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Greetings! Dear Friends, Please accept our warmest welcome to X|Media|Lab: Film X-tended. X|Media|Lab events have been held all over the world with our signature themes of bringing together cross-platform, crossdisciplinary and cross-cultural collaborations. X|Media|Lab: Film X-tended explores what digital can bring to a feature film, with a focus on ‘transmedia’: the use of digital platforms to extend narrative and build interactive content around a linear property. Today we will learn how Apps, online extensions, Alternate Reality Games and mobile devices can extend the narrative and reach of a film, and how to create dynamic social media strategies giving audiences the opportunity to connect and participate with story, characters, filmmakers and each other. Everyone at X|Media|Lab is here to help you, and especially with your own transmedia ideas. The Pro Day Conference and the Lab are your opportunities to create long-term and high-value professional networks with some of the world’s leading digital media professionals – please take full advantage of that. Thank you for being part of XML: Film X-tended. Best wishes, Brendan Harkin Director, X|Media|Lab

Megan Elliott Director, X|Media|Lab 3

Welcome Message from Screen Australia Digital platforms continue to diversify and decentralise how we create and consume content. This presents a tremendous opportunity for our storytellers to reach a worldwide audience, and engage with them in new and dynamic ways. The landscape is changing at great pace. We believe events that showcase best practice from around the world play an important role in assisting Australian practitioners to have a finger on the pulse. We’re thrilled to partner with X|Media|Lab in bringing such an event to MIFF. Since the first XML in Sydney in 2003, they have become the ‘must-attend’ digital event in all corners of the globe, running in China, the UK, the Middle East, the US and many more. The excellent Film X-Tended line up attests to their ability to attract leading talent to give generously of their time and experience for the benefit of Australian practitioners. Collaboration between skilled people with different expertise is key to ensuring Australian projects make full use of digital opportunities to get their screen content to audiences. At Film X-Tended, you’re surrounded by potential collaborators - so enjoy the opportunity to network! Wishing you a successful Film X-Tended, Ruth Harley CEO, Screen Australia 5


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Contacting X|Media|Lab

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mentors Nathan Mayfield Chief Creative Officer and Co-founder, Hoodlum (Brisbane)

5 of ABC’s hit series Lost called Dharma Wants You earning Hoodlum, ABC marketing and the producers of the show a Primetime Creative Arts Emmy®. Mayfield and his team were also responsible for the popular multiplatform campaign Find815 created for the launch of season 4 of Lost which earned Hoodlum a Prime Time Creative Arts Emmy® nomination in 2008.

Nathan Mayfield is the Chief Creative Officer and Co-founder of Hoodlum, an award winning company that specializes in producing high quality entertainment content for multiple platforms. Mayfield formed Hoodlum with business partner Tracey Robertson in 1999 and for ten years has played an integral role in building the company into a leading Emmy® and BAFTA award-winning studio. Mayfield is currently spearheading the launch of Slide, a 10x 1 hour series being produced with FOXTEL with a multiplatform roll-out beginning in Australia. The project will commence production in 2010. In addition, Mayfield is overseeing Hoodlum’s foray into the creation of multiplatform campaigns for feature films.

Mayfield and his team are two time BAFTA Award winners for their work on the BBC’s hit series Spooks and have won two prestigious Broadcast Digital Awards for their online channel for the popular UK soap opera Emmerdale. And most recently for their project for ITV Primeval Evolved. Mayfield first garnered industry recognition for his work on Fat Cow Motel, the world’s first mainstream and multiplatform television drama, and online series PS Trixi, which helped pave the way for producers of branded entertainment integration.

Most recently Hoodlum created Join The Mosaic, an interactive experience for the launch of ABC’s new hit series Flash Forward. Mayfield and his team were also responsible for creating a multiplatform campaign to run between seasons 4 and 7

television infrastructure company that facilitated the first ecommerce over television. In 2005, Stefanac authored Dispatches from Blogistan: A Travel Guide for the Modern Blogger, published by Peachpit/New Riders as part of their Voices that Matter series. Stefanac joined the American Film Institute as Director of the Digital Content Lab in 2006 and launched AFI DigiFest in 2007. She is happiest on the bleeding edge.

