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Oscar Garcia is a Barcelonabased photographer and journalist. His work frequently appears in the main Spanish music magazine Rockdelux, as well as in numerous other publications. He loves combining new and old photographic techniques and tools to capture the soul of the musicians he portrays, who have, in the past, included Vic Chesnutt, Julee Cruise, Joe Henry, Arto Lindsay, and Genesis P-Orridge. For this issue, he shot El Guincho in Barcelona.

Brandon Ivers was born in 1979 into a Minneapolitan bourgeois family. Educated by Jesuits, he was an excellent pupil, but one quickly enraged by dogma. An early rift with his father—who wished him to study law—led to his choice of letters as a freelance occupation. Insinuating himself into the Dark Carnival after the release of ICP’s The Great Milenko, he became notorious for lampooning the secrets of the Neden Game. He currently resides in Seattle, where he wrote about Salem for this issue of XLR8R.

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Raised on good beer and evergreen trees, Portland-born, Chicago-educated Dave Quam spends his time taking photos of footworkers, and writing about music and dance he cares about, as he did for this issue's Battle Cats feature. A graduate of SAIC with a BFA in all things camera-related, his hobbies include duppies, maps, and avoiding student-loan payments. Sometimes he claims to be a DJ, and sometimes people actually dance to what he plays.

A Brooklynite by way of California, Andrew Porter spends his days digging through others’ clothing trash to unearth rare gems. A freelance fashion writer and blogger, former public-school teacher, former printing-press owner, former Troubleman Unlimited/Italians Do It Better label clean-up man, passionate lover, and exquisite chef, Porter is truly a jack of all trades. To quote his mother, “Andrew’s knowledge is 100 miles wide and an inch deep.” He compiled this issue's Elements section.

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XLR8R 135 (Sept/Oct 2010)  
XLR8R 135 (Sept/Oct 2010)  

Indie rock's most talked-about band of the last couple years, Salem, starts off this issue we're dubbing The Chi-Light Saga, in which we dig...