn - pretty,pretty,please Xndl rmx ´05 B4 Nuccini - vocal booth pt.2 B5 Siaz - outta here

The Shadowanimals bring the sound for fans of Elektronika and even abstract /alternative HipHop. The members of this collective are well known for their live-appearances and for their countless shows together with artists like Sole, Alias, Sage Francis, The Shapeshifters, Curse ov dialect a.o. They all worked together in the past with a lot of of other arists like Marcus Archer (Notwist), Pilot Ballon (2nd ), B.Fleischmann (Morr) a.o. and are a proof of the coherence of the alternative scene and the nonexistence of musical boundaries. Watch out for current and coming releases on 2nd Records, Werk Discs, Shadowarchives and Subversiv*Recordings.

THE SHAPESHIFTERS adopted by aliens - 2LP The classic album from the group as a whole, back when Rob One was still in affect (R.I.P.) from 1999/2000. Some of these songs ended up on vinyl singles that are hard to get these days. Still, those were different versions than the ones on this album. SV|TFS/031/05-2006

We are releasing this one together with the swedish label 247 Records . Production is handled by Omid, Fat Jack, Paris Zax, Life Rexall etc. You get vocals from everyone in the supergroup such as Awol One, Existereo, Circus, 2Mex and even Mikah 9 joins in on one song. Limited to 1000 pcs. The last chance to get this early westcoast underground release.

1.Who's Got Presence 2.Prevail 3.Hootie and the Brainfish 4.Reiterate 5.Rob One Mixtape Megamix 6.Words of Wizdumb 7.Mos Eisley 8.Strange Birds 9.Flossin' 10.Chain Name 11.Planet Rock 2012 12.Triple Threat 13.Beetleborg 14.Wake Up Dead feat.Mikah 9 15.Korn Bizkit

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SUBVERSIV*REC - discography - VINYL ASTRONAUTALIS & BABEL FISHH split series vol.2 – [12”]


The Astronautalis does the rapping. Sometimes when he has had a few drinks in him, he will tell you he wants to start an electro group called „moms on meth“ ... and sometimes when the sunset is nice, he will tell you he wants to play country music.... That´s exactly how we can describe his music... warm-cold-analogue- electronical-country-indie-rockhiphop. Babel Fishh is a man without a biography. All we have found is this review about his first album and we think this guy hits the mark.... >> listening to this cd is way better than taking your socks off under the covers after a sixty nine mile hike through a pit of stain washed mullet wearing drunks and pseudo-gangster one hit wonders grabbing at your ankles shouting " I can do that!" <<

ASTRONAUTALIS 1) these are the best days of your life 2) that’s what makes the jukebox play 3) the unfortunate affairs of mary and earl 4) some things will never change 5) ocean walk [bonus track] BABEL FISHH 1) warnin whistle 2) another away we go 3) my friend scott 4) hank williams' liver 5) no invention fate 6) chaos runs the factory 7) burial cloth lodge 8) walmart is satan

In other words, electronical-trashabilly-weirdhop... just good music! The artwork is done by Gordon and Andy K for Project Mooncircle/Beta Bodega Coalition. Mastering by Xndl for Subversiv*Rec.

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SUBVERSIV*REC - discography - COMPACT DISC* THE OFFBEATERS Promo Assault (CDR) A Compilation from Offbeaters only.17 tracks and 74min of experimental sounds with no boundaries... Limited Edition edition 111 copies.

track 01-03 > So-Da track 03-05 > Scheiterhaufen track 06-09 > Mnemotrauma track 10-10 > Why? track 11-12 > Xndl track 13-15 > Cfx track 16-17 > DdayOne + Bonus Track

sold out ! SV|OB/001/05-2003

CFX & XNDL The Beginning (CDR) 72 minutes of deep and electronical inspired instrumental music and Xndl´s first vocal track ever. Downbeat, Elektro, D&B meet Metal/Gothic, a soundtrack with amazing and never heard sounds. Limited hand numbered edition of 111 copies. SV|OB/002/07-2003

sold out !

SCHEITERHAUFEN O.K.! (CDR) Scheiterhaufen sind soda (mc/produktion), s.o. (mc) und zapotek alias mnemotrauma (produktion/turntables). scheiterhaufen - o.k.! Limited promo-edition on handmade CD-R! SV|OB/003/10-2003

A Etikettenschwindel*Rec / Subversiv*Rec p roduction.

