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2/ Eco-green Awareness Campaign: A Record Made in Xiamen University Malaysia

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Zebrafish” Group: Innovation is the Mission of College Students Nowadays

9/ Dr. Ong Wee Jun Wins Top 25 Worldwide in Green Talent

11/ XMUM Students Win Big in CAISSFF 2018

14/ MOU Signing Between Sunsuria Berhad and Xiamen University Malaysia

16/ X-Spirit: “Wow! Super Power to Change XMUM”

20/ Silver-tongued Debaters 23/ Interview with Tzu Chi Team of Xiamen University Malaysia

26/ The Story That Lost From Our Life; Or Perhaps Not?


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XMUM Insight

Eco-Green Awarness Campaign:

Siqian Photograph by Xiao Yeqing

A record made in Xiamen University Malaysia

Text by He

A record was made in Xiamen University Malaysia that 1000 trees had been planted in 15 minutes. On Nov 11, 2018, 1000 participants gathering in XMUM planted 1000 trees in total in 15 minutes at a temperature of 32Ëš /23Ëš and was recorded in the Malaysia Books of Record.


School News


What kind of activity is it and who organized? The Eco-green Awareness Campaign is a challenging campaign initiated by CSR Brand Angel Organization (CSRBA). CSRBA is a social welfare platform whose core development objectives are: Appeal, Awareness, Education & Attention. They help social groups to jointly focus on social and environmental issues, combining creative thinking (such as film and video production, event concepts, network technology and creative group interaction) with corporate groups and professional knowledge information.

Why did CSRBA organize this campaign? Trees can beautify the city, provide oxygen and be an important part of people’s lives. There are some recent facts about trees. 1. Daily average 32,000 acres of forest disappear on Earth. 2. 2/5 felled trees were used to make paper, towel paper, appliance, etc. 3. A tree can only manufactured 3,000 pieces of paper. 4. A tree can only manufactured 1,800 pairs of disposable chopsticks. 5. 70% of wildlife is affected


As a result, the objectives are to raise the awareness of the importance of green ecology to the environment. Besides, they want to strengthen the emotions between parents and children, friends and colleagues through tree planting activities involving over one thousand people from different communities.

Why did the organizers choose XMUM as the venue? First of all, XMUM occupies an area of over 150 acres, which can accommodate much more than 1500 trees. Moreover,due to its location, it is a 5-minute drive from ERL Station Salak Tinggi, a 10-minute drive from Kuala Lumpur International Airport and a 15-minute drive from Putrajaya. Most importantly, the trees will not be cut down and the land will not be developed.

How did XMUM students prepare for the campaign? Student volunteers were divided into 19 groups, each consisting of approximately 30 members and different departments. Each group designed their teaser, theme and logo, prepared their banner by using recycled objects and sold 25 trees to XMUM staffs, students and parents for RM 50 per person. On the day, they were responsible for registration, education talk, VIP management, tree planting and exhibitions.



What can participants get? In addition to planting a tree, naming the tree and sharing their stories, each participant can get a T-shirt, a shovel, a quarterly report, water and meal as well as a certificate. Above all, they can enjoy the moments of planting trees and feel a sense of satisfaction and contribution to the environment.



XMUM Insight


here is no doubt that this kind of campaign is meaningful, which can not only raise people’s awareness of protecting trees and the environment, but increase the participation of community activities in our school. We call on every one in our school to join us.” One of the participants, Shi Minghao, from XMUM said.


School News

Interview of Internet + “Fluorescent Zebrafish” Group:

Innovation is the

mission of college students nowadays


XMUM Insight

Four teams from X M UM won silver medals in the 4th China College Students “Internet +� Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition on October 18th. Text by

Chen Peiwei & Li Zhehan

Internet +: 4 groups from XMUM


t's a race, but every one of us is a winner," said Simon Jones, an international circuit judge. For all contestants, it is not only the collision of talent and wisdom, but also the accumulation of experience.

"Fluorescent Zebrafish" Group

Held by the ministry of education in China, Internet + Competition is an innovation and entrepreneurship competition for college students. The competition aims at encouraging college students to innovate actively and building a communication platform for investors and students.

The "Fluorescent Zebrafish" Group's project is based on the results of the institute of life sciences' scientific research in Xiamen University, and completed in cooperation with three students from the headquarters. The project is using the developed transgenic zebrafish to effectively detect dioxin-like water pollutant, which is one of the most difficult acute toxic pollutants to detect in the world.

Twenty-eight teams in XMUM registered for the preliminaries through the international track this year, and finally four teams successfully entered the gold medal competition, they are "Fluorescent Zebrafish" Group, "Shared Dressing Room" Group, "I-Music" Group and "From Sugar to Quantum Dots" Group. Among them, the "Fluorescent Zebrafish" Group won the sixth place in the competition.


At present, there is a great demand for the detection of water quality pollution in China, however, there are still widespread problems such as long detection cycle and high fees. The "Fluorescent Zebrafish: Water Quality Testing Elf" project of Xiamen University Malaysia aims to provide a convenient and cheap way to detect water pollution.

School News Photo of contestants

Zhou Tianyu is a junior student from Science in Marine Biotechnology, and he is also the leader of the group. Tian Yu is a junior student from Management in Accounting, and he played the role of chief financial officer in the group.

“Nearly a hundred times I practiced speech in front of the mirror, dozens of PPT modifications based on expert opinions, and heated discussions with team members, every detail was deeply imprinted in my memory,” Zhou said.

Zhou Tianyu said that because it was one of the largest college competitions in China, taking part in this competition can greatly train their abilities, enrich their experience and broaden their horizons. And at the same time, they were proud to take part in the competition on behalf of XMUM.

The "Fluorescent Zebrafish" Group got the first match and the opponents are very strong, so at the very beginning, they were exceedingly nervous. Zhou also took on the task of lecturing and defending at the same time. “It was like taking a college entrance examination,” Tian said.

They went through many difficulties during the preparation period. Professors who guided them even criticized their project for nothing, it was a big shock for a moment, but they believed in their project and kept going. Gradually, they improved their project for the better.

“But at the beginning of the competition, I tried to calm myself down, then I was not nervous at all,” Zhou added. Zhou said: “Contacting with the students from the world's top universities brings me an extraordinary experience, I admire their confidence very much. I have seen a lot of famous foreign universities, such as Massachusetts institute of technology, Oxbridge and so on. Seeing their advanced technologies that can change the world, as well as the confidence of the players, has greatly broadened my horizons.”

On the day of the competition, the real battle horn was just blowing. Because of the hard work before the competition, both of them were doing well. Before leaving the stage, their team made a deep bow to the judges, feeling that there was a kind of heroic. Finally, they were ranked sixth in the group, beating Oxford University, Sydney University and other famous universities, only one place short of the gold medal, sorry but proud.


XMUM Insight

Innovation is the mission of college students nowadays Internet + competition doesn't have to relate to core science and technology, it can include all aspects, such as the ideas of life. The ideas of products with Malaysian characteristics will be very distinctive in the international circuit. The main purpose of it is innovation, to come up with ideas, and then to form teams. Besides, it needs a wonderful business plan, as if be going to set up a company to serve for customers with these ideas. XMUM will provide students with a template training, and then ask experts for guidance.

Expectations for the future and advice for students After taking part in this competition, they do believe this technology will integrate the most cutting-edge technology in the market and what it means for XMUM is to improve its popularity and make it more recognized.

In addition, XMUM also has the office of Scientific Research and Innovation, which encourages students to participate in teachers' scientific research projects if they are interested in it. In the future, XMUM will set up an Innovation Centre to provide students with systematic entrepreneurship courses.

“Junior students can definitely participate in this meaningful competition, whether you can win the prize or not, it is always a good experience,” Tian said.

“We do encourage students to participate in the Internet+ competition, whether you win the prize or not. You will learn a lot in the process of participating. It is also helpful for students to understand the future career development. And it will cultivate students’ attitude of ownership entering a company, rather than just working for the salary,” Ms. Wang Huiqiong, the advisor of this competition said.

“This competition is a good opportunity to exercise your ability, if you are interested in it, you can try to participate. The experience of the competition is wonderful and the main thing of this competition is not just for the final result but for the whole experience, you will grow a lot by experiencing the whole process of the competition,” Zhou said.

Photo of the reward ceremony


School News

Dr. Ong Wee Jun

Wins Top 25 Worldwide in

Green Talent Xiamen University Malaysia proved its academic potential again, with its researcher awarded world renowned prize on October 22,2018.