Suzanne Stefanac

Follow Suzanne on Twitter @suzannestefanac

Media & Technology Strategist; former Director of the American Film Institute’s Digital Content Lab (Los Angeles) A journalist from 1982 until 1994, she wrote about digital issues for Wired, Macworld, New York Times, and Rolling Stone, among others. With the launch of MSNBC in 1996, Stefanac was executive producer for The Site, an hour-long, nightly television program and website that explored how technology impacts modern life. In 1998, she cofounded RespondTV, an interactive 8

Dibakar Banerjee

critical applause and won many popular awards. Oye Lucky! was also part of the official selection at MoMa in 2009. It was screened at Osian 2009 and included in the Indian Panorama at IFFI 2009. It won The National Award for Best Popular Film, 2009.

Multiple Award Winning Film Director and Screenwriter (Mumbai)

Love Sex aur Dhoka is Dibakar’s third film and India’s first digital feature film, and is in part loosely based on the infamous 2004 DPS MMS scandal. The film has been selected to screen during MIFF 2010. Follow Dibakar on Twitter @DibakarBanerjee Dibakar Banerjee is a highly decorated Indian film director and screenwriter. His first feature film Khosla Ka Ghosla was a critical and commercial hit, redefining the genre and creating a new trend. Khosla Ka Ghosla was awarded the President’s award for Best Hindi Feature Film 2007, and was officially selected for MoMa, New York and Stuttgart Film Festivals. His next film Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! was released amidst unanimous 9

(Guerrilla News Network). With over 1MM unique visitors/month, GNN fostered a committed global community through a user-generated news platform and social network, and the production of Sundance award winning documentary films and music-driven ‘NewsVideos’. Guerrilla News Videos leveraged the popularity and social conscience of artists like Beastie Boys, Eminem, 50 Cent, Nine Inch Nails, while featuring thought leaders like Noam Chomsky and many others. GNN also produced feature length documentary films - the last of which (American Blackout) won the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival.

Josh Shore Media Activist, Filmmaker, Television Producer, Media/ Brand Strategist (New York)

Josh has worked with Harvard professor / leading architect Rem Koolhaas and eco-effectivity pioneer William McDonough, and with Eric Greenberg (founder of Scient and Viant) and Karl Weber (NY Times best-selling author) to head up an online political activation campaign called Generation We, designed to unite and activate the 95MM Millennials in the US.

Josh Shore is a filmmaker, television creator/producer, media/brand strategist and catalyst of socially transformative enterprises. After graduating with honors from University of Pennsylvania where he produced and directed his first film, Josh got a first look deal with Viacom in NY, and began creating and producing original television shows for MTV, Showtime, USA Network and MuchMusic/Fuse.

Most recently, Josh teamed up with web prodigy Anson ‘Phong’ Vogt to create and launch Illuminated, a feature film franchise and trans-media brand based on the story of a girl’s journey to enlightenment. Designed to capture the “consciousness” psychographic, this 360 degree IP is in development and will be fortified by a dream sharing social network called Dreamcatcher.

In January of 2000, he met music icon/activist Peter Gabriel, and with his help, founded the online alternative news network GNN 10

Jeff Gomez President & Chief Executive Officer, Starlight Runner Entertainment (New York)

adapting Valiant Comics super heroes into videogames for Nintendo and PlayStation consoles. Characters, concepts and gameplay Jeff conceived, wrote and produced for Acclaim’s Turok, Dinosaur Hunter and Turok 2: Seeds of Evil helped that franchise to gross over $420 million. Turok was recently revived as a new videogame franchise from Disney Interactive and as an animated feature from Starz Entertainment.

