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By: Joan Fuentes and Marçal Tordera Mati Estellés


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Secret Lives

This week, secret lives look at the life of

AndrĂŠs Iniesta

He plays in FC Barcelona. He's a very good football player, he scored the goal of the victory in the World Cup.

-What was your best goal? My best goal is the goal of the victory in the Stamford Bridge.

-What did you want to be when you were a child? I wanted to be a detective when I were a child.

-Where do you live? I live with my family in Barcelona.

-What household jobs do you do? I like hoovering the floor.

-What do you hate? I hate it and we play a woman to help then with the washing up.

-What is your best hobby? I love driving old cars and Ispend much of my money on buying old cars from different parts of Spain.

-What do you collect? I collect a old cars.

-Where were you born? I'm borned in Albacete

Where in the world am I? I’m in the centre of a city. It’s a busy city, so there’s a lot of traffic. I’m standing in front of spring water. It’s small. To the left there are some small buildings and to the right there are some shops. Where you can buy clothes, games, animals... Behind me there are, cars, taxis, buses, motorbikes and bicycles. Next to me there are a lot of tourists, taking photos. Where am I?

The sports page

Profile: Kobe Bryant

Sport round-up

Kobe Bryant was born in 23 of august,1978 in Philadelphia(USA). He’s the best basketball player. He has won 5 NBA rings and he was 2 times MVP of the

Gemma Mengual, the Spanish swimmer retires at age 34 years.

competition. Kobe has scored in his carrer 28699 points. Nowadays he plays in the Los Angeles Lakers where he shares a dressing room with Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum and Derek Fisher.

Albert Ramos, Nicolas Almagro and Fernando Verdasco for the 8 round-up of the Brazil Open tennis.

Alberto Contador has been punished with two years of sanctionsand would have taken the Tour 2010, because he tested positivein a doping control.

Lastest News

Report:Barcelona humilled Real Madrid 5-0 One year and half ago F.C.Barcelona scored five goals to Real Madrid. In the first half Barça scored two goals, one of Xavi and the other one of Pedro. In the second half Barça socored another three goals. In the minute 54 Villa scored and three minutes minutes after another goal. At the added time Jeffrén scored the last goal.

Henry leaves Arsenal back to New York Red Bulls.

Regal FC Barcelona is classified to the semifinals of the Copa del Rey.

PROBLEM PAGE First, you tell your friend that you have problems with it. I’m 14 years old ande have a problem with a After attempts to resolve friend. He’s them and said to him irresponsible. I would have made it a game to that you return thegame and that does my friend and he didn’t not happen again. back me Marçal Can you help me? Dear Marçal

Dear JoanFu I’m 14 years old and have a problem with my brother. My brother has more than me. My parents do not care. I want more things for me!

First, tell them you want your parents and respect their deci sion. Second, Do housework and so that yo u can see very good boy.

Can you help me!? JoanFu



Aries Love: You will have a surprise when partying. Work and Money: You will have difficulties in your work Family and home: Your home relation will be stable Mind and body: Will be ready for any test

Gemini: Love: will not be your lucky month. Work and money: will have an opportunity you can not miss. Family and home: Your house or your family we increase the size. Mind and body: Watching your weight you gain weight.

Leo: Love: You will be very afortunate in the place of love. Work and money: Earn lots of money to work and get a surprise. Family and home: You will continue the same relation with your family and you will continue working in the same site Mind and body: You will continue with the same body and mind that you always had

Libra: Love: You will find love when you least expect. Work and Money: This month you have no luck with the job. Family and home: The relationship with your partner will be perfect. Mind and body: Even if you go to the gym, your body will not improve.

Sagitari: Love: Not find any compatible pair. Work and money: It will be off work. Family and home: His wife will leave for another. Mind and body: Improve much with his body.

Aquarius Love: If I seek to find easily. Work and money: If you strive lose work. Family and home: They add a member to the family. Mind and body: Try not stressed because both ends badly.


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