Text by Kong

Top 25 Green Talent Winner, Assist. Prof. Dr. Ong Wee Jun comes from School of Energy and Chemical Engineering. “The purpose of the competition is mainly focusing on young outstanding scientists who are active in the field of environmental and sustainability energy research,”as said by German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, which is the host of this activity. Dr. Ong’s award was about energy transition. The research work was useful not only reducing CO2 in atmosphere but also transforming solar energy into a kind of chemical fuels. The highlight of his work was the design of the technique on solar energy utilization. What attracted the jury most was that his team have a big breakthrough on the catalysis “2D MXenes and Their Nanocomposites” for the solar energy transition. This helped to make use of solar energy much more efficiently and solve the environmental problems. The German expert jury highly appreciated his work, and recognized it as a significant solution on future energy supply for many countries, including Malay-



sia and China. “We also believe that Green Talents will help Wee Jun to collaboration further between Malaysia and Germany. This will bring positive effect to the environment and atmosphere,” said the jury. “The research experience in Germany is very fruitful,” said Dr. Ong. He visited many universities, research centres and companies in Germany. He said this has definitely widened his research landscape.

Where it can be used to?

The aim was to increase the use of sunlight as the potential inexhaustible solar energy to power vehicles by mimicking the natural photosynthesis in green plants. Advanced Science News considered his work as “step closer to mimicking the ingenuity of nature such as natural photosynthesis”. “It is a powerful vision. The energy from the sun in one hour is adequate for the human to use in an entire year,” said by Dr. Ong. This is a long-term process. He would like to achieve to minimize the consumption of exhaustible fossil fuels. 

XMUM Insight

This technical achievement could be potentially applied to any energy companies such as First Solar from the U.S. For instance, it has aimed to increase the utilization of renewable energy to generate electricity in Germany. They have focused on the wind and solar energy in order to cut down the consumption of nuclear energy which could result in potential danger.

wards clean and renewable resource greatly.

Get close to Dr. Ong

Dr. Ong received his Bachelor of Engineering and Ph.D. degrees in Chemical Engineering from Monash University as an outstanding graduate. In 2015, he was a Visiting Researcher at the University of New South Wales and Monash University Clayton Campus, Australia. After graduation, he was a Research Scientist in IMRE, A*STAR in Singapore.

The entire world is moving toward clean and renewable energy resources when facing global warming and climate change. “As scientists, we must act fast to make the world a better place,” Dr. Ong said, “Also, the solar energy research has shown promising future in the laboratory scale, and now we are aiming toward practicality.”

He was also awarded by IChemE for continuous four years since 2015, which is a professional authority in respective area. HRH Zara Salim was the Royal Patron of IChemE in Malaysia. As a chemical engineer herself, she also highly commended his work, as the Chemical Engineer mentioned.

Bright future to come

When talking about the future plans, he mentioned that how to increase the output of the nanomaterial and make the surface of material more even and equally distributed were what he was still working on. “Solving this problem could be beneficial to the water decomposition and CO2 reduction,” he explained.

Working for more than 12 hours a day, Dr. Ong continued with his research. He was also very responsible for giving lectures to students. In his students’ eyes, Dr. Ong is a mild and patient teacher who explains abstract knowledge in a plain way, wining the admiration of students. Being strict in learning, being warm to people is the authentic feature of Dr. Ong. He considers spreading knowledge and fostering talents as a pursuit of happiness.

“My plan is to build a renewable energy hub or centre at Xiamen University. We would make further breakthrough in this emerging and peaceful field of solar energy conversion,” Dr. Ong added. And he was looking forward to more collaborators from overseas including the U.S., Germany and China to make this energy project a success in the future.

As a scientist or scientific expert on respective area, he has many hobbies including music. He often takes time to listen to music for 15 to 20 minutes to relax himself. He likes to listen to the songs of Leehom Wang and Lim Jun Jie in order to have a good relaxation after long working hours in the lab or office.

Apart from energy transition, Dr. Ong was also working on N2 fixation, resource saving and nanomaterials application. The continuous success of this research could provide a good chance to push Malaysia to-

Dr. Georg Schütte, State Secretary at the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), presenting the award to Dr. ONG Wee Jun in Berlin 10

School News

XM UM Students win big in CA I SSF F 2018 Text by

Dr Ms. Jeyasushma A/P Veeriah & Kong Xueying

The winning team. (From left : Koh Seng Jian, Zhang Yao, Meng Yetong, Guo Tong, Zhao Zequn)


OR documenting the nomadic lifestyle of the Bajau people, young and inspiring filmmakers from Xiamen University Malaysia won the top documentary award in the inaugural China-ASEAN International Students Short Film Festival (CAISSFF) earlier this month. Directed by final year journalism student Meng Yetong, the documentary titled ‘Little Sea Gypsies’ tells the life of the Bajau people, also known as Sea Gypsies. These stateless people live in the waters of the Sulu Sea and the Celebes Sea, east of Borneo. They are an indigenous group of people who traditionally spent most of their lives on boats. “Through this documentary, we not only wanted to draw more attention to these poor stateless people, but also showcase their positive attitude”, said Yetong. Her idea of filing the sea gypsies was inspired by reading an article about the community in the local newspaper here. However, she expressed her disappointment with the lack of resources in the community.

wanted to find out more about the people's lifestyle in the small village,” she said. Meng Yetong said they are grateful for the support of their department particularly in allowing the student to use the camcorders for their shoot. The CAISSFF is hosted by the Chinese Collegial Association for Visual Art, Guangxi TV Station and Guangxi Academy of Art. This short film festival consisted of five categories - drama film, documentary film, experimental film, commercial film and enterprise film. It received 464 entries from China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines. The entries tell stories of different cultures, nationalities and different societies, documenting reality, exploring art, spreading public interest, plot innovations with breakthrough typed works, and documentary records of in-depth mining of real themes, as well as innovations. The experimental creation, a considerable part of the production of the work has fully reached the professional level of the industry, reflecting a high level of art.

“This made me and my team more curious, and we


XMUM Insight (The Little Sea Gypsies documentary tells story of the Bajau people who traditionally spent most of their lives on boats. )

Other XMUM winners in the documentary category were ‘Rhapsody’ directed by Ge Shukai, ‘Hug it Out’ by Zhu Wen, and ‘Guan Di Temple KL’ that was jointly directed by Chen Qingrou and Liu Weitong. All three teams won the Excellent Award. (The poster of “Rhapsody”)

Ge Shukai said ‘Rhapsody’ is a story about the Chinese orchestra. He explained, “It is not an easy task to run an orchestra. I was touched by the dedication and devotion of the orchestra musicians in preserving the traditional music for years.” The documentary by Chen Qingrou and Liu Weitong focused on the Guan Di Temple KL, a beautiful Taoist temple built in 1888. Dedicated to the God of War, this 130-year-old place of worship is one of the oldest temples in the country, and features fine Chinese architecture. Both the directors said they aimed to showcase the beauty of the temple through their film.

(The Guan Di Temple in KualaLumpur)


School News

to develop their talents further.

Meanwhile, the ‘Hug it Out’ team were out on the streets to remind the people on the feeling one gets when they expressed “love” and the “warmth” of hug. Their experiment was turned into a documentary titled ‘Hug it Out’. Zhu Wen explained that the social experiment was aimed to show the positive effects of hugging.

Besides the students, their lecturers – Dr Wang Changsong and Mr Luis Pazos also won the Excellent Teacher Advisor Award, while XMUM received the Excellent Organization Award. Wang Changsong, the coordinator for the journalism and advertising programme said students were inspired through the enjoyable process of filming a documentary.

“We wanted to see what would it cause if we all showed a little bit of love to our fellow human beings,” she said.

“The more the students got involved in the filming, they got more fascinated with the profession. This made them put in the effort needed. It was a fun learning experience for them,” said Changsong, advising students to continue studying and working for a higher standard.

The students’ short film grew out of their workshops as part of their Journalism programme at Xiamen University Malaysia. In this workshop, students taught the fundamental understanding of the use and operation of video equipment, which also requires them to produce documentary video production.