Jeff Gomez is an expert at transmedia storytelling, incubating new entertainment properties, strategic planning and production for cross-platform implementation. As CEO of Starlight Runner Entertainment, an animation and live-action feature film production company and leading creator of highly successful fictional worlds, Jeff transforms intellectual properties into highly successful transmedia franchises. He also extends niche properties such as toys, animation or videogame titles across multiple platforms, evolving them into high quality persistent narratives, which in turn generate multiple revenue streams for his clients.

In addition to serving as a brand extension consultant to such corporations as Disney, Microsoft, 20th Century Fox, Coca-Cola, Scholastic, Wieden+Kennedy, Mattel, Showtime, Konami and Hasbro, Jeff is a board member of the Producers Guild of America.

Jeff has worked on such blockbuster universes as Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean, Prince of Persia and Tron, Microsoft’s Halo, James Cameron’s Avatar, Hasbro’s Transformers, Mattel’s Hot Wheels and Coca Cola’s Happiness Factory.

As a Latino who spent his childhood in the housing projects on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, Jeff champions the concerns of young people with his Never Surrender inspirational seminars and curricula.

Prior to launching Starlight Runner in 2000, Jeff Gomez was a prominent figure in the adventure and video game industries serving as a producer for Acclaim Entertainment’s comic book division. He helped create the Acclaim Comics super hero universe, in addition to

11 Follow Jeff on Twitter @Jeff_Gomez

to the groundbreaking Wildspace interactive concept that launched earlier this year. Currently, The Feds are in official development with the ABC on a 20-part half-hour weekly music show for teenagers. Lisa has just come back from France after attending MIP TV’s Content 360 as a finalist in the general interactive concept section for Habitat - an ecological tamagoshi that will live online, mobiles and as an animation series.

Lisa Gray

Prior to joining The Feds, Lisa worked as a Senior Video Producer for 3 Mobile and was responsible for Now on Planet 3 one of Australia’s first inhouse daily news and entertainment shows streamed directly to mobile handsets. Lisa has worked across many formats including drama, factual, documentary, light entertainment, reality television, music, live television and sport. Lisa was also nominated for an ARIA award in 2008.

Head of Content, The Feds (Sydney)

Lisa has been with the Feds since November 2007. Within her role as Head of Content, she has instigated the development of long form television productions and interactive initiatives, both in a directorial and production capacity. Lisa works with networks, advertising agencies and clients direct to develop and produce high-end interactive concepts. Lisa has been involved in multiple productions at The Feds, from the video Mash Up Tool used in the Gruen Transfer, Follow Lisa on Twitter @ladyluckthefeds


Christy Dena

tour dLux Pony Club; is currently consulting to filmmakers at the usergenerated film distribution service Openindie; and has worked on multiple mini-alternate reality games for training.

Director, Universe Creation 101 (Melbourne)

Her clients include Nokia Finland, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Wieden + Kennedy, Australia Council for the Arts, Australian Film Festival, and the Australian Film, Television and Radio School. Christy co-wrote the Australian Literature Board’s Writers’ Guide to Making a Digital Living and worked for four years on the Literature Board’s Story of the Future Initiative. Christy has written the first PhD on ‘Transmedia Practice’ (University of Sydney); has a Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Writing (University of Melbourne); and a Bachelor of Arts in Visual and Performing Arts (Monash University).

Christy Dena specializes in the design and production of trans/ cross-media projects. She designs, writes and directs transmedia projects and is currently developing her own creative projects and web entertainment services. She worked with Nokia on Tim Kring’s global alternate reality experience Conspiracy for Good; ABC’s global online serious drama Project Bluebird; new animation franchise Coldwar Clambake; the Australian Film Festival; Second Life arts Follow Christy on Twitter @christydena


such as Relic and Ubisoft before returning to Australia to work with Pandemic/EA as the Lead Designer for their Brisbane Studio. Since early 2009 Morgan has focused on assisting traditional media companies to make the transition to developing their IP for game platforms, consulting on projects that advance the possibilities of games as a narrative and educational form.

Morgan Jaffit

Most recently he has formed Defiant Development, a Brisbane based game development studio that focuses on building cutting edge games and transmedia IP for the modern, mature gaming market.

