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almost ironic that since the release of his landmark debut album, 2008's Shedding the Past, German producer Rene Pawlowitz (a.k.a. Shed) has been viewed a savior of modern techno. His music is wildly unpredictable and doesn't quite mesh with the genre's obsession with rigid structure and functionalism. Held up as one of the cornerstones of the worldfamous Berlin scene, Pawlowitz clashes sharply with the city's obsession with dark, steely techno and bright tech-house grooves. Shed's musical vision is unaffected by the poisonous purism or close-mindedness that so often lurks in local scenes, especially one as long-established as Berlin's unparalleled techno community. Instead, his music is colored by a distinct and ravenous hunger for the new and unexplored. Reflecting that hunger, Pawlowitz is uncommonly prolific: On top of nearly 20 releases as Shed, Pawlowitz has also made dancefloor-destroying singles as WAX and Equalized, and has explored a dubbier side as STP and Panamax Project.    Pawlowitz has been releasing music since 2003, first on Delsin and his own Soloaction label, the latter of which would eventually yield another label, Subsolo, where Shed's pan-genre tendencies and excursions outside of techno are front and


XLR8R 135 (Sept/Oct 2010)  
XLR8R 135 (Sept/Oct 2010)  

Indie rock's most talked-about band of the last couple years, Salem, starts off this issue we're dubbing The Chi-Light Saga, in which we dig...