“More and more students with potential will progress to achieve their goals. We hope more students’ dreams would come true,” he added. (Dr Wang Changsong, the coordinator for the journalism and advertising programme said students were inspired through the enjoyable process of filming a documentary. )

“Without the support from the university and our lecturers, it would have been impossible for us to complete the task. The support we received was tremendous, particularly the donation drive,” said Meng Yetong. The production team had called on students to donate stationary items and toys which was then given to the children at their filming location. Agreeing with Meng Yetong, Chen said: “In the beginning, it was really difficult … but now, it was certainly worth all the trouble.” Meanwhile, Ge Shukai said although documentaries are losing its popularity, he hoped for more opportunities would be given to students


XMUM Insight

MOU signing between Sunsuria Berhad and Xiamen University Malaysia Text by Liu


Sunsuria Berhad and Xiamen University Malaysia (XMUM) have signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) as career services activities.

What is MOU? MOU is the memorandum of understanding. This cooperation aims at collaborating on internships and industrial training, which includes practical training, social services programmes and career services activities. Sunsuria Berhad has the vision of building a sustainable business. It has formed a close relationship between XMUM since the first discussion about establishing the first campus abroad in 2012. This cooperation gives opportunities to XMUM students to gain working experience.


School News

Why choose XMUM? Sunsuria is located in the district of Sepang. This upcoming integrated township is built on a 375-acre parcel of freehold land and is poised to become an international city and iconic landmark. The heart of the Sunsuria is near the XMUM campus. The development of Sunsuria’s project is connected with XMUM. In this case, this cooperation helps XMUM students find internship easily and it also benefits Sunsuria to recruit great talents. It will be a win-win cooperation.

How MOU benefits XMUM students? “Internships are of great importance for nurturing high-quality future talents. For our students, internships can help them discover what it is really like to work in the industry, gain first-hand experience, and make informed decisions about their future career paths. For XMUM faculty members, through cooperation with our internship partners, they can tailor our academic programme to the ever-changing industry demands and give special emphasis on skills and knowledge highly valued by potential employers,” said Professor Wang Ruifang, President of Xiamen University Malaysia. From this cooperation, XMUM students can work near the school during their internship time. And it may help the teaching of university develop with market developments. Students can have better consciousness towards their future planning. Sunsuria will open its first intake to XMUM students in January 2019.


XMUM Insight

“Wow! Super Power to change X M UM ”

Text by Kong Xueying & He Siqian Photograph by Yi Dian


n December, we had all kinds of events involving track and field, ball game, and team events to celebrate the 2nd sports meet in XMUM.

“Did you go to the awesome sports meet in December at our school?” “Sure, it was really cool!”

Balling! Heroes in court are most unforgettable. Among them, team Humble scooped the championship, winning each game with absolute dominance. They don’t think that their team will go through the final and also the champion, the team member Lai


School News

Yishen said. He felt very appreciate and “proud” to his “passionate” teammates for each smooth and fastball switching and passing as well as the wide space to offend and defend. “Fighting for the champion is important, but what the most significant is whether we progressed in this process,” said Chen Xingyu, another team member. Their leader Jerry is a crucial part of the soul of the team, Chen told. He often reminds the team to “Stay humble, stay calm”, which not only became their principle in the court, but also carved into their life. In addition, team Saisailap, also an outstanding team, came first in women basketball events with


XMUM Insight

“Fast and Furious” Track and field events are about speed and strength.

Your dream is to enter the national team in 2 or years and participate in the World University Game. “I would like to play for Malaysia and win glory for my country.”

You Zhengxiang, the biggest winner in track and field event, was awarded three gold medals in 400 meters, 800 meters and long jump as well as one silver medal in the 4x100 relay race.

Swimming is another exciting event. Alister Lee and Ng Yee Zhe are the biggest winners, winning two gold medals each person.

As a track man served in Selangor State, this is cheering and also “normal” for him. You had trained for sports meeting for weeks. “To my relief, my effort finally paid off.” he said. When talking about the performance in 4x100 relay race, he showed easy but ambitious: “It was a close game. This is just the first time for me and my friends to take part in the 4x100 relay race. And I believe the champion will belong to us next year.”


School News

United Warriors Team event consisted of tug of war, volleyball water polo and dodgeball, tennis and so on.

sports meeting will be precious memories for each participant.

Ping pong is one of the most interesting events. Zhang Jiabei is one of the team members of the champion. She thought the main reason for their success was their smooth cooperation. “We get very familiar with each other, and we also treat each other as true friends,” said Zhang.

In the closing ceremony, the programme of international business was awarded the Trophy for Programme due to their outstanding achievement in the sports meeting. Those who were presented awards were all very excited and their efforts were not in vain. Students from all over the world including Asia, Oceania and so on tuck into the feast of sports.

“We are looking forward to the next challenge. We desire to play with more competitive players, including players outside the campus,” she said with ambition.

For those who are eager to become part of the sports games, there will be another grand sports meeting waiting for more participation.

Badminton was a newly added event in this sports meeting, featuring that teams were formed in the major, with champion belonged to IBU (International Business). It is cheering for participants to get good grades in the games. Meanwhile, the experience which helps to grow up is also significant. The moments in the

Photo of team Humble: Lai Yishen (second from right, second row), Chen Xingyu(third from right, first row) 19

XMUM Insight

SilverTongued Debater s

XMUM debate team B wins the silver medal in Nan Ying Cup 2018. Excellent team member Qian Weiming is honoured with the title of “The Best Debater” and awarded RM600.

Text by Kong


hough the first place of Nan Ying Bei goes to University Putra Malaysia, Xiamen University Malaysia becomes the big winner who takes two prizes on December 23 on XMUM campus.


best to defend their standpoint. The competition was deadlocked temporarily. More and more eyes of the audiences and the judges shifted to their opponents. “We have to come up with something new. But how? There must be some points we ignored,” noticing the situation, Qian was lost in thought.

A close game The grand final was awesome and unforgettable for Qian. “It is pitiful that everyone is drunk and I’m sober alone” was their standpoint. Meanwhile, “It is delightful that everyone is drunk and I’m sober alone” was the pro side’s standpoint that they were going to refute. In spite of the capable team leader Yang Xinting’s help and encouragement, Qian was still unable to calm himself down completely. “God bless,” he prayed piously, smoothed down his suit and tie, walked into the competition room and sat down behind the table with “the fourth debater” sign. As Qian expected, the rival team was competitive and difficult to deal with. Even worse, his opponents were so smart. They clarified their points clearly and extensively used examples which were difficult to refute. “The Buddha is sober and saves all the human beings who are drunk, isn’t Buddha glad?” With the sharp attack, all his teammates tried their 20

As time went by quickly, the competition continued. Setting points extensively seemed undefeatable, but there were still some drawbacks which made their words more general but not specific enough for audiences. Therefore, they’d better have a clear and organized thought to make themselves outstanding and easily understood. “Maybe I can use smoking people as an example,” ideas sparked in Qian’s mind. “The fourth debater, please start your summary,” The chairman said. “Hope it works. At least a little bit,” Qian took a deep breath. “As we all know, smoking is harmful, but there’s still someone choose to do that. If all my friends smoke but only I don’t. Though seeing them get hurt, I can do nothing to help or stop them. Am I not pathetic?” questioned Qian, getting a sympathetic round of applause. Completing summary, Qian breathed a sigh of relief. The situation rotated a bit finally.

School News

XMUM debate team B/ Photo by Qian Weiming

Learning debate over the years, Qian greatly changed in many ways. Debate gives him confidence and makes him learn the wisdom in dealing with social relationships, bringing him numerous friends.

“Hearing the result, we were unwilling more or less. Whatever, the result was, at least we tried. And we congratulated our opponents sincerely,” said Qian. “And I proved myself finally, I can be a qualified debater,” Qian told.

Various topics enrich him with more knowledge, leading him to think meaningful questions in depth. Qian remembered there was once a topic “Shall we sentence a person for suicide”. He told, “This topic offered me a brand-new angle and altitude to think about life and death.” Through these topics, Qian gradually learned to think in a logical and critical way which made him more mature and thoughtful.

Fight for dreams Qian never considers himself as a genius or talent. For him, “Practice makes perfect” is the golden rule.

Family-like companions

“I once failed in a trial of the school debate team in secondary school,” Qian said in a soft voice, “but I have never changed my love for debate since junior high school.”

“We have also lost and been self-abased,” Qian recalled. There was a time when they lost their way and were suspicious about their future. As a freshmen team, they faced too much challenges. With capable competitors surrounding, reaching the grand final even seemed a dream that was too far away from them. They always told themselves not to expect too much, winning even one game was enough.