One of Australia’s Leading Game Developers (Brisbane)

Morgan is a regular speaker on game development process and the new opportunities interactive entertainment offers. He is on the advisory boards for several of Australia’s most exciting new interactive projects which merge talent from the fields of traditional media with seasoned game development professionals.

Morgan has developed a number of critically and commercially successful games over his decade in the industry. He has shipped millions of units across every major platform with games that run the gamut from the casual to hardcore markets. His credits include Pandemic, and Happy Feet. Follow Morgan on Twitter @morganjaffit

Morgan began his career in Australia, working with Irrational Games (now 2K Marin) before moving to North America to work with major studios 14

James Franklin Founder and Creative Director, Pixeco (Auckland)

James started working with the web in ’95, a time when Netscape ruled, the Microsoft site was run by volunteers and the animated GIF was get to emerge. Since then he’s worked in the digital and interactive industry as an Art Director and Producer for a number of Marketing and Digital Agencies. In 2004 he started Pixeco, a digital design studio dedicated to providing design and digital tools to filmmakers, covering the development of interactive web tools such as community and campaign websites, widgets and social media strategy as well as key image and poster design. Pixeco is a boutique operation with a seven strong team based in Shoreditch, London and Auckland in New Zealand. As part of it’s offer to filmmakers Pixeco has created Moviesparx, a set of digital tools that allow filmmakers to define, find and engage with audience and then create

ways to create revenue from that audience. James pontificates regularly about best practice in Digital Strategy, Social Media and Outreach Campaigns for filmmakers. Follow James on Twitter @pixeco


building social marketplaces, Jarod has collaborated on digital media concepts for brands including 20th Century Fox, Coca Cola, The Wine Society, Mattel, Dosh and Sega. He has also presented his experiences with monetizing social media marketplaces at the Screen Producers Association of Australia, the Sydney Film Festival, and the Sydney Film School, as well as opinion pieces for Triple J radio and the ABC’s political blog ABC Unleashed.

Jarod Green Director, Radical Love (Sydney)

In 2009 and 2010 he helped pioneer a new social-broadcast distribution model with ABC TV for the series Beached Az– a case study in successful online content creation – developing strategies for distribution across social networks, broadcast channels, mobile applications, online and retail.

Jarod cultivated a love for creative ideas at university where he wrote, directed and produced several plays as part of the Macquarie University Drama Society, of which he was also President. Whilst gaining his degree in Visual Media, Jarod began his own company in 2001 with a dream to revolutionise online digital media management in the education system.

He is also a contributor and consultant to the NSW government on digital media, and is the social media ambassador for the Sydney Swans.

Nine years later he sold the business to become a partner of the Sydney-based social media company - Radical Love. Focusing on digital distribution methods and

Follow Jarod on Twitter @radicallove_syd 16

Gavin McGarry

networks including NBC, Discovery, CTV, and Global Television. The full service ad agency serviced two national clients and explored integrating brands into television and online properties. In 2004 he moved from his native Canada to the UK to better understand the rapidly emerging mobile phone space. Through his position at Endemol he worked closely with the UK’s largest mobile operator O2 and helped develop leading edge content for multiple platform release. In 2007 he moved into the web video arena with Joost. He has spent time in Japan, Africa, Europe and China exploring and understanding the global digital media content market place. He is invited to speak at industry conferences on a regular basis including Banff World Television Festival, MIPCOM, LATVfest.

President, Jumpwire Media (New York)

Before founding Jumpwire Media in 2009 Gavin worked for online video start up Joost and was the Head of Cross Platform Business Development at global television production company Endemol. Follow Gavin on Twitter @gavinmcgarry

Gavin has been working in the media space for over 15 years. His past experience includes positions at major television networks as well as owning and operating a television production company and a boutique advertising agency. His company created some of the first cross media TV content and worked with major 17

Monkeystack, where he produced animation, online games and mobile phone content. Prior to emigrating from the UK, Mike worked for the New Cinema Fund at the UK Film Council, and as Development Executive for Picture Palace North. Mike has also held the role of Manager of Industry Development at the South Australian Film Corporation. He has an Honours Degree in Law and trained as a feature film Script Editor on the Danish Film Institute’s North by Northwest program.