01 The Landing >> XNDL 02 The Plague >> XNDL 03 Bestial Warfare >> XNDL 04 Nuclear Winter >> XNDL 05 The Day After >> XNDL 06 The Element >> XNDL 07 The Final Solution >> XNDL 08 Dancehouse >> CFX 09 Esined >> CFX 10 Glad To See >> CFX 11 Hard >> CFX 12 Hardcore >> CFX 13 Honky Tonk >> CFX 14 Orch 3 >> CFX 15 Orch Intro >> CFX 16 Sha Beat >> CFX 17 Synth Thriller >> CFX 18 A Smooth Loop >> CFX 19 Country >> CFX 20 Death Ride >> CFX 21 Dreamland >> CFX 22 Enemay >> CFX

01 was fehlt 02 laufend schreiben 03 inge d. 04 angstwasser 05 koordiniere dich 06 scheiße ist leise 07 gartenharke 08 traum 09 wein 10 reizüberflutung 11 das ego 12 o.k.

sold out !

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SUBVERSIV*REC - discography - COMPACT DISC* XNDL Progress (CDR) Features a 30min mix of favourite/affiliated artists done by XNDL + previously unreleased material from CFX & XNDL Limited promo-edition in a special CD-box. SV|OB/004/11-2003

01 progress MIX 02 CFX star trek 03 CFX engel 04 CFX clinic 05 CFX death ride 06 XNDL conclusion 07 XNDL the landing part 2 08 XNDL dubtales 09 XNDL shut the dorr

2004 Offbeat*Network / Subversiv*Rec sold out !

CFX & XNDL lofi music for a hifi society (CDR) The second album presented by CFX & XNDL with more strange, experimental and electronical sounds. This sequel is more downbeat and even more melodicaly than the first album and also contains some more vocals tracks by xndl + a feature of Tom (Cavemen Speak) + a remix done by Radikale Analog Fraktion (Kommando6) SV|OB/005/04-2004

a limited edition of 111 copies in a special box sold out !

CFX & XNDL welcome to the planet of the apes (CDR) Another mostly instrumental electronical album of CFX & XNDL. Presenting various styles from Downbeat to Breakbeats. Featuring Ancient Mith , Gunporn (Bleubird, Cavemen Speak & Marcus of Stacs of Stamina) + Xndl`s , in the electronic-scene controversial interpretation of the Joy Division song “love will tear us apart”. Features also a two instrumental versions of the furious electronical/ abstract Hiphop-project called Gunporn* . SV|OB/006/10-2004

limited edition of 111 copies in a special box sold out !


01 xndl | intro (vocals:xndl) 02 xndl | vortices (vocals:xndl) 03 xndl | what happened to your neck? 04 xndl | sellout hoe! (vocals:xndl/ co-prod. by cfx) 05 xndl | 1980 06 xndl | rebirth 07 xndl | save the world 08 xndl | mother (vocals:xndl / rmx R.A.F./ Kommando6) 09 xndl | conklusion (feat. Tom / Cavemen Speak) 01 cfx | spannender filmabend 02 cfx | galaxien erforschen 03 cfx | unterbrochener winterschlaf 04 cfx | bad dream 05 cfx | rollin´ 06 cfx | 60s series alarclock

01. xndl - decampment 02. xndl - dreams 03. xndl- 1980 feat. Ancient Mith 04. xndl - anti britpop cultura 4ever 05. xndl- The Fog 06. gunporn – save and away 07. xndl - rollin 08. xndl - love will tear us appart 09. cfx - bräik 10. cfx - one, two, step 11. cfx - project 12. cfx - crusade 13 cfx - searching for mr.brando

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SUBVERSIV*REC - discography - COMPACT DISC* XNDL primitive music for demanding people (CDR)

Xndl, the producer of projects like Gunporn or Rushya presents on this EP 30min of obscure, guitar-based Rock´n Roll-Trashabilly-Electronical-madness... primitive song-structures with kicking rhytm-patterns... limited edition of 111 copies in a special box

01 spill the cow-blood 02 red white and blue 03 yeeeeehaaaawwww 04 Throw your pistols in the air 05 play with fire 06 rollin´ rollin´rollin` 07 snake 08 mother ( Danzig cover - original version)


OFFBEATS 2.0 compilation (Digipack)

Two years after the oustanding first Offbeats Compilation featuring artists like Buck65, Sixtoo and others the long-awaited part 2.1 is landed.


This sequel also presents intelligent and experimentalsounds with various influences and without any genre-limitations or neglecting the HipHop-roots... This compilation presents the whole range of abstract HipHop from organic to electronical/rough sounds. This compilation was compiled and mastered by Xndl (Subversiv*Rec) and the artwork was done by Chojin [Dosenorganismus/Moonstruck). limited edition 500 world-wide. sold out !