“U can U BiBi (Qi Pa Shuo)”, a debate TV show has been Qian’s favourite for years, which he never miss. Chen Ming, from whom Qian learned plentiful professional debate skills and experience then applied them into practice, was one of the best debaters in this show. Additionally, he is willing to read all kinds of books. For him, it’s enjoyable to have various thoughts meet and collide in his mind, providing him a wonderful time to communicate with various amazing and interesting thoughts which broaden his horizon as well as improve his thinking skills.

“When we finished our first game, we thought we would lose definitely which was the most anxious moment for us,” Unexpectedly, they received the judges’ recognition, which gave them confidence. They knew the further they go, the tougher the journey would be. Qian and Yang always noted


XMUM Insight

the emotion of the members, and tried to cheer them up in time with soft and warm words. “Just try our best” has been their faith and spirit to go through the competition. “We spent a joyful night before the final, talking about how to celebrate, no matter we win or lose at last,” Qian told. Chatting and eating snacks, it was enjoyable when they could relax and laugh with each other. Meanwhile, every member of the team had many good ideas though disagreement always existed. “When we had different ideas, we would try to figure out which was more suitable for our stand,” Li Yuyao, one of the team members, said. “One-to-one debate” is a little game to test the viewpoints among the team members. In adition, “one-to-one debate” game was an interesting memory especially for Qian and Li, which tightened the relationship between the two boys. “Li always had big ideas which helped complete the framework of our debate draft,” Qian said. Everyone in team B expressed their own opinions to make their points as perfect as possible. Disagreement didn’t split them, but brought trust and appreciation to one other. They are not only teammates or friends working for the same goal, but also families who understand and support each other. Qian said, “I would cherish the memories of our five together. We are looking forward to taking up the next challenge.”

The best debater Qian Weiming (second from right)/ photo by Xiamen University Malaysia Media Center. 22

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Interview with Tzu Chi Team of Xiamen University Malaysia Tzu Chi, a religious c h a r i t y, w h i c h m a n y people, like some students in XMUM, are really involved in. Text by Li Zhehan

What is Tzu Chi ? It is the largest religious charity in China, founded in Taiwan in 1966 by the Master Zhan Yan. There are more than 10 million members in the organization and it extends to 47 countries all over the world. However, forty-two years ago, when it was established, it had only 30 members. A s fo r t h e X M U M Tz u C h i , X i o n g Shenjiao, one of the volunteers in this team said that it is not a formal branch, but more like a small group of people spontaneously gathering together— volunteers and members of Malaysian Collegiate Association.

Tzu Chi started out as "50 cents" In 1966, in the beginning, the charity only mobilized housewives to save 50 cents on vegetables every day, and used to hold the charity that was not a special donation box, but just a bamboo tube. From then on, this good idea is like a snowball, the more people involved, the more power will be gathered.

Volunteers receiving guests


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Send blessing bags to the child

Over the years, Tzu Chi has spread its power from Taiwan to China and other 22 countries around the world. Their volunteers were at the forefront of disaster relief, no matter Bangladesh floods or China Wenchuan earthquake. Many years later, Tzu Chi still keeps the custom that using bamboo tubes to hold donations. In the late 2018 blessing activity in Kuala Lumpur, people still could see the bamboo tubes placed in the hall, which was eye-catching and solemn. The bamboo tubes are a kind of hope that people will not forget the kindness of "50 cents".

Right versus wrong arguments There are many challenges in Tzu Chi's development. In 2016, a medical administrator exposed Tzu Chi's financial report online. “Is the money Tzu Chi has raised really reaching people who need it?" Public were reminded of the 1992 united solicitation association, which was hit by scandals involving the managers in stealing donations and buying luxurious houses.

With the expansion of its business scale, Tzu Chi owns a large area of land and numerous industries. How does such a large organization work, how does it ensure that no one steals money from it, and how does it ensure that decisions are made fairly and correctly? Some people are in favor of Tzu chi's good deeds, while others criticize it as "just a tool to collect money".

" T o know, to experience, to question." During the activity time, XMUM Tzu Chi will go to refugee camps or schools and bring donations to them. In addition to volunteer activities, they also hold internal fellowship activities. “We play games and learn knowledge from mom and dad -- such as first aid and disaster relief skills," Xiong said. "Different Tzu Chi members have different names. For example, we undergraduates are called ‘CiQing’, and parents who will act as leaders in activities are giving other younger members guidance and help.” Xiong added.


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When Xiong first attended the Tzu chi activity, there were many questions that Xiong did not understand, such as why the members had to wear the uniform of blue clothes and white trousers. Xiong said, " When we go to chaotic refugee areas, the uniform may ensure our safety. At the same time, you will realize that you are in a group and you have to discipline yourself. "

branch, whether to participate in depends on volunteers. With the first members are going to graduate soon, Xiong and other seniors truly are worried about something. They certainly want it to continue in XMUM. "As for Tzu Chi, the lack of new members is a serious problem. To be honest, Tzu Chi is a good platform for us.� Xiong added.

During activities, members will learn how to design processes, how to edit videos, and even will comprehend the tips when communicating with people.

There is no doubt that everyone will find their own place in the activities. Xiong said that Tzu Chi is a meaningful platform for many people to make efforts to publicize it in XMUM.

"Tzu Chi will teach you what you have no chance to learn in school. It has been a wonderful experience for me to go from nothing to being able to do things by myself. When you truly accept and get involved in, you'll learn a lot," Xiong said.

As for the opponents Tzu Chi facing, "you are qualified to criticize something only when you truly understand it," Xiong said, " Don't be influenced by what others say. Be humble and know that you don't know enough. Time will tell you. "

Since the Tzu Chi team is not a formal


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The Story That Lost from Our Life; or Perhaps Not? Text by Shania Rosella Wijaya

This feature story was written for an assignment, but the story itself tells about how important books are in our life, why people should be reading books, and what happens to books in this digital era.

It was in our childhood times when we heard stories about

the book itself.

a little girl walked in the woods to visit her ill grandmother, or a prince who was looking for her princess with

However, if we look to the era of where the world is now,

a glass shoe as the only clue. These stories are the ones

do books still have a place in our hands?

that always accompany us before we go for journey in our dreams.

Today, where technology is spreading like a virus, books are slowly lost their position among people, especially

Story books are our favorites as a child, with their colorful

the young generation. A journalism lecturer from Xiamen

and interesting illustrations that invite us to the magical

University Malaysia, Chandrasekaran Veeraiah, says that

world inside and experiences it with our own imagination, where the evils are defeated and the heroes live happily

books, especially university students.

ever after. “They are more interested in entertainment through the Not only story books, but every book has its own uniqueness and values which can be found nowhere else except

no more interested in looking at words and reading. They 26

School News want more graphics, more visuals for them to entertain themselves.” Veeraiah also says that they cannot be blamed, because technology “has taken them out and makes them distracted”. For instance, in a minute they will play games, the next minute they will open social media. Dunn (2015) said that “the ultimate digital champion was now championing the world’s most traditional form of expression and creativity, telling us that reading books and our social media culture could go hand in hand”. In this case, social media has played a very important role. Mark Zuckerberg made 2015 as the Year of Books, where people should read a book every two weeks and discuss it on Facebook. Dunn also said that young people took reading as social exercise, such as book café, or BookTuber, where teens are uploading their videos, talking about the books they have read and recommending the books. Priskylla Anindya Oktavinita, a student from Satya Wacana Christian University in Indonesia is one of the people who practices this. After reading a book, she will make a book review then post it on her Instagram account. Through this platform, people will know what books are worth reading, thus increasing the number of readers especially young readers. People can also interact with each other on the social media, sharing the same interest and making new friends.

Physical book vs e-book Technological development has created books in digital form or known as e-book. But many people especially the book lovers think it is not the same when reading e-books compared to physical books. A student from XMUM, Mak Sue Kee, says that she prefers physical books to e-books because it can comfort her feelings. “Although sometimes it (physical book) may be very expensive, I think physical books bring me the feelings, and then I love the way in which having a book in my hand,” says Mak. Oktavinita also votes for physical books, says e-reading causes her eyes “irritated”. But it seems that people who dislike reading are preferring e-books. Berna Detha Steffani Wardana, also a student from XMUM, does not like reading, thus she prefers e-books to physical books because she thinks that e-books are “more practical, economical, interesting, and


XMUM Insight fun”. Therefore, e-book may be a solution to

According to BBC Future, e-books can even enhance one’s

solve reader-loss.

understanding of a reading material, especially for readers with dyslexia and children. Adriana Bus, a professor from Leiden

Young people are very attracted to gad-

University in Netherlands explained that children who read

gets, so it could be an opportunity by

illustrated e-books can understand the story better and learn

asking them to read e-books through their

more vocabularies than reading paper books, because e-books

mobiles. Veeraiah says it does not have to

have animation and music on them.

be academic reading, but it could be story

“For young children, written language is often difficult, but ani-

books, horror stories, or other kinds of

mated pictures can help them understand more difficult parts of

stories as long as they like it.

the text,” said Bus.

