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Factozoid! September / October 2010


Factozoid! September / October 2010

Factozoid! September / October 2010

Factozoid! September / October 2010


LaZeR SwORD LAZER SWORD DISLIKES ANGRY DUBSTEP!!!! There seems to be some confusion about this, but for future reference, there's nothing more jarring than peak-hour muscle-step blaring from our runner's car when we get picked up from the airport. We're not so much into that type of stuff in the first place, especially right after a long flight. We'd like to hear nice music instead... something like Atlas Sound or Delorean.

AS DH R O IN ! S W N D - E L !!! t h e R ZE STA OD utta tion LA A D M e cat o ur locahand N n th o o i n HA ting ue t and- astia nt's

l et t d s t e b y a 're bu t a e S Br ow We here, we go homi play t for L en o o d r bag ivide, el (ou eal!) t o sho 's Gol d od ntr hot Kal . m M o e p d o e EP n k m th f ro r t i n v s . L a n d s h a p a i m it H a L

LAZER SWORD'S NEW, SELFTITLED ALBUM IS NOT ALL BANGERS!!!!!! Sure, there are several power cuts on the new record, but you'll also find some mellower songs, even a couple compositions with no drums at all. It's important with a fulllength that it's not all meat and potatoes— gotta get some veggies up in the mix, maybe some bread, a glass of wine, and dessert, fo sho.

LAZER SWORD PRODUCED THE XLR8R PODCAST INTRO!!!!!!!!! The same one that plays before every freakin' podcast episode was made by us. Bryant made that from some Lazer Sword loops several years back, and that's Antaeus' cool voice in there as well. That shit is so glitch/IDM circa 2006!

LAZER SWORD GOT ITS NAME FROM A KAOSS PAD PRESET!!! The actual effect isn't all that great, but we thought the name was pretty cool, so ran with it. We didn't name ourselves after a light saber. We didn't even make the connection to the Star Wars weapon until someone mentioned it.

LAZER SWORD LIVES IN TWO COUNTRIES AT THE SAME TIME!!!! Bryant just recently moved to Los Angeles, and Antaeus just relocated to Berlin. Worry not! We'll still be going strong with Lazer Sword, as well as doing solo production and shows under our solo entities, Low Limit and Lando Kal. But don't forget, the Bay Area is the original home turf of Lazer Sword!!!!

Lazer Sword is out November 2 on Innovative Leisure. Watch Lazer Sword play lazer tag at


XLR8R 135 (Sept/Oct 2010)  
XLR8R 135 (Sept/Oct 2010)  

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