01.John Tsunam - dead pilot 02.The Escape Artists - tasteless tongues 03.Myn Dwun - money is obsolete 04.Josh Martinez - bless 05.Cavemen Speak - brothers in life 06.Dday_One feat. Awol One, Subtitle, Existereo, Metfly - unstable material 07.Id Obelus - m.c. trustworthy 08.Nomar Slevik + K-The-??? & Jd Walker society 09.RushYA [ANCIENT MITH & XNDL] - 1980 10.Brzowski - settling for less 11.Rajibot - cardon sanitiare 12. IamI - shiz maze 13. Second Front - so go home * 14. Mnemotrauma - leerstelle* 15. Dj Scientist - raincoatman* 16. Xndl - payne* 17. Dani Göldin & Bit Tuner - song for Josh* 18. Soda (Scheiterhaufen) - elektrometronom* * CD-version only

GUNPORN / XNDL pretty, pretty, please instrumentals + The instrumental versions produced by Xndl of the furious first Gunporn album plus 3 previously unreleased hidden tracks.


This album presents the longer and sometimes different instrumental-versions comparing to the vocal-versions of the album... This printed CD is a strictly limited and handnumbered/made edition (111) and covered by a mini-DVD-cover.

01. Sun up, gun down 02. Rappity Rap Rap 03. Pretty, Pretty, Please 04. Deaf people dance 05.Sandcastle carnage 06.Dawgville 07. My cunt tree tis of thee 08. It´s funny cus it´s true 09. Safe and away 10. U get on my tits * hidden tracks 01 go west 02 aliens 03 lounging fo life

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SUBVERSIV*REC - discography - COMPACT DISC* XNDL 16bit Another electronical and dark album by the Gunporn & Rushya producer and Subversiv*Rec. founder Xndl.


This 16-track album presents a huge spectrum of electronical/experimental music without any genrelimitations and influences from IDM to Broken Beat and even EBM or Wave/Dark Elektro. This album ist mostly instrumental but contains 3 vocal tracks feat. SODA (Scheiterhaufen), ANCIENT MITH and BLEUBIRD and his alter ego XOX.

01 parasite (4:02) 02 resident evil (4:41) 03 spheres (4:24) 04 the attack (3:29) 05 delicious (3:38) 06 mutation feat soda (Scheiterhaufen) (4:37) 07 dubstard (4:46) 08 silence (3:28) 09 obnoxious excrescences (5:20) 10 kill the world - feat. xox (4:00) 11 the weatherforecast today... (2:57) 12 sony (3:29) 13 psychological warfare (2:58) 14 wasted lands (4:07) 15 into the light (3:34) 15 gypsy feat ancient mith & bleubird (4:34)

3 songs are taken from the RUSHYA / MATTR split EP and also available for the audience who prefer the digital medium. People who like dark instrumental music should check this record out. The artwork is done by the OFFBEATERS member Chojin (Moonstruck Jedis) and reflects the music of this album perfectly.

Offbeats 3.0 compilation The part 3 of this very successful abstract HipHop/Elektronica compilation is landed and presents once again a huge range of intelligent ant experimental sounds fron analogue to digital....


This international release features artists from countries like Australia, Belgium, USA, France, Italy, UK and Germany. Subversiv*Rec. Shows again it´s keen sense of future sounds, forthcoming trends of the indie HipHop/ Alternative scene and presents you fresh and straight forward artists and music for people without blinkers.

01 Calm – treat me like a villain 02 Babel Fishh & Univac – snowball gainings 03 Brenmar & K-The-I??? - dingy steeldoors 04 Tapemouth – cinnamon toast 05 Mr Cooper – six 06 Curse Ov Dialect – speeding ticket in colorado 07 Seven Star – chariots of fire 08 Xndl – 6 million ways 09 Kareem & Shadow Huntaz – stop lying 10 RushYA – monarchists of town 11 Nomad – lemon tea 12 My New Face – maybe we can fix it 13 Kareem – freefall 14 LFO Demon & Proteus – gamecube horrors 15. Normablock – al anbar ways 16. Astronautalis - may every door be your home

The CD version Vol. 3 contains 16 tracks of fresh and diversified music. The vinyl-selection that will follow later this year contains about 35min including vinyl-only bonus material from artists like Nuccini!, Demune and other great musicians. The Offbeats 3 was compiled by Xndl of Subversiv*Rec. Again with help from Kareem (Zhark/Ramadan). The artwork for the CD and the Offbeats 3 shirt is done by Gordon (Project Mooncircle)and the vinyl artwork by Chojin (Dosenorganismus) again. This CD is distributed exclusively by Hausmusik.

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SUBVERSIV*REC - discography - COMPACT DISC* Various Artists The Third World Cup The semi-finals are over and finals are here! With a squad of players and freedom fighters that include: Seven Star, Epstein, Deviant, Manuvers, Miles, V8 and Boom & Birds.