E-books still have some benefits, after all.

No matter how it is, reading is very important for young people,

Veeraiah says people can “take the whole

especially university students.

library inside the tablet”. They can have access to any book they want through the internet, no need to carry many books when going somewhere.

“Without reading, how do you gain knowledge? You need to know what is happening around,” says Veeraiah. He also adds that reading will help to sharpen our critical thinking, and because we have read a lot of books, we know what to write if we were asked to. We have had “substance” to it and can get many ideas from it. Otherwise, like in a lecture, if you do not read, you just accept what the lecturers have said, no arguing and sharing thoughts. Physical books disappearing? Some people especially book lovers worry that the development of technology might be the end of physical books. However, it may be too early to worry. According to Veeraiah, books still have the chance to survive. “Like what we have been discussing about newspaper and online media, some 28

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even say that it (newspaper) will disappear when the 21st century starts, but newspapers are still printed,” says Veeraiah. “I think books would not disappear, it may not be a very popular medium, but it will still be published, people will still buy books, libraries will buy books.” But he adds that the ones who are affected will be the publishing company, the circulation of books, and the sales of books. ‘A book can change the world’ A small thing like a book, can it truly change this big world? Well, the answer is yes. There are a lot of values you can get from books that could change you into a better person. Like Mak, when she was in primary school, she read Chinese teenager story books such as E Luan Shi (Pebbles) or Shi Yue (October). She says those stories really bring impacts to her and relate very much to her life. She could also learn about family and friendship. Virender (2017) described Winston Churchill’s oratory and speeches “were powerful as he had acquired a formidable vocabulary and expression because of his habit of reading books”, such as books written by Leon Uris, Oscar Wilde, and Bernard Shaw. Therefore, his view was shaped by the things he read. Veeraiah says it is because books are the place where authors share their ideas which can change people’s mind. “Knowledge is passed on from one person to another person because it has to be expressed,” says Veeraiah, “when it’s expressed it is not just oral, it is also written, so books will definitely change the world, there’s no doubt about it.” Book is the window of world’s knowledge. So, why don’t you start reading



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Will SST in effect change Malaysia? Text by Li Hanjie

From 1 September 2018, the Sales and Services Tax (SST) will replace the Goods and Services Tax (GST) in Malaysia. The move of scrapping the GST has paved the way for the SST. Moreover, the public can take advantage of the three-month sales tax holiday ahead of the implementation of the Sales and Services Tax (SST). So far after several months of implementation, the argument between GST and SST is still focused on by the public. There is plenty of information that has been made to us through various social media, adding more confusion in some way. In this article, we will help you get a brief understanding of their differences as well as how they affect us. Goods and Services Tax (GST) The GST is a multi-stage tax, meaning it is collected at every stage of a supply chain. GST is levied on most transactions in the production process, but it is refunded with the exception of Blocked Input Tax, to all parties in the chain of production other than the final consumers. In general, GST is: a tax on the final consumption or sale of goods and services collection at every stage of the supply chain credit system that allows businesses to offset GST paid on purchases so that there will be no “double tax�.


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In a nutshell, "GST, as you know covers everyone, including retailers and traders.


On the other hand, sales tax only covers manufacturers while services tax covers certain prescribed services such as professional services, so there must be a thought process on the transition to SST.” says Raja Kumaran, Tax Executive Director and Indirect Tax Lead of PricewaterhouseCoopers Taxation Services Malaysia (PwC).

Sales and Service Tax • Sales Tax • Sales Tax is a single stage tax applied on importers and manufacturers of certain prescribed goods. • There is no credit mechanism for tax paid. • It needs to be noted that the illustration is a very simple example to highlight how the tax works. Businesses these days have complex supply chains and pricing decisions are impacted by a number of factors, of which tax is only one. • Service Tax • Service Tax is also a single stage tax and applies at a rate of 6.0 per cent on services that are in-scope. It also does not have a credit mechanism for any tax paid. The difference between GST & SST The examples below make certain assumptions for simplification purposes to show their difference. From this image we can simply figure out some solutions: • The Sales Tax is only imposed on the manufacturer level, and the Service Tax is imposed on consumers that are using tax services while GST covers everyone, including retailers, and trades. • SST rates may vary, from 5%-10% or specific rate plus 6%

• They still have their own drawback like GST using

service tax. But GST is at one standard rate of 6% and it is

refund mode which is an issue shall be considered by GST

not an added tax.

registration. SST has no tax credit mechanism.

• GST seems more business friendly because input tax available upon tax invoiced. On the contrary, SST is simple and


straight forward.

• Price level The reintroduction of SST in September 2018 will see lower prices of goods in general, but it’s possible to have a 32

China-Malaysia News

potential spike on the price of some

enue significantly less than that age

that benefits the people. On the oth-

specific items like the charges for

of GST. Since its inception, the GST

er hand, while SST will cause the

services rendered.

collection amount has consistently in-

government a tax revenue drop, it is

creased. In 2015, GST collections stood

seen as a less progressive form of tax

Socio-Economic Research Centre

at RM27 billion, while the following

and many countries have moved on

Executive Director Lee Heng Guie

two years brought in RM41.2 billion

to GST.

also shared the same concern. He

and RM44 billion respectively.

told, “The prices of some goods and

In contrast, SST revenue is startlingly


services did not come down much

lower. According to the Economic

1. So will prices of goods drop or

after the removal of the GST starting

Report 2017/2018 released in Octo-


in June, and we are concerned that

ber 2017, SST contributions for 2014

The answer to this debate isn’t so

price pressures could build up again

amounted to RM17.17 billion. Moving

straightforward, as it all depends on

when the SST kicks in. Manufactur-

forward, Guan Eng shared that the

a number of factors such as:

ers who used to enjoy claimable input

government is projecting SST reve-

• How many levels there are in the

tax under the GST, but not under the

nue at RM21 billion a year, with an

product supply chain between manu-

SST may pass the increased cost to

expected RM4 billion to be collected

facturers and consumers.

wholesalers and retailers. The cascad-

in 2018 when SST is implemented on

• Different products and services are

ing tax and cost effects would result in

1 September 2018.

affected differently top-up cards, such as cars, mobile phones and food

higher prices for consumers.” (quote On one hand, a higher tax revenue


would be good for the country, as it

• Prevailing tax exemptions for

• Government level

increases the amount of money to


There is no doubt that SST’s reintro-

work on projects and development

from The Star Online)

duction will make government’s rev-


XMUM Insight

2.Will SST further burden the consumer? Until now the majority of economists who shared views through social media convinced that the tax burden would be reduced. SST is more likely the normal tax system which is more acceptable for the public. To add on, they had also predicted that the tax burden would be reduced by an estimated RM10 billion to RM15 billion. This amount is the overall increase in disposable income for consumers. Depending on the types of goods and services that will be subject to the SST, the price impact will vary on income groups according to what they consume. Concluding remarks After the breakdown of the two tax systems, we hope that you can understand the basic knowledge of them. And, for sure, there to be loads of uncertainty at this moment when the SST just unveiled to the public several months. The influence of the certain tax system to the whole country may be seen more than 3 years later. In other words, there is no actually predicted outcome that can be expected from this change. But the only thing we can do is to move ahead and believe in our own judgement. Hoping the sense of fiscal rectitude and openness will be enhanced even further with the optimism of seamless reintroduction of SST.


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Malaysia's Budget 2019 The New Government's Fiscal Priorities, Challenges and Opportunities

Text by

Yi Zongfan


he total budget expenditure for 2019 is 314.55

Public transportation

billion Ringgit, an increase of 34.3 billion

Ringgit or 12.24% over 282.55 billion Ringgit in

The government will be launching a monthly ticket

2018. There was not much change with last year’s

of RM100, which will allow unlimited rides by rail

budgets, but there was still a serious imbalance

and Kuala Lumpur express buses. It will take effect

between administrative expenditure and develop-

from January 1, 2019.

ment expenditure. Administrative expenditure accounts for 82.6%, while development expenditure accounts for only 17.4%.