Mike Cowap Follow Screen Australia on Twitter @ScreenAustralia

Development Manager, Screen Australia (Melbourne) Mike is a Development Manager with Screen Australia, with responsibilities across the Development department’s programs, including the Innovation Program, feature development, shorts and animation. He joined the AFC in 2005 as a Project Manager and in that time has managed support for significant, award-winning feature films, TV series, documentaries, short films and interactive projects. Prior to this, Mike worked as a producer with digital media production company 18

Jackie Turnure Head of Development, Hoodlum (Brisbane)

Jackie Turnure is Head of Development at Hoodlum, a two-time Emmy ® award winning entertainment company based in Australia that specializes in producing high quality campaigns for multiple platforms.

film Salt. Currently, Turnure is working on Hoodlum’s multiplatform series Slide.

At Hoodlum, Turnure is charged with developing the company’s major multiplatform campaigns. Turnure is a seasoned cross media producer and script writer for games, film and television production spaces. Turnure was instrumental in the Dharma Wants You, an eight month multiplatform campaign for ABC’s Lost which won a 2009 Primetime Creative Arts Emmy®. Turnure also supervised production on Join The Mosaic an interactive prequel experience and ongoing community for fans of ABC’s hit series Flashforward. Turnure’s other Hoodlum credits include The Making of Modern Australia, Day X Exists for Sony Pictures Entertainment for the upcoming release of the feature 19

Prior to Hoodlum, Turnure was the Director for Rockpool Productions where she supervised, produced and wrote numerous projects such as alternate reality games Get Carla and Diamond Reef and online games The Alien Invsasion and Chicko-Accidental Alien. Turnure also directed and produced PC based 3D animated games called Bananas in Pyjamas, It’s Party Time, and Oz – The Magical Adventure, which all have been distributed in over 18 countries and have won numerous awards. From 2006-2007, Turnure served as a member of the Laboratory of Advanced Media Production team (LAMP) at the Australian Film TV and Radio School.

Pro-Day Conference Delegates Angie Abdilla

Writer / Director / Abdilla Bacon Productions

Blair Aitken Scott Alexander

Director / Producer / Aquafruzzl films

Dominic Allen

Producer / Editor,Visual Jazz

Rob Antulov

Board Member / Sydney Film Festival

Chrysoula Artemis Evangelia Artemis Gomez Darren Ashton

Executive Producer

Peter Bain Hogg

Dir. of Development / Renegade Films

Michelle Baker Emily Ballou


Dibakar Banerjee


Diogo Beltran Ian Booth

Executive Director / Screenwest

Arianna Bosi

EP / MD / Dashboard Animals

Tait Brady

Director / The Acme Film Company

Sue Brown

Writer / Director / Producer / Saylavee Productions

Andrea Buck

Producer / Writer / The Picture Tank

Nicole Buckley

Producer & Operations Manager / Moonshine Agency Pty Ltd

Jason Byrne


Russell Bywater

Studio Ether

Andrew Campbell

Principal Adviser / Department of Premier and Cabinet

Peter Castaldi

EP / MD / Dashboard Animals / Pack Screen 21

Ben Chessell

Writer / Director

Dave Christison

Communications Manager / OMD Fuse

Pro-Day Conference Delegates Leah Churchill Brown Executive Producer Sharon Cleary

Communications Manager / SAFC

Judith Cockburn Campbell Development Producer / Electric Pictures Amanda Collier

Online Producer / ABC Multiplatform

Lianne Collinson Joe Connor

Executive Producer / Renegade Films

Bridget Conway Taylor Senior Account Manager / Producer / Visual Jazz Sharon Cookson