Third World Cup 2006 is the official and renegade Third World Power: Rice and Beans soccer league. Third World Power: Rice and Beans is the official clothing line of Beta Bodega Coalition. Unlike other organizations that act more like a world government fueled by corporate sponsors, Third World Cup are the games of the people! These are the oppressed and impoverished, the fathers, mothers and children of the global resistance. The semi-finals are on their way with not the fancy foot work but the beat making skills of the Arepaz label. Representing the Altiplanos from the Central Andes is Manuvers from the Botanica del Jibaro and Counterflow camps in Miami. Beat after beat of classic gems to keep the vibe going against the Ecuadorean counter attack of the Condors lead by Epstein and Boom & Birds. 20 tracks in all, a better alternative for this summer. Since the corporate so-called World Cup is in Germany this year, BBC saw it fitting to call on it's BBC operatives in Germany (Mooncircle Project and Subversiv records) to collaborate with. Futbol (soccer) is the game of the people, but this CD is soundtrack of the people.

01: Deviant 02: Boom & Birds 03: Manuvers 04: Epstein 05: Manuvers 06: Boom & Birds 07: Manuvers 08: Epstein 09: Manuvers 10: Boom & Birds 11: Manuvers 12: Boom & Birds 13: Manuvers 14: Epstein 15: Manuvers 16: Manuvers 17: Boom & Birds 18: Manuvers 19: Seven Star 20: Miles

Mina's Funk One Visit Out-human You Algo de Ti Claridad (from FDA hononimo) Insect Black Ghetto Talk Hecho Mas Panchstrumentals Theme 1 Trigue 1 Papa K-Dig Reverse Hand Tacto (Limon y Miel) Rappin En Trust Daybreak Trojan Horse (Epstein remix) Love Immortal

+ Bonus video clip by La Mano Fria

P&C 2006 Subversiv*Records|Arepaz. Arepaz is an official Beta Bodega Coalition label. Third World Cup is a official trademark of Third World Power: Rice and Beans. Third World Power: Rice and Beans is the official clothing line of La Mano Fria and Beta Bodega Coalition. All rights reserved. For more information about how to purchase official Third World Cup jerseys and merchandise visit us at

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SUBVERSIV*REC - discography - COMPACT DISC* XNDL still there [CD] The SUBVERSIV*REC. founder, Rushya and Gunporn producer Xndl presents his new album "still there" and once again a huge range of musical styles.

SV|044 /01/11-2007

Mostly electronical and IDM influenced music but also analogue sample-based or even Breakcore/Techno influenced sounds can be found on his new album. Once again affiliated artists are featured. Epic from Clotheshorse Rec (CA), Demune (Ponowai Flora/USA) and Time (USA) have contributed their iRaps for this album. There also can be found a remix project.Mr. Cooper (Wimm Rec) gave Xndl sounds for remixing one of his tracks

01. psych-ops 02. days´n´times rmx feat.EPIC [chrec.] 03. fubar 04. i saw it on tv 05. still there... 06. tongues 07. der nächste! 08. machinehead 09. i think he means you... 10. broken demons feat. DEMUNE [ponowai flora] 11. cyberbilly instr. 12. stolen gems samples by MR.COOPER [wimm rec] 12. b.l.u.e. 13. mudhoney feat. TIME [Dirty Laboratory]

This CD contains 13 tracks + random bonus tracks. Everything is made by Xndl himself, the music the artwork,the mastering and even the manufaturing of the CD. There will be 3 different versions, every one handmade and each limited to 111 copies.

SUBVERSION volume one [CD] Subversiv*Rec. presents the first strike of it´s new Elektronika series. This is the first promotional release of the SUBVERSION event-series that presents strictly rough electonical styles like breakcore, raggacore, d&b , brokenbeats or elektro (-punk). SV|045 /03/03-2007

The cd is limited to 111 copies and not distributed as the other SUBVERSIV*REC. releases. It´s only available at a few stores and in the Offbeat*Mailorder.

DOSHY - bang bang booooom LAKRITZE - fuggercore SPUTNIKBOOSTER - nanobooster SPUTNIKBOOSTER - computertoy KASHMIR - eastbreakk LFO DEMON - california unter alles LFO DEMON - flying fish LOKI - bloody haze LOKI - galaxa warp XNDL - i am what iam XNDL - n.e.s. feat. YTCRACKER ELEKTROJUDAS - vollmond ELEKTROJUDAS - das ende LE SIFF - aufgewacht Zet - project file

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Subversiv*Rec. Discography  

Subversiv*Rec. Discography