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Medical treatment The government will work with private insurance com -panies to launch a health care plan for the B40 groups. The government has allocated 100 million Ringgit for the promotion of health protection programs. The government will allocate 20 million Ringgit to provide free medical examinations for 70,000 Malay-


sian women in government hospitals and clinics.

Depending on the income level of the PTPTN(Perbadanan Tabung Pengajian Tinggi Nasional) lender, it is determined that the lender will repay 2% to 15% of its monthly income in each instalment. SRJK(Chinese primary schools) received a grant of 50 million Ringgit and Private Secondary School also received a grant of 12 million Ringgit for the first time.


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New tax system

Minimum salary system

Sugary Beverage Tax: A taxed sugary beverage is a bever-

The government proposes that starting from January

age containing more than 5 grams of sugar or saccharin

1 2019, the national minimum salary will be raised to

per 100 ml. In addition, juices or vegetable drinks con-


taining more than 12 grams of sugar per 100ml will also be taxed. Travelling abroad tax: Since June 2019, all national passengers who go abroad by air will be taxed. Passengers travelling abroad to ASEAN countries are charged RM20, while passengers travelling to countries outside ASEAN are charged RM40. Industrial Profit Tax: For companies, non-citizens and non-permanent residents, the industry profit tax has been raised from 5% to 10%. For citizens and permanent residents, the industry profit tax increases from 0% to 5%. Overseas online service tax: Foreign imported services will be subject to service tax.


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The Night of XMUM and UKM in Malaysia

The lion dance “Lion Dance Blessed” of the University of Malaya had set a warm and exciting tone for the party with fiery percussion music and ingenious South Lion performance. Our journalist was also attracted by the lion dance. She said, the two students, with very tacit cooperation during the performance, one played the lion’s head and the other played the lion’s body and tail. Under the sound of gongs and drums, they performed a variety of cute and lively forms of lions. There is no doubt that without hundreds of times of exercises, the performers would not have been so perfectly co-operated. This evening was not only a party, but also a veritable feast in both audible and visible effect.

Text by Li Hanjie

alaysian youth cultural exchange party, jointly pre M -sented by Chinese students in Malaysia, Malaysian student representatives and local youth art groups, was recently held at the National University of Malaysia. Students and young artists from National University of Malaysia, Xiamen University Malaysia, University of Malaya, Seagull Star Art Troupe, etc., jointly provided an extremely youthful and energetic artistic performance to the local audience. Feet were tapping and spirits were lifted as a strong drum roll announced the beginning of the party. The drum team from National University of Malaysia beat the drums, remained silent, then beat them again with a flourish, showing their high devotion and enthusiasm and making a good start for this night.


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After that, the actors performed several shows of costume changes, folk music, violin, magic, songs dance, etc. The wonderful performance received warm praise from the audience. The “Hot blood diabolo� which brought by XMUM Ringing Club was also a resounding critical success. Journalist Kong Xueying said, Malaysian shows the same devotion for Chinese traditional culture as Chinese people. Chinese traditional cultural heritage remains authentic after several generations of inheritance. Our well-protected treasures are being passed on to the next generation. What flows in our vein comes from the same origin. What ahead of us is a brilliant future. I sincerely wish I could make some efforts for it.


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r.Potter (KA KAI FONG), the director of XMUM Activity Center, perM sonally attended the party and delivered a speech. Ms’ Chung Lingyun, the assistant of the president of XMUM, accompanied him. They all expressed support and recognition for the youth cultural exchange party and convinced that the friendship between the two schools would deepen. Chen Qifu, deputy director of the Malaysian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, said that youths are the future and hope of the country, and the exchanges and friendship between young people in China and Malaysia are very important to the future of the two countries. The night of XMUM and UKM was jointly organized by the Chinese Students Association Malaysia in Xiamen University Malaysia and the Chinese Federation of students at National University of Malaysia.


University -life Guidance

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How to get yourself prepared for campus life in XMUM Text by Liu Jiazhuo Photograph by Yang Ruiyuanze


University-life Guidance A. About parcels delivery a) Delivery method 1. If you want to send couriers from China to our campus, you can fill in the address as well as personal information at the express delivery station that provides international goods delivery services. The address of our campus is Xiamen University Malaysia, Jalan Sunsuria, 43900 Sepang, Selangor. 2. Another way to get express delivery from China is through a QQ group called ‘XMUM goods delivery group’ that students set up themselves. In that group, a fixed shipping company provides relevant shipping and air transportation services, you can also combine your shipments with other students’ which is a more in the mobile number, parcel number and so on after receiving

economical and convenient way.

parcels. 3. If you want to send couriers from our campus to China, you can go to the lower ground shop on the B1

B. Aply for a tourist Visa

ground floor where the SF Express service is provided.

a) The supermarket on the lower ground floor of B1 provides services related to the Singapore visa.

b) Pick-up location b) Obtaining the relevant materials and procedures required All parcels sent to the school will be collected by B1 #109

for visa processing in advance on the official website of the

in our campus. When picking up the parcel, you need to

national embassy to be visited, and following the steps in strict

bring the student ID card to make a register, and then fill

accordance with the procedures are of great importance since


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the sufficient materials can reduce the possibility of rejection and avoid unnecessary troubles. The valid information provided by our school such as proof of reading at B1 #107. c) Entrust a local travel agency to handle. C. Campus buses The school offers free campus buses to Salak Tinggi Station from Monday to Thursday, and to IOI CITY MALL, TESCO Nilai, Giant Nilai, KTM Nilai Station on Friday and weekends. a) Ticket taking method: In addition to the school bus to IOI CITY MALL, you need to go to B1 #107 to register and collect tickets. Students who go to the rest places can go directly to the pick-up place and get on the train without having to collect tickets. b) Pick-up location: school gate c) Pick-up time: There is a bus schedule in the start-up information of our school. If there is any change, you can check the latest timetable through school email. D. Laundry room There is a laundry room on the G floor of each student dormitory where there are five washing machines and five dryers. There is a laundromat machine with a laundry card in front of the laundry room. a) Recharge: For the first users, you need to purchase a 5rm/ piece laundry card, then click on the recharge amount on the screen and insert the corresponding


University-life Guidance

amount of money. Please take note that the machine only accepts banknotes and there is no charge. As for each recharge, you can simply place the laundry card in the sensing area and repeat the above steps. b) Enquiry: Place the laundry card in the sensing area, the number of balances in the laundry card will be displayed on the screen. E. Gym code

There are two major gymnasiums in the school which are free to all teachers as well as students in our campus. They are aerobic gyms with several treadmills and elliptical machines, and an anaerobic gym with various equipment. Venue: Both sides of the swimming pool are on the Student Activity Center B1 Opening hours: 8:30am - 10:30pm Dress code: The suitable sportswear is required out of the safety of students. F. Swimming pool code Olympic-sized swimming pool is a beautiful scenery and feature of the school, and in order to ensure the safety of the students, there are safety lifeguards on both sides of the pool to check the safety status of the pool. Venue: The third floor of Student Activity Center B1 Opening hours: 4:00pm - 10:00pm (closed on Monday) Requirements: A swimsuit and taking a shower before entering the swimming pool in the shower room are necessary.


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Room Reservation Guidance Text by Liu Jiazhuo


hen you are in XMUM, you may

Category 2:

often need some larger space to do

If you want to book the classroom for activities,there are

some activities such as club activities,

some notice and steps you should take care of.

group discussion and welcome party… But our reporter often receives complaint that students can’t

Step 1: Get a form

find the space or don’t know how to book public

First, you should go to the ECA(B1 LG)to take a form

classrooms to hold these activities. In fact, XMUM

whose title is “Event application form”. On top of this

provides many different kinds of public classroom

form, there are some notice you should take care of. You

for students to meet their requirements, but you

should be clear about what kind of classrooms you want.

have to know how to book them by following certain

Clubs and societies— Student Extra-Curricular

procedures. So, in this school life guidance, we will

Activities Office(ECA-B02-1)

introduce it specifically.