Director / OMD Fuse

Matthew Cormack

Closer Productions

Mike Cowap

Development Manager / Screen Australia

Teresa Crea

Director / ICE

Andrew Croome

PR Group

Chris Cudlipp

Founder / Sandcastle Studios

Christy Dena

Director / Universe Creation 101

Terri Dentry


Luke Devenish

Writer / Moonshine Agency

Catherine di Girolamo Photogenii Amy Dowd

Events & Marketing Coordinator / SAFC

Kathleen Earle

Creative Director / Custodians Garden

Ben Edmonds

Snr Communications Manager / OMD Fuse

Jake Edwards Megan Elliott

Director / X|Media|Lab

Hewey Eustace

Co-Founder / Me Me Me Productions

Andrena Finlay

Producer / Wild Heart Films

James Franklin

Founder & Creative Director / Pixelco

Emma Freeman

Director / Producer

Beth Frey

Producer / CIRCE Films

Maggie Garrard

Education Officer / ACTF

Adam Ghiggino

Director / Mof Pictures 22

Danielle Giles

Producer / Inkubator Pty Ltd

Maya Gnyp


Jeff Gomez

President and CEO / Starlight Entertainment

James Grant Hay

CEO / Pixel8

Lisa Gray

Head of Content / The Feds

Jarod Green

Director / Radical Love

Timothy Greig

Transmedia Designer / Collective Noun

Marina Guo Astrid Harkin Brendan Harkin

Director / X|Media|Lab

Dr. Ruth Harley

Chief Executive / Screen Australia

Matt Hearn

Producer / 403 Productions

Gavin Heron

Creative Director / Visual Jazz

Michael Hill

Director / Moonshine Agency Pty Ltd

Alex Houghton

Strategist / OMD

Damien Howard

Producer / Sunyata

Glen Hunwick

Director / Glen Art / CIRCE Flms

Dawn Hutchesson

Manager / CoLab

Defrim Isai

GM Industry Development & Production / SAFC

Morgan Jaffit Kate Jarrett

Project Manager / SAFC

Bruce Jenkins

Producer / Scaramouche Productions

Frances Joseph

Director / CoLab

David Jowsey

Producer / BUNYA Productions

Anna Kamasz

Projects & Partnerships Officer, Education / ACTF

Artie Katouris

Co-Founder / Fun Guy Media

Robyn Kershaw

Founder / Robyn Kershaw Productions

Mark Lamprell

Writer / Director

Janelle Landers

Producer / WBMC

Rob Lawson

CEO / iQuantum Pty Ltd

Michela Ledwige

Principal / Mod Films 23

Lawrence Leung


Adrian Logue Jessica Lowry

Optimisation Analyst / iQuantum Pty Ltd

Ben Lucas

Writer / Director

Michael Lucas Kelrick Martin

Executive Director / Spearpoint Pictures

Jodi Matterson


Nathan Mayfield

Chief Creative Officer / Hoodlum

Al McEwan

Digital Director / WBMC

Gavin McGarry

President / Jumpwire Media

Joseph McKenna

Head of Production / Roadshow Films

Dee McLachlan

Writer / Director / Producer / The Picture Tank

Greg McLean


Cate McQuillen

Co-Founder / Me Me Me Productions

Shaun Micallef


Josh Moore

Director / Suitcase Murphy

Romaine Moreton

Post Doctoral Researcher / University of Newcastle

Jane Munro

Head of College / International House

Lizzy Nash

Executive Producer / The Feds

Sammi Needham

Creative Director / Visual Jazz

Dominico Nguyen

Independent Individual

Aidan O’Bryan


Louise O’Donnell

Managing Director / Seed Productions

Nicole O’Donohue

Producer / Green Park Pictures

David Oakley

Director / Bubbler Interactive / AdBubbler

David Opitz

Project Manager / Metro Screen

Holly Owen

Champagne for the Ladies

David Parker

Exec. Producer / Cascade Films

Peter Patay

Producer / WDYD Productions

Mark Patterson

Producer / Go Patterson Films

Alan Pentland

Marketing / Telstra 24

Robin Petterd

Sprout Labs

Paul Quin

Head of Production / Sandcastle Studios

Alicia Rackett

Blue Rocket Productions

David Redman

Producer / Instinct Entertainment

Gozde Sener Caroline Shawyer

Director / PR Group

Melissa Shawyer

Director / PR Group

Emile Sherman

Producer / See-Saw Films Pty Ltd

Josh Shore Greg Sitch