Ac a d e m i c R e l a t e d — Ac a d e m i c A f f a i rs O f f i c e (Degree-217) & Academic Affairs Office (Foundation108A)

Category 1: If you want to book the study room for studying or group discussion in the library or A5, you can go to the

Step 2: Fill the form

website of XMUM library to check whether someone

You need to fill blanks on the form one by one. In the

has already booked it at the time you want. If the room is

first part, you need to write down the details about the

available, you can book it online directly for one hour at

event you will hold and your personal information. In

most. It is very easy to operate.

the second part, you should confirm your event venue booking in the designated area about venue, data and


University-life Guidance

specific time. You should write these information as clearly as possible. Step 3: Get the permission In every event, you need a teacher or a worker from staff who is in charge of this activity. If you want to book the room to hold the activities, you need to ask for their permission and their signature. Step 4: Wait for response After you finish the form, please give it back to the office and wait for their response. The staff will check whether this room is available and reply to you by email. If you doesn’t receive any reply, you can also go to ECA to ask. The information above explains how to book the different kinds of rooms in XMUM and some necessary notice and procedure you need to know. We hope every students can enjoy your school life through colorful activities in XMUM!


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Guidance as Guidance as to how to enjoy to how to enjoy concertsand and concerts performances in performances Malaysia: how to gather information in Mal aysia: & buy tickets How to gather information &

Xiamen University Malaysia is

located in Sepang, Selangor, which is dozens of kilometres

away from the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. Famous stars often schedule their performances in

Kuala Lumpur. There are a large amount of operas, musicals, and

concerts as well in Malaysia at any time of a year. Therefore,

we could watch and appreciate the wonderful shows during any available time if we want.

Then how to gather information about such performances ahead of

time? There are several ways to get tickets.

Text by Lin Xiuman

First of all, we must follow our

f avo u r i te s t a r ' s s o c i a l m e d i a accounts, so we could get their latest plans on their published accounts.


University-life Guidance

The second way is that we could re f re s h o n e we b s i te ( htt p s : / / in Malaysia, which provides the latest and the most comprehensive news of events in Malaysia. We can not only know the date of the events, but also the place and other details. After we know the information about the events, we can book tickets online in advance. Reservation is available in two websites, StubHub and Buytickets. The page also provides booking channel. It allows debit card and credit card to do the purchasing. It even provides delivery service to send tickets to every customer.

Take the example of Ed Sheeran, he posted the news of his upcoming concerts on the website and his private account. The booking ticket website set a date on which people who are eager to go to the concert can choose their seats and buy tickets. Many students in our university have successfully purchased Ed’s concert tickets in April via the websites mentioned above based on the information collected from various aspects.


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Spring Festival: China VS. Malaysia Text by Tian



Pezzy Ng


University-life Guidance

Spring Festival is one of the most crucial festivals for Chinese, which has deeply rooted in Chinese culture. During the Spring Festival, wherever they are, Chinese around the world will celebrate it with their unique and traditional customs.

Malaysia is a multi-ethnic and multicultural society. Chinese Culture is also an integral part of Malaysian cultures. Undoubtedly, Spring Festival is a grand celebration for Malaysian Chinese.

What’s the relationship of the Spring Festival between China and Malaysia? Are there any differences? Are they similar to each other? This article will tell you what you want to know.


XMUM Insight

Spring Festival in China

Spring Festival is the first of the

off the unpleasant experiences in

Many conservative Chinese think

four traditional festivals in China,

the past year.

by doing these, they can bring their

which already has about 4000

relatives back to have a reunion.

years, from Shang dynasty, the

On the New Year’s Eve, it’s ablaze

This is not related to any religion

second dynasty in China. There are

with lights outsides. People paste

maybe a little superstition, but all

also some legends saying that this

“fu” character in the center of the

about love, about family affection.

festival dates back to the mysterious

door and couplets on either side.

and magical ancient times. Time

In the evening, before the Spring

The next is the most concerned

goes by, but the status of the Spring

Festival Gala Evening, people set

activity—Spring Festival Gala

Festival has never changed in the

about cooking the family reunion

Evening. Every year people have

Chinese’s heart.

dinner. In north China, dumplings

a heated discussion about it. The

are the necessary food. Many

Spring Festival Gala accompanies

A week before New Year’s Eve,

families choose several coins

people to wait for the moment of

people have begun getting busy

or peanuts and wrap them into

leaving the old year and welcoming

to prepare goods used during

dumplings. Whoever eats them by

the new year. This activity is called

the festival, such as raw food,

chance indicates that it is a good

"shou sui". It means to keep an all-

firecrackers, fireworks, lanterns and

omen for the one.

night vigil. It symbolizes running

so on. What’s more, the year-end

away all the diseases and plagues

domestic cleaning is also necessary.

Besides, people select some

and expecting the good luck of the

People call it “sao chen”, which

dumplings from the first pot and

new year.

means “sweep dust”. Because the

put them in front of the pictures

pronunciation of Chinese character

of the deceased elders, expressing

Children really expect the first

“chen” is the same as a character

respect and memories. People also

day of the lunar year because

meaning the past. Through

kindle three incense sticks, step

they can receive “hong bao” with

domestic cleaning, people wish to

out of the house to an open place,

“lucky money” from their elders

have a smooth new year and throw

burn paper money and kowtow.

after kowtowing. There is a story


University-life Guidance

about “lucky money”. Legend has it that in ancient times there was a little demon named "Sui", who came out every year on the New Year’s Eve and touched the head of a sleeping child. After being touched, the child would have a fever and then he or she would become a "Sui". In order to prevent thieves, a pair of parents packed eight copper coins and put them under their child’s pillow. At night, when “Sui” wanted to touch the child's head, a golden light busted out from the child's pillow and “Sui” ran away. So, people follow them to protect their children. Therefore, people also call it “Ya sui”, and “Ya” means suppress.

From the first day, people begin to visit relatives and friends, bless and send presents with each other to enhance their affection. All people immerse in joy and happiness.


XMUM Insight

Spring Festival in Malaysia

Chinese New Year is a significant festival for all Malaysian Chinese. Besides, it is also a bridge that makes the whole of Malaysia’s citizens come to one because it is a two days public holiday. It can show the unity among the citizens of different races and religions.

economy. They speak in different languages such as Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, Hakka, etc. They believe in different religions such as Buddhism, Taoism, etc.

Long time ago, the descendants of Malaysian Chinese came from China between the early 19th century and the mid-20th century. They are traditionally dominant in the business sector of the Malaysia


They came from different parts of China and decided to stay in Malaysia which is called as NanYang.

University-life Guidance

They have a lot of cultures and

given out during family and relatives’ visits. They believe

crowded with them that come

traditions during celebrating

that it is a must to wear new clothes and new shoes on the

there to pray.

Chinese New Year festival. The

first day. Sweeping floor and cutting hair are forbidden to

festival is passed down through

do. They will also play the fireworks at nights till the last

On the last day of Chinese New

the generations from their

day of Chinese New Year. For some Hokkien Malaysian

Year which is “Chap Goh Mei”,

ancestors in China but localized

Chinese, they have a tradition which is thanking to the Jade

the fireworks and firecrackers

elements have been mixed with

Emperor ( 拜天公 ) on the ninth day of the New Year.

are back in action again to end

the original ones. In Malaysia,

the festivities with a bang. It

you will see a lot of Chinese New

has a carnival-like atmosphere

Year decorations are designed

with performance stages set

on the streets, in the shopping

up in the center of town. In

malls and residence areas.

Malaysia, Chap Goh Mei

All shopping malls in the city

traditionally was also known as

showcase their Chinese New

the Chinese Valentine’s Day

Year theme. Chinese New Year

as single women are allowed

celebration in Malaysia is done

to venture out of their homes.

slightly different than in China.

There is also a tradition where the women throw Mandarin

Malaysian Chinese have to carry

oranges in the river for the

out a spring cleaning which

men to scoop them now.

is replacing old furniture and

People would write their phone

throwing away unwanted things

numbers on the fruits.

in their houses. They enjoy their reunion dinner on the night of

These are some cultures

the eve of Chinese New Year ( 年

and traditions that how the

除夕 ). Family members gather

Malaysian Chinese celebrate

and have dinner together. The

their own Chinese New Year.

dishes for the reunion dinners

It is a really amazing festival for

are different for each Chinese

celebrating in Malaysia!

ethnic group. The dishes must

Malaysian Chinese enjoy the performance of the lion

have some fortune meanings that

dance. And as information, high pole lion dancing was

Spring Festival is the symbol of

can represent good wishes.

pioneered by Malaysian Chinese. They will also enjoy the

happiness, reunion and safety,

performance of 24 festival drums which can bring good

expressing the best wishes to the

During the first day of Chinese

fortune in the New Year. Some of the rich Chinese, they

coming year and life. Although

New Year, Malaysian Chinese

will celebrate the festival by having an “open house” with

the customs may differ from

will toss Yee Sang ( 鱼生 ) to

invited guests to these parties including neighbours, office

the areas, Spring Festival is

symbolize abundance for the

mates, friends and family. When visiting others’ houses,

the carnival only belonging to

coming New Year. The red

there is a must to bring some souvenirs to the owner.


packets of money (angpow) are

The Malaysian Chinese will also visit the temples. All are


XMUM Insight

Fa n t a s t i c experience as an international volunteer Thailand – Volunteer of Chiang Mai Elephant Care Project (15/9/18 – 23/9/18)

Text by Wong Yi Xuan Photograph by Wong Yi Xuan

Volunteering with animals is one of my life’s to-do-list and I finally did it in 2018! I chose Elephant as my first volunteer project. I want to find out my interest and the limits of my abilities.

My buddy and I spent almost one week in the elephant camp. There is a cast of four actors in the camp which are Mali, Kaew, Tip and Full Moon. Full moon and Tip were being saved from a circus. Mali was being saved from its mother’s abuse and Kaew was born into an orphanage.

We learned how to take care of elephants, planted their food, learned about elephant herbs and mucking out their pens. The elephants themselves are magnificent creatures and it was a pleasure to get to know them as individuals. During the trip, I also joined locals to celebrate their birthdays, learning how to cook Thai food and blending into their culture.

Overall, I have gained unique experience and wonderful memories. It was amazing to be up close with the animals and I am eternally grateful.


University-life Guidance Malaysia – Airport Volunteer Project Text by Chang Ai Teng Photograph by Chang Ai Teng

Wearing Malaysia’s traditional costumes to teach the geography and culture of Malaysia on the first day.

I am a freshman of the volunteers. My first volunteer project is becoming an airport volunteer.

When I became the volunteer for the first time, my partner taught me a lot of things. We needed to help the tourists who had language problem with customs. The most common problem was that they did not have enough cash or details of hotel. Most of them were to pay a visit to their friends.

The main task of the volunteers was becoming a translator. I have learned how to communicate with tourists and officers. Besides, we needed to be familiar with the facilities and the maps of airport and even Malaysia. I was happy to become a volunteer who can help the tourists and become the first liner to welcome them to Malaysia.


XMUM Insight

Turkey – Volunteer of Speaking Cafe Text by Zhu Wen Photograph by Zhu Wen

Flying all the way from Malaysia to Turkey was a life-changing experience. I still can’t believe that I have been in a foreign country for more than one and a half months alone. It was AIESEC that made it happened, a youth-run global organization that aims to sparkle and develop the leadership among the youth, seeing them as the key to a better future. It was the power of youth that I truly believed in when I saw myself failed to manage three 10-year-old kids but didn’t give up and figured out a better solution. I was lucky enough to make the right decision which I chose to challenge myself rather than staying at home and spending a so-called chill summer. During the 6-week global volunteer exchange, I was amazed by the enthusiasm and friendship from people with different backgrounds speaking different languages. We laughed together, we danced together, we helped each other, we cheered each other. The moment we were connected, from the bottom of our heart. It’s time to step out of the comfort zone and take the responsibility as a citizen of the world.


University-life Guidance

Russia Text by Xu Jianing

In the summer of 2018, I went to Russia to participate in the AIESEC volunteer project. When I first set foot on the land of Moscow, I did not expect that in the next forty days, I would get caught in the door of Metro, turn two lines and an hour bus to work on the edge of the city. In my spare time, I would like to jump on a bus with my friend and find the scenery that I would encounter unexpectedly. I was also wrapped in a thick down jacket in the middle of the night, holding ice cream on the streets of strange cities. If I have never set off bravely, I will never have such an amazing experience that was unimaginable. Keep going, never stop.

Georgia – Volunteer of Teach better Chinese Text by Huang Siqin

Last summer, I went to Georgia to become a global volunteer. And my project was Teach better Chinese. It was unforgettable and brought me a precious experience. My daily work was mainly teaching one Georgian girl basic Chinese word and also shared the Chinese culture. At the process, we became very good friends. I knew Georgia better and she also knew more about China. I was glad that I can share Chinese culture with foreign friends from my perspective. And I think teaching experience was very important to my life. I became more confident and found the meaning of responsibility. It is my pleasure to be a teacher for one month and I will never forget this experience.


XMUM Insight Egypt – Volunteer of Exploring Egypt Text & Photograph by Wan Yixin

Sun Set on the Nile River- My Egypt Journey It has been nearly one year since I started my AIESEC journey in Egypt. Once touching this topic, I would still recall so many long pieces of image from my life in that group, in Egypt the sun in Sinai, the sea in Alexandra, the lake in Sahara Desert, the huge dam in Aswan, the temples without roof in Luxor and the sandy porthole through which I first looked at this country and say goodbye to it. Of course, a list of foreign friends is also my priceless gains.

The project I chose was Exploring Egypt which was my most intelligent decision to achieve my expectation. Briefly, the mission of this job was to experience Egypt culture in various ways, including traveling, participating in children education in primary and middle school or accompany with the disabled who can enter in social life.

All the friendship, teamwork and the mutual support were visible and zoomed in in this case. We once spent about 6 hours from 1 am to 7 am climbing Sinai mountain in the cold wind, on the steep, dark and rocky path to the mountain top for witnessing the sunrise.

We also experience some difficulties such as losing camera, sleeping on the bus and crashing for the deadline and having no time for eating

Watching Sunrise on Sinai mountain

and sleeping.

Anyway, I love all of this and really benefit from this a lot. Sunset on Nile river, Sunrise at Sinai Mountain, Egypt are always there, thanks for this interaction between us!


2017 – Construction of Petronas refinery base structure in Johor, Malaysia


stablished in 2013, CITA ASASI SDN

With superior construction technology and

BHD is a professional company that

efficient management, CA was able to gain

offers its services in constructing en-

the trust of clients and won many projects.

gineering infrastructure and supplying build-

In 2014, while the company was expanding

ing materials. Since entering the international

rapidly, CA also offered more solutions to

market in Malaysia in 2005, the company

advance with time. While CA remained

has been involved in the construction of the

focused on its specialty, it also expanded into

Bintulu Bakun hydropower station, Murum

new industries; offering consulting services,

hydropower station, Hulu Terengganu hydro-

supplying construction materials, maintain-

power station, the capital of Bintulu housing

ing hotels and also supermarkets.

construction, Sakura ferrosilicon alloy plant in Bintulu, OM Manganese ferroalloy plant

CA operates its business based on trust

in Bintulu, Johor Pengerang refinery, Xiamen

and gratitude, forming lasting relationships

University in Malaysia and other major inter-

with clients worldwide. It collaborates with

national projects.

governments, education institutions, and outstanding international enterprises to gain

2007 – Drilling and grouting of shaft, Bakun hydropower station in Malaysia

Xiamen University Ling Yun 4 Roof Top

competitive advantage and create win-win situations together. CA company will always adhere to its core values of Integrity, Efficiency, Harmony and Continuous Development. CA believes that to gain clients’ trust and satisfaction, it will have to develop creative solutions and provide top-notch services with high professional standards.


s the sole sponsor of this year’s school sports and sponsors of many other activities of our school, the company strongly supports the student groups to

carry out campus activities, promote the construction of campus culture, and demonstrate the corporate social responsibility. Sincerely thank CA Company for its support and wish the company a prosperous business!

2016 – Supply and installation of roof tiles for Xiamen

2007 – Drilling and grouting of shaft, Bakun hydropower station in Malaysia

Xiamen University Ling Yun 4 Roof Top

competitive advantage and create win-win situations together. CA company will always adhere to its core values of Integrity, Efficiency, Harmony and Continuous Development. CA believes that to gain clients’ trust and satisfaction, it will have to develop creative solutions and provide top-notch services with high professional standards.


s the sole sponsor of this year’s school sports and sponsors of many other activities of our school, the company strongly supports the student groups to

carry out campus activities, promote the construction of campus culture, and demonstrate the corporate social responsibility. Sincerely thank CA Company for its support and wish the company a prosperous business!

2016 – Supply and installation of roof tiles for Xiamen

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