Executive Producer

Veronica Sive

Principal / Emergint Pty Ltd

Simon T Small

Senior Digital Planner / Visual Jazz

Cate Smith

Marketing Director / Paramount Pictures Australia

Tamsin Smyth Priya Sreedharan


Suzanne Stefanac Rebecca Summerton Program Manager / SAFC Ros Tatarka

Managing Director / CreatEve Pty Ltd

Lindy Taylor

Founder / Producer / The Snowglobe Factory

Peter Templeman Rachael Thompson

Powerful Owl

Stewart Thorn

Standing There Productions

Leanne Tonkes


Vi Truong

On The Street Productions

Jackie Turnure

Head of Development / Hoodlum

Joseph Velikovsky

Writer / Director / Producer /

Rita Walsh

Standing There Productions

Karen Watson

Producer / The Feds

Joady Weatherup

Weatherupdate Productions

Geoff Webb Paul Zappa

Director / NIRODAH 25



About X|Media|Lab X|Media|Lab is the internationally acclaimed creative industries event. XML creates a meeting place uniquely designed to assist companies and people get their own creative ideas successfully to market, through concept development, business matching, and direct access to world-class networks of creative professionals. Each XML is a unique event where people with original digital media ideas connect with a superb international network of independent creative thinkers, technology wizards, commercialization experts, potential business partners, and potential financial resources. The focus of XML is always on you and your ideas. X|Media|Lab specialises in building high-value professional networks between the emergent creative industries in China, India, the Middle East, and North and South Asia: the new geographies and new media hotspots that have the highest growth markets, the biggest numbers of consumers, the largest youth markets, and the greatest emerging talent pools. We also stage X|Media|Labs with partners in selected traditional media hotspots including London, Los Angeles, and Amsterdam. The ‘X’ in X|Media|Lab stands for cross-platform, cross-disciplinary, and crosscultural. Cross-roads, intersections, collaboration, meeting places, and the critical moments when something new might happen – these are our guiding thoughts. Lastly, ‘X’ marks the spot! We look forward to welcoming your participation at any X|Media|Lab in the time-zone within which we always operate: the near future! / / @xmedialab


AGENDA 10.00 am


10:05 am

SESSION ONE: INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVES Nathan Mayfield – Chief Creative Officer & Co-founder, Hoodlum (Brisbane) Suzanne Stefanac – Media & Technology Strategist; former Director of the American Film Institute’s Digital Content Lab (Los Angeles) Dibakar Bannerjee – Multiple Award Winning Film Director (Mumbai) Josh Shore – Media Activist, Filmmaker, Television Producer, Media/Brand Strategist (New York)

11:30 am


12:00 pm

SESSION TWO: TRANSMEDIA MASTERCLASS Jeff Gomez – President & Chief Executive Officer, Starlight Runner Entertainment (New York)

1:30 pm


2:00 pm

SESSION THREE: AUSTRALIAN CASE STUDIES Lisa Gray – Head of Content, The Feds (Sydney) Christy Dena – Director, Universe Creation 101 (Melbourne) Morgan Jaffit – One of Australia’s leading games developers (Brisbane) Jarod Green – Director, Radical Love (Sydney)

3:30 pm


4:00 pm

SESSION FOUR: FACTUAL CONTENT AND INTERACTIVE WRAP-UP James Franklin – Founder and Creative Director, Pixeco (Auckland) Gavin McGarry – President of Jumpwire Media; Former Head of Cross Platform for Endemol (New York)

5:00 pm


X|Media|Lab: Film X-tended  

Programme for X|Media|Lab: Film X-tended Pro-Day Conference: 28 July 2010 The Lab: 29 July 2010 Melbourne, Australia

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